Demoness: "Y-You named the summoning price as your virginity...?!"

A story about a man and his demoness.

Don't worry - it's quite different from any of the other threads about virgins. The author just knows what brings in an audience.


Man: "Y-Yeah."
Demoness: "Wha... but..."
Man: "Um, just calm down, yeah?"
Demoness: "Yeah. RIGHT!"
Demoness: "What dunce summons a demoness and makes their virginity the price?!"
Man: "Um, well, I honestly didn't think you'd come..."
Demoness: "D-Do you have any idea...?!"
Demoness: "I am very, very, VERY famous among demons!!"
Man: "I-Is that so? Impressive."
Demoness: "Y-You're RIDICULOUSSS!!!"

Man: "Look, don't get so mad."
Demoness: "How could I NOT be mad?!"
Man: "Hmm... well, now that you mention it."
Demoness: "Ugh, enough. I'll just eat you alive, and that shall be that."
Man: "Huh? But, I already summoned you, so..."
Demoness: "...M-Mmgh...?! I-I can't eat you!"
Man: "Oho... It seems so."
Demoness: "Mmf! MMGH!"
Demoness: "C-Curse you...!"

Man: "Here, have some tea."
Demoness: "...Shut up."
Man: "Oh, I've got snacks too."
Demoness: "...Shut up."
Man: "Even a virgin ca... OW!"
Demoness: "Be grateful that I let you off with ONLY a slap on the cheek."
Demoness: "Next time shall not be pretty, so do not let there be one."
Man: "S-Sorry..."
Demoness: "..."
Man: (She is accepting the snacks and tea, though...)

Man: "..."
Demoness: "..."
Man: (Well, this is awkward...)
Man: "W-What?"
Demoness: "Hm."
Man: "Oh, another cup of tea...?"
Demoness: "Hm."
Man: "H-Here you are..."
Demoness: "Mm."

Man: "So, about giving you my virginity -"
Demoness: "What did I tell you moments ago?"
Man: "Um, s-sorry. ...But..."
Demoness: "I do not want it now."
Demoness: (I would not think I could be summoned with virginity alone as the price...)
Demoness: (There must be something more to this.)
Demoness: "I think I shall stay a while first."
Man: "Is that okay?"
Demoness: "And a virgin like you would refuse this why?"
Man: "I-I guess..."

Demoness: "Now, you summoned me here."
Demoness: "You must have had a fitting desire behind that. So say it!"
Man: "Ah, um..."
Man: "To help out around the house... and stuff."
Demoness: "...Say again?"
Man: "To help out around the house... and stuff."
Demoness: "...Huh?"
Man: "Um, look, I really didn't think you'd come. I didn't think about it at all."
Demoness: "I'm out."
Man: "W-Wait!"
Demoness: "SCREW this! I do NOT want a guy like THIS as a master!"
Man: (Is she spoiled or what?!)

Demoness: "Are you being serious with me?"
Man: "Uh, well... yes."
Demoness: "...Dammit. Why you...?"
Demoness: (But then again, I have never been chosen before...)
Demoness: (It's good just that I have been summoned... even if it is by him.)
Man: "Anyway, it's getting late, so we should sleep."
Demoness: "Hm."
Man: "Oh, I've only got one bed..."
Demoness: "You sleep on the sofa."
Man: "Okay..."

The next morning.

Man: "Mm... mm?"
Man: (Huh? Was I in bed last night?)
Demoness: "You're up?"
Man: "Who's that?!"
Demoness: "You were the one who summoned me!"
Man: "Ah, right... I remember now."
Demoness: "Ridiculous. Here, have your breakfast."
Man: "Ooh..."

Man: "By the way, why was I in bed?"
Demoness: "That's where you fell asleep, moron."
Man: "No, you told me to sleep on the sof..."
Demoness: "Shut up. I hate fussy men."
Demoness: "Stop talking and eat already."
Man: "..."
Man: (So, is she...?)
Man: "Mmm. Thanks."
Demoness: "Hmph."

Man: "Thanks, that was really good."
Demoness: "Hm."
Man: "You look kinda... displeased."
Demoness: "And how is someone summoned against their will supposed to look?"
Man: "Huh..."
Man: "...For being a demoness, you seem awfully... real, I guess?"
Demoness: "When you called me, I assumed a human form."
Man: "Huh? What?"
Demoness: "That's the rule whenever you make a pact with a human. So there aren't any... difficulties."
Demoness: "My true form certainly wouldn't fit in with human society."
Man: "Huh..."

Man: "Which means you're just like a human now?"
Demoness: "Hm. Yes, I'm an ordinary human girl right now."
Man: "Whoa..."
Demoness: "Why are you looking away from me?"
Man: "Ah, um... Just, thinking of you as a regular girl and not a demon... you know?"
Demoness: "So says the man who named his virginity as a price."
Man: "Sorry..."
Man: "Oh, well, I've got to get to work now."
Demoness: "What do I do?"
Man: "Umm... Watch the house, I guess."
Demoness: "Understood."

Man: "Good mooorning!"
Woman: "G-Good... morning."
Man: "Oh, morning to you too, miss. ...Huh? You don't look well."
Woman: "N-No, I'm fine..."
Man: "Really? You look rather troubled..."
Woman: "Ahaha, guess I didn't get much sleep..."
Man: "I-I see. Don't push yourself too hard."
Woman: "...Yes."
Man: (...? What's that behind her...?)

Man: "I'm home!"
Demoness: "Hmph, you are finally back."
Man: "Hm? Ahh..."
Demoness: "While you were gone, I discovered the pinnacle of boredom: spending an entire day in this house."
Man: "The whole day? You could've gone outside..."
Demoness: "You instructed me to watch the house."
Man: "Ah..."
Man: (So she did just as I said, huh...)
Man: "M-My bad. You can go out from now on."
Demoness: "Oh, indeed? Understood."
Man: (She looks happy about that. Must've been really bored...)

Demoness: "I prepared dinner in the refrigerator with what you had lying around. Eat it."
Man: "Oh, thanks."
Demoness: "I used your frying pan and microwave."
Man: "You seem surprisingly used to human things."
Demoness: "Demons don't fall behind the times."
Demoness: "And sometimes, we go sightseeing in the human world."
Man: "Huh... wait, what?"
Man: "So you mean, demons sometimes mingle in our world?"

Demoness: "Indeed. However, they are invisible to human eyes."
Man: "Ah, so that's it. Good."
Demoness: "If they assume human form like me, though, then humans can see them."
Man: "I thought so. Like you said, you're a normal human now."
Demoness: "Yes. So most of the demons you will see are in pacts with a human."
Demoness: "For their human forms are first established upon being summoned."
Man: "Hm."
Man: "In that case, maybe that thing was summoned..."
Demoness: "Hm?"

Man: "Well, there was this weird thing at my workplace today."
Demoness: "How so?"
Man: "Um, kind of like a dwarf? Could that be a demon in human form?"
Demoness: "A dwarf?"
Demoness: "If it didn't look particularly human, then it's doubtful to be such."
Man: "Huh...?"
Demoness: "Perhaps now you're capable of seeing demons."
Demoness: "That is, due to your summoning me."
Man: "Ah, so that's it..."

Man: "So wait, is ___ being possessed by that thing?!"
Demoness: "Perhaps so."
Man: "I see... That's why she didn't look very well..."
Man: "Can't I exorcise it somehow?"
Demoness: "You could."
Demoness: "But I insist that you not needlessly meddle with other demons."
Man: "Hmm..."
Demoness: "Now, eat. You don't want your food to get cold."
Man: "Hmm..."

Man: "Good mooorning!"
Woman: "G-Good, morning..."
Man: "Miss, you really don't look well."
Woman: "Huh? N-No, I'm perfectly fine..."
Man: "Hm..."
Man: (Yeah, there's a dwarf there...)
Man: (Oh, it made eye contact...)
Woman: "What is it?"
Man: "Oh, nothing. Gotta get to work."
Woman: "Right."

