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I got some curry from Deco-san. ♪



The Latest UK News.

I didn't have a lot of time last month since I was busy, so I'm taking a bit of that back this month.
I returned to my beloved parents' home in Fukushima...
My mother and my kitties have had to put up with a lot, but they're living well there.

I actually found a lot of wild animals around my parents' house.

Cats and tanukis and bats, oh my...
(´@ω@`) Man, so are there really bats that just uneventfully live in the city?

Like this. An itty bitty batling. Surprisingly cute when you look at it this way... ///
(I got the photo from an animal photo site. ♪)

Real live bats don't really have the same cool "clad in darkness" feel as Batman.
At evening, near tunnels or holes, I see them flapping around like "hey, look at me!" (laughs)
They're rather nimble, so I couldn't even snap a photo.

Right, so, speaking of bats...!

This is Batman's signal, isn't it?

Well to be honest, I always...

Misinterpreted it as a gap-toothed person.

That is, I saw the bat part as a shadow forming a mouth.
It sure would make eating Sanuki Soba an ordeal!! * Shut up, Sasakure

Well, Batman has ordeals to go through, too.

Surely other people have to have made this mistake, no doubt...! That's what I thought.

So I consulted the Great Gobogle Google.

Batman Symbol Gap-Toothed

Ho ho... Just how many people have made the same foolish mistake as I...? Clack!





That can't be! That's impossible...!!

Let me try some different terms... Click-clack...


Batman Symbol Mistake




"The year is 2011," I thought.

See here...

We mistake "crooked scandals" for "cooking sandals."

We misinterpret "wave warnings" as "Wave Hello! Warnings."

We misunderstand cat robots as tanuki.

This. Happens. To. Any. Japanese. Person.

That's what I THOUGHT!!!

So you mean to tell sasakure.UK that, throughout the entirety of Japan...Not a single person believes in this gap-toothed Batman symbol.
Everyone, focus your eyes. Your teacher is not watching. If you think this way... raise your hand high.

* No one raises their hand

Then I suppose I just lack the "gusto" to see through lies for the truth?


Then for now, I must indulge in this curry in desperation for "gusto."
I must preserve my energy for the coming "Gap-Toothed Batman Symbol War."

* What kind of war would THAT be.


The composition of this photo... Where have I seen...

~ FIN ~

Posted June 8th, 2011


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