Doctor: "It's lovesickness." Man: "Huh?"

What the? That sounds adorable.


Man: "It's lovesickness?"
Woman Doctor: "Indeed."
Man: "What's that?"
Doctor: "It's a sickness of love. You'll need medicine."
Man: "Huh?"
Man: "Is there medicine for it?"
Doctor: "There is. It's a sickness, after all."
Man: "Do I have to drink it?"
Doctor: "Ultimately, it may be me who's drinking it."
Man: "What the? That sounds scary."

Man: "How do I cure it?"
Doctor: "I have no intention of curing it."
Man: "Huh?"
Doctor: "The sickness gets better the more you suffer from it."
Man: "What do you mean?"
Doctor: "You'll figure it out."
Man: "You mean when the symptoms get more prominent?"
Doctor: "Yes."
Man: "So it's not curable, but there's medicine?"
Doctor: "Since lovesickness gets better the more you suffer, the medicine is meant to accelerate it."
Man: "What the? That sounds scary."

Man: "Hack, hack. I'm getting a cough."
Doctor: "Indeed."
Man: "And my throat hurts."
Doctor: "Indeed. It's swollen."
Man: "My head hurts a little."
Doctor: "Really?"
Man: "I think I have a little bit of a fever too."
Doctor: "I see."
Man: "What's the illness called?"
Doctor: "It's lovesickness."
Man: "I thought so. I thought it was just a cold."
Doctor: "But it's lovesickness."
Man: "Huh."

Man: "Is "Lovesickness" the formal name?"
Doctor: "It's not."
Man: "Huh? Then what is the formal name for it?"
Doctor: "Loving [Her Name] Syndrome."
Man: "Huh? What?"
Doctor: "What is it?"
Man: "Your name's in it?"
Doctor: "Of course. Because I am the target of your lovesickness."
Man: "Huh? What?"
Doctor: "And it's a sickness I discovered."
Man: "What the? That sounds awesome."

Man: "So there's a "target" for the sickness?"
Doctor: "There is."
Man: "Are you the target for all people suffering from lovesickness?"
Doctor: "That depends on the person. For you, it's me."
Man: "How is it determined?"
Doctor: "It's an illness, so I can't say anything about that."
Man: "Hmm. Sounds hard."
Doctor: "It's simple, really. I'm very familiar with the illness."
Man: "Because you discovered it."
Doctor: "Indeed. Additionally, I suffer from it."
Man: "What? Is that going to be okay?"
Doctor: "Yes."

Man: "Who's the target of your sickness, miss?"
Doctor: "It's you."
Man: "Huh?"
Man: "Is it usually a mutual relationship?"
Doctor: "No, it's just a coincidence."
Man: "That's pretty crazy."
Doctor: "Indeed. It is crazy."
Man: "So do you take the medicine every day?"
Doctor: "No, I'm only going to take it starting today."
Man: "Huh? Will that be okay?"
Doctor: "Because there can't be any medicine unless there's a mutual relationship."
Man: "Huh?"
Doctor: "By the way, you're the first case of this illness."
Man: "Huh?"

Man: "What are the symptoms, anyway?"
Doctor: "Let's see. A throbbing of the heart."
Man: "Huh? Sounds painful."
Doctor: "Indeed. It is painful. So you'll want to keep coming back here."
Man: "Huh? Is it that bad of a symptom?"
Doctor: "You should be prepared to give your life."
Man: "Huh?!"
Man: "..."
Doctor: "Once two mutual sufferers of lovesickness form a relationship, they want to become closer."
Man: "What do you mean?"
Doctor: "They'll want to die together."
Man: "I'm kind of wanting to go home now..."

Man: "Are there any other symptoms?"
Doctor: "Indeed. About the medicine. It may be poisonous."
Man: "Huh? I don't like that."
Doctor: "It depends on the person."
Man: "So it poisons some people but not others?"
Doctor: "Indeed."
Man: "Is there such a medicine?"
Doctor: "There is."
Man: "Can I see it?"
Doctor: "Certainly. Wait a moment."
Man: "Okay."

Doctor: "Here it is."
Man: "Huh? It's a cellphone?"
Doctor: "Indeed."
Man: "Can it send texts and take pictures?"
Doctor: "No, it cannot. Where is your cellphone?"
Man: "Uh, I have it here..."
Doctor: "May I borrow it?"
Man: "S-Sure..."
Doctor: "Thank you."
Beep-beep, b-beep.
Doctor: "Thank you very much. I've given you the medicine."
Man: "Huh? That sounds mysterious."

