Vocaloid Highlights: April 2012

So, there's still a gazillion Vocaloid songs I want to "highlight." That hasn't changed. So I think I'll try something a little different this time.

[The "something different" was the Stand-Outs split, which I retroactively added to the previous three posts.]


Trickery⇔Casino- Hitoshizuku x Yama△
Lying and Lying- Peperon-P
Nihonbashi Overhang Project R- Jin
Waiting for the Wind, Hello World- Heli-P
A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night- kemu
Leucocoryne- ryuryu
Non-World Harmonize- sasakure.UK
Don't Kill the Love Song- Pinocchio-P
Hi-Fu-Mi-Yo- Peperon-P
Rin-Len Space Bandits- dezzy
Astro Troopers- Yojigen-P
To My Long-Wedded Android- Mofu@
Outwards and Inwards- Scop
Yearly Timekeeper- halyosy

Worth Your Time

Nemuraneze (I Ain't Sleepin')- otetsu
CARLA- sele
Super Hero- Nem
Surprise Rider- saiB
Goodbye, Traveler- nexus
Sweet KISS Chocolate- LIM
Rainbow- whoo
Stella- Dixie Flatline
You're A Gallant Girl- Ishifuro
Magical Kitty Len-Len Anime Version- Owata-P
Yakuouji Acid Girl- nuts rock
Phantasm Performance- Faye-P
too late to tell- U-ske
Thus, The Reason I Fell.- koushirou
Record Red- shr
shake it!- emon(Tes.)
Checkmate- Yucha
Spicy Drop- koushirou
War of Wind-Up Liberation- Sudachi
Life of the Nail-Bat Gang, Shimokita Chapter- Ishifuro

Worth Eight Minutes Of Your Time???

The Naive Girl and the Adult World- cosMo

(Yeah, okay, that third one won't stick around.)

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