Witch's Heart: IZ on "Motives"

IZ wrote a pretty interesting reply chain to a person who thought some of the characters' motives in Witch's Heart were weak or illogical, so I thought I'd translate it. (Big spoilers for Bonus Stage.)


I'm the kind of person who can particularly understand how someone like Lime feels, so I don't consider her motives as "strange"... People who can't understand probably never will, but I believe it's plausible for someone to suffer so much that they just want to mess up everything. It makes me feel a little sad to have her just dismissed as "a sadist."

Nicholas is a character who I based on Adolf Hitler. To write him, I attempted to imagine what a person like that would be thinking. After all, there do exist people in real life whose actions normal people would never understand.

I think it varies from person to person how much they'll accept each character's motives. For instance, Wilardo's immortality might seem like a weak motive to someone who could get used to immortality, while it might feel heavy to people who couldn't. But the point is, "to Wilardo," it was heavy.

I believe one of the story's themes is "thinking" about things you can't personally comprehend and the feelings of people you don't understand. That's why the story is written from many characters' viewpoints. How much you agree with things and for what reasons will vary between people.

Regardless, I'm very happy you wrote this message for me. Thank you very much!

Posted October 15th, 2018

#witch's heart

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