Attending Hiroshima Anicom 2012! (from sasakure.UK's blog)

Indeed, I will be participating at Hiroshima Anicom 2012 taking place tomorrow and the day after! ♪ [posted August 17th]

I'll be traveling with kous-san and yuxuki-kun.
We plan to sally forth whilst excusing our dear aunt. (←?)

I may not have the requistite green outfit for it, but I'll be serving as a salesperson!
I'll also be part of a live interview!
And I'll bring along not only my old CDs Prototype Seven Peacock and Lalala Eschatology, but also my new MetroJackz!
Those who couldn't catch 'em all at summer Comiket better hang out with us and not miss their second chance! ♪


It'll actually be my first time! My heart's racing already. ///
If I had to be specific about how excited I am...

It's sorta like... you know, in Final Fantasy...

The excitement of getting your hands on the airship!!!!!!


Oh! But in Final Fantasy VI's case, make sure you're careful about running into DOOM GAZE!!!!!

I remember... having a Level 40 party and getting wiped out in three seconds...
(sasakure.UK wipes his face, weeping at his legendary inability to perform the Bum Rush.)

Anyway, I actually need to get going right now! Today!

I'm on my way, everyone!!


| (´⌒ω⌒`)ノシ三=-


Please watch where you're going.

Posted August 17th, 2012


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