I Was A Stalker For Nearly A Decade

A tale from 2ch. Yes, it's about a self-professed stalker...

But I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

(Also, for clarification, this was all posted in March 2012.)


I was a stalker for nearly a decade.
But now it's over. So please, allow me to write about it.
There will be a lot of me talking to myself, but I'll be happy if people read it.

Sure, I'll listen.

Thank you. I'm still writing things up, so I'll post things part by part.

First of all, some descriptors.

My nickname is "Poochy." I'm a working adult at 22.
People have told me my face looks like Juri Ueno as Nodame.

The person I stalked was Matsu, 24 and also a working adult.
His face looks like Yamapi's, but a little more stoic.

The first time I met Matsu was over ten years ago, in middle school.
Our school had a dull athletic meet in autumn and spring, where the whole class would take buses to the city park to do track and field events.
It took up the entire day, and once it was all over, there was an awards ceremony the same day. And that first spring, Matsu got awards in every event.
Watching Matsu standing up on the podium, looking so suave as he received his awards, I fell in love.

But I was a brand new first-year student.
I didn't have any chance of getting to know a third-year, especially one who was in different clubs. I could only see him on occasion between classes, or, when I was fetching balls for the table tennis club, glance at him playing basketball in the other court.
I was only looking, but I got so distracted that my coach often scolded me, and my friends in the same grade naturally found out.

I was just waiting for a chance to meet Matsu.
So I managed to make it into the PR committee, and suggested an interview of award-winners at the athletic meet.
I was very insistent about it, now that I think about it. It took a lot of coaxing the committee, but eventually, they gave the first-year her corner.
(Some of the others were just as annoying, after all.)

And so, with the pretense of an interview, I successfully infiltrated the floor with the third-year classrooms.
As a matter of fact, most of the winners at the meet were third-years.
I interviewed them all one per week, and as it happened, Matsu was the last.

And then the day came to interview Matsu.
I got up earlier than usual, groomed myself very carefully, and headed for Matsu at lunch.
I had made an appointment in advance, so Matsu met me with the most brilliant smile.
Letting the cassette tape record the interview, taking notes, and eating our food, lunchtime passed in an instant.

Anyone reading this...? Oh well.

Matsu's friends also told me a lot I didn't know about him.
Even just doing the interview for the athletic meet, I learned he didn't like carrots.
I filled my notebook with ridiculous things, like how he liked to take other people's milk to drink it (since he was in basketball, and wanted to grow tall).
It had only been love at first sight, but the more I talked with him, the more I really came to like Matsu.

I'm reading!

Yeah, me too.
Pretty common occurrence for a first-year to fall for her seniors, heh...

Thank you, everyone.
Hah, why do first-years see upperclassmen as such hot stuff, I wonder?

I was pretty good at talking to people to begin with, if I say so myself, and I got used to interviewing the third-years.
Even they started gossiping about me, and my interviews ended on a positive note.
Matsu's friends said "She's cute, like a little puppy," so I got the nickname "Poochy."

From then on, Matsu's group started calling to me, "Poochy!" and I'd reply, "Woof!"
The seniors were very nice, helped me study, and even lent me CDs. My chances to go into the third-year classrooms kept increasing.
Everyone was surprisingly nice to me, and I wasn't teased at all.

I didn't have anything to do at school late in the day, but I would wait until basketball club finished just to talk to him.
I would come to Matsu with a textbook asking him questions I really knew the answers to.
Eventually, Matsu's group came to recognize me as "Matsu's loyal puppy."
It's likely that people - and of course, Matsu himself - had long figured out my feelings.
Even third-year teachers would say to me, "Oh, Matsu's pet? Is it mealtime already?"

But there was no reason to expect Matsu liked me.
Matsu clearly had a girlfriend then.

Kaori was a second-year student council secretary, and an ace in the tennis club.
Plus, she had stayed abroad in America, had amazing grades and perfect conduct, was a sports wizard, and was very attractive to boot.
It sounds like something out of a comic, but the whole school, even the teachers, recognized her as Matsu's perfect girlfriend.

These posts are coming scary fast...

Haha, sorry, I've got them written in advance...

And here was the worst thing about Kaori.
Before she went to America, I had played with her often. In fact, she was a childhood friend.

Should I post a little more slowly?

What do you mean, the whole school? Was Stoicpi like the school celebrity (or at least very popular there)? I can understand him standing out, but I think maybe some of this may be a result of the OP's captivation. Was he always the center of attention regardless of what he did?