Man: (I can't just up and tell her she's being possessed by a dwarf...)
Man: "Hmm..."
Coworker: "What's up? Thinking?"
Man: "A little..."
Coworker: "Found a girlfriend?"
Man: "No way."
Man: "Oh, do you know ___'s address?"
Coworker: "Huh? You interested in her?"
Man: "N-No..."
Coworker: "No way I'd know that. Ask her yourself."
Coworker: "But office romance is nothing but trouble..."
Man: "I said that's not it..."

Man: (And that's why...)
Man: (I'm following her home after she leaves work.)
Man: (But I feel like a complete stalker...)
Man: (I dunno what I'll do if I'm seen...)
Man :"Oh, that apartment...?"
Man :"Two stories, just like mine..."
Man :"Oh, she's in. Corner room on the first floor?"
Man :"Does she live alone...?"
Man :"...Okay, I'm really being a stalker now, so I'm gonna stop."
Man :"But what should I do now? It'd be weird to just visit her..."

Man: (No, there's no way...)
Man: (I can't just visit her directly.)
Man: (She has a garden. And a window.)
Man: (So I have to peep through those...!)
Man: (Just gotta make sure!)
Man: "...?"
Man: (What the... the room's all smoky?)
Man: (Isn't this a littl...?!?)
Man: "Wah!"

Man: "Owww..."
Woman: ""
Man: "Hm...?"
Man: (Her room? Or not? Where am I?)
Woman: "Ah... hah..."
Man: "M-Miss...?!"
Man: (She's nude?! W-Wait, what...)
Man: (S-She's masturbating...?!)
Man: "S-Sorr...?!"
Woman: "L-Let's... be... togeth..."
Man: "Wh?!"
Woman: "Hey..."

Man: (She's pushing me to the floor...)
Man: (You stupid, stupid idiot!!)
Woman: "Aha..."
Man: "Um, uh..."
Man: (I only saw her at work, but...)
Man: (I didn't know she had such a... man-killing body.)
Woman: "Oh look, your pants are off..."
Woman: "Mmf..."
Man: "...! What's she doi...?!"

Man: (I-I don't know if I want this...)
Woman: "Hah, hah..."
Man: (She's taking off her panties...)
Man: "Mm..."
Woman: "I wanna eat you up..."
Woman: "Ahhh..."

Demoness: "HEY!"
Man: "Huh?"

Demoness: "What are YOU doing?"
Man: "Um, uh, I was looking forward to..."
Demoness: "Look closer!"
Man: "Huh?"
Man: "D-Dwarves...?!"

There were countless dwarves pushing on her back.

Demoness: "Getting caught by lowly demons as these, hmph..."
"Ki! Kiii! Kikiki!"
Demoness: "Scram!"

Demoness: "I told you not to bumble about with demons."
Demoness: "Stand up, you. And the girl, too."
Woman: "Whew..."
Man: "Miss?!"
Demoness: "Oh, leave her be. The boss is more important."
Man: "The boss...?"
Dwarf: "Curse you... Don't get between me and my meal!"
Demoness: "What a coincidence, he's my meal too."

Dwarf: "So you're... a succubus, hm?!"
Dwarf: "Heh, a strange target you chose..."
Demoness: "Ahem! Who said I was a succubus?"
Dwarf: "He is alive, is he not?!"
Dwarf: "To devour a living victim - that is being a succubus!"
Demoness: "That's how you see it? You're trash after all..."
Dwarf: "Why, you!"
Demoness: "Know your place, pest!"

Dwarf: "Mmf?!"
Man: "Wh..."

Her arm sliced the dwarf's head clean off.

Man: "T-That's going a little far..."
Demoness: "It is what you wanted, right?"
Man: "Ah..."
Demoness: "See? Exorcised."

The warped scenery returned to normal.

Woman: "S... Sir...?"
Man: "Good, you're awake."
Woman: "Is this my room...? Why?"
Man: "Ah, um, uh..."
Woman: "Eek! I-I'm nude?! D-Don't tell me..."
Man: "N-No, it's not like that!"
Demoness: "Say again? If I had let things go on a little longer..."
Man: "N-No, no, no..."
Demoness: "Men's heads are filled with sex..."
Man: "No, no, n - well, I guess I can't refute that..."

Man: (I'll try to explain her being possessed... just hope she understands.)
Woman: "..."
Man: "Um, well, you may not believe me, but..."
Woman: "N-No, er... I'm sorry."
Woman: "I faintly remember what happened..."
Woman: "Even what that dwarf thing was doing. It's been around for a while..."
Woman: "So I know what you're saying is the truth..."
Man: "Oh... that's good."
Woman: "S-So I should be the one apologizing...!"
Woman: "I mean, not for being possessed, but for that..."
Man: "A-Ahh... Yeah, that."

Demoness: "Hm, I was worried."
Man: "Huh?"
Demoness: "Because your virginity is mine, punk."
Demoness: "If you had it stolen, you would get me killed."
Man: "Really...? Good thing you showed up."
Demoness: "That's not the problem, worm."
Man: "Stop looking so scary..."
Demoness: "You'll have to be punished when we get back."
Man: "M-My bad..."
Woman: "Huh? You're a virgin, sir...?"
Man: "Huh?! W-Well, yes..."

Woman: "Thank goodness..."
Man: "H-How so...?"
Woman: "U-Um, well..."
Demoness: "Because she's a virgin too."
Woman: "!! H-How... You know that?!"
Woman: "Who are you, anyway?!"
Demoness: "Just a pitiful girl who has an arrangement with this blockhead."
Woman: "..."

The next day.

Man: "Good mooorning!"
Woman: "Oh, good morning!"
Man: "Ah, good. You look a lot better."
Woman: "Thanks to you, sir! Though it was a little embarrassing..."
Man: "N-No, it's fine..."
Coworker: "Huh? What? Did something happen yesterday?"
Man: "Who said that?"
Woman: "Hmph..."
Coworker: "Hmm..."
Coworker: "I keep telling you, office romance is high-risk!"
Man: "Y-Yeah..."

On the way home from work.

Man: (Maybe I should go to Akihabara...)
Man: (But what should I check out?)
Man: "An adult shop...? Hm, alright."
*walk walk walk*
Man: (If I can't give anyone my virginity, I've got to do things myself...)
Man: (Hm, they've got a lot of new stuff in...)
Man: (Hmm...)
Man: "...Huh?"

Man: (A demon...?)
Man: (In a business suit... but his head's not human.)
Man: (Is he looking at the merchandise here...?)
Man: (I guess it's true they mingle in the human world.)
Man: (But I'm not going to get involv -)
Business Demon: "Hm."
Man: (He made eye contact...)

Business Demon: "You are a human, eh?"
Man: "Er, yes."
Business Demon: "Uncanny. No doubt a powerful one, if I may suppose."
Man: "No, nothing like that..."
Man: (In fact, that's more what I think of him...)
Business Demon: "Well, there is something I'd like to ask of you."
Man: "Huh?"
Business Demon: "Could you buy this *BLEEEEEP* for me?"
Business Demon: "Demons cannot buy such things themselves...!"
Man: "Is that a fact... I don't see why a demon would want it."
Business Demon: "Please!"
Man: "U-Understood!"

Man: "Well, I bought it, but I don't know how to give it to you..."
Business Demon: "If you find a place where we'll not be seen, I can materialize there."
Man: "I see. Alright, over there."
*walk walk walk*
Man: "Here you go."
Business Demon: "Ohh! Thank you greatly!"
Business Demon: "I've always seen it, but never before have I been able to have it!"
Man: "Couldn't you just assume a human form?"
Business Demon: "Ah, but I must make a pact with a human for that, yes?"
Business Demon: "Indeed, if only it were as easy as you believe!"
Man: "Huh? Why?"

Business Demon: "Well, because of all the troublesome situations that arise."
Man: "F-For example...?"
Business Demon: "No, no, there is no need for you to know!"
Man: "Ah, uh..."
Business Demon: "Right, I shall give you this."
Business Demon: "It is without a doubt my finest item!"
Man: "Er, that's the *BLEEP* I just bought..."
Business Demon: "No need to thank me. Consider it returning the favor."
Business Demon: "Now then, I must get going. Farewell for today!"
Man: "He vanished..."

