NicoNico Douga has a box with changing clever comments (picked from a thread on the BBS) in the Right-Upper corner of the page (which now, disappointingly, merely appears instead of ads on occasion). Sounds like translatable material to me!

General NicoNico information:
"NicoNico" means "smile." "Douga" means "video."
"NiyaNiya" is similar to NicoNico, but more like "grinning."
"Nicochu" is a nickname for people obsessed with Nico.
"Jihou onna" (announcer girl) narrates the deleted video message and other such things. I call her "Announcette," partially because when she says it, it sorta blends into "jihonna."
Foo-san is the one who played the music for the deleted video message.
"25" (or 2525, or etc.) can be read "Ni-go." (And trust me, "go" is close enough to "co.")
Hiroyuki Nishimura... Um, just look at the page, I guess.

Again the Right-Upper is alone...

I shall! Not stop uploading! Until you LAAAUGH!

Right... Upper...?!

Boku Rightuppemon

People of Japan! This... is the Right-Upper!

Almost August 32nd...

Right-Upper, hotter than the sweltering sun.

A Liquid Metal Right-Upper draws near!

There's no response. It must just be a Right-Upper.

Right-Upper Is Watching You

Right-Upper is holding down the fort.

Don't call me big brother. Call me Right-Uppher.

What version is the Right-Upper at?

Would you look at this Right-Upper! Buy now for 2525 yen!

I want to become the Right-Stopper.

It's surprisingly expensive to rent the Right-Upper.

The Simple Job of Looking at the Right-Upper

Whatcha doin' this weekend, Right-Upper?

I'll have what Right-Upper's having.

Make sure to equip the Right-Upper to use it!

You thought I was the Right-Upper? Well! You're right!

N-Not like I care about getting on the Right-Upper, geez!

The year changed while I was on NicoNico.

Christmas? No... Just another holiday.

Flip the Earth on its axis, and bam, summer!

You have such a talent! You must waste more time!!

Too many comments clogged up the toilet.

We got pipin' hot NicoNico!

What, now? I'm busy! I'm NicoNico-ing!

NicoNico at my place?

A toast... to your NicoNico!

As long as there's a NicoNico Douga, you can't stop the NicoNico!!

Rain won't go away - let's NicoNico today!

Life scrolls on like a comment.

What's the problem? Eh, just NicoNico it.

Master! NicoNico rains from the heavens!

Soon it'll be time for NicoNico to awaken from hibernation.

Make a contract with me and NicoNico!

Win or lose, it's all good if you can still NicoNico.

Give the gift of NicoNico for Valentine's.

Wearing a big smile to an interview is key. C'mon, NicoNico!

This year's resolution: "Early to bed, early to rise, NicoNico Douga."

Santa will come to the houses of good kids who NicoNico.

The possibilities are endless on NicoNico. The only limit... is yourself.

Sort your Mylists before spring cleaning!

Santa and NicoNico are alike in that they both make dreams come true.

Dear Santa: I want NicoNico Doucandy. Love, Right-Upper.

You all haven't forgotten NicoNico's birthday, have you?

For you see, Christmas awaits! - Right-Upper

Want to NicoNico? We can do it. Right. Here.

Seeing as we can NicoNico on NicoNico Douga,
I think we can officially say we're happy with life.

You sure that's enough Righ... no, it's fine.

Allow me to tell you a tale. It took place four years ago, and NicoNico Douga
provided free service... but what is time anyway?

NicoNico TV-kun? Surely you mean NicoNico TV-chan(nel), right?

You sure you aren't waking up too late?

Ah, this? This is the Right-Upper. A shard of humanity's wisdom.

My Right-Upper can't possibly be this cute!

It's cold, squidn't it?

It may be fall, but I, the Right-Upper, never fall from grace.

Will Right-Upper's Facebook fans soon break a million...?

The Lord commands... it is not your apponted time to sleep.