Also, a stalker with the face of Juri Ueno sounds intense.

Hahaha, "Stoicpi"...
Matsu belonged to the major group in our school, and we were known for our basketball team. So nearly all the teachers and students knew of him.
Plus, it was a rural school with not very many students.
I think people say that about my face because my actions are so reminiscent of Nodame's, haha...

Even after her going to America and reaching middle school, nothing had changed between Kaori and I.
She adored me like I was her little sister, and I loved her as well.
But I felt terribly inferior before her, since she seemed to be created as the perfect match for Matsu.

Matsu knew I was an old friend of Kaori's, so he adored me even more.
It didn't take even five minutes to walk from my house to Kaori's, so on the way home from school, I would often catch sight of Matsu seeing Kaori off.

Feeling like he thought nothing of me compared to Kaori, I grew distant, even from the group of seniors who were so affectionate to me.
I got an email from Matsu, saying "Poochy, you haven't been coming to our classroom. You're studying, right? Everyone's worried!"
Even checking my email daily on my brand new cellphone eventually became depressing.

I became aware that Kaori was his girlfriend not long before summer vacation, so I devoted my summer to club activities.
I practiced basketball on the neighboring court, but made sure not to be seen.

After summer break ended, from second term on, I couldn't go to the third-year classrooms at all.
And no one used the gymnasium after the summer tournament, so I couldn't even see Matsu there anymore.

I'm reading.


In autumn, there was a competition between new club members.
I was only a first-year, but with the fruits of my summer training, I was able to enter.
And, unbelievably, I placed third.
It honestly made me incredibly happy.

Monday the next week, I was awarded at a school assembly, and so Matsu's group came to my classroom at lunch.
Even when I was able to go to their classrooms, this was the first time they had come to me.
They cut out the message "Congratulations, Poochy!" from drawing paper, and hung a rayon-textured wreath of sorts around my neck.
They told me "Everyone's lonely with you not coming to our classroom," and the girls hugged me tight.
(Their breasts felt nice. GJ)

I'm reading!

Ah, to be young...

Haha... I really was young, huh...

I took this as a chance to resume my stalking.
Every day at noon, I would slip into the seniors' classroom with my lunch.
The school was really lenient, so the teachers didn't say anything.

I'm really grateful to everyone who's reading!

I started to get a little famous around the school.
Upperclassmen I didn't even know shouted, "Ah! It's Poochy!", and even gave me candy and other treats.
To get a little more of an edge on Kaori, I decided to participate in the student council elections, and thanks to my seniors, I got elected as a secretary.
Though naturally, Kaori was the student council president.

And then, at the autumn athletic meet.
Of course, I was in the PR department, so I snapped pictures of the seniors like crazy with the brand new digital camera my dad bought.
People told me "Poochy! You've got enough Matsu, take pictures of us!", but they certainly didn't stop me from focusing on Matsu.

In the afternoon, there was a race where you drew an item from a hat, then had to quickly borrow that item from someone and carry it to the goal.
Matsu was in it, and he bolted straight toward me, grabbed my hand, and pulled me along.
I didn't know what was going on, and so I dashed to the finish line holding Matsu's hand.
My face must've been so red...

A camera, huh... Good for seeing from a distance...

Unfortunately, digital cameras back then weren't as high-tech as now, so it wasn't especially good for that...

The people at the goal had to have a discussion with Matsu about what exactly he was borrowing.
Our school tended to put some completely unreasonable items in the mix, and Matsu had pulled one of them.
The slip he had drawn simply stated "a dog."
The PE teachers exploded with laughter, but unfortunately, we were disqualified anyway...

Matsu was generally recognized as having a girlfriend, and I was equally recognized as being his stalker.
But I had yet to tell him my feelings directly. So for the day of his graduation, I wrote him a love letter.
It was some horribly overwrought poetry, all right. If I could go back in time, I would've burned it.
I emailed Matsu asking him to get to school early, and deposited it in his shoe rack.

The first part of the race story made me blush, and the latter part made me crack up.

I didn't get to see what he had drawn at the time, so I didn't know what they were laughing about and was red-faced throughout.

It was rainy on graduation day.
Usually, it was tradition for the class to march out from the gymnasium to the gate of the school in a line, and we'd see the graduates off.
But it was rainy, so we had about five people per class lined up under the gate.

