Vocaloid Highlights: Top 70 of 2011

Well, Scop made a Top 10 Vocaloid Songs of 2011, and I'mma let him finish, but I can't narrow things down to just 10. JUST 10. So here's seventy songs I thought were pretty good this year in chronological order.


Digital Blue-Hearted Jealousy- take_coke
ghost- minjta
speed- otetsu
What's It Mean?!- Kuchibashi-P
Ten-Faced- YM
Domino Toppling- Scop
Panda Hero- Hachi
Blindness Poem- Yuzuhiko
Game of Life- Yuzuhiko
Remote Control- Jesus-P
I'm Only Just Getting Started- Nashimoto-P
Pedal Heart- DECO*27
Carnival- otetsu
With You In Spring- Nekobolo
Beginning of the End- Kurage-P
FLOWER TAIL- yuukiss
Stockholm Syndrome- Yuzuhiko
Worrowmot Kees I Niap Ni- Chikuwa-P
Last Battle- Jitabata-P
One-Way Route- Yucha
Unhappy Refrain- wowaka
Bonus Stage- Owata-P
Tightrope Walk- otetsu
The Heap Princess and Apostrophe- sasakure.UK
Youth Moratorium- Helnia-P
Static Electricity.- emon(Tes.)
World's Beginning- whoo
Liar's World- Scop
Liar- Mezame-P
Start Line- Yabuinu
The Skeleton Band and Lilia- Tohma
Time-Warped After Chopping My Stag Beetle- Manbo-Dead-Behind-the-House-P
Let's Go to Heaven- Kikuo
Alice in Musicland- OSTER project
A Radical Man and Woman's Song- Scop
Love Mathematica- OSTER project
Amore- Yuzuhiko
arachnoid- psycho
Allie Lone and the Black Fantasia- REO
Sputnik Boys and Sputnik Girls- CaptainMirai
Leave In Summer, Yet You're In My Fluffoughts- baker
CRAZY- Yamaguchi Tarou
Being Here- Fuwari-P
=world- StudioMoko
HYBRID- niki
Waltz of Anomalies- Nanou
Heat-Haze Daze- Jin
Door to the Darkness- CaptainMirai
The World Beyond the Glasses- CaptainMirai
Lucid Dreaming- Kue
Cyber Thunder Cider- EZFG
Glorious World- papiyon
From Love to Love From- MARUDARUMA
Sweet Float Flats- Manbo-Dead-Behind-the-House-P
Infinity Dancestep- Shomi
Hate- otetsu
American 60- vilP
3331- Nanou
Blue-Sky Bye-Bye.- otetsu
Memury Shabadaba- Pinocchio-P
Unsure Selfish- ELEGUMI TOKYO
Lumpen Virgin- Kuroji
Paradise Lucid- Agoaniki
Vivi and Aqua- Konata-P
Admonition Song- Owata-P
Rubik's Cube- otetsu
Monstrous Space- Pinocchio-P
Envy Doll- yuki☆

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