I'll take the best Right-Upper you have.

No problem. Everything's fine.

You sure that's a good Right-Upper?

Oh No! More NicoNico!!

It's gotten cold outside and in the Right-Upper.

Huh? September 1st? Surely you mean August 32nd?

I'm actually still on analog.

Life is fun because of the Right-Uppers. Don't you think?

Oh, is the Right-Upper annoying you? Sorry, I was practicing my vuvuzela.

I hate the rest, NicoNico's the best.

Attack from the Right-Upper, and we just might win.

Good luck, Hayabusa. I'm WATCHING.

Thank you for the truly moving Right-Upper.

And so long as there are people who look at the Right-Upper and NicoNico, I'll be glad.

There are people to look at the Right-Upper, so there will be a Right-Upper.

You should know the Right-Upper's raison d'etre better than anyone.

Kyaaa, NicoNico-saaan!

It's alright, Right-Upper. Don't push yourself too hard.

Look behind you, and your friend is NicoNico-ing too.

I thought you said you would only NicoNico once a month!

The sakura petals may fall, but it's not sad when NicoNico is there!

Wouldn't you be cuter if you NicoNico-ed more?

New uniforms, new textbooks, and new NicoNico.

More NicoNico than a flower.

The instant I closed the browser, I locked eyes with the Right-Upper.

Flower-viewing is great, but so is NicoNico!

When you spin four times in a jump, you get so dizzy,
you can't even be sure which way is Right-Upper...

"Vancouver" reminds me of "hamburger."

Even the Right-Upper is helping out at the Vancouver Olympics.

Am I going to have to make my own chocolates again this year...?

Better practice my chocolate-receiving soon.

My favorite chocolate is white chocolate. ...Huh? You weren't asking?

One chocolate, two chocolates... Huh? A dream?

Aren't you glad to see me update?

How's that novel coming along?

Just looking at the Right-Upper is such a simple job.

Today may be cold, but looking at the Right-Upper warms the heart.

The world is made up of water, air, and a little bit of Right-Upper.

I bought you a Right-Upper for New Years.

Don't turn around.

Eat, sleep, gain three kilograms...

NOW Happy New Year!

Happy New Ye... wait, not yet?

Days until Christmas... wait, it's over?

The Right-Upper is a good kid, so here, have a Right-Upper.

It's all right, you're still in time! Maybe.

If you can comment your prayers here three times, they'll come true.

Voice your NicoNico complaints to me!

This is a painting. Didn't you know?

Everyone! The Right-Upper has beguuun!!

In the final month, let us NicoNico with all our might.

(Some ingredients contain Right-Upper.)

Be careful of static electricity if you touch the Right-Upper.

MISTER Right-Upper? Right-Upper is fine.

Please relish the rich scent of Right-Upper.

What are your favorite videos? Do you really love them?
Would you show them off to other people?

Just a little more, and you'll be a Right-Upper too.

Yes, I'm a weird Right-Upper.

Right-Upper: "Huh, what? My turn?"

It's all right, believe in yourself - there's a Right-Upper inside you!

She's looking at the same Right-Upper and NicoNico-ing right now, too.

In space, there is no Upper or Lower, but there is Right-Upper.

Right-Upper: "From my point of view, you look like you're inside the screen, too!"

When you sneeze, Right-Uppers come out your ears.

A magnificent video, I was moved. (Right-Upper, 25 years old)

If you click here, support will be given to those throughout the world
who are not so blessed with Right-Upper.

I want to be your very best Right-Upper.

Gaaah! Don't show me that mirror! It makes me look like a Left-Upper!

Well, education in Japan requires students to take three years of NicoNico!

It's not rock or punk, it's its own Right-Upper genre.

Don't say profits are "rising." Say profits are "Right-Upper-ing."

This looks like a fun Right-Upper.

Surprise! It's Right-Upper!!

Wash your hands, then we'll write a Right-Upper.