Man: "What? There's an unknown address here under your name."
Doctor: "Please email it every day. That is the medicine."
Man: "Huh? Email it?"
Doctor: "Yes."
Man: "Email you?"
Doctor: "Yes."
Man: "Why?"
Doctor: "To quicken the sickness."
Man: "Hmm. This sounds tough."
Doctor: "It's fine. Please, relax."
Man: "Right..."
Doctor: "Well, I'll see you in three days."
Man: "Understood. Thank you very much."

Three days later.
Man: "Good day."
Doctor: "Good day. How are things progressing?"
Man: "Hmm. I'm not really sure."
Doctor: "What did you think about the emailing?"
Man: "Will you be responding to my emails, doctor?"
Doctor: "Of course. It's medicine for me as well."
Man: "Is that so..."
Doctor: "What is it?"
Man: "Well, I was just thinking you looked pretty cute..."
Doctor: "Huh?" Th-thump.
Man: "No, it's nothing. Excuse me."
Doctor: "Don't say that. I think the illness has advanced somewhat."
Man: "Huh? Because of that?"

Doctor: "Well? Have you felt your heart thumping?"
Man: "Hmm. I still don't feel anything."
Doctor: "Is that so? Well, it's a slowly-progressing illness, so you won't notice it at first."
Man: "Is that how it goes?"
Doctor: "That's how it goes."
Man: "Does your heart thump, doctor?"
Doctor: "Every day."
Man: "Huh? Every day?!"
Doctor: "Indeed. Sometimes I can't sleep at night."
Man: "I-Is... Is that going to be okay?"
Doctor: "Yes. In fact, I wish it would happen more."
Man: "What the? That sounds scary."

Man: "Are you a masochist?"
Doctor: "Indeed."
Man: "Oh, sorry. I just asked you something really outrageous."
Doctor: "No, you should know."
Man: "Huh? Why is that?"
Doctor: "We should know things about each other, don't you think?"
Man: "Huh? Hmm? Ah, well, perhaps so."
Doctor: "Are you a sadist?"
Man: "Yes, I am."
Doctor: "Perfect."
Man: "Huh?"

Doctor: "Is something on your mind?"
Man: "Yes. It's about the emails... I mean, about the medicine."
Doctor: "Yes, what is it?"
Man: "How often should I send them, and when? Maybe after each meal?"
Doctor: "Indeed. Perhaps relaxing after dinner would be the best time."
Man: "Is that so? So you're saying once a day?"
Doctor: "That's up to you."
Man: "Huh? So I can do it as many times as I want?"
Doctor: "Speaking of which, is it fine if I send them to you?"
Man: "Huh?"

Doctor: "Well, it doesn't seem like there's anything else, so that will be all for today."
Man: "Understood. When should I come in again?"
Doctor: "Let's make it five days from now."
Man: "Right."
Doctor: "Don't forget to take your medicine daily."
Man: "Understood. Well, thank you very much."
Doctor: "Right. Thank you."

Five days later.
Man: "Good day. It's cold out."
Doctor: "Good day. It is. Please be careful not to catch a cold."
Man: "Right. Thank you."
Doctor: "Now then, how are things? Here..."
Man: "Ah, is this the hot cocoa you're always telling me about while taking the medicine?"
Doctor: "Yes. Hopefully it will have a good effect on your lovesickness."
Man: "Here it goes."
Doctor: "Right."
Man: "..."
Doctor: "H-How is it?"
Man: "Mm! Very tasty."
Doctor: "T-That's good."

Man: "Anyway, what are we doing today?"
Doctor: "Let's see. It's a very sensitive illness, so you'll need to get regular checkups on it."
Man: "What does that mean for today?"
Doctor: "Much like the previous occasions, I'll be checking your illness."
Man: "I see. There aren't any injections, are there?"
Doctor: "No, you'll be fine."
Man: "Whew. I was worried about that."
Doctor: "My, you're so cute." (Teehee.)
Man: "Huh?"
Doctor: "Oh, er, it's nothing."