Some of the seniors who had gotten more friendly with me than Matsu hugged me and told me "Thanks so much, Poochy!" and "I love you, Poochy!", and I couldn't help but cry too.
But surprisingly, I was able to calmly see Matsu off.
Matsu rubbed my head as he passed by, and I saw him off with a smile.

This doesn't sound very stalkery at this point...

It would be tedious to recount everything, so lots of details are omitted. But I was doing things like swiping Matsu's hairs and used towels, so please, try to imagine me as more of a stalker than it may appear.

Once the graduates had all passed and everyone was going back to class, someone called, "Poochy!"
I looked back and saw Matsu running toward me without an umbrella.
He said, "You made all my days a blast. Thanks, Poochy." Then he put a button from his uniform in my palm.
He told me that he already gave his girlfriend the second and that this was the third, but I was already sobbing.

Ultimately, I never got a reply to the love letter.
But... "He gave his girlfriend the second button, he gave me the third." Strangely, I was able to accept that yes, that was how it was.

>please, try to imagine me as more of a stalker
Hahaha, serious...?

No, really, I would be pleased as punch if you would think of me as a stalker! Pffft...

It was the second spring since I had met Matsu.
With Matsu gone from the school, I now had juniors of my own.
Matsu got into a local private high school on a basketball recommendation.
I figured I might be able to get in as well if I got good at sports, so I worked more and more toward that goal.

School life without Matsu was very unsatisfying, but Matsu did email me and call me from time to time.
There was no such thing as Skype back then, but we would sometimes have long phone conversations, since we were both on Yahoo ADSL and it would be free.
And by long, I mean about 6 hours at the longest...

At that point, I didn't have any desire to date Matsu anymore.
I thought since I was only around 14, it would be pretty rough.
Of course, the same would be true of Kaori.

In autumn, I got an email from Matsu asking "Can I call you tonight?"
Since we talked on our home phones, it was common for us to confirm with email beforehand, but something seemed different this time.
I got home, did my homework quickly, and stood by the phone.

Finally I got on the phone with Matsu, and the first words out of his mouth were "I broke up with Kaori."
I never had the faintest thought that they would break up. I would have sooner expected to hear they were getting married. I was completely floored.
Matsu became more involved in basketball than he was in middle school, so he had less time to spend with Kaori.
So apparently Kaori told him she was lonely without him and found someone else, rejecting him.

With the slightest hope in my heart, I soullessly consoled Matsu. "Matsu, you're an attractive guy. I'm sure you'll find someone even better soon!"
Matsu replied in tears, "Poochy, you're the only one I've shown my weak side like this," and my little hope swelled.
But it was soon smashed in two.

Matsu was naturally just as popular in high school, so in winter, he was sending less emails and talked to me less.
We couldn't have the long phone calls we used to have, and I figured he must have found someone else.
Astoundingly, I stopped thinking about wanting to be his girlfriend.

Damn, Kaori's a bitch.

I don't know about "bitch," but maybe a very significant obstacle to a fifteen-year-old girl.
I would think by now she knows it's normal not to meet your boyfriend every day.

The third spring since I met Matsu.
Now I was in third year myself, and it was time to think about my course of action.
I emailed Matsu, mentioning how I might get recommended to his high school for the same things he had been.
I think I emailed him for about half the year, but I didn't get any replies.

Incidentally, during these two years...
While we never really met, I passed through Matsu's route to school, and I went by his house at night pretending to jog to see if his light was on. Wooheehee.

I worked hard in sports and my studies to go to the same school as Matsu.
In the final summer tournament, I made it all the way up to the nationals.
Once I got a recommendation on sports, Matsu emailed me in the middle of the night asking "It's been a while, can I call?"
I didn't know the address, but figuring it had to be Matsu, I just replied "Sure."

My heart was pounding waiting to hear Matsu's voice again. And it said: "I broke up with my girlfriend."
"I see..." I said, as the hazy hope welled up in me again.
I told him, "Oh yeah, I got recommended for your high school, Matsu!", and he replied, "I'm glad you'll be coming, Poochy!" And if I had a tail to wag...
We finally had another one of our long phone calls. At the time, it didn't occur to me that he told me he'd broken up with another girl without even telling me he'd found her.

We resumed more frequent emailing after that.
There were simple sports and academic tests for the recommendation, so I had Matsu help me out.
Thanks to that, I was safely enrolled in the same high school as Matsu.
I wasn't able to contact Matsu as much around that time, but I was too busy preparing for graduation myself.

