Passing (from Kenshi Yonezu's blog)

My diary has moved to a new location [on the Reissue Records site itself]. I'm not sure if it's appropriate to call this a blog, so I'm calling it a diary.

Calculating it out, it seems I'd been using the old blog for around eight years. For those eight years, I never understood what the word "blog" went through to get to where it is now, so I can't find myself using it just like that. Words are always changing. "Avec" becoming "couple," "jean pants" becoming "jeans," the old is passing the torch to the new without us even noticing. Though as far as "avec" goes, I've only lived in the post-update world, so I can only say "I know of it." Well, anyway, things are always changing.

I've been doing a live tour lately. A few years ago it would've been inconceivable, I think. To my past self, music was something that was started and finished entirely on a screen, and I was a very solitary person. Until leaving the countryside, not only had I hardly done concerts, I'd hardly seen any. So the first concert I saw after coming to the city had me slapping my knee with realization over every little thing, yet at the same time feeling distant, like it was of no importance to me. The music I'd made, were it to be performed in such a place, would surely have to be redefined for the sake of this indescribable unity, I recall dimly thinking.

Writing things about the tour during the tour is feeling like spoilers, so I'm going to stop. But for some reason, there are moments where I worry that if I don't make a record of something at right this moment, I'll never get it back again. If I don't put it into words and ruminate on it, maybe my memories and sensations will be updated without me realizing. That shop's gone now, machines have gotten so useful, the area's gotten easier to live in - in this way, uncouth times pass, and refined things manage to survive.

I wonder what things have changed in me since eight years ago. Concerts are overwhelmingly more fun now. I'm able to immerse myself in and comprehend things formerly "someone else's business," and throw myself into that vortex. I've come to understand complex words a little more, and I've come to learn how to fold laundry properly. I spend less time alone, and I spend more time thinking positively. How will things change from tomorrow on? With a mix of unease and zero expectations, I just casually wish this pleasant day would last forever.

Posted April 7th, 2015


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