Vocaloid Highlights: March 2012

Vocaloid IS strong! Vocaloid is UNSTOPPABLE!

Wholeheartedly - Umetora
A Town Nearing Spring - 40mP
Propaganda - Karasuya Sabou
paranoia - Mezame-P
Philosophy in Gears - Camellia
Niagara Chutes - Vocaliod-P
My Crush Was A Monster Boy - Shokubai Phantom Girl
Konoha's World Affairs - Jin

Worth Your Time
Dancing Elec-Heart - Choau
Manmade World Embryo - Hull
Case2ndman - vataco
Rarity - Pinocchio-P
Contrail - yuxuki waga
Chemical Emotion -navy blue mix- - muhmue
Revolving Corridor - Wataru-P
Pragmatic Logic Advocate - Goboumen
Ha, Ha, Ha (Kara, Kara, Kara) - Babu-chan
town - Mamono
To A Snow-Thawed Morning - Life-P
Coffin for the Snow-White Princess - Zenryaku-P
Dancing All Alone - Kyouinu
Pure Rhythm - muhmue
I ♥ (I LOVE) - Junky
Gedatz Sensation - Deadball-P
Hell Masquerade - Ohka
Hello 3 - Yamikuro
Shotgun Boy - Takoyaki Pan
Warped Little Girl - Chamu
Omega - ATOLS
Magical Dolls - tom"U"
Unstable Girl - 19 -iku-
Counting Song - Helnia-P
Solo Identity - Helnia-P
Rainy Garden - kaoling
STAR RIDER - imama
Secret - Oreginal-P
The Neglected Side of Riding Hood - Paru♪
Teaching the I-ro-has of Love - Asunaro
Treacherous Bullet - Nanahoshi
inverse - U-ske
seventh magic - Keiji Haru
infinity identity - Ryuuou-P


There's this guy named Tetsuya Komuro, you might have heard of him. Well, he got a bunch of Vocaloid producers to cover a bunch of his songs for an album. The obvious highlight among these is EZFG's, because seriously, it's EZFG. TOO SHY SHY BOY!

Lastly: Kenshirou Morii thinks it's never too late to make a PV for Kobayashi Onyx's Saihate. I think he might be right.

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