And so it was the fourth spring since meeting Matsu.
Just wearing the same uniform as Matsu made me feel closer to him.
But chasing him all the way to high school, I was a serious stalker...
Just after the school entrance ceremony, the seniors who adored me back in middle school came to the first-year classroom shouting "Whoa! Poochy's really here!!!" And just like that, my high school nickname was also to be Poochy.
Matsu wasn't among them.

Even as a freshman, Matsu was obviously popular.
Rumors spread fast, and I heard a lot from classmates who knew Matsu and I were in middle school together.
And in the same way, I learned about Matsu's new girlfriend.

At that time, I knew dating Matsu was just a far-off dream.
Matsu still had his usual group from middle school, though other people continued to join.
One of them, Shousato, confessed to me, and we started dating.

Shousato had come from a different middle school, so he didn't know I was Matsu's official stalker.
The seniors who knew opposed it, but I knew I needed to forget about Matsu, so I tried to like Shousato.
Matsu laughed heartily, "Whoa! Congrats, Poochy!", but it just made me sad.

Shousato was very kind and treated me well.
But I couldn't forget about Matsu, and I didn't care to go beyond holding Shousato's hand.
I honestly think Shousato felt vaguely the same way.

We dated for about four months before he dumped me, saying "You're always eying Matsu."
I know now it was really inexcusable what I did to Shousato, but I was just so relieved to be dumped.
Things got pretty awkward after that, and I got less involved with the seniors.

Shousato... Weird name.

It's a fake name, naturally. Sorry for the confusion.

In the winter of first year, Matsu suddenly called my cellphone.
I had only been called at home before, so I was shocked at the suddenness and was like, "H-H-He-H-H-Hello?"
Matsu feebly laughed and said, "My girlfriend dumped me."

Just as I was thinking that this was not entirely unexpected, I remember the empty-hearted realization that to Matsu, I was just someone to ask for consolation when he was lonely.

I encouraged the depressed Matsu, but the damage apparently caused him to slip past his dream university.
The only entrance exams he passed were two of his backup schools.
Matsu said he had wanted to be a language teacher since middle school, and one of the two would let him get teaching credentials for it.

But while the school wasn't bad, it wasn't particularly reputable, and he didn't want to go.
Yet the other school would only let him get credentials for teaching social studies, so he was torn.
Finally he told me, "I'll go to whatever school you choose, Poochy."

I didn't want to see Matsu going to a lowly university, so I went with the social studies one.
If he still wanted to be a language teacher even after studying for social studies, he could always try again, I all-too-casually added.
In the fifth spring since I met Matsu, he indeed enrolled in the university I had picked.

Matsu got a job after getting into university, and our contact was terminated.
I decided that I would forget Matsu this time, and wouldn't contact him.
But sometimes I really wanted to see him, so I kept pretending to study at the coffee shop where he worked, never talking to him. (Such a stalker...)
I saw him come out the back holding hands with a cute girl with short hair, and then I gave up on coming near the coffee shop.

Past the sixth spring since meeting Matsu, it was winter, I was in third year, and Matsu was in second year of university.
On a rare break from afternoon sports practice, I was snuggling up in a kotatsu all alone when my phone rang.
I saw Matsu's name on the display.
Thinking he must have just gotten rejected by another girl, I ignored it.

But the phone kept ringing again and again, so I reluctantly answered. Matsu came in through the receiver weeping.
Wondering if he honestly gets this bad over every single girl who dumps him, I asked, "What's wrong?"
He just uttered, "My sister's dying..."

I'm going to bed, so tell me how it ends.
Are you dating? Or not?

That would spoil the whole thread if I told you! Be patient, please.
I'll keep it going until tomorrow, so please come back to see it then.
To be continued!

I didn't know Matsu's little sister personally, though she was my junior at school. But Matsu had mentioned her in our phone calls, so she wasn't unknown to me.
I'd never lost any friends or family before, never experienced death firsthand, so I could only say, "Huh?"
Matsu was crying over the phone as usual.

"Where are you now?!" I asked, and after managing to get that it was the hospital, I said "I'll head there right now!" and hung up.
I had been relaxing in my room, so with just a jersey and scarf wrapped around me, I flew on my bike to the hospital.
Matsu was waiting at the entrance, disheveled and unnoticed.

Matsu, his parents, and I waited in front of the ICU.
Matsu clenched my left hand until it was white.
And his sister passed away.