Man: "I'm home!"
Demoness: "Hmph!"
Man: "Hmph?"
Demoness: "You ran into another demon today. I can smell it."
Man: "It just kind of happened at the store..."
Demoness: "That shall not do."
Demoness: "Most of those demons, I don't even know what they're thinking..."
Demoness: "If any talk to you, it's best to just feign ignorance."
Man: "G-Got it."
Demoness: "Unbelievable. Well, your dinner."

In the bathroom.

Man: "Well."
Man: (Nobody to my right, my left, in front, behind, above, below...)
Man: "Let's check this out..."
He opens the *BLEEP* box.
Man: "Ooh, this looks good..."
He grabs lotion.
Man: "I gotta have some enjoyment, after all..."

Man: "Better wash this..."
Demoness: "Ahem. Do you have a second?"
Man: "?!"
Demoness: "What is it?"
Man: "I-It's nothing! W-What is it with you?!"
Man: (She's opening the door...!)
Demoness: "I was just thinking I could wash your back."
Man: "W-W-W-W..."
Demoness: "Hm? Something going on?"
Demoness: "Oh, I get it. Ashamed to be in the bath with a girl?"
Demoness: "Hahah... So inexperienced."
Man: (That's not iiiiit!)

Demoness: "What are you worried about? I'm rather small."
Man: (That's not the problem!)
Demoness: "Plus, your orders for me were to "help around the house.""
Demoness: "I'm just doing my part to fulfill them."
Man: "N-No, you don't have to do that!"
Demoness: "If you're that shy, then very well. You can wear a towel."
Man: "You don't - ah!"
Demoness: "Hmph. What are you hiding?"
Man: "Um, this is...!"

Demoness: "A "*BLEEP*"? What is this..."
Man: "Um..."
Demoness: "Too hard to explain? Show me the box."
Man: "U-Uh..."
Demoness: "There's usually a description on the box. Let's see..."
Man: "Uhhh..."
Demoness: "Shut up. Hm....."
Man: "Haaah..."
Man: (What the hell...)

Demoness: "What, so it's a sex toy?"
Man: "Oof..."
Demoness: "If you're getting things like this, then why not use me?"
Man: "Huh?"
Demoness: "It shall fulfill my duty at the same time."
Man: "But you said you didn't want my virginity..."
Demoness: "No matter how much I dislike it, I cannot disobey your orders."
Demoness: "Don't you just feel so sorry for me?"
Man: "Oof..."

Demoness: "Incidentally, did you give this sex toy to that demon?"
Man: "Huh? Er, yeah. Just for a second."
Demoness: "I see. So that's why."
Man: "What's why?"
Demoness: "This thing has a spell on it, one which will activate when used."
Man: "Huh...? Really?"
Man: (He didn't seem like that evil of a demon, though...)
Demoness: "It's a powerful spell that increases vitality."
Man: "Wha..."
Demoness: "And there's a message with it."
"Friend! Tonight, let us ascend into paradise together!!"
Man: "I knew I shouldn't have gotten involved with that guy...!!!"

Man: "Sigh..."
*scrub scrub*
Demoness: "Don't get so down. It is just a sex toy."
Man: "I mean, it's not like I'm depressed about it!"
*scrub scrub*
Demoness: "Then why the sigh?"
Man: "Just kind of tired..."
*scrub scrub*
Demoness: "Well, that's no good."
Demoness: "How about the back-washing? Feel good?"
Man: "Yeah, it feels nice."
Demoness: "Good. Though it's making me a little tired..."
*scrub scrub*

Man: "...Hm."
Man: "H-Hey, aren't you a little close?"
Demoness: "I'm done washing your back, so now I'm doing the front."
Man: "It's like you're hugging me now..."
Demoness: "Shall I move in front of you, then?"
Man: "Well, of cour - I mean, no!"
Demoness: "Don't worry, I'll be careful."
Man: "H-Hm..."
Man: (Her boobs... are touching...)

Man: "Forget about my front! I can do that myself!"
Demoness: "Hmph, you're boring. I was thinking of doing your bottom, too."
Man: "Huh?"
Demoness: "Oh, that one caught your fancy?"
Man: "Ahhh, no! Not at all!"
Demoness: "You're such a noisy guy."
Man: "Because of you!"
Demoness: "Hm, whatever. So then, wash my back."
Man: "What do you mean, "so then"? How does that follow?"
Demoness: "Details..."

A day off several days later.

Man: "You wanna go out?"
Demoness: "Indeed. I'm tired of this area."
Man: "Oh, so you want to travel further..."
Demoness: "Yes. Demons get bored easily."
Man: "What kind of places?"
Demoness: "Somewhere busy would be good."
Man: "It's busy everywhere here in the city..."
Demoness: "Anywhere is fine! Just take me outside!"
Man: "Alright, alright."


Man: (I know Akihabara better, but...)
Man: (I bet that other demon would be there, so Ikebukuro it is.)
Demoness: "Whoa! P-P-People!"
Man: "Well, it's Ikebukuro, and it's a day off."
Demoness: "Astounding, truly astounding!"
Man: (Maybe I should go to Sunshine City? There's an aquarium there...)

Demoness: "Hmm... There's just so many clothes here, it's incomprehensible..."
Man: "There sure are. What's with the clothes you're wearing, anyway?"
Demoness: "I simply imitated what I've seen around."
Demoness: "T-They aren't strange, are they...?"

She always wore a black one-piece.
Also, she wore his sweater while sleeping.

Man: "No, they're fine. Hmm... Maybe we should buy some clothes while we're here."
Demoness: "Really?!"
Man: "S-Sure."
Demoness: "Ohoho... I trust in your fashion sense."
Man: "I'm choosing?!"
Demoness: "Is that not all right?"
Man: "Hm..."

Demoness: "I quite like it!"
Man: "Y-Yeah..."
Man: (I don't know anything about fashion...)

She wore a brown, loose one-piece.
It suited her.

Demoness: "Where are we going next?!"
Man: "To eat. I'm getting hungry."


Demoness: "Today was fun!"
Man: "Hm."
Man: (Just like a date... I won't say that, though.)
Demoness: "It was just like a date!"
Man: "..."
Demoness: "Hm?"
Man: "Never mind."
Demoness: "Hm."
Man: "Let's take a break at the park and go home."
Demoness: "Yes!"

Demoness: "...Mm."
Man: "Hm, that's..."
Man: "Sitting on the bench... a demon?"
Demoness: "Hm."
Man: "Should we leave the park?"
Demoness: "No. I believe he's..."
Man: "Hm?"

Demoness: "Hey. You there, masked demon."
Mask Demon: "Hm...?"
Mask Demon: "Ohh... My word, if it isn't Kiyohi -"
Demoness: "D-Don't call me that. Long time no see."
Mask Demon: "Excuse me. Yes, it has been some time."
Mask Demon: "And this is...?"
Man: "H-Hi."
Demoness: "An underling, don't worry about it."
Mask Demon: "Did you make a pact? ...E-Er, understood."
Demoness: "Hm."

Demoness: "What's your deal? You don't see many demons here."
Mask Demon: "Yes, that is true, but I have some business to attend to."
Mask Demon: "However, I do not quite know where to look..."
Mask Demon: "You've caught me in the middle of my search."
Demoness: "Hoh. It's unusual to have business in this area."
Mask Demon: "Yes, it's an old duty I must fulfill..."
Demoness: "I see, so that's what it is. I hope you find what you're looking for."
Mask Demon: "Right. Thank you very much."

Demoness: "Sorry, underling. Let's go."
Man: "Huh? A-Aren't you gonna help?"
Demoness: "Don't concern yourself with it."
Man: "Isn't he an acquaintance?"
Demoness: "When a demon says "old," they're talking hundreds to thousands of years ago."
Demoness: "Many are never able to fulfill those kinds of duties."
Man: "But..."
Demoness: "When he says he doesn't know where to look, that's what he really means."
Man: "Ah..."

Man: "U-Um!"
Mask Demon: "Hm?"
Man: "Do you have any clues, or...?"
Demoness: "Hey! Ahem!"
Mask Demon: "Hoho. There's no need for me to borrow a human's aid."
Mask Demon: "And indeed, I know there's nothing to be done about it."
Mask Demon: "Just as she told you, this is all four hundred years past."
Mask Demon: "Things have changed drastically here since."
Mask Demon: "Where is anything? How am I to know?"
Man: "S-So I see..."

