No Motivation (from kouri's blog)

It sure is hot.

I wanted to draw a picture of a dress filling in the shape of a glass, so...
I think this might be my first non-Ib illustration here?

Champagne Glass

I suppose she's kneeling in there, so... that's where her legs are.
Oh, I forgot to color the heart on her chest...

Lately I've been thinking about what makes an interesting game, and what I want to make, and now it's July with me still doing nothing in particular.

So I'll talk about games again for once... or apps, maybe.


If I'm making something, I want lots of people to play it. But just cramming everything I like into a game probably won't work out for that purpose.
But personally, I think the idea that I can put in everything I like is the epitome of game creation.
It's a tough balance to strike. It'd be fantastic to accomplish both.

For now, I want to get a bit more proficient at Flash or Unity.
Then I want to make an app.

Does the smartphone app scene have sorta-long RPGs, or escape games with scope similar to Ib?
I see lots of puzzle games, tower defense, point-and-click escape games, and social games. But I hardly ever see games that take a long time to beat, or games with decent amounts of story, and maybe that's because there's just no demand.
Or are the social games just too powerful...?!
Well, the app scene seems pretty saturated lately anyway. There's lots of fun stuff for free...

Maybe it's too hard to get people to the point of playing without something to distinguish yourself.
For freeware games, too.


Totally different subject, but I got something nice from Movic. I'll post pictures at a later date.
Also pictures of some plants and some convenience store goods.

Posted July 18th, 2014


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