Newton's Manuscripts Released Digitally! (from sasakure.UK's blog)

It appears that Newton's manuscripts are now available digitally.

(´@ω@`) To think we live in an age where such things can be looked up on the internet...!

Fantastic. And I must say, these manuscripts...

Mmm, very stylish...

Indeed, the writing spun by a genius's hand carries a definite aura...!

The notes themselves do as well, but I really quite like seeing the process of it all... ♪

For you can follow the traces to understand that person's way of life.

So I decided that, for this post, I will give a quick look back at some of my favorite memos and manuscripts.

• Isaac Newton's Self-Written Manuscripts

• John Lennon's Handwritten Lyrics

• Kenji Miyazawa's Handwritten Note "Ame ni mo Makezu"

• Prodigy Leonardo Da Vinci's Handwritten "Codex Atlantica"

• sasakure.UK's Handwritten Note "Forever Hungry"

"- Forever hungry.
- Bread, tea, night watch.
- Exciting cow's-milk style.
Mr. Cat, Mr. Dog, Mr. Golbez
- "Section chief" or "section head"? Who knows. (I know.)
Everything's pretty if you just look up. Dryer.
\ Just then, the toothpick started moving. /"


I nonchalantly tried to include one of my own ordinary notes to display my brilliance, BUT. TO. NO. AVAIL.

The needless mixture of illustration and writing...

The writing so higgledy-piggledy you can't tell if it says "forever" or "forevor"...

A clear affront to the entire world of note-taking!!!

Urk...!! Now if I ever achieve worldwide fame...

The publicizing of my notes will only make for UTTER DISGRACE!!


N-Now, hold on...

Hold on just one moment, everyone!!!

When it comes to these kinds of handwritten notes, what's most important is...THE POWER OF PERSUASION!!

So even if the writing is so sloppy to the point of unreadability,

and a drawn-from-memory, out-of-place Lord Golbez is sandwiched in-between...

As long as there's proof I can spin phrases of persuasion...

Then that can be linked to my potential...

And no doubt prove that one day, I will be a high-class, cool, forever-lasting individual!!!

Yes, with my powers of persuasion, high-class, cool, forever-lastingness is in my...

Fu... ture?

• "Section chief" or "section head"? Who knows. (I know.)


(And at this point, the persuasion present in sasakure.UK's note stands at zero.)

Indeed, I suppose those we call geniuses and prodigies have put in far more effort than we mere mortals can dream, accumulating results over a lifetime of concentration...! orz

I only hoped to give my all as well. 'Twas all.

Well, that said. Someday, may I too...

May I, too, give my greatest efforts to sketch a startlingly-persuasive drawing of Mr. Golbez!!!

* What a conclusion to arrive at.

Posted December 14th, 2011


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