Mask Demon: "A funny human, he is."
Demoness: "Just a bother, really."
Mask Demon: "Hoho. But perhaps it was some twist of fate."
Mask Demon: "Might you understand this?"
Man: "A slip of paper...?"
Mask Demon: "Long, long ago, I was told this location."
Mask Demon: "And I was to return there someday, however..."
Mask Demon: "In truth, I was unable to read the writing."
Man: "Why didn't you just ask?"
Mask Demon: "I could not ask."
Mask Demon: "Because I am a demon, you see."

Man: "Hey, so, can you read this?"
Demoness: "Hm. Perhaps if I use some magic."
Man: "Really?! Will you try it?!"
Demoness: "Hmm..."
Mask Demon: "No need to push yourself."
Demoness: "No, it's no problem."
Demoness: "Since he seemingly wishes to assist you..."
Demoness: "I shall read it."

Demoness: "Shinobu."
Man: "Shinobu...?"
Mask Demon: "Ahh, what a nostalgic name...!"
Demoness: "Is that around here?"
Man: "U-Um, I'm not sure... Ah!"
Man: "I could search on my phone."
Demoness: "Search...?"
Man: "Yeah, hold on a sec."
Demoness: "Hm."

Man: "Oh, is this it?"
Man: "Apparently, Ueno was formerly known as Shinobu."
Demoness: "Do you know of it?"
Mask Demon: "Ueno... Hmm..."
Man: "Should we try it?"
Mask Demon: "B-But, that..."
Man: "Can't we just go check?"
Mask Demon: "...Hm."


Man: "We're here. Uh, any ideas?"
Mask Demon: "Ahh, what a familiar aroma..."
Mask Demon: "This way!"
Man: "Alright."
Demoness: "We got it right?"
Demoness: "What a handy world you live in."
Man: "Sure is."

There was a small grave, some distance from the station, as if hidden from the bustle of the city.

Mask Demon: "Ah, so this is..."
Mask Demon: "Her grave..."
Demoness: "Whose?"
Mask Demon: "She is... the daughter of this house, who adored me so very, very much."
Mask Demon: "We played together, and even once she grew old, she treasured me so."
Mask Demon: "For her whole life, she treated me with such respect..."
Mask Demon: "But upon her death, the house here was burnt to the ground."
The demon's long hair blew in the night wind.

Mask Demon: "This slip of paper was attached to a ball, and thrown far into the distance."
Mask Demon: "That ball drifted into the water, and traveled the world..."
Mask Demon: "And one day, it became a demon."
Mask Demon: "...I am glad to have returned to her grave."
Mask Demon: "Perhaps we shall play again..."

The wind blew once more, and the demon was gone.
There was only a ball laying in front of the grave.

Man: "I'm home!"
Demoness: "I'm home!"
Man: "First time coming home together, huh."
Demoness: "Hm."
Man: "...What happened with that demon?"
Demoness: "He went back to normal."
Man: "...I see."
Demoness: "He won't come back anymore. So long as he's fulfilled his purpose."
Man: "He was a nice demon."
Demoness: "Demons come in all kinds, too."

Demoness: "Demons appear in whatever form they imagine themselves."
Him: "Hm?"
Demoness: "If they think of themselves as puny, they will appear small."
Demoness: "If they wish to mingle with humans, they will imitate human clothing."
Demoness: "If they don't know themselves, then they will don a mask."
Demoness: "Just like that demon, for example. While he was drifting far away..."
Demoness: "He just kept looking at that slip of paper, thinking "I don't understand.""
Man: "I see... I'm glad we helped him out."
Demoness: "Time for dinner?"
Man: "Right."

Several days later.

Woman: "U-Um, sir?"
Man: "Yes?"
Woman: "Do you know Akihabara well?"
Man: "Huh...? Uh, more or less."
Woman: "Do you think we could... g-go to a maid cafe later...?!"
Man: "...Huh?"
Woman: "Um, I'm very interested in them, but I've never gone to one..."
Woman: "Uh, n-not like I'm inviting you on a d-d-d-d-d-d-d-date or anything!!!"
Woman: "...Y-You don't want to, do you...?"
Man: "Hm... No, I'll go."

Akihabara after work.

Woman: "Let's go wherever you think is good, sir!"
Man: "Well, let's just stick to what's safe..."
Man: (I really shouldn't have done this, huh...)
Woman: "Let's check out that maid cafe!"
Man: "Y-Yeah."
Man: (I guess I couldn't refuse her excitability... Which has happened before...)

Maid: "Welcome back, master and mistress!"
Woman: "Wooow! It's a maid!"
Man: "Right. We'll be having dinner here."
Woman: "Ohh! Really?!"
Woman: "I'm getting really excited!"
Man: "Yeah..."
Man: (Hmm, she seems a lot more upbeat than before...)
Man: (I guess once I got her un-possessed, that's what happens...)

Woman: "That was really good!"
Man: "It was kind of embarrassing, though..."
Woman: "Huh? I thought it was great!"
Man: "R-Really..."
Man: (...Uh.)
Business Demon: "Oh?"
Man: (He's there. He's totally there. And looking right at me.)
Business Demon: "Oho! You are my friend from the other day, yes?!"
Man: "..."

Business Demon: "You've brought your girlfriend today? Wonderful!"
Man: "Notmygirlfriend."
Woman: "What is it?"
Man: "Uh, nothing."
Business Demon: "Oh, I see. Excuse my rudeness."
Business Demon: "So, how was... that, the other day? Mmhmhm..."
Man: "L-Look, she's... an ordinary person, okay? Can we do this later...?"
Business Demon: "Ah, now I see. Apologies."
Business Demon: "Then I shall just inform you of some pressing news."

Business Demon: "Around here - nay, around perhaps the whole Tokyo area..."
Business Demon: "There's been some kind of demon hunter."
Business Demon: "They are quite the predator, so please do take care."
Business Demon: "Particularly you, for you do smell SO wonderful."
Man: "R-Right, got it."
Business Demon: "Ah, but I've no interest. I wouldn't eat you."
Man: "I know that..."
Business Demon: "Also, if the rumors are to be believed, it's the western type of demon."
Man: "..."
Woman: "A-Are you okay...?"
Man: "I-I'm fine."

Demoness: "A western demon?"
Man: "Yeah, that's what I heard."
Demoness: "Hm... They're no good."
Man: "Is that so?"
Demoness: "Those types are always into making pacts and the like."
Demoness: "That kind of nastiness is not to be compared to us."
Demoness: "They're best avoided."
Man: "Alright, got it."
Demoness: "Hm."

Late that night.

*knock knock*
Man: "...Hm...?"
*knock knock*
Man: "Hm...?"
*knock knock*
Man: "W-What? The window?"
Man: "Who is - WAH!"

To be continued...

Man: "What the?!"
Demoness: "Hm... mm... oh?"
Man: "H-Hey, get up. Something came in!"
Demoness: "What...? Huh?"
Demoness: "I-It's a kitsune! How did a kitsune get in the room?!"
Man: "Ah, uh, I opened the window..."
Demoness: "R-Ridiculous! What if our barrier is broken?!"
Man: "W-We have one of those? Sorry..."
Demoness: "Ugh! Let's finish you off!"
Kitsune: "W-Wait! Listen to what I have to say!"

Man: "H-Hey, calm down."
Demoness: "Grrr..."
Kitsune: "Ahem. S-Sorry for the sudden visit."
Man: "What is it?"
Kitsune :"W-Well, I need your help...!"
Demoness: "See, he's just bringing us more trouble. Now let's finish him off."
Man: "S-Sorry, but you woke her up, so she's not in a good mood..."
Kitsune :"I-I'm very sorry!"
Man: "See? Calm down. Let him talk."
Demoness: "Urgh..."

Kitsune: "My master has been acting strange as of late..."
Kitsune: "Until recently, he had been very kind indeed."
Kitsune: "But he has changed greatly, and grown very rough..."
Kitsune: "I could do nothing against him."
Kitsune: "I believe that he may be possessed by something."
Kitsune: "Thus, I ask, can you assist in exorcising my master?!"
Man: "I see..."
Man: "Wait, by master, do you mean you have a pact?"
Kitsune: "No. He merely keeps me as his beloved pet fox."
Kitsune: "I do not show this form to my master."
Man: "Huh, so there's cases like that too..."

