Guidelines Updated (from kouri's blog)

I've updated the guidelines on Monochrome Museum again.
A section on music has been added, as I've gotten many questions.
Definitely read if you're doing anything with Ib's music.

[The new guidelines in question:
- You're free to make original songs based on Ib, as has been done.
- "Memory" and "Uneasiness" are original songs for Ib and can be arranged and whatnot freely.
- Doing anything with any other songs requires permission from their original creators.]


The creation of guidelines actually wears away at me greatly.
Though I consult other sites for precedent, I still worry if it's okay to make such demands.
I also try to make the page as easy to notice and read as possible, but it still seems a bit out of sight...


I've been so busy lately, I haven't done much on the side of game making.
Loath as I am to admit it, I've got no energy, and my weekdays are completely filled with work... I'm sorry.
I'd be extremely appreciative if you can wait patiently for the update.
The last version was March 27th, so it's been over six months now... It seems to have gone by so fast.

I won't be too specific, since it would be unfortunate if I couldn't do it, but the "theme" (?) of the update is making a true "art gallery."
While the gallery seems very scary at first, it's actually rather lovely if you look closer... That's the sort of thing I want to go for.
Also, maybe Mary?

She's an extremely divisive character, but I would love it if I could make more people come to like her.
Have fun drawing pictures of her too, and let your feelings flow!

Posted October 18th, 2012


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