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Man: "I like you!!" Woman: "Really!"



Man: "I like you!"
Woman: "Really!"
Man: "And you?!"
Woman: "Me too!"
Man: "Wow! Let's date!"
Woman: "Sounds good!"
Man: "My regards!"
Woman: "Okay!"

Man: "Wanna go anywhere?!"
Woman: "No!"
Man: "Okay! Date canceled!"
Woman: "Okay!"

Man: "Texting Woman!
"Think where to go for date next week!"

Man: "Reply. "Don't order me around!"
Point! "Sorry!" ...Sent!"

Man: "Today's our date!"
Woman: "Zoo!"
Man: "Sounds good! Let's go!"


Man: "Bear!"
Woman: "Yes! Bear!"
Man: "Hey! Bear! Look our way!"
Woman: "Stop sleeping, bear!"
Bear: "Don't push your luck!"

Man: "Let's eat lunch!"
Woman: "Okay!"
Man: "What'll it be!"
Woman: "Food!"
Man: "Waiter! Where's the waiter!"
Waiter: "At your service!"
Man: "Curry rice and food!"
Waiter: "Leave it to me!"
Waiter: "Sorry for the wait!"
Woman: "No problem! Let's eat!"
Man: "Eat!"
*munch munch...*

Man: "Tasty!"
Woman: "No dessert!"

Man: "Wow! I'm tired! Today was fun!"
Woman: "I see!"
Man: "How about you!"
Woman: "It was so-so!"
Man: "What!"
Woman: "No second date if you don't pay!"
Man: "What!"

Man: "Where should we go on the way back!"
Woman: "Let's pick up dinner!"
Man: "What do you want! Food?!"
Woman: "Food!"

You guys should all be as honest as this.

Man: "Wow! Today was fun!"
Woman: "Yes!"
Man: "Time for goodbyes! I want a kiss!"
Woman: "Is that right!"
Man: "Can I!"
Woman: "Sure!"


Man: "Rain! Let's play inside!"
Woman: "Your place?!"
Man: "Yes! I have an SNES!"
Woman: "Done! Get Mega Man X3 ready!"
Man: "Don't have!"
Woman: "Buy!"
Man: "Sure!"

Man: "You're here!"
Woman: "Wow! Cramped!"
Man: "Forgive me!"
Woman: "Forgiven!"
Man: "I bought Mega Man X3!"
Woman: "Let's play!"

Woman: "Can't win!"
Man: "Seems so!"
Woman: "I give up!"
Man: "Okay!"

Woman: "Bored!"
Man: "Yeah!"
Woman: "Anything else!"
Man: "No!"
Woman: "Let's have sex!"
Man: "You want to?!"
Woman: "I do!"
Man: "No holding back!"
Woman: "Come on!"

Man: "A month since we started dating!"
Woman: "You were counting?!"
Man: "Yes! Anniversary gift!"
Woman: "Buy me a meal!"
Man: "Sounds good! What'll it be?!"
Woman: "Food!"

Woman: "I was actually counting too!"
Man: "No way!"
Woman: "I have a gift!"
Man: "What!"
Woman: "Open it!"

Man: "Willcom phone!"
Woman: "Yes! Let's talk!"
Man: "Thanks!"
Woman: "You pay the monthly fee!"
Man: "It's cheap!"

Man: "Hello!"
Woman: "Me!"
Man: "You?!"
Woman: "Who else!"
Man: "Guess so!"
Woman: "What do you want!"
Man: "Nothing!"
Woman: "Don't call for nothing!"
Man: "Sorry!"

Woman: "Man isn't answering today!"
Woman: "What happened! He's always bored!"
Woman: "Uneasy! Calling friend!"

*brrrrr... click!*

Woman Friend: "What is it! Out of the blue!"
Woman: "Sorry! Man won't answer phone!"
Woman Friend: "Cheating on you, maybe!"
Woman: "Wow! Thanks!"
Woman Friend: "Make amends!"

Woman: "...What..."

Man: "Hey!"
Woman: "The nerve!"
Man: "What's that!"
Woman: "You cheated!"
Man: "I didn't!"
Woman: "Then why not answer your Willcom?!"
Man: "Crazy talk! Don't you have an automatic debit?!
And why do I have a Willcom when you have a Docomo!"
Woman: "Wow! I was blind!"
Man: "Put money in your account!"
Woman: "My fault!"
Man: "Forgiven!"

Man: "Two months since we started dating!"
Woman: "Is that right!"
Man: "Yes! Prepared a present!"
Woman: "What!"
Man: "Open it!"

Woman: "...Willcom!"
Man: "Is it okay!"
Woman: "Tiny! Trade with yours!"
Man: "Okay!"

Man: "Woman won't answer Willcom! Answer!"

Man: "Nada! Consulting friend!"

Man Friend: "What is it!"
Man: "Sorry! Woman won't answer Willcom!"
Man Friend: "Woman? Saw her dating some guy!"
Man: "What!"
Man Friend: "Don't feel down! Plenty of fish in the sea!"
Man: "Stupid! You have no standards!"
Man Friend: "Ha ha ha! See you!"

Man: "What the..."

Man: "You! You cheated!"
Woman: "I didn't!"
Man: "Don't lie!"
Woman: "Sorry! I did!"
Man: "Told you!"
Woman: "Sorry! Tempted! Forgive!"
Man: "Forgiven!"
Woman: "Indebted! Won't do again!"
Man: "Swear!"
Woman: "Sworn!"

Woman: "You! You're texting a girl!"
Man: "I am!"
Woman: "Don't!"
Man: "Why!"
Woman: "Jealous!"
Man: "Okay! I'll refrain!"
Woman: "Grateful!"
Man: "I'll care about you instead!"
Woman: "Grateful!"

Woman: "You! You're texting a girl!"
Man: "I am!"
Woman: "Don't!"
Man: "Why!"
Woman: "Jealous!"
Man: "Don't be! It's a friend!"
Woman: "Still! Might be cheating!"
Man: "Well, while I am texting other girls, you're the only one I meet in person like this, because I like you!"
Woman: "True! Sorry!"

Man: "You! You're talking with a guy at school!"
Woman: "I am!"
Man: "Don't!"
Woman: "Why!"
Man: "Jealous!"
Woman: "Don't be!"
Man: "Sorry!"

Man: "You're talking with a guy at work!"
Woman: "Yes!"
Man: "Don't!"
Woman: "Why!"
Man: "Jealous!"
Woman: "Part of my job!"
Man: "Quit!"
Woman: "No! Can't live!"
Man: "I'll pay!"
Woman: "Wow! Thanks!"
Man: "Retire!"
Woman: "Retirement!"
Man: "I love you!"
Woman: "Really!"
Man: "And you?!"
Woman: "Me too!"


Thanks to those who read!
I wrote this because I was fed up with all the people worrying about romance around me!
Face everything head-on and you won't have a problem! That's all! From an evangelist of love!

Posted July 19th, 2012

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