Opening (from Kenshi Yonezu's diary)

Hello, it's Kenshi Yonezu. I had a LINE blog set up.
There's also a blog on my official homepage, and I still haven't exactly decided whether to (and how to) make them distinct, or if I should shift everything to be over here. But for now, hi.

When I typed my name up there, I was surprised to see that it now instantly converts to the correct kanji. I'm grateful. People often get my name wrong. When I first meet most people, they read it as "Genshi Yonezu," so for a long time I haven't bothered to actively correct them if they get it wrong. Probably since grade school or so. It's actually "Kenshi Yonezu," but people normally don't read it that way, and it's entirely understandable that they get it wrong, so I'm personally okay with Genshi or Kenshi. However, when people get it wrong in excessive ways like Kuroushi Yonezu (reading it akin to 玄人, which can imply "expert" but also "prostitute"), Boushi Yonezu (misreading it as 法師, Buddhist priest), or Kenshi Beizu (the choice of people who assume the worst), I simply have to correct that. So, that's that.

Maybe I should have chosen to operate under an easier-to-read name, I lament sometimes, but it's not simple to change my real name. For better or worse, this is the name I'm working with now, so oh well, it's fine.

Posted June 2nd, 2016


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