Demoness: "Hold on a second. How do you know about us, anyway?"
Kitsune: "Ah? Oh, there's been a bit of a rumor going around."
Kitsune: "That there was a powerful demon here in this apartment..."
Kitsune: "And that they had exterminated an incubus the other day."
Man: "I-Is that it..."

Kitsune: "A-Anyway, I'll do anything!"
Demoness: "Anything...?"
Kitsune: "Y-Yes..."
Demoness: "Even being a servant?"
Kitsune: "Wh... Y-Yes, of course!"
Demoness: "Then make it that."
Man: "Don't you reject me!"
Demoness: "You can take it, can't you?"

Demoness: "Very well, we'll do it tomorrow. You, sleep."
Man: "Got it."
Demoness: "Good night."
Man: "Good night."
Demoness: "..."
Kitsune: "..."
Demoness: "We can continue this on the roof."
Kitsune: "..."

Demoness: "And why can't you help yourself?"
Kitsune: "Well, because I'm no good..."
Demoness: "Don't be modest. You're part of a proud lineage."
Demoness: "You have innate power, don't you?"
Kitsune: "..."
Demoness: "A nine-tailed kitsune? A heavenly one, it would seem."
Kitsune: "You are very observant. Indeed, I am a heaven kitsune."
Kitsune: "But it's nothing compared to the power you wield..."
Kitsune: "Although... You are weakened, are you not?"
Demoness: "...Hoh."

Kitsune: "Are you in human form to wait for your wounds to heal?"
Kitsune: "Did you wish to be summoned so as to forcibly change bodies and take refuge?"
Kitsune: "Or is it perhaps both?"
Demoness: "I wonder..."
Demoness: "Well, don't breathe a word of that weird stuff around him."
Kitsune: "Hm."
Demoness: "Apparently his memories are fuzzy, too."
Kitsune: "...Understood."

The next day.

Man: "I'll just go to work as usual today."
Demoness: "Right, see you."
Kitsune: "See you sooooon!"
Demoness: "You're so good at feigning innocence."
Kitsune: "Yes, well..."
Man: "Hm, what?"
Kitsune: "Nothing at all!"
Man: "R-Right."

Man: (Hmm, things are surprisingly complicated for demons too...)
Man: (I'd probably be better off not knowing, but now that I do, it's intriguing...)
Woman: "What is it? You look pensive!"
Man: "Ah, it's nothing."
Woman: "Oh, could it be about demons again?"
Man: "Wh..."
Woman: "Oh, am I right? Hooray!"
Woman: "You are a spirit medium, after all!"
Man: "Huh? Why..."
Woman: "Well, you exorcised me, didn't you?!"
Man: "Ah, um..."
Man: (Well, she's more or less right, if I don't want to complicate it...)

Man: "Huh? We're going drinking tonight?"
Coworker: "What, did you forget?"
Woman: "Didn't we say we were all going?!"
Man: "Ah, uh... Now that I think about it, yeah..."
Coworker: "Unbelievable... You'd better come!"
Man: "Hm..."
Man: (I wonder if I should call home?)
Man: (As long as I can get to a phone...)
Man: "Okay, it'll be fine."


Man: "I drank too much..."
Man: (I told everyone I would be okay, but...)
Man: (Where's the toilet...)
Man: "Oogh..."
Man: (Forget it, I'll go in a bush...)
Man: "Whew... What a relief."
Man: "It sure is dark, thou - !"
Man: (Is something there...?!)

Man: "Ah..."
Frog Demon: "A-AHHHHH!"
Man: (I-It's being attacked! Is that black shadow the western demon?)
Man: "H-Hey! What're you doing?!"

Red eyes turned his way.

"Gweh! Gwehhhhh!"
Man: (It's coming...!)
Man: "Gah!"
He was struck in the face and tumbled over.

Man: "S-Stop!"
"Gwehhh! Gweh-gweh!"
Man: (Damn, this is nothing like the demons I've seen...!)
Man: (He doesn't even understand me!)
Man: "Ugh..."
Man: (Somebody...)
Man: "Gwah!"

His face and stomach were punched repeatedly.

Man: (T-This guy...! Is he trying to eat me?!)

Man: "!"
Business Demon: "I told you to take care, did I not?"
Man: "Y-You!"
Business Demon: "Friend!"
"Gweh... Gweeeh..."
Business Demon: "Ah, this is a familiar. Hold on a moment."

He moved quickly.
He attacked the familiar with heavy blows.

Man: "I-It vanished..."

Man: "T-Thanks."
Business Demon: "No, not a problem."
Man: "You're surprisingly strong..."
Business Demon: "A gentleman must be!"
Business Demon: "Allow me to escort you home."

Many apologies.
I need to take a break...!
Thanks to everyone who's been reading.
I've planned it out to the end, so I'll continue writing soon.

Business Demon: "Hoh, this is a fantastic barrier."
Man: "Is it?"
Business Demon: "Yes, even for one such as me, it's quite impressive."
Business Demon: "It would take some time to be able to peep inside that room."
Man: "Please don't peep..."
Business Demon: "I was only joking. Here you are."
Demoness: "You were late! I was getting worried - who is THAT?!"
Business Demon: "Just a passing gentleman. I escorted him over."
Business Demon: "...My, to think you really had a pact."

Demoness: "Hm... You..."
Kitsune: "My, yet another rare demon..."
Business Demon: "No, no, I'm just an ordinary gentleman."
Demoness: "...Don't lay a finger on him. He's mine."
Business Demon: "Hahaha. Please, do not give me such a frightening glare."
Business Demon: "I did nothing, and nothing was done. I simply had a favor to repay him."
Business Demon: "Well then, excuse me for my intrusion."
Business Demon: "Let us meet again, friend."
Man: "S-Sure..."

Demoness: "You got attacked by a familiar?! Ridiculous!"
Man: "S-Sorry..."
Demoness: "Next time, get home when you're supposed to! Got it?!"
Man: "G-Got it..."
Demoness: "Grrr... And getting haunted by a shinigami...!"
Man: "Huh?!"
Kitsune: "No, no, he's not haunting him..."
Demoness: "If they get along, it's practically the same thing!"
Man: "Shini... gami...?"

Man: "So that guy's a shinigami...?"
Kitsune: "Shinigami aren't always bad, I'll tell you."
Kitsune: "And he's not haunting you."
Man: "Why?"
Kitsune: "She's haunting you fa -"
Demoness: "Silence, you. Stop speaking nonsense."
Kitsune: "S-S-S-S-Sorryyy!"
Man: "Hm..."
Demoness: "Just don't worry about it. Dinner!"
Man: "R-Right."

A day off several days later.

Kitsune: "Well, shall we go?"
Man: "Right. Sorry for making you wait for my day off.."
Kitsune: "No, I feel like it was just right."
Man: "Just right?"
Kitsune: "Ah, er, don't worry about it."
Demoness: "Hmph."
Man: "Alright. So, where?"
Kitsune: "Erm..."

Twenty minutes and so on train, and twenty minutes and so of walking.

Kitsune: "Here is the mansion."
Man: "Really nice place..."
Kitsune: "When I left the house, the barrier I had up went away."
Kitsune: "Thus, it seems evil spirits can now do as they like."
Man: "Evil spirits... So they're possessing the guy?"
Kitsune: "Perhaps."

Man: "Can we just barge in?"
Kitsune: "We have no other choice. We've already been noticed."
Man: "Hm..."
Man: "...!"
Demoness: "Here it comes!"
Man: (Space is warping... Even more than it was with the dwarf...!)
Kitsune: "M-Master!"

Demoness: "So you're a devil..."
Devil: "Well-guessed."
Man: "Wha..."
Man: (He looks just like a human to me...!)
Demoness: "The same one who attacked this guy with a familiar the other day?"
Devil: "Indeed, you have a good nose."
Demoness: "It wasn't that hard."
Kitsune: "So my master WAS possessed...!"
Devil: "What's this, a pact? So he and I are the same..."
Kitsune: "My master wouldn't make a pact with a devil!"
Devil: "What's that? My pact was for money and women..."
Kitsune: "Wh... You lie!"