Relatives and so on kept gathering, with Matsu still holding my hand. I was finally convinced to go home once people had calmed down.
I wasn't family, so that was all I could do.
His sister had committed suicide, and it was Matsu and his mother who found her.

I attended the wake and the funeral, but Matsu had a short-haired girlfriend casually up against him.
Selfishly and arrogantly, I told myself "It was me right beside him when his sister died, and it was me who he first asked for help." But it didn't keep me out of the pits of depression.
Ultimately, I hated myself for thinking about that kind of nonsense at a time like that.

Dammit, we still don't know if you're dating now or not! JK, JK...
I'm still interested in the events, but I kinda do wanna know in advance...

Also, I'm wondering if it's right to say you were a stalker. It doesn't seem like Matsu despised you...
Personally, I wanna hear more about the obsessive hair-picking and towel-snatching stuff...

I'll just say it's not a bad ending, and leave it at that.
Since there seems to be demand for my collection habits, I'll write more about them later.

Suicide... Do you know what happened?

I'm not sure of the details, but she hadn't been coming to high school for a while.

Right after the funeral, I deleted Matsu from my cellphone's phonebook.
I hated how everything was going, and I just wanted to forget about it.

Not much you can do about that...
When you're met with the fact of someone's death but don't have a definite relationship with that person, seeing others get along can break your heart.
But Matsu kinda pisses me off...

Why did his sister commit suicide?
Oh, or are you going to write about it?

I don't really know the reason for her suicide.
Maybe it's just me looking back through sakura-petal-colored glasses that he didn't annoy me. Because thinking back on it, he could be pretty terrible.

The seventh and eighth springs passed.
I went to a different university from Matsu and studied to become a nanny.
But I liked Matsu as ever.

You're a good kid, Poochy.

Thanks! I've got plenty of food, though.

This is still a story about a girl making the best of her situation.
Is the lunatic episode yet to come?

Did you think of Matsu as just a close friend?

There's been requests for more stalker stuff, so I'm writing it up, alright? Sheesh, guys...

^ Perhaps I thought of him as a friend who would understand anything.
We talked about things we wouldn't talk about with anyone else.

And in the ninth spring.
I was constantly busy with my job as a nanny, my first year as a working adult.
Late one night, I was writing in my diary when I got a sudden phone call.


I only got calls when I was needed, but having been trained like Pavlov's dog, it was a joyous thing just to get one.

The display didn't show the name, but I knew from the number it was Matsu.
We hadn't talked in over two years and I wasn't sure what to do, so I just answered "Hello?"
"Poochy?" My blood boiled hearing my old nickname.
For once, the name Poochy felt remarkably special.

"Thank goodness! It's been so long! You doing well?" Matsu was the same as ever.
"Yes, I've been fine. And you, Matsu? Oh, do you have a job?" I replied without emotion.
"Yeah, and I'm headed home from the bar, but I missed the train. Sorry, could you drive over and pick me up?"


Honestly, two years of nothing and then asking me to escort him...
But still, I was somehow excited to see Matsu again, so I agreed.

Is romance fun?

I've never loved anyone, and I don't really get why other people are so interested...

I wouldn't say "I had fun, so go for it," since I think my case is more like a long-lasting love at first sight.
In actuality, it might have more hardships than enjoyable parts.
I think I've had more fun mowing down zombies in Resident Evil.

We spent 30 minutes driving back in the car, so I talked with him just to fill the void.
Matsu was working as a wedding planner.
When I was all "omg but teacher!!", he admitted he hated the idea of being a social studies teacher.
But he felt his new job was rewarding, so that was a relief.

When I told him I had become a nanny, he laughed "But you look like a kid yourself!"
And I had the thought that yes, I still liked Matsu.
I was surprised to hear that Matsu had started living alone after getting a job.

After that, we started getting in touch more, went drinking, and went to see movies.
We also fought when we didn't quite agree, but I came to like Matsu more as a person, not just for being the opposite sex.

In autumn, Matsu invited me over to drink at his house after he'd had a bad day at work.
He was incredibly drunk, and told me "Poochyyy... Yer the only one fer meee..."
"Right, right..." Wary, I got up to clean up the table, but just as I started to stand, Matsu pushed me onto the floor.

You may not believe it, but as friendly as we were, I had rarely touched Matsu.
In total, it might have just been the athletic meet, when he rubbed my head at graduation, and when his sister died. Otherwise, we never touched each other.
His alcohol-reeking body covered me, and my whole body heated up.