Doctor: "A-Anyway, have there been any major changes?"
Man: "Hmm. I'm not really sure."
Doctor: "I see... Your thoughts on the emailing?"
Man: "It's very enjoyable. It seems weird to be enjoying taking medicine, haha."
Doctor: "Ah. That's the poison."
Man: "Huh?!"
Man: "You're saying I've been afflicted with poison?!"
Doctor: "Please relax. It's a very good sign. In fact, it's affecting me too."
Man: "Oh, is that so?"
Doctor: "Well, can you see anything wrong with me?"
Man: "Not really."
Doctor: "Indeed. So you see, there's no need to fear being poisoned."
Man: "That's good."

Doctor: "Are you calmed now?"
Man: "Yes, knowing there's no need to worry about poison, or any injections, my fears have settled."
Doctor: "That's good. Well, though there is an injection for me."
Man: "Huh? What do you mean?"
Doctor: "If it reaches a point where the illness can't proceed any further, I might need an injection."
Man: "Huh? We have the same illness, but I won't need it and you might?"
Doctor: "Indeed. In fact, you'll be the one injecting."
Man: "Huh? That sounds scary."

Man: "I can give an injection even though I'm not a doctor?"
Doctor: "Indeed."
Man: "To you, doctor?"
Doctor: "Indeed."
Man: "Huh? Will that be okay?"
Doctor: "I am a little uneasy."
Man: "I-Is that so... Being injected by me... But I may need to do it, won't I?"
Doctor: "Indeed. I do want you to."
Man: "Understood. I'll politely try to rid you of your unease when that time comes."
Doctor: "Right. Thank you."
Man: "All for you, doctor."

Doctor: "I believe this sickness also has cases in which feelings have trouble coming forth."
Man: "Ah, so I have to be self-aware?"
Doctor: "Indeed. It differs from person to person, but that's the way it is."
Man: "Is that so... How does it look to you, doctor?"
Doctor: "Let's see... Maybe we should make the medicine a little stronger."
Man: "Huh? There's more?"
Doctor: "Indeed. I'll go get it. Please wait."
Man: "Right. Understood."

Doctor: "Sorry for the wait."
Man: "Huh? A cellphone again?"
Doctor: "Indeed. Do you have your phone?"
Man: "Ah, yes... Right here."
Doctor: "I'll borrow this."
Man: "Here you go."
Beep-beep, b-beep.
Doctor: "Right, I've sent the medicine."
Man: "This is some serious deja vu."

Man: "Huh? Your phone number has been added along with your address."
Doctor: "Indeed."
Man: "Which means..."
Doctor: "Exactly."
Man: "Understood. What should I do with my previous medicine?"
Doctor: "Ah. You can keep using it like before, but it's fine if you feel it's not necessary with the new medicine."
Man: "Are there any differences in the timing?"
Doctor: "No. You'll be fine doing it the way you have."
Man: "Understood. See you."
Doctor: "Right. Seven days from now."

Seven days later.
Man: "Good day. Yesterday was really heated."
Doctor: "Yes, good day. Your story about sesame seed dressing was very amusing."
Man: "Ahahaha..."
Doctor: "Now, I think we should have the check-up quickly."
Man: "Of course."
Doctor: "How are things? Any symptoms showing?"
Man: "Indeed."
Doctor: "Huh?"

Doctor: "Oh, so you are seeing symptoms?"
Man: "Yes. Didn't you say it progressed slowly?"
Doctor: "Ah, er, w-well, yes, but... Huh? R-Really?"
Man: "It's true. My heart is definitely thumping. I couldn't sleep very well last night, thinking "Ah, so this is a symptom."" (Ahaha...)
Doctor: "W-When did this happen?"
Man: "Let's see... It lasted from after I took my medicine until when I fell asleep."
Doctor: "S-So it started after you got off the phone with me?"
Man: "Indeed."
Doctor: "Y-Yesss!"
Man: "Huh?"

Man: "W-What is it?"
Doctor: "Well, that's a very good sign."
Man: "Is it? That's good."
Doctor: "Yes, it's very favorable."
Man: "But... Once it reaches the end and I give you the injection, won't we die together after that?"
Doctor: "Huh?"
Man: "That's what I'm scared of."
Doctor: "E-Even if we die, that's a long ways off."
Man: "Huh? Is it really?"
Doctor: "Indeed."
Man: "Around what age will we be?"
Doctor: "Let's see... Around 80."
Man: "What the? That sounds normal."

Doctor: "As such, there's no need to worry about it."
Man: "Is that so? Thank goodness."
Doctor: "I'm sorry for telling you in a misleading way."
Man: "No, it's fine."
Doctor: "Well, that's about all for today."
Man: "Right. Thank you very much."
Doctor: "Right. Come back in five days. Please don't forget your medicine."
Man: "Understood."
Doctor: "Take care."

