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There's a gallery of bonus illustrations on the official site. Segawa asks not to repost the images, so here are translations of the text. Beware of spoilers!

(Last updated May 3rd, 2019.)


Announcement Art


Full-Body Characters


Character Details

[Eddie and Fukuro]
Eddie's necklace
It's like this under their coats
[Eddie] Back with coat
[Fukuro] Wears a big one loosely.

Under one-piece
Ophelia back

[Badoh and Corme]
Badoh without jacket
Corme without hood
Sooticci (I'm soft!)

[Toph, Rius, Daios]
Toph's coat is made of good material, so it's heavy. (Rich people...)
Rius back hair
[Daios] Keeps a knife and stuff on his belt
Cooko Nuts

[Guntram and Twelam]
Guntram, no coat or tie(?)
Normal back
Twelam, no coat (boobs...)

[Yurika, Desmond, Goddess]
Yurika: The Requiem Maidens were established by the king at the time, so she has a royal crest.
Desmond: The ribbons on his back are simply decoration.
Phrodite: The Goddess's wand has been passed down through the generations.

[Tofu Town]
[Midorino] No glasses or coat
Tofu Cheesecake
Chilled Tofu
Daimon doing his best at taking out trash

[Waystern and Natalia]
Still Wearing Flashy Colors At This Age Crew


The NPCs

All the NPCs in Metroville City
The Ravin's feathers grow in all sorts of ways!

Bunch of other NPC guys
Eat some Baylief too...
Toss-R-Us is floating upon a rock...


[Added May 3rd, 2019]

Content Prize Commemoration Art

[Walking on a Star Unknown]
14th Freem! Contest
Characters Category★First Prize
Thank you very much!

Posted January 1st, 2019

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