Thoughts on 2013 (from kouri's blog)

Gyaaah! The heating broke at the end of the year, of all times.
And only in my room... That's just the worst. TT
Well, my room is cold and sapping my energy, but I thought I'd write my thoughts on this year and what next year will be like.


This year was full of Ib-related work as usual, but went a lot easier than last year.
I'm glad I could do a big update, get the help of my testers, and smoothly (?) release it.

I couldn't achieve what had been my goal for the year, to get into my next project. But I think I should just keep going at my own pace.
While I'd love to make more time for game making if I could, my job takes priority, so I'm planning to just push ahead slowly. There's lots of other stuff I want to do!

Next year should be more or less like that.
Also, I'd like to take a trip somewhere I've never been.
Maybe somewhere over in Kansai. That and Okinawa. Shikwasa juice is delicious.
Oh! And I'd like to go see some aquariums...

That wasn't very long, but those are my thoughts on the year.
Looking forward to next year.



Ib broke 1,150,000 downloads. [Again, Japanese only; I stopped keeping track of English downloads, but it's pretty dang high.]
Thanks so much to everyone who's played it!

It's thanks to all the fans that Ib has come so far.
I'm still rather inexperienced, but I'd like to keep doing what I can for them.

All right! Have a good year!

Posted December 31st, 2013


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