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There's a gallery on the Farethere City site, so here are translations of the pages.

Pages marked with a * are particularly spoilery, but to be most safe, don't read until you've seen all three endings.

(Last updated January 5th, 2017.)


Character Art (True End *)

優他 in kanji [first kanji means "gentle," like the true ending mentions].
7 years old, 120 cm (3'11").
His best subjects are Japanese and arts and crafts.
His favorite food is hamburgers.
He's smart and kind, but kind of timid.


キャラ全身図 おなご
Character Full-Bodies: Girls

It's my preference to blame for all the big boobs. (Confession)


キャラ全身図 おとこ
Character Full-Bodies: Boys

Omitted people who had full-bodies in the in-game Gallery. (Wha?!)


Izanai (*)

The Omens' and Rinne's kimonos are all right-over-left [meaning They Dead]. Izanai's kimono is covered in blood.


Deepsea Citizens and Pigula Dressup

[Umi-Basho] Umi-Basho
[Fishsy] Heh-hem?

[Member Outfit] Unavoidable Sense of Wrongness
[Bottom-Left] Let's get fancy!!
[Luna] "I'll measure your bust!"


Forgotnot's Crescent (*)


Happy New Year

Have a happy new year.


Incoherent Pictures Collection (*)

[Music box, Gemini, Spee, Hopopo]
← Miniature guys. Gave up on drawing everybody. (Glazed eyes)

[Jekyll and Pigula] "If you're gonna ride, sit still..."
This seems to be the person who currently has the most people saying "I took him along!" for the thing on Day 6.

[Goddess] Goddess (Part-Time)
The goddess's interview was a success due to first impressions and looks. Definitely looks. Looks. (Emphasizing)


Omens and Stuff (*)

Mitori and Satori are god-like figures to the Omens.
They generally act as onlookers who don't interfere with the gardens.

It's unclear whether Michibiki has the same faith in them as the other Omens.

The Temaneki are the Omens' underlings.
They're like shikigami, lack emotion, and certainly won't do anything to defy an Omen.
They have legs. Since they're shikigami...


Forgotnot and MeDiCiNe (*) Kinda Gory?

← Lots of people told me "I liked this place!", so... Hehe...

↓ A person wrapped in bandages who's called (by me) "MeDiCiNe-KuN" or "Dakuten-kun" [the alternating caps was originally lots of voiced marks, dakuten].


Game Contest Award Commemoration!

Received an Excellence Award in the 10th Freem! Game Contest! Thank you very much!

My game, Farethere City, has won an Excellence Award in the 10th Freem! Game Contest!! I'm glad! I'm glad! (Did you mean: Lack of vocabulary)
I think it would get obscenely long if I wrote my feelings of joy and gratitude out as I wished, so I drew a commemoration picture...! Thank you very much!


Various (Post-True-End Bonus *)

Height: 125cm (4'1")
Age: 33

The arms come out here.


Nightmarket and Path of Rebirth (*)

Red Monkey

[Top-Right] The road's scary... it's exhausting...
[Center] Road of Rebirth
[Left] Stamp Rally Guy
Male and female Rinne both wear white tekkou (arm covers) and white tabi (socks). And their kimono are right-over-left [Dead].


Veggies and Hoo-yah (Post-True-End Bonus *)

About the greengrocer's veggies.

Resembles spinach. However, it's very bitter, and with mulukhiyah-like viscosity.

A fruit similar to Chinese apples (himeringo).

A vegetable like turnips.

Gilbert's beloved Hasegawa Smoothie is a mix of 7:2:1 Ha:Sa:An.
Honestly, it's too bitter to really be drinkable.
[Gilbert] "This too is for my health..."



Sweets, Heave-Ho, and Bottom of the Sea

[Eat(er) Island]
I've still yet to forget the humiliation of trying to bake pancakes with butter and gravely burning them.


The Monster at the Very Very Bottom of the Ocean
(Very directly influenced by a game called LIMBO with wonderful silhouette art.)

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