Lily Flower Fall (from Kenshi Yonezu's blog)

(I think writing entries on the new diary will cause the whole site to crash, so I'll write it here [on the old blog] and post it there later.)

My live tour Lily Flower Fall has ended. The previous one, Last Homeroom, was only at three locations, so comparing them, it seems it was about three times the length. But it flew by once I got started, and all the shows were over before I knew it. I've gotten started on writing lyrics the instant after it finished, so there hasn't been much time to reflect on it. I even find myself thinking "Did that really happen, I wonder?" But I do remember walking in front of many people. It remains in the form of letters, gifts, and photos. Even if I someday find myself unable to remember those days very well, I feel like it's settled deep into my body and won't simply go away. Did you all have fun?

It smells like spring. Whenever spring approaches each year, I feel something a little smoky leaking out from the back of my nose. I smell it regardless of place, time, and weather, so I'm sure it's not something that comes with spring, but probably something I'm raising in my own body.

Posted April 30th, 2015


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