I can't believe I've been using a Right-Upper for three months and no one's noticed.

Wow, how many times have you refreshed the page just to look at me? Thanks.

If I had a dollar for every time I said "Right-Upper," I'd be rich!

I'm growing out one really long hair in my Right-Upper.

"Is this a Right-Upper?" "No, this is a pen."

If we make a movie out of it, who should play the Right-Upper?

In my bag, there's a cellphone and a Right-Upper.

I saw a foreigner in town with a "Right-Upper" tattoo on his arm.


Try pushing your finger here. It's okay, because nothing will happen.

When granny is washing clothes by the stream, I'm watching streaming comments.

The Right-Upper is such a wonderful sight from outer space!

The corner of the newspaper where the name goes is an important position.

Look, there! Aren't those comments scrolling on the chalkboard?!

I cut my finger on the Right-Upper's corners.

12:00: Lunch. 1:00: Work. 2:00: Right-Upper.

Huh? Isn't today August 32nd?

Tomorrow, time will reset to August 17th for an endless summer vacation.
[August 31st.]

Right-Upper Channel is live! Or so I dreamt...

Try counting Right-Uppers? It helps you fall asleep.

I want to put on a mask, but I have nowhere to wear it.

You check the Right-Upper every day. I like that about you.

This face is hereditary.

Aren't you Right-Upper-handed?!

To be number one on NicoNico is to be number one in the world.

You're more Right-Upper than you thought!

Congratulations! Your RIGHT-UPPER evolved into HIROYUKI!

Please don't splash water on the Right-Upper.

I taught my dog to "Right-Upper."

Good day to this Right-Upper. Goodbye to the last Right-Upper.

Don't talk about Right-Upper when you're eating curry!

The Right-Upper you see now set out for earth 300 million years ago.

Try repeating "Coni" over and over. Whoa...

Don't forget the Right-Upper's birthday.

Because... Right-Upper.

This, my dear, is called the Right-Upper.

Rain? Oh, so the Right-Upper's crying...

If you're going to eat me, you should know I'm not tasty!

Please don't get too hyped about the Right-Upper.

Danmaku in my dreams.

You saw the Right-Upper on TV? It's just your imagination.

Lyrics: Right-Upper. Composition: Right-Upper.

Wait three minutes!!

It's a delicious season of live broadcasts and live fish.

The Declaration of Right-Upper

Put your mouse cursor here. ->

I was looking up at the stars and saw a Right-Upper!!

The Right-Upper always reads one or two moves ahead.

Right-Upper + Punch spam!

Right-Upper is an eternal radiance (maybe).

Apparently, looking at the Right-Upper stimulates your Left brain.

Once NicoNico Douga is set in motion, it will not stop.

Right-Uppers come from... storks.

Congratulations! It's a healthy Right-Upper!

Look! LOOK at me! ...Don't look! DON'T look at me!

Hold on, I'm going to the toilet. Could you not change the Right-Upper in the meantime?

Don't forget the restroom or the Right-Upper.

You'll understand when you become a Right-Upper.

Your life has made a total 360. Yes, all the way back to normal.

This Right-Upper is in THREE DIMENSIONS!!!

Today's got this Right-Upper feeling.

Right-Upper's Scary Story: "There's a Right-Upper in the Right-Upper."

Comments scroll by in my dreams.

Pickpockets are after your Right-Upper.

Use the mirror! That's Left-Upper!

My hobby is Right-U... ...Flowers.

Don't shift Right! Head Up!

Thanks to the new player, I got a girlfriend!

Fast! Yum! Cheap! Nico!!

Look! The Right-Upper is laying its eggs!

Anybody looking at the Right-Upper must be a good person.

Do you remember the Right-Upper from a year ago?

Ghosts appearing in the Right-Upper at night? That's just superstition.

Huh?! You think I'm a Nicoholic?!

A Right-Upper once overlooked will never come back!

