Vocaloid Highlights: February 2012

February was obviously too long, because LOOK AT ALL OF THESE SONGS.


Imagination Forest- Jin
Black-Cat Girl- Scop
Trickery Life Game- kemu
The Form Dreams Take- Fuwari-P
The Fool in the World's Center, Giving the Finger- Shomi
Daybreak's Arrival- Last Note.
Baby Baby Baby- acane_madder
Jitter Doll- niki
The Chick and the Scales- Furu
I'm Watching You Die- Camellia

Worth Your Time

Hanged Girl in the Haunted House- Tohma
One Room, All That Jazz- dateken
God's An Energy Cheapskate- Manbo-Dead-Behind-the-House-P
A Fickle Kitten's Lone Journey- ice
Sensational- YM
My Cowardly Self- Zukio
The Regular P√Ętissier- halyosy
I'm the Wolf, You're Riding Hood- Tori-P
Sugarplum Fairy- take_coke
Hey, It's Valentine's Day- Oichan
Two-Dimension Dream Fever- PolyphonicBranch
Existence Is A Syndrome- Yamikuro
My Song- Ebot
Monument's Song- hinayukki
Net Walk- tom"U"
Deathly Birthday- Yuuki
Theme of Coming Home- Enoyak
The Trumpet-Playing Boy- PIROPARU
The Fox's Wedding- OSTER project
My Colorful Confuse- Manbo-Dead-Behind-the-House-P
Hikikomori Girl- Kurozumi-P
Garbage Elegy- Powapowa-P

The honorable mention this month goes to Sea Blue and Space Ship, a song by nexus from late 2011 that went largely unnoticed until there was a very pretty PV for it in MMD Cup 8. (Which is also available in HD.)

Actually, another honorable mention for a different reason: Uiro Days (by Gomen Nasai) is supposed to be a parody of Heat-Haze Daze about some kind of Japanese cake, but actually makes for a rather cool arrangement of the original.

Oh, and Nijimine Kakoi got another pretty good song, composed by take. Okay, that's the last one, really!

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