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The official website was redone while last year was closing out. The original site was made by me doing trial and error with tags I don't know anything about, but this time I had someone else do it. I'm very pleased with it. Come to think of it, I think the site had been like that since before diorama's release, which means the old design persisted for over three years, I believe. That brings a lot of thoughts to mind; just how long I've gone with that design, and how long ago diorama really was, and wondering how long I'll keep using Reissue-kun. (Reissue-kun is a sort of mascot who's on the new site too. But very unpopular with the people around me; they think he's gross.) This blog is also planned to be integrated into the site soon.

I have two means of using the net to broadcast my words: Twitter, and my blog. Though there are many mediums through which I can simply send words, my feelings at the time and the method of telling information change the quality of the words. So it's an unclear distinction, but I've chosen to use Twitter and my blog for different purposes. I consider Twitter to be a busy area. And I consider my blog to be a quiet area. Maybe not everyone will agree with those views, but whenever I'm about to say anything, the words coming up my throat send a signal that says "Twitter" or "blog," and I type them on my keyboard in the according place. The words are the jockey, and I am the horse. As I recall some amazing person once said, "The nature of man is words."

There are honestly lots of things in me that I don't want to put into words. The act of speaking words is also that of discarding that which isn't put into those words, so the moment you turn emotions into words, the parts that aren't included come off like the skin of a potato. Who knows how many feelings and sensations have died in such a way? I would have no way of knowing now, but every time I speak a word, every time I write a lyric, I can't escape the guilty stench of those unneeded parts discarded in the trash. Thus, I don't want to make that which is really important to me into words or lyrics. As long as I can just indirectly touch upon those important things with my words, like I do now, then I don't want to go any further.

My new single comes out this week. I think I made some good songs. Hope this year is another good one.

Posted January 12th, 2015


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