What's equal among all people? Time and Right-Upper!

Don't ever let Right-Upper abuse happen to you.

Righteous-Upper would never lie.

Right-Upper is in full bloom.

Language, Math, Science, Social Studies, Right-Upper.

To be continued in Right-Upper!

People... will ever repeat the same Right-Uppers.

Genius is 99% Right-Upper and 1% Right-Upper.

Everything's going just Right-Upper!

"Pretend it was the rankings all you like; wasn't it the Right-Upper on your mind?"

All roads lead to Right-Upper.

Please watch out for steep Right-Uppers.

I stubbed my pinky toe on the Right-Upper corner of my dresser...

Ten minutes of charging for two hours of NicoNico.

Wouldn't you say he looks an awful lot like Right-Upper?

I always have my Right-Uppers sunny-side-Up.

Loveliness, painfulness, Right-Upper.

Don't try to fool me! That's not Right-Upper!

The Right-Upper is being cleaned. Please use the Left-Upper.

No need to worry about tsunamis caused by this Right-Upper.

Give the gift of Right-Upper for Valentines Day!

The Right-Upper is about the size of four hamburgers.

After them! That's the Right-Upper!

Don't even think about touching my Right-Upper!

I'm cold, so I'm hugging my laptop to sleep!

Japan is full of amateurs. I'm the Right-Upper champion.

Anyway, it wouldn't make sense for me to look at you from the Left-Lower!

Well, it's just that you suddenly jumped up and said, "I thought of a great Right-Upper!"

Yes, the next to be NicoNico-ed could very well be you...

I'm naming my kid Right-Upper.

What was your first Right-Upper?

Spin ten times while NicoNico-ing and point at the Right-Upper. For exercise!

Um, wasn't the answer to question 2 "Right-Upper"...?

Oh! That cloud looks like Right-Upper!

Don't stand on my Right-Upper!

From the music classroom where nobody should've been,
the sound of NicoNico-ing echoes...

"Huh? When did the year begin?"

When you're NicoNico-ing, every day feels like New Years.

"I think love can bloom from comments."

Right-Upper: "Isn't next year the Year of the Right-Upper?"

Get to bed quick, or it's no presents, alright?

Nichristmas Eve

Ah, snow from the Right-Upper...

Beautiful, isn't it? This... Right-Upper.

There's a bit of rice in the Right-Upper corner of your mouth.

What point is a life without NicoNico-ing?!

A speedy victory for NicoNico!

People and NicoNicos were once one.

Right-Upper: "My gender? Do you mean... Right?"

I'm lovin' Right-Upper!

"I-It's cold..." "Don't sleep! If you sleep, you'll be NicoNico!"

The Right-Upper has potential. But I can't just deny the Left-Upper, either.

Question: Write the kanji for Right-Upper.

In 2011, the Right-Upper will be added to TVs.

Shh! Don't talk so loud, you'll wake up the Right-Upper!

Turn Left at the drugstore, and the Right-Upper is a little ways ahead.

Right-Upper: "Happy birthday to who it may concern."

NicoNico Douga (Right-Upper)

I wanted to be born in two dimensions... orz

Thanks to "you laugh, you lose" videos, I'm already on my fourth PC.

The latest Right-Upper isn't moe enough!!

Nico's peace is my peace... Let's NicoNico again today!

Chapter 6: "This... isn't Mixiko?! This is... polished rice!!"

Chapter 5: "Mixiko, so you didn't explode?!"

Maybe it just wasn't displaying?! But I said such interesting things...!

I'm really just glad to see your faces full of NicoNico.

So you've come to Nico once again.

When I grow up, I wanna be a Right-Upper.

Tonight, will you look at the moon, or at the Right-Upper...?

Humans can't live without NicoNico-ing.

Could there truly be a more meaningful use of this space?

Godly! Right-Upper: "Hm? You called?"

Actually, I'm a NEET, so the weekend means nothing to me.

