[Help!] My Girlfriend Is Testing Me (´・ω・`) (Part 4)

Part 1


I'm being tested by this girl I'm dating...
How's a guy supposed to react to this kind of thing? Tell me, somebody... (´・ω・`)

...Denko guy? Is that you?

Yes. Sorry I'm late with my report. (´・ω・`)
I was successful in coming into contact with Denko on Friday, but a bunch of other things happened... (´・ω・`)

yoU... AGAIN...

First, I paid Denko's friend 20,000 yen to make sure my plan went smoothly.
I asked her to request Denko to go buy alcohol.
And then finally, finally I saw Denko again! (´・ω・`)
I didn't want to suddenly call her, so to display my passion as her boyfriend, I snuck up from behind and hugged her... (´・ω・`)

Denko's body felt so warm... (´・ω・`)
It might have just been the best moment of my life. I don't think I'm going to wash these clothes, so I don't forget.
Denko was surprised too, and let out a really loud shriek and ran, but I wasn't going to have that again!
I grabbed her arm so she couldn't run. Because I wanted to hear her true feelings... (´・ω・`)

I've seen scenes like this in horror films about serial killers...

Denko was really hollering, so her friends got worried.
And she said she was going home for the day. And they all told me not to come near Denko again... (´・ω・`)


Have you asked her how she felt after that?

Well, I'd rather have advice on how to do that than do something clumsy...
That's why I made a thread, so I could ask you guys... (´・ω・`)

Denko, you've been so much trouble to deal with... I'm exhausted.
I want to talk it out with her, but I need help on how I should go about it... (´・ω・`)

Dear god, this guy is even more of a crazy than I thought.

Poor, poor Denko...

Are you still emailing her pretending to be her friend?

Seriously, still not behind bars?

I'm the Snake from the last thread, but, uh...
How did this happen...? I was hoping I could be reassured it was just a troll...
When did the flower-viewing start...? When was OP in Yoyogi Park...?

^ How long were you there?

^ From around 3 to 4:30. I couldn't stay that long.
Two other Snakes who were there since 12 told me they didn't see anybody like the OP.
The guests were starting to leave, so we left too. Uh, at least I got home safe...

[And the thread dies without any more OP posts. But then...]

[Help!] I'm Being Bullied At School (´・ω・`)

I'm incredibly worried, honestly...
I was bullied in grade school too, but this is just awful.
Somebody, please help me...

ASCII art of cat-like characters dancing around the text 'NO THANKS.'

Become a masochist and all your worries will melt away.

I'll help. Give me the name of your school, your year, and the bully's name, phone number, and anything else you know.


I'll help just this once, OP.

What exactly do you want from us?

I want to know what I can do to not get bullied... (´・ω・`)

Tell us the sexual parts of your harassment, OP.

I was never bullied in my first year of college, but the bullying's started again...
I just ignored it at first, but people are telling me I'm creepy and to die to my face.
Most of the time they pick on me by sprinkling me with toilet water.
I'm afraid it'll be like this my whole time in college... (´・ω・`)

I can't help but think there's a reason.

I'm honestly surprised they'd do that kind of bullying in college. That's rough. In grade school, if you're hurt or made fun of, you could always change schools, but college...?
Is it possible you could avoid the bullies?

Thank you... (´;ω;`)
More and more rumors are spreading about me, so I'm being called names by people I don't even know.
I wish there were some way to stop the rumors... (´・ω・`)


I was usually teased for having a timid personality, but it's really rough getting bullied even after I'm in college...

Bullying in college...?

Hahaha, something seems awfully familiar about this thread...

The Denko guy???

Getting bullied in college must mean it's a pretty sucky college...

You are the cause, OP. (´・ω・`)

Hey, even if there were a good reason, I shouldn't have to put up with bullying at this age... (´・ω・`)
I've been skipping school a lot out of fear...

Did you get to confess under the cherry blossoms?

Sorry, I meant to give some details about me... (´・ω・`)
I've never really written anything like this before, but, uh...
Hair: Tackey-esque
Face: Normal
Clothes: I don't know much about them, but ordinary pants and shirts
Height: 170 cm, pretty normal
Personality: Quiet (´・ω・`)

Something like that...
Any advice given that?

I was bullied once.

In my case, after a while, I didn't give them any reaction.
And then soon enough, it stopped.
I couldn't make friends with them, but at least I could get them to not want to bully me.

I don't think it's a very good idea to ditch school.
You're just feeding them by letting them get to you.

