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I bought a 3DS.
I heard you could take pictures of Pikmin with a prepaid card, so I did.

Potatoes and Pikmin.

I also bought a game called "Tomodachi Life," so I'll also post some pictures of that.


Pikmin No. 2.
I like how you can get all these different poses.

Potatoes and Bulborb.

That's it for Pikmin.

Next is Tomodachi Life.
To simply summarize, it's a game where you make avatars (Miis) of yourself, friends, family, and... watch their lives unfold? Maybe.
I still haven't played it much, but it's a weird game. (That's a compliment.)

Of course, you can make any fictional Miis you want, so I made Ib and Mary for a test.

After making the characters, they begin life in an apartment.

Mary has entered.

Mary's Mii is good, but I couldn't get Ib to turn out very well.

They spend some time picking ladybugs off their heads and playing games together. And then...

"I want to be friends with Mary!"

Let's try getting them to be friends.

Ib goes into Mary's room, and she seems excited about something or another.
(Mary is wearing a hat.)

And then...

"Thank you so much! We're friends thanks to you."

That's great.

After that, they go hang out in each other's rooms, splash water on each other, and get along rather well.

...Or so I thought, but then a fight broke out. (Forgot to take a picture.)
But I urged them to reconcile, and they got along again.

So that's the kind of slow, relaxing game it is.

- Bonus -

Ib, Loved By Sheep

Quintupled Production of Black Tea

Some strange news stories.

I gave her a kid's room. Frolicking Mary.

I asked Ib for an "artistic photo," and she came back with this.

Posted January 18th, 2014


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