Whew. Finally, the weekend.

Even if NicoNico will never end, summer vacation is over!

Even if the Olympics are over, NicoNico will never end!

[ - - - ] Right-Upper's batteries are at full.

I-Is Mom watching...? I got picked for the Right-Upper!!

This is the result of taking it too NicoNico!

NicoNico-ing is sure more fun than homework.

Money can't buy you smiles.

Right-Upper: "Have you done your homework?"

I've been thinking about life and NicoNico.

Mom! A shooting star from the Right-Upper!

Don't cry! Just NicoNico!!

Right-Upper didn't get a day of summer vacation.

When's Right-Upper Day, anyway?

A wild RIGHT-UPPER appeared!

Staying up late isn't good for you.

Right-Upper: "I wanna go to the beach, but all I have is my school swimsuit."

Long ago, there was a Light NicoNico and a Dark NicoNico.

Sum up NicoNico in 30 characters.

If you have time to think up Right-Uppers, you should be doing homework instead.

Right-Upper: "Hey, don't spit watermelon seeds at me!"

When you're not looking at me, I'm over in the Left-Upper!

7/25: Today I looked at NicoNico. It was interesting.

I want to read foreigners' tags, so starting today, I'm going to study Foreignese.

Summer vacation? What's that? Is it tasty?

Nah, summer vacation is just an urban legend.

Right-Upper on the Cliff

Hokkaido: "What's going on here...? My summer vacation hasn't started yet!"

Your summer homework is a daily diary of observing the Right-Upper.

I'm doing a freelance investigation of the Right-Upper over summer vacation.

The only A on my report card was in the NicoNico column.

Right-Upper: "NicoNico too much, and the homework will come back to bite you..."

It's nearly summer vacation. The season of NicoNico.

Uh... hm. Should we NicoNico?

Right-Upper: "Won't someone put me on Wikipedia already?"

Right-Upper: "Gas is too expensive,
so I'm not going to go anywhere this weekend and make a video."

NicoNico is a necessity, but Right-Upper is a luxury.

Right-Upper ni shite ageruuu!

The discarded Right-Upper count's up to Okkusenman! Okkusenman!
[Or, you know, 110 million.]

It may be summer, but wherever you go, watch videos.

Right-Upper: "Summer's here, so time to wear my swimsuit!"

Right-Upper: "There's nobody inside this Right-Upper, there isn't!"

Give back the Right-Upper I lent you yesterday!

Huh...? Today's Right-Upper... it's beautiful!

We've all gone to look at the rankings and clicked logout on accident, haven't we?
...Haven't we?

Leave the Right-Upper to me! You focus on the videos!

Would you like Right-Upper with that video?

Mother, are you doing well? I'm doing fine. I'm NicoNico-ing every day.

Hm, should I contribute something to the "Tried Singing" category too?

He who makes the impossible possible, Right-Upper.

* NicoNico is not edible.

Left-Upper: "Ah, long ago, I was quite the Right-Upper myself..."

Right-Upper (SP1)

The "freetimers" on NicoNico fill the space between the Right-Upper and the Left-Upper.

..... (Right-Upper is in Energy Conservation Mode)

Right-Upper Brain Training: Do you remember yesterday's comment?

If you look at this Right-Upper, you'll turn to stone!

Right-Upper: "I can't stand this cramped place anymore!"

Look! A rainbow in the Right-Upper...

Right-Upper delivered in 30 minutes, or it's free.

I am become the management!!

Right-Upper: "There's no entry for Left-Upper in my dictionary!!"

Master! A girl from the Right-Upper...!!


NicoNico Commemoration Day [June 1st] has been delayed to June 2nd.

Right-Upper: "It may be over on the Left, but my Right arm is Left-Upper."

The Right-Upper moves toward the Left-Upper at a rate of two centimeters per year.

The Right-Upper Phone, coming in 2525!

Left on a journey. Please don't look for me.

