"Big bro, why does everybody level up at the same time?"

"Big bro, I don't think you can use other people's things and say "my characters are cute.""

"Big bro. Tile-based action RPGs are really terrible to play."

"Big bro, why do you have so many playable characters if you can only use four in battle?"

"Big bro, I think the default battle graphics would be better than yours here."

"There's too much talking, big bro! I'm sure you can say that stuff in half the time!"

"Why are you thinking about the sequel before you're even done with this one, big bro..."

"Big bro, if you can't make anything good in RPG Maker, I don't think you're going to make anything good in anything else either..."

"Big bro, all these scenes are so... familiar? Yeah! Let's say familiar."

"I could beat all the battles in your game by just putting it on auto, big bro."

"Big bro, I have nooo idea what the characters are talking about."

"Big bro, why bother saving up to buy equipment when there's better stuff in the chests in the next dungeon? What was the point then?"

"Big bro, this game has sooo much talking. When do I actually get to play?"

"Big bro, is there any point to support magic in this game? You can get by with just offensive magic easy..."

"What're you singing, big bro? Wha, the theme song to your game? You're doing the lyrics, composition, arrangement, and singing all yourself? Guess it's never getting finished, then..."

"Huh? A good weapon for your game, big bro? Hmm... how about a boomerang?"

"Hey big bro, why are there always beautiful women in your games who fall for this gross hero who looks like big bro?"

"Big bro, if you say you want to make the game less easy to beat, you can't just remove a ton of heal spots and increase the encounter rate... You got "easy" mixed up with "fair"..."

"Are you just using this word because it sounds good but you don't actually know what it means, big bro?"

"Big bro, being meta is one thing, but having the author and the characters converse is just bad."

"You shouldn't make jokes about popular actors and stuff, big bro. By the time this is done, they'll probably be long gone."

"Big bro, congrats on releasing the demo! That makes five! So when are you gonna release your first finished game?"

"Big bro, as flashy as the skills are, whether they're useful or not is a totally different story."

"Big bro, if you keep testing with Control held down, you'll never realize how annoying your random encounters are."

"I don't think just making the map super huge means it's an epic game, big bro."

"You keep saying that some free games are better than commercial ones, but... I'm not seeing that here, big bro."

"Big bro, why does [character] even exist?"

"Big bro, are those graphics you're drawing? Don't you need a game first?"

"Big bro, I gotta admit. Your game's the biggest collection of ripoffs I've ever seen."

"Big bro, how many times do I have to tell you not to post your game with all your save files included!"

"I don't know if you knew, big bro, but instant death works on all the bosses..."

Posted April 20th, 2012

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