Even skipping school counts as a reaction, huh...
What should I do... Deep down, I really want to just tell them "Stop it!!"... (´・ω・`)
Although I can't bring myself to say it in front of them anyway.
Do I have to just put up with it for now? I do want to go to school, but it hurts...

>Deep down, I really want to just tell them "Stop it!!"

Is that Denko speaking?

No, you shouldn't tell them "Stop it!" either.
If you do, they'll just want to bully you even more.
That's what they enjoy, and that's why they do it.

First, you want to think of it like "Oh, this again. They just don't give up."
Make sure they don't get any enjoyment out of it.

It might take about two months for it to go away for good.

By the way, what are these rumors? Where did they come from?

Ooogh... I see... (´・ω・`)
No reaction at all...
I don't know if I can handle it, considering I was bullied in grade school too...
But two months is better than forever, I suppose...
It's bad timing though, since I'm mentally exhausted after my girlfriend broke up with me...

I don't really want to talk about the rumors. (´・ω・`) I'm not sure what to say about them...

Riiight, don't want to talk about it...
Because you're the cause of them, right?
If I'm wrong, just tell us so, so we can give you more useful advice.

This is the Denko guy?

Denko's boyfriend → (´・ω・`)

Thought so.
He's as bad at listening to people as ever.


^ Not like they were dating to begin with.

This guy's a college student, really??
He sounds like a middle-schooler at best.

If I mentioned Denko right away, no one would reply honestly... (´・ω・`)
So I just wanted to ask about the bullying...

LOL, the Denko guy...
Geez, I'm curious what happened with her.

Can we just have a conversation here?
I don't have any friends, so if I can't even talk here, I'm gonna feel really defeated... (´・ω・`)

Okay, dude, listen. Listen. LISTEN.
The previous threads were all about Denko and all that stuff, right?
And you talked about her plenty in them, but not here.
If you didn't want Denko to come up here, then why the thread title?
It's completely obvious you're the same guy.

It's a very delicate situation, so even a single word could hurt matters...
Why does everyone want to talk about Denko? Why not me?
I'm not really in a situation where I can talk about her anyway... (´・ω・`)

See, and now everyone attacks me... (´・ω・`)
I've noticed that whenever I talk about Denko, I get unpleasant responses.
So please consider that I'm very hurt right now and don't want to talk about it... (´・ω・`)
Back to the bullying, I don't want to do what's being recommended...
I want to know a more peaceful method, because I can't put up with this for two months...
If only things could go back to normal in a day...

>I've noticed that whenever I talk about Denko, I get unpleasant responses.
>So please consider that I'm very hurt right now

And Denko's been hurt far, far worse.

Give it to us clearly, okay?
Are you gonna ditch or are you gonna post?

Sorry, I'll write some...
It really does put me at ease when I make posts here... (´・ω・`)
I want to live in peace. I haven't been sleeping well lately.

Why do I have to put up with a life of bullying?
I don't know, but I know I have to face it somehow...
And I want the people bullying me to know they're being silly.

While it's true you might be criticized when you talk about Denko, some people won't give advice if you avoid talking about her. Just understand that.

If you don't like the environment at school, look for something new.
Absorb yourself in a hobby, or go somewhere where rumors about OP won't reach you, and do what you want to do.

Thanks for the serious reply! (´・ω・`)
Not giving a reaction is really hard...
I might have done so without even realizing it.
Hobbies... Uh, I like H games and comics, but no real hobbies...
Do you think things would settle themselves if I didn't go to school for two months?

Do you have any idea how much trouble you've caused Tendou?
You need to apologize to Tendou for everything, now.

Uh? (´・ω・`) You know Denko's nickname?
Are you from school?

You know the nickname Tendou?
If you're acquaintances, I want you to reply... (´・ω・`)

Oh, I know her name, first and last. But this isn't any time for you to be interrogating me, you creep.
You need to realize the way you push your smug goodwill and shows of affection on her without ever considering her feelings is the worst kind of violence.

If you don't get that, then you're beyond all help.

^ Could you tell us more details about the flower-viewing if possible?



Oh bajeezus.
I know he'll do it, too.



i peed a little

There was no (´・ω・`)...


Do you really know Denko?
If you really know her, tell me what she was wearing to the flower-viewing! (´・ω・`)

Say, if Denko filed a stalker report, is it likely this guy would get arrested?

Very likely, surely?
If this guy gets ignored, then law enforcement is a joke when it comes to stalking.

