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It's Sasakure.

Well, well, well. I've been busy with lots of work, from musical expeditions in Hiroshima and Taiwan to a performance at Nicofarre. ♪

Now, I'm not sure if it's because of all this work?
But I've been dreaming about making songs.
(´○ω○`|||) Frightening...

Incidentally, while I'm dream-composing, my mom sometimes shows up.
But what weird is that while I'm making some thumping techno, she starts doing traditional Japanese dances to it.

Mom: "└(MOT´⌒ω⌒`HER)┘)) Bonnn, bonnn, iyaaa! This shall calm you dowwwn! ♪"

Or maybe it's just supposed to be...

"CALM DOWN." - Dreamommy

For appearing in even my dreams, I recognize anew that my mother is a wonderful one indeed.

▼The Latest UK News.

Ah yes, it's autumn!!
The scent of osmanthus was drifting in the air in the park today. ♪
It's a very nice season to pass the time in.

Autumn is indeed my favorite season! ♪

How much do you like it, Sasakure? Well.
I like it as much as I like "A Blue Town" from the SaGa Frontier Soundtrack Disk 2, which I played in my CD player so much that it eventually stopped working.


Incidentally, while trying to decide a good autumn-y song, I re-realized my spirit for video game music.

There are autumns of appetite, autumns of sports, autumns of reading, the list goes on.
How will you all spend your autumn?

As for me, what else!!! An autumn of composing!!!!!

I believe I'll make lots of songs just as cool and handsome as I am!!


And so I drifted into a dream known as unconsciousness...

_○□= . o O (└(MOT´⌒ω⌒`HER)┘))∴:*)

Posted October 13th, 2012


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