Demoness: "Don't try to fool me. At any rate, you're a devil."
Demoness: "Whether it was because of a spell, or you were tempted..."
Demoness: "In any event, you made some kind of pact in your normal state."
Devil: "Hoohoo... And if only this creature would accept that fact."
Kitsune: "Why you...!"
Demoness: "Settle down, kitsune!"
Kitsune: "Gah...!"
Devil: "Hmph, this pathetic kitsune dares to snarl at me?"
Kitsune: "Don't talk... with my master's voice!"
Man: "K-Kitsune, calm down..."

Devil: "But it was foolish to step into your foe's territory."
Man: "Hm?! Wha?!"
Kitsune: "Ahh...!"
Devil: "A good meal you'll make..."
Demoness: "So it was you? You were hunting demons around here?"
Devil: "Those demons were so careless, it was easy to eat them."
Kitsune: "M-Mas... ter..."
Man: (I can't move... I'm gonna be swallowed!)
Man: "Gah..."
Man: (Losing consciousness...)

Kitsune: "Sir..."
Demoness: "..."
Devil: "Ah, kitsune, I'll soon know how delicious you are..."
Kitsune: "..."
Devil: "You're quite formidable, aren't you?"
Demoness: "Naturally."
Devil: "Hmph, you've been so cocky... I can't stand it!"
Devil: "Now die!"

Demoness: "You ought to treat a lady more politely."
Devil: "Hm?!"
Kitsune: "Putting up the barrier!"

Devil: "That barrier should have been broken...!"
Kitsune: "I was getting it ready the whole time."
Devil: "You...! Are you not just an ordinary kitsune?!"
Kitsune: "Unfortunately not."
Kitsune: "Inside this barrier, our magical energy is fixed."
Devil: "Hmph...!"
Kitsune: "With the foe unable to flee, and the area temporarily stabilized -"
Demoness: "...I can call off my human form."

Demoness: "It's been a while since I've done this..."
Demoness: "Convenient that he's lost consciousness, as well."
Devil: "W-Wh... You...!"
Demoness: "Alas, you're the one who shall be eaten."
Devil: "The serpent... princess...!"
Kitsune: "She was a serpent princess...?"
Demoness: "Pitiful devil. Be glad to serve as my feed."

The great serpent opened its mouth wide before the devil.

Devil: "Hahahahahahahhh!"
Devil: "I found her! I've done my duty!"
Devil: "Report! Report! I have found the serpent princess!!"

With these last words, the devil was swallowed.

The room returned to normal.

Kitsune: "Master...!"
"I... I'm..."
Kitsune: "Yes, yes! Thank goodness you're...!"
"I'm sorry..."
Kitsune: "No, don't say...!"

The power left his shoulder, and he collapsed.

Kitsune: "Master..."
Demoness: "Let's rest a while. Hey, are you okay?"
Man: "Mm..."
Demoness: "This guy's not waking up for a while, either."
Demoness: "Very well, we'll carry him home."

Man: "Hm..."
Demoness: "You're up?"
Man: "Y-Yeah..."
Demoness: "Not feeling so hot?"
Man: "Er, I'm fine. Just a little tired."
Man: "But, uh, what position am I in...? Why are you looking down on me...?"
Demoness: "You're sleeping on my lap."
Man: "W-W-W-Wha..."
Demoness: "I've heard that sleeping on a girl's lap is very effective on guys."
Man: "G-Geez..."

Demoness: "Hey, don't get up. Just stay there for a while."
Demoness: "After having your power sucked out by a devil, it's rough just standing up."
Man: "Hm..."
Demoness: "Sorry."
Demoness: "Really, I shouldn't have taken you along."
Man: "..."
Man: "Yeah, it was odd that I went with you at all..."
Man: "There was no way I could fight. It was just you who managed to do something."
Man: "Sorry to drag you down..."
Demoness: "It's fine..."

Demoness: "It was difficult to keep us from getting swallowed up by his power..."
Demoness: "I ended up having to undo my human form to do it."
Demoness: "With the barrier the kitsune made, and you inside it..."
Demoness: "That was how we succeeded."
Man: "You undid your human form? I wanted to see..."
Demoness: "It's not exactly something enjoyable to look at."
Demoness: (He doesn't know what it really means, does he...)
Demoness: (I wonder if I can keep putting it off...)
Man: "W-What is it?"
Demoness: "What? Can't I just stroke your head sometimes?"
Man: "It's embarrassing, so I wish you'd stop..."
Demoness: "If you really don't like it, you could shake me off."
Man: "I wouldn't..."
Demoness: "Hoho..."

Demoness: (But, now that my location is known...)
Demoness: (I can't just keep avoiding the topic...)
Demoness: "Hey, can I ask you something?"
Man: "Hm?"
Demoness: "You -"
Demoness: (How should I ask...)
Demoness: "...Why did you summon me?"
Man: "Uh, well, my virginity -"
Demoness: "How did you learn to summon me?"
Demoness: "Why did you go through with it?"
Demoness: "Do you remember...?"
Man: "Uh..... huh...?"
Demoness: "..."

The next day.

Man: (I'm still not sure about what she was saying yesterday...)
Man: (But now that she mentions it, why did I summon her...?)
Man: (I don't think I knew what I was doing in that moment...)
Woman: "You look pensive again."
Man: "Hm, yeah..."
Woman: "You've looked that way a lot lately."
Woman: "Like you're being haunted by a demon..."
Man: "Don't say that..."
Woman: "But really, you wouldn't know for yourself if you were, right?"
Woman: "Like, I only noticed something was odd when you told me so..."
Man: "..."
Man: (Nah, it couldn't be...)

A day off.

Man: (Welp, I'm here...)
Man: "A shrine, huh..."
Woman: "The shrine maiden here is supposed to be really amazing!"
Man: "Y-Yeah..."
Man: (I mean, it's not like she's a bad person...)
Man: (W-Well, I'll just have them take a look, that's all.)
Woman: "Over here!"
Man: "R-Right."
Woman: "Let's get you better, okay?"

Maiden: "H-Hello there!"
Man: "H-Hello."
Maiden: "T-Thanks for visiting. I heard you've been haunted recently!"
Man: "Um, maybe..."
Man: (I suppose I have, but I just want to check if it's a bad thing or not...)
Maiden: "I-I hope I can do something about it...! Ah..."
Man: "A-Are you okay?"
Man: (What an overexcited girl...)
Maiden: "Ahaha, sorry... I suppose it's no good to always be like this."
Man: "Uh, well..."
Maiden: "W-Well, let's be quick...!"

Man: "..."
Maiden: "Mmm..."
Man: (I think she's a good person, but...)
Man: (Like she said herself, I can't tell what demons are thinking.)
Man: (And she's acted like she's hiding something a couple times...)
Man: (Plus, there's also the fact that a shinigami is near...)
Man: (But what I really want to know is the truth about my memories of the summoning...)
Man: (I'm honestly really uneasy...)
Maiden: "I see..."
Man: "Hm...?"

Maiden: "I-I'm sorry, er..."
Man: "Yes?"
Maiden: "Indeed, there's something very, VERY powerful haunting you..."
Man: "What exactly is that?"
Maiden: "Well, um... Perhaps I would say a spirit of malice?"
Maiden: "It's my first time seeing something so, er..."
Man: "...A kind of evil spirit?"
Maiden: "A-Almost certainly. Or... perhaps more than that..."
Man: "..."
Maiden: "Ah, b-but I do sense good things from the kitsune."
Man: (Kitsune...?)
Maiden: "J-Just a tiiiiiiiiiiny little bit, though..."
Man: "I-I see."

Man: (But if she can even sense the kitsune, then...)
Man: (I can probably place a lot of trust in this shrine maiden...)
Maiden: "I think we should try to exorcise at once."
Man: "H-Hm..."
Man: (So... It's like I thought...)
Maiden: "This is really, um, a kind of an emergency... I can't just let it go."
Man: "..."
Maiden: "Oh, but take heart!"
Maiden: "I-I have plenty of experience with all this, so I'm sure I can do something!"
Man: "...Okay."
Maiden: "So, try to come as soon as possible tomorrow."
Maiden: "Will you be able to?"
Man: "...Yes."

