Vocaloid Highlights: January 2012

So yeah, I guess I might make this a regular thing.


Coelacanth- monaca:factory
Life is Beautiful!- Zukio
Hurting for a Very Hurtful Pain- EZFG
Dream-Dream- DECO*27
In Two Seconds- MARUDARUMA
Bad∞End∞Night- Hitoshizuku x Yama△
Do-Re-Mi-Fa Rondo- 40mP
Meunière- daniwell
Cattleya- Yuzuhiko
Hide & Seeker- Kurage-P

Worth Your Time

Distasteful Messenjer- rorero
It's Your Fault.- EHAMIC
sigh- Iroha
Seven-Color World- Kaimyu-P
Don't Forget -Song of the Earth-- Yuusuke Sakamoto
Segments Blue- sele
Hello, Me- Tonbo
Unreal Communication- Patirchev
CUTE CUTE CAT- daniwell
The Melancholy Shizoidman- PELIE
Dirt Curse- Kikuo
Masquerading Doppelganger- KulfiQ
The Invisible One's Nihilism- Kano
Spriting Away- K-Dash
How About A Spot of Tea?- daniwell

An honorable mention goes to the four-armed zipper-mouth UTAU Nijimine Kakoi and her song tef, by Touka Hako.

And winning the "Wait, When Was This Posted?" award (since it seemingly only cropped up in the rankings this month), Gut-Wrench by Risshuu.

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