The Sun’s Curse: Translated

Mogeko made a fancy Flash storybook (now just a YouTube video) about Siralos, the God of the world Ivlis is the Devil of. The text is highly obscured, looks like a bunch of numbers, and is hard to read even looking at the raw images, but it's actually written in a code. (The details are here, if you're interested.)

This took entirely too much effort, and even though it does come out as proper text, I almost doubt Mogeko expected anyone to really read it; if anything, it's intended as a bonus for diehard fans. I don't want to put anyone through an English equivalent of that, so just have the translated text.


[ Page 1 ]
This is a tale long past, from a mind-numbingly long time ago.

It is a story of the sun, and the land thereof.

[ Page 2 ]
Once, there was a man known as the Sun God, Siralos.

[ Page 3 ]
Into the lonesome world, he created an unfathomable number of beautiful lights called suns, and admired his creation.

[ Page 4 ]
One day, he was struck with a sudden idea.
He decided he would create servants for himself.

[ Page 5 ]
From his own light, he brought into being an angel of light.
From his own flame, he brought into being a demon of flame.

[ Page 6 ]
The angel of light's name was Igls Unth.
The demon of flame's name was Ivlis.
The two were yet so young that they knew nothing of the world.

[ Page 7 ]
Siralos took them all around the world.
He told them this world was the Land of Sun.
And that here, the sun was a necessity for all creatures who lived.

[ Page 8 ]
The two of them listened closely to Siralos's words, and vowed their loyalty to him.

[ Page 9 ]
The two of them grew up rapidly in this warm world.
These were very happy days for them.
They prayed that such happy days could last for eternity.

[ Page 10 ]
Before long, they gained companions of their own.
The Land of Sun came to be a very busy place.

[ Page 11 ]
Now grown, Igls and Ivlis had come to better understand the meaning of the things Siralos did.

[ Page 12 ]
Ivlis now harbored doubts about the world Siralos had made, and the things which he was doing.

[ Page 13 ]
Igls rebuked him for this.
Nothing which the great Lord Siralos was doing could be mistaken.

[ Page 14 ]
Unable to take it any longer, Ivlis decided to make an inquiry of Siralos.

[ Page 15 ]
Lord Siralos.
In this world which you created, life cannot survive without the sun.
Yet that makes me feel so sorry for them.
Do they have no freedom?

[ Page 16 ]
How disappointing that you would say such a thing to me, Ivlis.
I suppose I shouldn't have created you after all.

[ Page 17 ]
To think that the words he imparted were one and the same with the sun's radiance.
Such a cutting and sorrowful thing it turned out to be.

[ Page 18 ]
Is doubting a sin?
Is it praise, is it adoration that defines righteousness?
Then do those who have been cursed have no such thing as freedom?
And then, are we who live in this world the same?
Ivlis did not know.
What should I do?
He did not know.

[ Page 19 ]
It is that doubt that is your sin...


Why, Lord Siralos?

I no longer need you.

Fall deep into the darkness, and burn in disgraceful hellfire.

Posted March 28th, 2015

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