Man: "I'm ho -"
Man: "?!"
Man: (The charm I got at the shrine jumped when I got in front of the room?!)
Demoness: "What's up?"
Man: "Ah, uh..."
Demoness: "Hm... An evil-warding charm?"
Man: "I just kinda picked it up..."
Demoness: "...Huh."
Man: "Yeah..."
Demoness: "Dinner?"
Man: "Please."

Demoness: (I get the feeling he's gone to a holy place...)
Demoness: (...I wonder what happened.)
Man: "..."
Demoness: "Tasty?"
Man: "Y-Yeah."
Demoness: "Good."
Demoness: (It's never been like this before...)
Demoness: "Want me to wash your back again?"
Man: "N-No, it's fine."
Demoness: "Right. Still inexperienced."
Man: "Q-Quiet..."

The next day.

Man: "I'm here!"
Maiden: "E-Everything's ready here. Now, this way."
Man: "Right."
*walk walk walk*
Maiden: "This room has a barrier established over it."
Maiden: "With its power, it can be used to expel evil spirits."
Man: "Huh, I think I know this feeling somehow..."
Maiden: "This barrier, you mean?"
Maiden: "It's the barrier of the deity Inari, so perhaps you've had his divine protection before..."
Man: "Huh..."
Maiden: "Well, let us begin."

Man: "U-Um, what's with the bow and arrow?"
Maiden: "These are ceremonial, used for such occasions."
Man: "T-Those are the real deal... They're really shiny."
Maiden: "You can see it? Yes, these are prepared just for times like these."
Man: "I see..."
Maiden: "Close your eyes, please."
Man: "Okay."

Maiden: "Whew..."
Man: (She's pouring something...)
Maiden: "..."
Man: (It's warm...)
Maiden: "I've found it."
Man: "Huh?"
Man: (I-I feel wea -)
Maiden: "L-Leave now, evil spirit!"

Man: "Ahhh...!"

There was a thunderous roar.
It felt as if he were shedding his own body.

Man: "A-A snake...?!"
Maiden: "HAAAH!"

It slithered out.

Maiden: "I-It's huge...!"

He felt like his entire body was being taken away.
The giant serpent coiled up and took form.

Man: "A-AHHHHH!!!"
Demoness: "...You?"

Without delay, the shrine maiden took the bow and fired.

Man: "S-Stop!"
Maiden: "Get down!"
Demoness: "You're hasty..."

The loosed arrow flew by her hair and pierced the screen door behind her.

Maiden: "Damn!"
*fwip, fwip*
Demoness: "Shrine maidens these days think they can hit with arrows, huh?"

She came closer and put her arms around the maiden's neck.

Maiden: "Hahhh!"

The shrine maiden swung a concealed silver blade.

Demoness: "Hoh..."

She let go of the maiden.

For a brief moment, they were still.

Man: "H-Hey... Don't..."

But he could not interfere.

Maiden: "Y-You! What creature are you?!"
Demoness: "I am anger, hatred, and jealousy incarnate..."
Man: "Wh...!"
Demoness: "...I am Kiyohime." [You may want to take a quick look at that.]
Maiden: "Kiyo... hime...! The legendary serpent princess!!"
Demoness: "You know of me?"
Demoness: "In that case..."
Demoness: "Don't you know you can't exterminate me?"
Maiden: "O-Oof...!"

Maiden: "Eek..."

Countless snapping serpents tore at the shrine maiden's garb.

Demoness: "What skin, and what a bosom... Very well. I'll eat your power up."
Maiden: "A-Ahhh...!"
Man: "H-Hey! No! Stop!"
Demoness: "What are you saying? This girl attacked me."
Man: "I-I'm asking you to..."
Demoness: "Despite your pact with me?"
Man: "If you're an evil spirit... I need to do something about it...!"
Demoness: "Do you revoke your pact?"
Man: "..."

Demoness: "Indeed. It is so. I am an evil spirit. The type, in fact, that curses people and kills them."
Demoness: "My body is made up of resentment and hatred. Nothing can be done now."
Man: "G-Gggh..."
Demoness: "Sorry..."
Demoness: "But I'm not so kind as humans are."

Seeing the maiden raised up with one arm, he recalled how she had dealt with the incubus.

Demoness: "What will you do?"
Demoness: "If you revoke our pact, I will kill you and leave."
Demoness: "If you continue it, I will kill the maiden and remain."
Demoness: "Choose wisely, worm."
Man: "...!"

Kitsune: "Okay, that's it! It's over!"
Demoness: "Hm?"
Kitsune: "It won't do any good to do this!"
Business Demon: "Are you two all right? ...Oh, a shrine maiden, I see."
Man: "H-Hey, now's not the time for that..."
Maiden: "Ooh..."
Demoness: "...You."
Kitsune: "In the name of the kitsune, I demand you desist! Alright?"
Business Demon: "I must do the same. In the name of the shinigami, please postpone her death."
Demoness: "...Hmph."
Kitsune: "...Hoh."

Man: "What... is she?"
Kitsune: "She's Kiyohime. Don't you remember?"
Man: "No..."
Business Demon: "Perhaps we should tell him things in order."
Kitsune: "Indeed."
Kitsune: "First of all, there's this."
Man: "An old book...?"
Kitsune: "Don't you remember?"
Kitsune: "You've always treasured this..."
Kitsune: "The true story of Kiyohime."
Man: "..."
Kitsune: "You've had it in your house all along."

Man: "...Ah..."
Man: "Lady... Kiyohime..."
Man: "Deceived by Anchin...!"
Kitsune: "Indeed, the Kiyohime written of here is different from the common legend."
Kitsune: "She did not turn into a serpent herself, but was made one by Anchin."
Kitsune: "She was merely used as a sex slave by Anchin."
Kitsune: "And in the end, she was discarded."
Kitsune: "What we have here are Kiyohime's own writings."
Man: "Ah... t-that's right..."
Man: "It was in my cellar at home... I was always reading it..."
Man: "Ahh..."

Business Demon: "Just how long did it take to read this ancient lettering?"
Business Demon: "You deciphered her writings, and so you discovered..."
Man: "..."
Business Demon: "The whereabouts of the last thing she left behind."

A sheet of paper. On it was drawn a magic circle.

Business Demon: "A magic circle she had drawn herself, one that would summon her."
Business Demon: "And the means to do so had been included in her writings."
Man: "...Yes, that's right."
Man: "Yet no matter what, I couldn't find the final element."
Man: "But that day, the day I summoned her, it came to me all by itself."
Man: "A small, weakened black snake..."

Man: "By summoning her, I thought I could save her..."
Kitsune: "Indeed."
Kitsune: "Due to your summoning, she assumed human form and became totally obedient."
Kitsune: "She was thus able to hide herself, and let her wounds heal."
Kitsune: "While in human form, she was rendered unable to return to normal."
Kitsune: "But she was weakened enough to be willing to accept that inconvenience."
Kitsune: "Weakened from her battle with Anchin, that is."
Man: "But what about my memories of that...?"

Business Demon: "...Do you understand why I do not haunt you?"
Man: "I think I do..."
Business Demon: "Excellent judgement."
Business Demon: "Precisely. It is because you are already dead."
Man: "...I see."
Man: "The price for summoning Kiyohime was my life. ...That's what was written."
Kitsune: "And that is how Kiyohime remembers it."
Man: "But she never brought any of it up..."
Kitsune: "That was Kiyohime's kindness."
Kitsune: "Kiyohime did not actually know you personally, but..."
Kitsune: "To keep you from thinking too much about things that would only trouble you..."
Kitsune: "When she kept saying not to concern yourself, that was why."

Man: "I see..."
Man: "That's it, then..."
Man: (An evil spirit is an evil spirit, but it wasn't her fault that she became one...)
Man: (So I...)
Man: "R-Right! Where is she now?! I need to apologize...!"
Kitsune: "Hoho. I'm glad you're vigorous."
Business Demon: "With my assistance, we can chase after her."
Business Demon: "Shall we go?"
Man: "A true gentleman! Please!"
Business Demon: "No, no, I'm only repaying the favor."