Five days later.
Man: "Good day. And I'm sorry."
Doctor: "Good day. Sorry about what?"
Man: "Yesterday... I forgot about my medicine."
Doctor: "Ah, I see. I was worried if something had happened."
Man: "Yes, I'm truly sorry. I fell asleep early, and when I woke up, it was already so late."
Doctor: "I see... Then what?"
Man: "Hm?"
Doctor: "When you woke up, what did you think?"
Man: "Ah... I felt kind of gloomy, and kind of irritated..."
Doctor: "I see. That's because you didn't take the medicine."
Man: "Huh? Is that it?"
Doctor: "Indeed."

Doctor: "So please, be careful from now on."
Man: "Right, I understand."
Doctor: "Now, how's the illness?"
Man: "Let's see... It certainly is progressing."
Doctor: "How so?"
Man: "Well, can I ask a question first?"
Doctor: "What is it?"
Man: "Before my heart thumps, your face comes to mind. Is that part of the illness, too?"
Doctor: "Huh?" Th-thump.

Doctor: "Y-Yes, absolutely! I'm the same way."
Man: "Huh? Are you really?"
Doctor: "Yes. So then after that, you can't sleep?"
Man: "Yes, exactly. I'm glad to have someone with the same illness so nearby."
Doctor: "N-No, don't say that..." *shy*
Man: "But yes, that's what it's like."
Doctor: "I see. Understood."
Man: "Is my current medicine okay?"
Doctor: "Let's see. Perhaps we should make it a level stronger."
Man: "Oh, there's still more?"
Doctor: "Of course."

Doctor: "However, I can't give it to you right now, unfortunately."
Man: "Huh? Why not?"
Doctor: "This medicine has an immediate effect, so I'll administer it experimentally."
Man: "So it's not something I take daily like my previous medicine?"
Doctor: "Indeed. If it proves to have a good effect, then we'll continue with it."
Man: "Understood."
Doctor: "Well, please come back in three days."
Man: "Right. Thank you very much."
Doctor: "Take care."

Three days later.
Man: "Good day. Your story about the flowers yesterday was very entertaining."
Doctor: "Good day. Yes, I went on for quite a while again."
Man: "I don't mind. So, what's for today?"
Doctor: "Well, do you remember what we discussed three days ago?"
Man: "Ah, you mean the experimental medicine?"
Doctor: "Precisely. I'll tell you about it today."
Man: "Understood."

Man: "So, why have we come here, exactly?"
Doctor: "This is the medicine."
Man: "Huh? A shopping mall is the medicine?"
Doctor: "Indeed."
Man: "What the? That sounds awesome."
Doctor: "I haven't been to one in a while."
Man: "Neither have I. Incidentally, doctor, you took off your white coat."
Doctor: "Of course I di... Er, um, yes, because this isn't a hospital."
Man: "Indeed. It's quite refreshing seeing you out of your coat, doctor."
Doctor: "I-Is it really?"
Man: "Yes, you look very cute."
Doctor: "Ah, er, w-well... Thank you."
Man: "Ah, it's nothing."

Man: "Will things be alright at the hospital, though?"
Doctor: "Yes, today is Saturday, so I only have examinations in the morning. I'm free in the afternoon."
Man: "Huh? Is that so? Still, is that okay...?"
Doctor: "P-Please, don't worry about it. I'm sorry for taking up your time..."
Man: "Ah, but you shouldn't worry either. I didn't have any other plans."
Doctor: "I-Is that so... Thank you."
Man: "No, thank you."
Doctor: "Ehehe..."

Man: "This is almost like a date."
Doctor: "Wha?! Huh? A-A date?!"
Man: "Yes, it makes me happy."
Doctor: "S-Sniff..."
Doctor: "I... I'm happy, too!"
Man: "T-That's good to hear..." Th-thump.
Man: "B-But... It's just medicine, right?"
Doctor: "Y-Yes... It's medicine."

Man: "S-So is buying things at this shopping mall going to help the lovesickness progress?"
Doctor: "I-Indeed. Exactly."
Man: "W-Well... How do you think I should carry myself?"
Doctor: "H-Hm?"
Man: "Should I... enjoy myself?"
Doctor: "O-Of course! I mean, I'm already enjoying myself..."
Man: "R-Really? Actually, now that you say it, so am I..."
Doctor: "Ehehe..."
Man: "Ahaha..."

