END ROLL Inside Story Pages

Like what Farethere City had, Segawa has now added a page for extra development stories and secret things for END ROLL as well.

These contain many spoilers, so don't look until you've seen all the endings and the bonus room.

(Last updated August 5th, 2017, with info on Segawa's next game!)


Full Names and Such

[About the Characters' Full Names]

It's totally fine not knowing them, but I might as well...
For characters I hadn't settled on one for, I decided by feeling, so I can't actually remember everyone's very well. (Whaaa...)

[Russell] Russell Seager
[Tabasa] Tabasa McNeil
[Gardenia] Gardenia Reitman
[Cody] Cody Toscarina
[Dogma] Dogma Toscarina
[Kantera] This is an alias he assumed after fleeing the country. His real name is Ryuuzen.
[Mireille] Mireille Nif
[Saxon] Russell doesn't know the real name or face of the "master," so he's rather ambiguous. Maybe by knowing he was a man considerably older than Mireille, he was unconsciously influenced by his school's principal/teachers or the like.
[Yumi] Yumi Bombers
[Fairia] Fairia Adelista
[Raymond] Raymond Costa
[Yue] Real name is 柚依, usually read "Yuue," but Raymond just calls her "Yue," so it stuck.
[Walter] Walter Bartley

[Personal Ease of Character Use]

I'm frequently asked "isn't it hard thinking of dialogue...?", but I love writing pointless chatter, so it's no trouble.
Though there were considerable differences in the time it took to think of and write lines for each character...

[Image with a line ranking characters from "easy to think of lines" on the left to "hard to think of lines" on the right.]
Gardenia = Raymond > Yumi > Informant > Walter > Fairia > Kantera > Tabasa ~= Cody > Russell > Mireille > Yue >>> Saxon >> Dogma

Gardenia: Since she was once planned to be the protagonist.
Raymond: This guy can just talk about women! (Realization)
Yumi: Pictured her as a true Tokyoite. [Thus, cowgirl??]
Informant: It's fun thinking of lines that gouge out your heart!!!
Walter: When people say he's got a bad personality, I think of that as a success.
Fairia: Really sorry for making you say all the meta stuff.
Kantera: He's always sleepy. It's good to take it easy.
Tabasa: Clumsy. And a scaredy-cat.
Cody: More shy than tsundere. Sweet once she's familiar with you.
Russell: His personality changes with his guilt level, so I mean...
Mireille: Feeling sorry for making her so cowardly.
Yue: Good luck with your training to handle customers better...
Saxon: Sorry you didn't get much screentime.
Dogma: You extended development so much with how hard it was to think of lines... Jesus!
(Laughing at how all the people who speak bluntly are at the top...)

[Draft of Scrapped 10,000 Downloads Art]

It's dirty since it's a rough draft, but I was fond of the composition, so I'll hold a service for it here...
I scrapped it since there was too little fanservice for a commemorative picture.


Unavailable Scene

[Unused Conversation]

Here's the night movie conversation with Yumi which I said earlier "exists in the data, but the timing makes it impossible."
Below are Yumi's thoughts after seeing Deepsea Aria.

Yumi: "A disaster movie... Nice.
I love a movie that's got
thrills like that."

Yumi: "But... Kinda wanted to see 'em
reveal the monster and have
a big duel. Felt kinda lacking."

(Option 1: "I think so too.")
Yumi: "Hey, so we agree.
Leaves me kinda unsatisfied
to end it with things hangin'."

Yumi: "...Wonder if there's a sequel planned?
Hope they put the duel in that one."

Yumi: "'Course, if a sequel comes out,
I'll go see it with ya.
And I'll treat ya to some juice."

(Option 2: "It's fine how it is.")
Yumi: "Hmm... ya think?
Guess when you end that way,
it stirs up some terror, maybe..."

Yumi: "Eh, I've always been
an action movie gal. So that's
just the way I think of things."


About Dreamsend Enterprises

[Dreamsend Guidance Incorporated]

The company Fairia belongs to.
Their job is to casually teach and guide the dreamer so they don't lose sight of their goals.

Most employees have the ability to warp around freely in the dream worlds.
Or actually, you can't do the job if you can't, so in a sense, it's the number one test of innate qualities.
People who can't do it can't their whole lives, and those who can may suddenly be unable to one day, and have to resign and go into an office or reception job.

[Dreamsend Trade Incorporated]

The company Raymond and Yue belong to.
Their job is to sell goods to dreamers and dream inhabitants.

Their reason for selling useful items is to let the dreamer enjoy the dream world more comfortably.
(When dealing with someone in the Happy Dream Rehabilitation Program, they provide useful merchandise to help ensure that the dreamer becomes a "success.")

Since the currency in the dreams is different from dream to dream and not real, their sales do not turn directly into company profit.
However, the sales earned by employees in the dreams are carefully tracked, and whether or not they've met their sales quota affects their salary.

[Dreamsend Research Institute]

The company Walter belongs to.
A highly mysterious organization researching how to control dreams to their will.
They have made many achievements, including a special device allowing entry into other people's dreams and the Happy Dream drug.
As a result, they have more influence than the other groups, and have a very elite feel.

[Ministry of Dreamsend Management]

A national institution that manages the dream-related organizations.
(The above three are all managed and given orders by this institution, but no one from it appears in the game.)

Publicly, they are a "institution dedicated to using the effects of dream therapy to people's benefit."
However, it's also responsible for the proposal and realization of the Happy Dream Rehabilitation Program.


Rough Sketches

I found rough drafts and lineart for the front page and 10,000 downloads illustrations, so I'll put them here.
Pretty different from the finished versions, huh... How nostalgic.


(Added August 5th, 2017)

News About the Game In Development

"Walking on a Star Unknown"
(Working title, so it might change.)

A heartwarming cooking adventure on an unknown planet.
Features cooking, affection levels with each character, etc., and should be loaded with side content.
Expect the usual slight horror and gloominess as well!

Progress is currently at about 40%, so release is still a ways away.
Please wait patiently.

This is the kind of game it's planned to be:
(These are development screenshots and may differ from the final game.)

Eddie: "Oof, ouch... Can't believe we went and crashed like that. You okay, Fukuro?"

"No matter the planet, no matter the alien, they get hungry, and they cook"...

RECIPE (Shift to Cancel)
Whoopsie Sweets
Sea-Shell-Shroom Stew
Hide & Seek Pasta
Icecargo Sautee
[Ingredients Required] [for Hide-and-Seek Pasta]
Reddyornaut x 1
Heericlam x 1 [I switched the original order of these to make the English pun work.]
Spicy Pepper x 1

Narrator: "Mr. Clown certainly was hungry! The end!"

Hyottoko: "Well, one must take a too-stubborn approach for those who truly catch their fancy. An eternal constant, yes."

Desmond: "Look who it is... you again. Encountering you in such a place... Don't tell me you're following me?"

M. Bird: "Gehehe... A-All I've got is... potato shochu made from Icktaters..."

Yurika: "It doesn't matter... If he's so foolish as to approach this place, I'll kill him, even if it kills meee!!"

Posted October 15th, 2016

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