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Just the other day as I was screaming "I'm gonna sweat to death!", I realized my skin was chilly!
This morning, I was visited by these white demons (wooly aphids) and I was like, wahhh...
They stick on my hair and clothes...

Change of topic.
Work is moving along on the Ib version upgrade, and there are many other things left to do with Ib, but a corner of my mind is dedicated to thinking about what's next.
The truth is, the time spent thinking about what to make next is the most enjoyable!
A story like this would be good, or I'd like to have characters like this. I love thinking about that stuff!


Ib is a horror game, and I feel like I may have answered somewhere that it wore me out making it. Well, I'm honestly a bit worn out on horror as a whole.
As such, I'd like to make something other than horror next.
Making an unsettling atmosphere is fun, yes. But thinking up clever setups is hard...

Since I've been using RPG Maker, I may try my hand at an actual RPG.
Or maybe an incredibly trivial short escape game.
I like action games, but I've heard they're difficult in RPG Maker, so maybe not.
Or maybe even a fantasy taking place in a peaceful world with no fighting, where you live ordinary days... I've had a lot of fun coming up with ideas.

Since this is the realm of free games, I could try making a very personal game... but I think releasing it would be very embarrassing. *shy!*
But my fundamental goal is more or less "a game you can enjoy even if you're not good at them."
I'm very, very pleased to hear comments like "I'm bad at games, but I made it through!"
I'm bad at games myself, but thank you for playing!

I was attentive to this goal in Ib, so I'm glad when people play it themselves!
Watching videos is alright too, but compared to doing it yourself... Well, it's the difference between driving a car and sitting in the back seat and watching the scenery go by.

Also, if you're wondering why I'm suddenly bringing this up, it's because I'm a bit stuck on making gimmicks.
Without some leeway, it's no fun... I guess I really should just go at my own pace?!
I'll do my best!

And thanks for your impressions, as always! Of course I read them all!
I'm as happy as can be that people even had comments on the art aquarium and hip-pain Garry! [From his previous post; Ib is trying to give him a massage.]
I like taking photos, so I hope to post a lot more of them!

Posted October 9th, 2012


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