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Illustration of Ib with text 'Come Ib'

kouri made a page on his site called "Ib Gallery" with some additional images and design stuff. There are some spoilers, so probably don't look at these if you haven't beaten the game.


Illustrations and Storyboards

Ib and Garry hiding behind a corner near a painting.
"Ib Storyboard"
The design concept for the game was something like a foreign storybook.
But the characters were designed to be more globally-relatable. (Or, maybe just Japan...)

Garry talking to Ib and Mary in front of the Fleeting Thoughts on a Moonlit Night painting.
"Fleeting Thoughts on a Moonlit Night"
A peaceful moment in the violet area.
The proportions here ended up a bit extreme...

"Rough Sketches and Design: Ib"

Colored sketch of Ib.
The heroine, Ib. Red-themed.
Her family is upper-class, so her skirt goes just down to her knees.

Sketch of Ib.
Here's the first design of Ib.
The expression isn't quite right, but her clothes hardly changed.

Sketch of Ib and her mother.
She loves her mother.
Of course, she gets along with father too.

Sketch of Ib with a gloomy look.
Initially, I planned to have the menu image change for every petal you lost.
So she'd look more like this when she got down to 3... but it was too much of a hassle.

"Rough Sketches and Design: Garry"

Colored sketch of Garry.
Ib's support, Garry. He's got a stylish design.
It was hard drawing distinctive expressions since he only shows one eye.

Sketch of Garry with a billowing coat.
I like the idea of his coat fluttering around wherever he goes.
I fiddled with the ruggedness of the coat over time... He has a tank-top underneath.

Sketch of Garry tormented by a doll and mannequin head.
["Play! Play!"]
Garry's strange, but very easy to like.

Sketch of Garry putting his hands together and smiling.
"Oh, my! That's fantastic!"
His personality's very feminine, too.

"Rough Sketches and Design: Mary"

Colored sketch of Mary.
The concept was simply "a pretty girl like you'd find in a painting." (Of course, you know...)
I intentionally gave Mary more color than the other characters.

Sketch of Mary holding a doll.
She loves cute things.
Also playing. And delicious things.

Same colored sketch with various colored dresses: white, blue, gray, orange.
I had a lot of trouble settling on a color. Sheesh, Mary...
Personally, I liked the second from the left just as much.
But it seemed too ocean-esque, so I scrapped it.

Sketch of Mary angrily throwing a fit behind Garry.
Wham! Wham!
I wish I could've made a few more discussions between these two.

Posted April 29th, 2012

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