"Mr. Right-Upper, it seems you were a Right-Upper in a previous life."

Reread before you comment! - Typo Extermination Committee -

No... Right... turn...?

Right-Upper: ""

Don't forget the Right-Upper that was just here!

Left-Upper's looking over here all enviously.

Right-Upper: "Send the pain begetting pain out flying Left-Up!"

Flight Upper-2525 is experiencing congestion in the northeast.

This is a story from when Right-Upper was still with Left-Upper.

"What's that up on the horizon?" "...It's Right-Upper."

Right-?: "If you think you see something different, you're just hallucinating from fatigue."

Right-Upper and Left-Upper, reconciled at last.

Right-Upper: "When you go edit the Nicopedia, tamper with it to put me in first place."

Your body may be a Right-Upper, but your heart is still a kid's.

Please read the Right-Upper as quickly as possible after breaking the seal.

There's always room for Right-Upper!

Right-Upper: "I'm going to the Left-Upper for Golden Week."

They stole something unforgivable from you. It was your Right-Upper! [...Yes!]

Right-Upper has logged in.

Right-Upper: "Could I get a raise?"

Dance like a Left-Upper, sting like a Right-Upper!

You're wrong! There IS a Right-Upper! I SAW it, I really did!

You'd only say that because you don't know the terror of the Right-Upper...!

Right-Upper: "Left-Upper... When this war is over, let's get married!"

A Right-Upper you want to read out loud.

I dream of becoming the ultimate Right-Upper.

I finally made it... Is this the Right-Upper...?

The Right-Upper? Turn Right, walk three meters, turn Up, and you're there.

"Of course I'm doing my homework! You're the one commenting on videos!"

Once upon a time, there lived a Right-Upper and a Left-Upper.

Don't make Right-Upper angry. You wouldn't like it when it's angry.

Right-Upper is stranger than videos.

I get you... You want to be a Right-Upper too, huh?

NicoNico Douga Weather: Right-Upper, followed by Left-Upper.

Right-Upper: "Hey, do you like me or Left-Upper?"

Right-Upper: "I'll NicoNico to the eeeeend!"

It looks like just an ordinary Right-Upper. But its true form...

Right-Upper: "Teacher, I forgot the assignment..."

Keep this Right-Upper out of direct sunlight.
Please keep it protected by a Mylist to the best of your ability.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who NicoNicos most of all? It's me. It's Right-Upper.

Prompt: Write a piece starting each line with the letters "Right-Upper."

Center: "Please think of Right-Lower and Left-Lower too every once in a while..."

I don't know my Right or my Left. But I know Right-Upper.

Left-Upper: "Did you go flower-viewing?" Right-Upper: "Videos are fine..."

Right-Upper is a Right-Upper, but a Right-Upper that isn't Right-Upper is... whaaat?

Right-Upper: "When the sakura petals fall, I'll... no, it's nothing."

Right-Upper: "Left-Upper, when did you get those comments?"

Right-Upper is the perfect union of Rightness and Upness. Amen.

Right-Upper: "What are you thinking of having for dinner tonight?" Left-Upper: "@pizza."
[One of their jokes for 2008 was a "@pizza" command that would (theoretically)... order pizza.]

.yadot gniriter si reppU-thgiR ehT
[April 1st, 2008.]

Right-Upper: "Actually... I'm... no, it's nothing."

When I suddenly looked Right-Upper, the sakura petals danced.

Right-Upper: "I want to go flower-viewing, but I have Right-Upper duties to attend to..."

Right-Upper: "Nothing's more in the Right than me!"

Surprisingly, still no Right-Upper videos.

NicoNico Douga you can believe in.

Spoilers: The next Right-Upper change will be at 10 AM.

Curry without ingredients is like NicoNico Douga without the Right-Upper!

This Right-Upper is a work of fiction.
Any similarity to existing videos or comments is purely coincidental.