Demoness: (I suppose he must hate me now...)
Demoness: (The kitsune must have brought that book, and his memories must be back...)
Demoness: (But talk about bad timing.)
Demoness: (Thanks to that devil's notification, he's already on his way...)
Demoness: (He must be exhausted after our last battle, but...)
Demoness: (Let's just hope that dunce doesn't interfere...)
Demoness: "There...!"
Priest: "Hey. It's been a long time."
Demoness: "...Anchin!!!"

Priest: "Well, I wasn't expecting you to be in human form."
Priest: "Come, now. Shed that human husk."
Demoness: "Maybe after I kill you."
Priest: "If you're to do that, you'll want to shed that husk."
Demoness: "..."
Priest: "I see. You've grown attached to the human you pacted with..."
Priest: "Indeed, if you shed your form here, he won't be human anymore either."
Priest: "If you are human, then he is human. If you are a demon, then he..."
Demoness: "Silence! What do you know, you worm?!"
Priest: "Ahaha, how cruel you are..."

Demoness: "I'll kill you this time!"
Priest: "In that body?"
Demoness: "You're DEAD!!!"
Priest: "Hm. Come."

Priest: "Not bad for a human body."
Demoness: "GWOHHH!"
Priest: "Hm, but so womanly."
Demoness: "What... would YOU know?!?"
Demoness: "He, he... He read my writings! That book I poured all my feelings into!"
Demoness: "And he gave up his life, just because of that! THOSE are the feelings of a caring human!"
Demoness: "You don't know... the first THING about such warmth! WHAT DO YOU KNOWWW?!?"

Priest: "Oh, don't I know?"
Priest: "And since I do..."
Priest: "...I can enjoy this, can't I?"
Demoness: "I'll make sure you never open your trap again!!!!"
Priest: "That's what you always say."
Demoness: "SHUT UP!!!"
Priest: "Oh, but I so like talking with you..."
Demoness: "QUIEEEEET!!!!"
Priest: "My, my..."

Man: "Kiyohime!!"
Demoness: "Guh... gah..."
Priest: "Your friends? Oh, wonderful."
Business Demon: "So this is the priest? He looks strong!"
Man: "Are you okay?!"
Demoness: "G-Grrrgh...."
Priest: "I'm about to be eaten here, don't you see? Better not get in the way!"
Man: "So you're Anchin...!"
Priest: "You know me? Well, I am famous..."
Priest: "Don't you feel sorry for me? The man hunted down and killed by this woman..."
Priest: "And still she chases me. Scary, isn't it?"

Man: "You're such a liar...!"
Priest: "Hm?"
Man: "So you rewrote the legend yourself, huh?!"
Priest: "What are you talking about?"
Man: "I know! I know all about it!"
Man: "You turned Kiyohime into a serpent! You were the one who did this to her!!"
Man: "She wrote all about it. I read all of it!"
Priest: "Hoh, who know there was any such trace..."
Priest: "Well then, you'll have to disappear."
Man: "You...!"

Business Demon: "Shall I lend a hand?"
Man: "N-No, you can't."
Man: "This is her matter to settle... so you can't do that."
Man: "And I suppose I can't, either..."
Man: "Yes, so..."
Man: "...So don't worry about me! Shed your human form!"
Demoness: "Wha..."
Man: "They told me all about it!"
Man: "You won't do it because you're too kind, right?!"
Man: "Well, don't worry!! GO!!!"
Demoness: "Ggh..."

Priest: "See, even he agrees with me!"
Priest: "So how about it?"
Demoness: "G-Gghhh...!"
Priest: "Are you just going to glare at me in defeat?"
Demoness: "C-Curse you...!"
Priest: "Time to wrap this up -"
Kitsune: "Made it!!!"
Man: "?!"
Kitsune: "Everything's ready! Let's go!"
Kitsune: "Barrier up!!"
Priest: "Hoh! A heaven kitsune?!"

Business Demon: "I see...! Inari's barrier!"
Demoness: "G-Ghhh..."
Man: "Are you okay?"
Demoness: "...Don't you hate me?"
Man: "Why would I?"
Demoness: "Look at me..."
Demoness: "When the maiden summoned me out, weren't you terrified?"
Man: "...Nothing of the sort."
Man: "I was just surprised. Because I knew it was you."
Demoness: "..."
Demoness: "Okay."
Man: "Right..."

Priest: "THAT'S the spirit!"

The priest, too, abandoned his human form.
His shadowy figure would be difficult to describe indeed.

Their battle had gone on a long, long time.
A battle lasting hundreds of years.
But its end came into sight.

Business Demon: "Will you use it?"
Man: "..."
Business Demon: "The final option presented in her writings..."
Man: "If I used that..."
Business Demon: "They are both weakened. Now is your only chance."
Business Demon: "And if it's in her writings... To use it must be her wish, mustn't it?"
Man: "..."

Kitsune: "At things are, she won't beat him."
Kitsune: "They keep trading blows... And that priest is strong!"
Man: "..."
Man: "...Kiyohime!"
Demoness: "GWOHHHHH!!!"

He knew that roar to be her consent.

Man: "The sealing spell!"

The magic circle was inverted, and the writings placed on top.
He had already memorized the contents.
So he read out the spell that was written within.

At the end, he shouted.

Man: "Into these writings, let Anchin, and Kiyohime with him... be sealed!!!"

For an instant, it glowed as it did upon her summoning.


Kiyohime remained coiled around Anchin.

Man: "So long."

And into the book, they melted.

Man: "Mm..."
Man: (My room...?)
Kitsune: "Ah, good mooorning!"
Man: "Kitsune... Huh, I'm..."
Man: "Alive?"
Kitsune: "Because Kiyohime wasn't killed, of course."
Kitsune: "The pact hasn't been broken, so things remain the same."
Man: "Where is she?!"
Kitsune: "Right inside that book."
Man: "...I see."

Man: "She can't talk?"
Kitsune: "I would suppose not..."
Kitsune: "Being sealed, I would guess they're in a deep, deep sleep."
Man: "...I see."
Man: "If I were to give away my virginity, I wonder if she'd come back..."
Business Demon: "Ah, I wouldn't be hasty."
Man: "Whoa! You're here?!"
Business Demon: "I just arrived."
Man: "A-Ah..."

Business Demon: "Incidentally, about your body..."
Business Demon: "It's actually surprisingly common in pacts for one of the two to be sealed."
Man: "Oh, really?"
Business Demon: "And if you wish to know what happens in such a case..."
Man: "C-Could it be..."
Business Demon: "Amazing! Absolutely nothing!"
Man: "What."
Business Demon: "Well, I suppose there is technically one other thing to note..."
Man: "Um...?"
Business Demon: "But other than being a lifelong virgin, there's nothing!"
Man: "Say... what..."
Business Demon: "Really, you're quite lucky just to be alive in your case!"
Man: "Ahhh..."

Kitsune: "The pact's keeping you alive, so of course you're bound by it."
Man: "Y-Yeah, I guess..."
Man: "What would happen if I were to lose my virginity, then?"
Business Demon: "That would be the end of you. I'd come get you!"
Man: "..."
Kitsune: "It's just good you're alive, right?"
Man: (Kiyohime... I better get you unsealed somehow so can you can take my virginity...)
Man: "Huh? Are there more pages in here?"

"Don't give your virginity to anyone. Forever-virgin!"

Man: "...W-Why, you..."
Business Demon: "How much like a girlfriend..."
Business Demon: "I suppose when she was sealed, she left the last of her power."
Man: "..."

"But it was fun... dummy."

Man: "Y-You..."

"I look forward to being able to see you again."

Man: "..."

"Thank you."

Man: "No... I should be thanking you...!"

And so the man, under his contract to be a lifelong virgin, continued to live a strange yet happy life with the demons.


That's the end. Thanks for reading!

Given the amount of content, I was expecting to finish it in one thread, but that proved difficult.
I'll be more careful next time.

And I don't have any particular plans for a sequel.
I'm sorry.

Well then, that's all!
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