This would all be seriously traumatic to almost any girl, especially a fragile one.
OP still doesn't seem to understand the ramifications of his actions.
Maybe we should get a hold of people nearby to file a claim for Denko.

So in short, OP stalked Denko and is getting bullied for it, but is acting like he's the victim?

^ Yes sir.

I don't want to hurt anyone, but I do know karate.
I really don't like violence...
But this might be my chance to overcome my traumas... (´・ω・`)
It's this or put up with it for two months...

Where are you getting two months from?

I was advised here that if I endured it for two months, it would go away. (´・ω・`)

What're your plans for today, OP?

Wondering if I should go to school or not... (´・ω・`)

Why can't you tell us a straight cause for the bullying?
Are you just going to keep saying "rumors"??

So, she didn't like the thing at the flower-viewing, did she?

Apparently not... I can't take any more wounds.
Just seeing "Denko" makes me feel like my chest is being carved out of me...

Hey, stop making fun of OP, okay!!
Can you say everything you want to talk about, OP?
About the cause for bullying, the rumors you haven't specified about, about Denko...
We'll talk it all out with you. Okay?

Sniff... Thank you...
I'm glad there's a few good people... (´・ω・`)

You goddamn... Were you threatening Denko with violence?

Not saying anything to guys and threatening women? You're the worst.
What a waste of space. It's obvious why you're being bullied.

I just grabbed her, okay?
If you're that guy from school, please don't talk about this anymore...

You got in an argument with Denko, grabbed her arm, and groped her. You're a piece of shit is what you are.

^ Hooray, Denko's friend!

Whoa, wait, I let go right away... I didn't grope her! (´・ω・`)
Everyone, please, don't let this guy lead you astray.

Do you honestly think you're convincing anyone at this point?

You damn liar! Don't use your stupid-ass emoticon with me! You gonna do something about that attitude problem?!?

Hear it from me, guys. This guy says he's being bullied in college, but in reality he's a sack of shit who Denko loathes for chasing her around, and he sees the situation as him being goddamn bullied. He's the epitome of creepy stalkers.

If I talk more about the flower-viewing, it'll agitate the situation!
All your name-calling is really hurting me...
I want you to promise you won't make fun of me.
It's a really delicate situation, so I don't want things to get worse, or I'll go nuts... (´・ω・`)

Too late.

Don't be ridiculous.
You don't want to "agitate" things by talking about the flower-viewing? There's nothing more that needs to be said! You're just going to be a little shit who won't apologize to Denko. Don't ever come near her again!

^ Whoa, calm down. Can you tell us if something happened?
There's no sense in getting angry.

Whoa, everyone's so nice...
I've never had so many people be this nice to me before... (´・ω・`)

Ohh, I'm scared...
But I'll write it now... I'm so glad there are so many people supporting me... (´・ω・`)
Um, after the stuff happened, I got called by "A-ko," who was headed to Yoyogi Park as planned.
But the place was pretty large, so I couldn't find the place she told me to go to.
All she wrote that it was a hilly place in Yoyogi Park...

But eventually I found the hilly place, and of course Denko was there.
I watched with a telescope and waited for a chance when she wouldn't see me.
I thought A-ko was going to have Denko go to the store, but she suddenly said she wouldn't do it unless I paid an additional 30,000 yen.
So of course I promised I'd pay 30,000 more, and she sent Denko to the store alone.
There was a road for bikes near where Denko was, but Denko looked toward me for some reason, and I impulsively got down on the ground... (´・ω・`)

Sorry for going off-topic. (´・ω・`)
So then Denko found me on the cycling road.
She looked back my way once or twice.
Then she ran with incredible speed toward me while I was squatting!
And I thought "Huh? Maybe I've cleared up the misunderstandings?", stood up immediately, and waved at Denko as she ran toward me.

[Then the thread hit 1000 posts. But I won't dare make this a cliffhanger.]

[Help!] I'm Suffering From These Rumors (´・ω・`)

Making a new thread here for now. (´・ω・`)

Okay, time to continue... (´・ω・`)
So I was waving at Denko waiting for her to come this way.
But then Denko threw her bag at me really hard, and I ducked to dodge it.
But in the next moment, Denko screamed and kicked me right in the chin.
It was so unlike her, it absolutely stunned me...
I never would have dreamed I'd get kicked by Denko.
So I quickly grabbed Denko's hand to stop her rampaging.
Right? Since it was just a misunderstanding? (´・ω・`)



Denko's had a whole lot of stress built up...
I'm not surprised she'd get violent, no matter what you said to her.