- Lunch in Progress, Please Wait -

Right-Upper: "When it comes to views, I'm on top for sure."

Right-Upper: "Do people see me on the mobile version...?"

No, no, it's not "Special One," it's "Es-Pee-Wan."

New Right-Uppers: Fickle Right-Upper, Attentive Right-Upper, Right-Upper King.

What's important isn't Upper or Lower, it's Right or Left.

Right-Upper: "I wanna be big like the login box..."

Right-Upper: "So, still no videos where I'm the protagonist?"

NicoNico Douga (RC): "Thinking on it, it was so short." (RC2): "Ah, yeah."

Right-Upper: "We..." Left-Upper: "We..." All: "Have graduated!"

You hold chopsticks on the Right-Upper, you hold miso bowls on the Left-Upper.

Right-Upper: "Lies! You said we'd still be NicoNico-ing tomorrow...!"

Right-Upper: "I know the effort Left-Upper-kun puts in better than anyone..."

The Right-Upper symbolizes hope, and the Left-Upper symbolizes courage.

Right-Upper: "Left-Upper... when we graduate, would you live together with me?"

Right-Upper: "The bond between NicoNico and Right-Upper will never ever graduate!"

Right-Upper, Left-Upper, Right-Upper, Left-Upper, line up, alternating!
[It's supposed to be a Danjyo reference.]

Starting with SP1, Premium members can now contribute to RIGHTUPPER.264!

Right-Upper: "Even if you've gone SP1, I don't care... In fact, don't ever change back!"

Right-Upper-kun is the same as always... But I've changed...

It feels like just yesterday we were back on (RC2)... [it was]

Congratulations! Your NICONICO evolved from RC2 to SP1!

Right-Upper may be the Right-Upper, but it eats... whaaat?

Let's have a comment on NicoNico!

Him or Right-Upper, which do you love?!

You remember my birthday, don't you?

Four billion years ago: the first living creatures appear.
Four billion views ago: the first NicoNicos appear.

Please wait warmly through the careful Right-Upper selection process...

"What's so special about the Right-Upper?" "It's magic."

Seeds that fall into the Right-Upper will bloom into flowers.

Meeting the Right-Upper gave me hope.

Won't somebody make a MAD using the Right-Upper?

From good morning to good night, the Right-Upper continues to NicoNico.

Those looking at the Right-Upper right now will soon come upon happiness.

Right-Upper: apply directly to the affected area several times a day.

No way! You're saying I've been elected Miss Right-Upper?!?

A battle which cannot be lost... Right-Upper vs. Left-Upper, tonight at 7!

Let's begin the eye exam. Okay, what's this? "Right-Upper."

Is it of life? Or of death? Or else, of Nico?

My promise to Left-Upper... I haven't forgotten! ~ By Right-Upper

Son! Your father's taking a looong summer vacation! From here on, it's all NicoNico Douga!

[Match Results] Left-Upper 1, Right-Upper 3

Right-Upper: "My Valentines isn't over yet!"

Left-Upper-kun, those chocolates... Left-Upper-kun, they're for you!

You have to place your tickets in the Right-Upper of your desk.

My beloved Left-Upper won't turn to face me.

Left-Upper-kun... You haven't changed a bit.

How nostalgic... is this the Right-Upper?

Right-Upper: "Should I give Left-Upper-kun chocolates...?"

Say "Right-Upper" ten times fast.

Fufufu... I am the true Right-Upper!!

I like the Left-Upper. But I REEEALLY like the Right-Upper.

We... Will we still be able to NicoNico when we grow up...?

I'm so glad the Right-Upper was born!!

You seem tired lately. Are you NicoNico-ing?

"Huh? Now it's Left-Upper? You said to meet at the Right-Upper!"

Please, don't NicoNico in front of my grave.

[Right-Upper News] Taking applications for the Right-Upper's name [Right-Upper]

NicoNico Douga is effective for exercising facial and abdominal muscles.