Man: "W-Well, while we're here, I'll buy you these flowers."
Doctor: "Huh? D-D-D-Don't..."
Man: "No, please, don't worry. I'll just take it with the doctor's fee, all right? Just think of it as repaying a favor."
Doctor: "I-Is that so...?"
Man: "Right. Now let's get moving!"
Doctor: "Y-Yes! I'll buy some sesame seed dressing!"
Man: "Ahaha... Thank you."

Doctor: "Well, that's all for today's medicine. How was it?"
Man: "Whew... We bought a lot, and found some great clothes for you, doctor. I had a great time."
Doctor: "W-Well, yes, that, but! I-I mean... in terms of the sickness..."
Man: "A-Ah, right... Yes. I already had the thumping heart, and it feels a little bit more intense now."
Doctor: "R-Really! M-Me too!"
Man: "R-Really...? Ahaha... I enjoy how it seems like we're progressing together."
Doctor: "Er, y-yes. Indeed!"
Man: "Thank you for the sesame seed dressing, too."
Doctor: "T-Thank you, too! The flowers are very cute."
Man: "That's good to hear."

Doctor: "W-Well, that's all for today..."
Man: "Right. We didn't have time for a check-up today, but thank you very much."
Doctor: "W-Well, next..."
Man: "Can I come tomorrow?"
Doctor: "Huh? B-But, tomorrow's Sunday, and I'm not supposed to have examinations...?"
Man: "W-Well, even so... I don't mean at the hospital... I was hoping to see you myself..."
Doctor: "Huh?!"
Man: "Is this... also lovesickness?"
Doctor: "W-Well..."
Man: "It isn't...?"
Doctor: "I-It is... That's what I feel."
Man: "Ahaha... I thought so. I see..."
Man: "So, shall we die together? Way in the future, I mean." Grin.
Doctor: "!! YES!!" Glomp.

The end.

Wonder if I should end it that way... Ohhh well...
Thank you very much.


Hoping for a sequel.

All right, all right... I'll write a little more.

Doctor: "W-Well, that's all for today..."
Man: "Right. We didn't have time for a check-up today, but thank you very much."
Doctor: "W-Well, next..."
Man: "Can I come tomorrow?"
Doctor: "Huh? B-But, tomorrow's Sunday, and I'm not supposed to have examinations...?"
Man: "W-Well, even so... I don't mean at the hospital... I was hoping to see you myself..."
Doctor: "Huh?!"
Man: "Is this... also lovesickness?"
Doctor: "W-Well..."
Man: "..."
Doctor: "U-Understood... Well, I'll be waiting here tomorrow. The hospital will still be open."
Man: "Right. Thank you very much."

One day later.
Man: "Good day. I really enjoyed our phone call last night."
Doctor: "Good day. Yes, I felt you really conveyed the smell of the sesame seed dressing."
Man: "Thanks for taking my selfish request today."
Doctor: "N-No, don't worry about it. After all..."
Man: "Yes?"
Doctor: "I, er, perhaps wanted to meet you as well..."
Man: "Huh?" Th-thump.
Doctor: "N-No, it's nothing!"
Man: "A-Ahaha... I'm happy to hear it."
Doctor: "U-Um... Let's have the check-up!"

Man: "Huh? We're having a check-up?"
Doctor: "T-This is a hospital, so..."
Man: "I-Indeed. Well, go ahead."
Doctor: "How's the illness? Has anything changed?"
Man: "Well... I feel that, as it's proceeded, things have gotten clearer."
Doctor: "Clearer?"
Man: "Yes."
Doctor: "What do you mean by..."
Man: "How can I say it... I noticed the heart thumping and the lack of sleep before, but..."
Doctor: "Yes?"
Man: "I think I'm starting to see the cause, the thing behind those."
Doctor: "I-I see..."

Doctor: "When did you start feeling this way?"
Man: "Perhaps back when I started seeing your face before the heart thumping, doctor."
Doctor: "I-I see... So then, can you concretely say what..."
Man: "Well... In talking with you on the phone every day, emailing you sometimes, and going with you yesterday, I've noticed something."
Man: "I had never had those sorts of feelings before, so I didn't understand them at all. But now I do. For this is lovesickness."
Doctor: "S-So you mean..."
Man: "Indeed."

Man: "I think it's time for the injection."
Doctor: "What the? That sounds terrible."

The end.

Posted May 19th, 2012


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