Eraser Stamp (from kouri's blog)

Soon after buying this stamp kit, I decided to have a go at it!

For my first stamp, I wanted to make a snake.
Not like a real one, but a cute one.


First, draw a rough sketch.

I guess this should be good.

Next, copy to the included tracing paper.
I was anxious about keeping the tongue (since it'd get difficult), but it's in there.

Rub to get the image on the eraser.
It transferred nicely.

Cut out the snake part!

Finally time for the main event.
Cut out everything but the lines.

Let's start with the part outside the lines.

Man, curves are rough...

After a run around, I hit the tongue, which I expected to be fierce.
With the smallest slip, the tongue would be cut...

But is this good or what?!

I took a break for milk tea.

Eventually, I had finished digging out the exterior.
Here, there were miraculously no mistakes!

The next step was harder still: digging out the inside.
Oh man, I'm scared of that tail.

I dug up to the head and pecked away in the eye, the ultimate obstacle.
So small... The struggle...

And finished the eyeball!
With all the unnecessary parts shaved away, it's complete for now.

Pretty good!

Let's try it out...

Whoaaa! It really works!!

Just take away the few weird parts that got inked, and it's done!

Below: A picture that made me burst with joy beyond expectation.

This is fun!
I kind of understand the steps now, so I'll try something a little harder next time.

Snakeeey! ♪

Posted October 13th, 2013


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