This and That in the Guidelines (from kouri's blog)

Finally, the week is over.
I guess Halloween has come to a close... I was too busy to even turn on my computer.
The Halloween front page is back to normal too.
Next year, if the site is even still around, I'd like to decorate it somehow.


In other news, the link to the guidelines was made a little bigger so as to stand out more.
Well, it's an important page, so I guess it's fine.
I emphasized that fanworks and merchandise should be considered "a hobby at most."
I don't really like being so broad as that... But I think it'll do for now!
To those that are following the rules, thank you.

I'm also grateful for reports of videos that violate the rules.
I'll request that anything I deem a clear violation be taken down immediately, so I appreciate reports of things easily recognizable as rule-breaking. (Though there have been so many on YouTube it's hard to keep up with...)
But if violations continue to be so numerous, I may well have to ban videos, LPs, and streams entirely.

This is turning out to be somewhat of a feel-bad post. Really, I'd say that about 80% of people are following the rules perfectly well.
And that makes me extremely happy. Truly, thank you very much!
It always makes me smile when people can enjoy things with good manners.


After the read more is a private message which I thought may be of interest.
It's a reply to an email I received on 10/28 that concerns Ib's name.


Thank you for your impressions.
Yes, I would be happy if you could play it yourself someday.

I took a look at your illustration as well. I like the gentleness of Ib's expression.
I, too, only started using PC drawing programs after graduating high school, so I'm actually very impressed you can draw so well. I didn't even know how to change the palette at first.
But you get used to tools as you use them, so let's both keep making things!
The road to improvement... is to just keep drawing. Let's do our best.

About Ib's name, "Ivu" in Japanese is to be spelled "Ib" in English.
It's a name that's actually used overseas.
And it's indeed meant to be different from "Eve."
The exact reason is a secret, but... when main characters or important things have odd spellings, it's generally on purpose.
Of course, sometimes it really is a mistake.

That said, thank you for your impressions!

Posted November 2nd, 2012


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