Vocaloid Highlights: May 2012

diorama may have been the true highlight of the month, but there's always room for Vocaloid!


Kitty Conductor- lumo
Crazy Pig- T-POCKET
Nipple Berry- T-POCKET
Instant Trip- Last Note.
Madara Cult- Tohma
magician's operation- EZFG
Irony- Scop
Kisaragi Attention- Jin
Romance Philosophia- Kurousa
Sparkle- Fuwari-P

Worth Your Time

Frogs' Song- Pinocchio-P
Rain Satellite- acane_madder
Since Then, So Long.- T-POCKET
Umbrella and Rain- Machigerita
friends- minjta
Flash⇔Frustration- Yairi
The Hurting Belle- Yuuyu
Passion and Tragedy- Re:nG
icoro- Yuki Nishijima
imaginative journey- lumo
Lonely Hide and Seek- 150P
Clover- KulfiQ
99minutes theater- vataco
Bioloid- NingenDock
I Can Only Pretend- Owata-P
Lonely March- Makyavelli
Hereditary Tin Syndrome- Yuzuhiko
Yamada-kun- daniwell
Via Stingrays, My Proposal Bends Iron- Manbo-Dead-Behind-the-House-P
Box Little Wondrous- Pinocchio-P
Die A Blessed Death- Kikuo

Undeniably Unique

In Reverse- Man_boo
1imb0- Kinra
Song of the End of the World's Beginning- Babu-chan

Those last ones are all unique in rather different ways, but also worth checking out for various reasons. (The section is mostly there for 1imb0 though, being both undeniably unique and undeniably good.)

papiyon/Chouchou-P also made an awesome piano medley of a bunch of his songs, though not included above since there's technically no Vocaloid.

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