END ROLL Second Anniversary: "Knife"

Segawa made a music video to commememorate END ROLL's second anniversary (even though the actual anniversary isn't until June 2nd). They've prohibited reposting, so here's a translation of the lyrics, plus a transcription of the few things in the video. The video contains plenty of spoilers, so only watch it if you've beaten the game.


Cry baby cry, cry baby cry, cry baby cry, cry...

[END ROLL Second Anniversary Celebration Video
Presented by Segawa

Song Used
Knife / Arthur]

Cry baby cry, cry baby cry, cry baby cry, I make you happy

[!! Warnings !!
Many spoilers
A little gore
Song cuts, etc.]

Cry baby cry, cry baby cry, cry baby cry, cry...

[If and only if you're fine with that...
Let's happy dream!]

The stars, the trees, the air,
the flowers, the ocean, God...
"Understand them,"
"learn them,"
"trust them";
no, no,
I won't say that,
no, I won't say that

[Rules of the Town
Lastly, Russell.
You must not reveal to the residents
that this is your dream.
The moment you reveal it to anyone
is the moment this blessed dream crumbles.]

With a body glinting silver,
I'm holding a red ruby
Cruelty is a kind thing,
so the Jack of Hearts is crying...

This sadness of mine,
it digs in deeper and deeper
Destroy it, scratch it up -
"What a strange fate..."

My knife, you see,
it'll savagely cut up the sky
Hurt it, love it, and play,
more and more...

Once you've gathered peacock feathers,
wait for the wind; here, it'll come soon
I won't hesitate,
not for anything now -
far away, I hear
a happy melody...

My knife, you see,
it'll cut up your sadness
Laugh, and change -
"What a strange fate..."

Your tears, you see,
they'll make many a rainbow
Touch it, you won't break;
reach out your hand -

Cry baby cry, cry baby cry...

[Thank you very much.]

Posted April 22nd, 2018

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