I was head over heels for Matsu all along, so of course I had little experience with men.
So it was naturally my first kiss.
Even as he went at it with my tongue, the situation felt strangely peaceful.

He took off all my clothes and continued kissing me while fondling my breasts.
Matsu was still fully clothed, so I was extremely embarrassed.
But given how drunk Matsu was, I suppose it was for the best.

It was some very drunken sex, so I believe it went by quickly.
It was all my first time for any of it, and I remember it hurting a lot, but I had my eyes closed most of the time.

Matsu wasn't there when I woke up in the morning.
My back really hurt since I fell asleep on the floor, but he put a blanket over me, so I wasn't cold.
There was a key and a note on the table.
The note said "Keep the key. We'll meet tomorrow night." But I taped the key on the postbox and left.
I emailed him, "The key's on the postbox. Sorry about yesterday."

That was a Sunday, so I was off work.
I saw that things could easily get very sour with Matsu at this rate, so I resolved to cut off connections and put an end to it.
I couldn't even bear to hear Matsu tell me goodbye.

On the postbox...? rofl

Oh, sorry, I guess I wasn't clear, huh...
On the roof inside the postbox, I guess? I made it so you wouldn't see it even if you opened it.

Once I got home, I changed clothes and made an appointment at a parlor.
Being Sunday, it was hard finding one that would take a reservation.
There was still plenty of time until the appointment, so I went to my cellphone shop and changed my number.
Of course, I changed my email as well.

I headed toward Apaman Shop and looked around for things I'd need for living alone.
I had long planned to move out, and he knew where my house was, so now I wanted to make it quick.
Also, I cut off about 15 centimeters of hair.

In winter, I left my parents and began living alone, and got used to washing my now-lighter hair.
I was busy with work and a school art festival, and tried to forget about Matsu.
But I just couldn't. I looked at the button he'd given me and the things I'd collected, and I cried.

Just before winter break, as the teachers were going home, I saw a familiar man in a suit standing by the gate of the nursery.
I couldn't move. I regretted telling him where I worked.

My fellow teachers saw me looking at Matsu, and gave a curious look.
Matsu approached me and said with a distraught face, "Was I a bother?"
I wanted to forget him. I really didn't want him to come.
And yet, I shook my head no.

I didn't want this to stay at the nursery, so we went to a nearby restaurant.
We both drank our coffee in silence.
Unable to tolerate it, I said "If this is about before, it's fine."
I was already about to cry.

Matsu heard this and yelled "Then why did you leave me so suddenly?!"
There weren't many people around, but the other customers and staff looked at us.
Feeling he was mad, I answered "I thought it would be best for you..."

Looking sour, Matsu said "I'm sorry for yelling..."
Then he said "I thought that if I didn't reach out to you, it would be over...", and started telling me all kinds of things.

"I was charmed by how you got attached to me, and I started to understand your feelings, but you didn't respond."
"Everything kept going fine until a point, but then like flipping a switch, nothing went right anymore. But even then, you didn't change."
"I took relief in the fact that no matter what I did, you wouldn't leave me."
"I decided I had to reach out to you, so our relationship wouldn't go away forever."

Thinking about it now, it was selfish of me, but finally hearing Matsu's real thoughts made me somehow happy.
Then he said it. "But after that night, you suddenly vanished, and I wasn't sure if I could live with you gone..."
And while it had taken a tremendous amount of time, for the first time, I said "I love you, Matsu."

I couldn't stop all the feelings I had kept up inside from coming out.
"I love how kind you are, I love how cool you are, I love that you're clumsy sometimes, I love it when you say "Poochy," I love your eyes, I love your recklessness..."
I just listed one thing after another.
It's embarrassing, but there simply weren't words for all the years of feelings I had to tell.

Once he had heard it all, Matsu gave me my favorite grin, and said "Thank you... I love you too, ___."
My face went red hearing him call me my real name at last.
Matsu stroked my head as I cried.

Afterward, we took another car to my place.
"You really started living alone?"
"Yeah, to get away from you, Matsu..." I said, but quickly regretted.
"Man, I'm really surprised how persistent you've been since middle school..."

What a good kid...

Call me a good kid if you will, but I'm a pretty selfish kid for thinking "All Matsu girlfriends DIE!" and rejoicing every time he broke up with one.

