Anniversary (from kouri's blog)

It's been one year since Ib was first released!
I'm completely shocked that Ib-related work has gone on for such a long time. It's quite something! But I'm glad.
It's all thanks to your support. Thank you very much.

I updated the homepage's look for the anniversary.
I wanted to do something special, but I couldn't think of much. So I'm running an "Ib Popularity Poll," since that seemed like something even I could do.
The rules are simple: just select your favorite character.

Polling Page

I'm very pleased to hear that people found Ib to have good characters, but I've personally been curious just how popular each character is.
The results of the poll won't have any effect on the game, but it's a momentous occasion, so please vote if you like.

The deadline is March 27th!

[Read more for the translated rules and options. The voting thing uses Javascript, so make sure you have it enabled, I guess.]


- One vote per person.

- If your character of choice is not available, select "Add Answer." (When added, it will count as your vote.)

- I'll personally remove any duplicates or irrelevant votes.
Anything or anyone that does not clearly exist will be removed or considered a duplicate.
Fake Garry to Garry, IB [in English] to Ib, etc.
Addendum: There were too many items and minor objects being added, so I've removed them. Sorry.

Which is your favorite character from Ib?
(Guertena's works of art are also valid answers.)
- Ib イヴ
- Garry ギャリー
- Mary メアリー
- Death of the Individual 無個性
- The Lady in Red 赤い服の女
- Blue Doll 青い人形
- Worry 「心配」
- Guertena ゲルテナ
- Green Painting With Eyes That Makes Cute Sound When Stepped On 目がついた緑の踏むとかわいい音がする絵
- Palette Knife パレットナイフ
- The Ant アリさん
- kouri
- Mannequin マネキン
- The Lady in Blue 青い服の女
- The Liars うそつきたち
- Congested Eye 充血した目
- Beware of Lips 猛唇注意
- Juggling ジャグリング
- Painting That Wants Flowers 花を欲しがる絵
- The Hanged Man 吊された男
- Embodiment of Spirit 精神の具現化
- Your Dark Figure 黒い姿の君
- Abyss of the Deep 深海の世
- Ib's Mother イヴの母親
- Blessed Bride 幸福の花嫁
- Spitting Painting 唾を吐いてくる絵
- Fleeting Thoughts on a Moonlit Night 月夜に散る儚き想い
- Ib's Father イヴの父親
- The Coughing Man せきをする男
- Drinking In the Night 呑み込める夜
- Marvelous Night ミドリのよる
- Forgotten Portrait 忘れられた肖像
- Red Eyes 赤色の目
- Milk Puzzle ミルクパズル
- Fabricated World 絵空事の世界
- Lady Without Her Umbrella カサをなくした乙女
- Hands From the Walls 壁から出てくる手
- Reserved Seat 指定席
- A Well-Meaning Hell 悪意なき地獄
- Flowers of Jealousy 嫉妬深き花
- Hide and Seek Stickman 鬼ごっこしようようよの棒人間
- Ah/Uh あ.うん
- Puzzle パズル
- Receptionist 受付の人
- Rabbit Ornaments うさぎの置物
- Milk Queen's Dress ミルククラウン・ドレス
- Sketchbook Snake スケッチブックのへび
- Wine Sofa ワインソファ
- Heartbeat 心の音
- Man Theorizing About the Individual 無個性に関してうんちくたれる男の人
- Window-Knocker Near the Beginning 最初のほうに出てくる窓を叩く奴
- Tattletale 告げ口
- The Ant's Ruined Bridge Painting 台に使って割れたアリさんの絵
- Fisherman 釣り人
- Woman That Slaps Ib in Hide and Seek かくれんぼでイヴをひっぱたく女性
- Person Wondering If They Should Take A Break 一服しようかどうか悩む人
- Heavenly Thread 天の糸
- Carrie Careless and the Galette Des Rois うっかりさんとガレッド・デ・ロワ
- Man Who Would Pee Seeing Abyss of the Deep 深海の世の前でちびりそうな人
- Old Man Wishing Apprenticeship to Guertena ゲルテナに弟子入りしたがっているおじいさん
- Strained Ear 聞き耳
- Selfless Guard 個性なき番人
- Fusion 融解
- Final Stage 最後の舞台
- Flexible Stone 弾力のある石
- Tryst After Death 死後の逢瀬
- Incomplete Youth 未完成の少年
- Insomnia Coffin 不眠症の棺
- Mayhem of Color 色彩の暴力
- Flowers Without Color 色の無い花々
- Place of Warmth あたたかな居場所
- Cycloptic Smile 単眼の微笑み
- Birth of the Copernicus Revolution コペルニクス的転回の展開
- Malice's True Form 恨みの正体
- Prelude to Wine 葡萄
- Night-Owl Man 夜更かしをする男
- Hard-To-Wake Man 寝起きの悪い男
- Mistake 失敗作
- Light in the Canvas キャンバスの中の光源
- Deja Vu 既視感
- Truant Seconds Hand さぼり癖のある秒針
- Concealed Secret 隠した秘密
- Stirred Up 挑発
- Overfilled Night Sky 零れ落ちる星空
- Beyond Halcyon Skies 晴天の彼方
- A Place Out of Reach 手の届かぬ場所
- Spectacle of Blood 見世物の血
- Queen of High Society 社交界の女王
- Depths 深層
- Jewel Box of Temptation 誘う宝石箱の魔窟
- White Ant シロアリ
- Black and Red Running Guys 走り回ってる黒の人と赤の人
- Doll King 人形の王
- Little Bird 小鳥

Posted February 26th, 2013


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