Ib 1.04 Miscellanea

Some minor details about 1.04 that don't seem to have gotten much attention, as well as a few additional translation notes.


Hide and seek now has three random arrangements; which one you get is decided when you first go into the room.

If you saw the sinister painting of Ib, Devotion to Custody in the gray area has a darker frame and the pink ball thing changes to a red rose. The ball version is the proper one, though, as that's the version that counts for the true gallery.

The doll room has four random arrangements, again picked when you first enter. The doll with the key can be: the upper of two dolls in the lower-right, a doll around the left-middle, a doll a tile down and left from the ball of paint, or a doll directly right of the entrance. Are those locations not very helpful? Then kouri did a good job.

"White ant" technically means "termite" (and they are sometimes known as white ants in English). But since it does nothing termite-like and is obviously connected to the black ant, I went with the obvious choice.

"Prelude to Wine" was originally just... "Grapes." WELL FRICK, KOURI. "Grapes" does have pretty complex kanji, but Ib not knowing what grapes are was just ridiculous, so I worked with the wine thing (Garry's comment about wine was there to begin with).

You can talk to the white ant after making it night but before getting the star for a couple conversations. You can try giving him Garry's candy if you have it, but he doesn't want it. Also: "sometimes stars fall down to my home. i'm pretty sure they're from god."

In the editor, the "aqua" area is named Abyssal Space, and the central area Abyssal Park. This is, of course, in the same sense as "Abyss of the Deep." And I've mentioned it in a couple places, but the area with Final Stage is called the Atelier.

The message at the start of Abyssal Space has two versions. If Garry died, it says "As you walk into the abyss, do not forget the works you hold dear..." I would assume the implication is Mary, but you could still get that message after burning her. If Garry's still around, the message is "Drown in the abyss..." Harsh.

The living Cycloptic Smile can be in three random locations which I'm too lazy to list. There's a one-in-seven chance that she'll fall instead of just shaking out the piece. If she does, and you read the entry in the break room about her being stolen but then returned, she'll appear in the room. ("Like so.")

Am I the only one who finds it absolutely hilarious how fast Garry runs if you get him to do the croquis room because seriously I thought that was a glitch at first.

One of the conversations with the jewel box after solving the puzzle is playing I Spy with him. Originally, this was shiritori, the Japanese word game where you have to take the last syllable of a word and come up with a word starting with that. A key rule is that if you say a word ending with "n," you lose, since no word starts with it.

The three possible games of shiritori went like this:
1. Houseki (jewel) -> kinomi (berry) -> mikan (mandarin), and the box loses.
2. Houseki (jewel) -> kiiro (yellow) -> roman (usually as in "romantic," but could just be Roman). The box is slightly embarrassed on top of his loss, and Garry wonders about him knowing that word.
3. Houseki (jewel) -> kirin (giraffe), and Ib loses. The box remarks he's never won before.

For comparison, here's the English "Me Spy" version:
1. I, as in Ib. He doesn't know her name, so he says he doesn't see anything that starts with I, which is also a joke on him saying "me" instead.
2. G, as in Garry. Again, the box doesn't know his name, but tries "gem" before sheepishly realizing he doesn't have any of those anymore. Garry picks up on Ib's implication.
3. M, as in Mary. She's not there, of course, but the box says "me" and declares victory. The box remarks he's never won before.

Posted March 27th, 2013


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