And after just nine years of stalking and unrequited love, it came to fruition, and I became Matsu's lover.
Apparently the people we knew in middle school see it as "the cool guy got fed up with the stalker-puppy"...

And in the tenth spring after I met Matsu, he proposed to me.
It all began with my overwhelming unrequited love, but Matsu truly cared for me.
And by knowing all his good and bad points in extreme detail, well, it helped to avoid any major fighting.



Whoaaaaa! Congrats!!

At my own whim, I wanted to have the wedding in June, the month we met.
If everything goes to plan, this year I'll be the world's happiest June bride, in the eleventh spring since meeting her husband.

At the end of last year, Matsu noticed there was something strange with me.
I'd lost my appetite, and I was sleeping a lot on my days off.

I felt nauseous at work, and by the time I noticed something was wrong, I realized my period hadn't been coming.
I bought a kit at the pharmacy and bolted straight to the toilet at home.
It was positive.

In June of the eleventh year since meeting Matsu, I'm planning to be the world's happiest mother!

Thank you so much for reading all the way to the end!
Sorry if the last part dragged on.

That said, it's a bit of a shame we couldn't have the ceremony before my belly got too noticeable. But I got wedding dress pictures taken the other day, so I'll make a thread later.
Thanks for everyone who came along for the ride!
Matsu still calls me Poochy sometimes, but I don't really mind.
But he'll have to stop that before our kid is born.

[The thread went on to have lots of congratulations and wedding discussion, but you get the idea. But, as promised:]

Time for what you've apparently all been waiting for. Forgive me if they're not amusing or disgusting enough.

First, we'll start with the tale of obtaining his used towel.
It was during club time after class one day.
Our rural school had only one gymnasium, the width of two volleyball courts (or one basketball court).
Soon enough, one half started being used by both the volleyball and basketball clubs.

Half of the other half (that is, a fourth) was used by the table tennis, volleyball, and basketball clubs.
That day, the volleyball club had practice, and the basketball players were next to the table tennis players.
The divide between the two clubs was up to about hip-level, and I couldn't help but notice Matsu had hung a towel of his over it.

Our school sold towels that had, like, "2ch Middle School" scribbled on them for 500 yen, in about ten different colors.
The towel Matsu had hung on the divide was black.
And so was the towel I was holding in my hand.
So while fetching balls, I simply swapped the two.
Which meant I not only obtained a used towel of Matsu's, but sent Matsu my own used towel, haha...

Of course, I never washed that towel, and kept it hidden under my bed.
It got more and more tattered from me hugging it as I slept, until finally I stuffed it in my desk, and my mom found it and threw it out before I entered high school...

Next, the story about the hairs.

This is from when I could only be in Matsu's classroom from lunch to when fifth period started.
I'm pretty sure everyone used to do this, but there's this thing where you put a hair in the end of a ballpoint pen, then click the pen and it rips out the hair. And it hurts.
The seniors did that often, and of course I had it done to me by a lot of them as well. But I did it with my pen to get a bunch of Matsu's hairs.
Oh, and I kept the hairs in a notebook.

Next, the smell bottle.
Thinking about it now it's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, but I was twelve, okay? So I thought if you put a smell in a bottle, it'd last forever.
So I'd say my tummy hurt and I needed to go to the bathroom, leave the room, and dash down to the third-year shoe rack.
I'd fill a bottle (about the size of my ring finger) with stuff from Matsu's shoes, and swiftly cap the bottle.
Matsu's shoes didn't really smell, nor could I smell anything after opening the bottle, but I did this about five or six times.

Speaking of gathering stuff, the only things I actually received from him before we started dating were White Day marshmallows and a charm for my high school exams.
Also, I took a lot of secret pictures.

Sorry if these aren't very interesting, haha...

Also, a uniform story, because why not.

When I first got to high school, Matsu's uniform smelled nice, so I asked him what the smell was.
He told me it was perfume and told me the brand, and though it was for men, I wore it anyway.
I also got the same cellphone as him.

I'm getting sleepy, and people are thinning out, so I think it'll be time to end this soon.
Any kind of sequel or extra bits would probably just be talking up Matsu, heh.
I'm terribly sorry to have let down those hoping for a horribly repugnant stalker, honest!

Thank you very much for sticking with me through this, everyone.
I know it might sound wrong from a former stalker, but please:
Love to your utmost, and don't get caught committing any crimes!

Posted April 30th, 2012


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