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I went to my mother's house and a zoo, so I took pictures.

It's all mountains and fields, yet very pleasing.
Just staring off into it soothed my body and mind.

* The rest of this post contains animals and stag beetles.
Fair warning if you're not good with those.


I encountered a stag beetle on a walk.

It was pretty big.

Next, the zoo.
Flamingos have such long necks.
I kinda want to... grab them.

Taking a break.

A kangaroo felled by its enemy.

Just kidding. They're just being lazy.

VERY lazy.

A peacock trying its darndest to get attention.
But it was ignored...

And then there were none.

A sleeping sealion. Or maybe it was a seal, no ion. (I forgot.)

A sleeping polar bear. Those cute little legs...


A swarm of guinea pigs. And they all have different patterns.

Parakeets finding a weird place to sleep.

A squirrel too fast for the naked eye.
There are actually two in the photo.
I figured I'd post it anyway.

That's the end of the zoo.
Lots of sleeping ones... But still, it was neat.

As a bonus, a rose garden.

What was the name of this... Ah, I've forgotten.

There were an absolute ton.

Orange roses are pretty, too.

Mary's yellow rose.
It's lost a lot of petals...

The end of the rose garden.

I'm glad to have taken many photos. Very satisfying.

Posted July 20th, 2013


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