Then what? What about A-ko?
And everyone else involved?

Holy shit Denko! We're proud of you, girl!
I'd been imagining her as a weakling since all we know is she's being stalked, but damn was I wrong...

Is it possible the friend who showed up in the thread was A-ko?
They had details on the flower-viewing incident, too.

If it was A-ko, it seems weird she'd say "What did you do to Denko?", doesn't it?
Since A-ko is selling info to the OP.
The part about "threatening with violence," too, since Denko used the Shining Wizard on OP.

Maybe A-ko is the final boss? If this is like an RPG?

She said she had good info, but when I said I would be hard up for cash this month, she hung up on me... (´・ω・`)
I'm talking with my mom now.

Okay, sorry for going off-topic.
I've been sorting things out, so I was late with this... (´・ω・`)

So Denko was getting violent and I grabbed her hand, but she screamed really loud.
I immediately thought, oh no, she misunderstood me again, so I got on the ground and started apologizing.
I think it got through to Denko, because then she broke down crying.
But then A-ko (the one who gave me info on Denko) came with some other girl I don't know, and they suddenly pushed us apart... (´・ω・`)

I'm serious, stop posting your made-up crap on 2chan!

People, don't believe a word this guy says about what happened today!

^ Well, I believe him more than you, since there's actually something TO believe.

^ Is this A-ko?

^ Compared to you going "NO YOU'RE WRONG," I'm going with the OP, who's at least starting to talk.
Because anybody can just say "nope, that's not true."

I've heard all of OP's story, so I want to hear this person's too, but there's one thing I want to ask.

What do you think about A-ko selling info to OP despite knowing Denko despises him?

^ I don't believe it. It's just a fabrication by the OP!
And Denko would never get violent!
This guy is seriously messed in the head!

^ You shouldn't be arguing this by emotion, okay?
How else would OP have known the time and place of the flower-viewing, and the moment she went off shopping?
And the changed email addresses and phone numbers? It's probably even why he got busted.
I know lots of women like to go "I don't want to think about it!" and dodge questions, but doing this is just being pointlessly cruel to Delico, okay?



So they shouted at me, calling me a pervert...
And even A-ko told me "Don't get any closer to Denko!"
It's not something I expected at all... It made me cry from shock...
And when Denko asked what I want from her, I was sobbing and saying I just want us two to talk! (´・ω・`)
Then it was silent for a while, and Denko said that as long as A-ko and ___ were watching, she would listen.
And then I realized...
Right! I had to confess under the cherry blossoms!

This guy is really something if he thinks "I should confess!" after all that.

So then I led Denko under a cherry blossom within sight of A-ko and the mystery girl.
Then I casually pushed Denko from behind under the tree.
I wanted to talk about my feelings, and how Denko was misunderstanding me.
Of course, I was thinking of all these things to say to lead up to confessing to Denko.
And I was sweating so much it was getting in my eyes, so Denko gave me a handkerchief.
But the next moment, Denko suddenly said, before I could confess...
"There's someone I like, and I'm sorry, ___, but it isn't you."
It was so out of left field, like I had been suddenly hit with a baseball bat... (´・ω・`)

Whoa, man, that's rough. What happened next?

Thank you... (´・ω・`) It was such a rough day, I didn't even eat...

Denko told me "If you're really thinking about me, please, consider how I feel."
So I was glad to hear that Denko knew I thought about her more than anything else.
But I really despised this guy that Denko liked... (I'll have to get info on him from A-ko...)
I never considered for a second Denko would care for anyone but me, so it was a huge shock.
So Denko shook my hand, made me promise not to come near her again, and we went home.

Keep that goddamn promise...


Have you yet to tell Denko about how you're so devoted, you're paying A-ko to hear more about her??

I mean, if I were a girl, I'd be moved to tears by that.

A-ko's still giving me info about Denko.
If I cut things off with A-ko, I'd be really stuck... (´・ω・`)

I thought you said you didn't fully trust A-ko?
Why's OP being so careful with A-ko?


But that's true... ROFL

I really don't know how you could raise a kid this effed in the head.

Looks like this is over.
Time to disperse, guys.

OP sure is being slow...

I'm getting kind of worried.

All the other threads ended this way too.
Give it some time and he'll make another thread.
'Cause he's a troll.

These threads never have a satisfying ending...

But it wasn't quite over yet...

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