Vocaloid Highlights: December 2011

A bit late, but since I was somewhat pre-emptive with my Top 70, here's... I dunno, fifteen good Vocaloid songs from December 2011, posted after the previous list.

Prickly Heart - Agoaniki
Night Walk - CaptainMirai
Caseaman - vataco
Headphone Actor - Jin
Skyfish - Yamikuro
Santa Claus with Stripes - CaptainMirai
Invisible - kemu
One Hot Minute - Shomi
Tiny PaRadisE - Kagome-P
A Ferris Wheel - Daisuke-P
Pavlov's Cat and Schrodinger's Dog - koushirou
Merry & Nicolaus - buzzG
Rendezvous - Rocka
This Black Kitty Cat - MNW
A Classy, Tactful Fire Extinguisher - Manbo-Dead-Behind-the-House-P

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