Please don't peek on me when I'm NicoNico-ing.

Why can't you understand? When I love Right-Upper so...

Is it okay if I address the receipt to "Right-Upper"?

No, I just dropped a regular NicoNico, www

Did you drop a gold Right-Upper? Or a silver Right-Upper?

Madam! I recommend this video for today!

My lucky direction for this year is Right-Upper.

NicoNico Douga is the world's leading producer of comments!

Reader, reader, on the net, who in the world could be right-upper yet?!

I like NicoNico because you - Left-Upper - are there.

Is there a Right-Upper on NicoNico? Is there a Left-Upper on NicoNico?

Hey, don't cry... NicoNico will always be here.

I Look Right-Up When I Walk

// No Entry for Right-Uppers //

"No seeds, no tricks." "But there is a Right-Upper."

One day, the PC arrived at my house. The next day, I met NicoNico.

Even if NicoNico someday disappears,
please remember the Right-Upper in the corner of your heart.

Daaad, don't take NicoNico to the toileeet...

But, but...! Isn't there still NicoNico left?!

Everybody keeps saying "Right-Upper, Right-Upper"... My real name is...

Of course our kid doesn't have any limits on NicoNico-ing!

Right-Upper: "Wait, Left-Upper!! I'm heading there right now!"

"What did you commit to during high school senior year?" "I committed to comments."

Right-Upper: "Soon the time will come when I take on my second form..."

At least until you log out, it's NicoNico Douga.

I'm taking exams tommorrow, but... ...Just one hour, just one hour!

Ah... NicoNico weather lasts another day.

Right-Upper: "What do you want out of a Right-Upper at this hour?"

No one yet knows the great changes his life underwent thanks to NicoNico...

Without NicoNico, the days would just be so ordinary...

Did you drop a gold NicoNico? Or a silver NicoNico?

Good morning, it's a good morning.

Right-Upper: "Should I take exams too, so I can move toward the center?"

I put NicoNico in today's curry to really bring out the taste.

I wanna go to the Right-Lower sometime...

To NicoNico is in our nature.

If you're going to NicoNico, do it now!

A man who sees his hopes and dreams in NicoNico Douga, Right-Upper.

I hope to be NicoNico-ing the day they announce who passed exams.

I have an alibi. I was NicoNico-ing that day.

"Where do I address this?" "In the Right-Upper."

Even the Right-Upper is helping out at the Beijing Olympics.

The Right-Upper has no connection whatsoever to exams.

Where are you NicoNico-ing now?

I won't Nico - I want to Nico - to Nico - in times of Nico - when you Nico - NicoNico!

Soon enough, even the Right-Upper will be in HD.

The two "New Videos" below are a couple.

I won't lose to the Left-Upper! All it does is count numbers!

I caught a cold. But under this mask, of course I'm still NicoNico-ing.

Management: "I made cookies! ^^"

Even our dog loves NicoNico.

I'm already sleepy, but that won't keep me away from NicoNico.

You all need to NicoNico more... I'm watching you from the Right-Upper...

Now writing... Please wait for the Right-Upper.

Right-Upper: "I've... Um, Left-Upper, I've always felt..."

Whoa! Nice Right-Upper...

<- I'm watching you, Left-Upper.

Oops, I dripped soy sauce on the Right-Upper. O

For a gift to those you treasure, how about a Right-Upper?

The Right-Upper gets to work early in the morning.

Craaaaap, NicoNico-ing made me forget to do my homewooooork!!

NicoNico gently wiped away my tears.

My New Years resolution: "One day, one NicoNico."

The day will come when all humanity NicoNicos.

Trolls, don't flame - give a tender hug.

I couldn't live anymore without NicoNico!

This grab bag only has NicoNicos in it!

517 years left until 2525. Looking forward to it.

Instead of a New Years gift, my parents gave me comments.

Even as the year dawns, one thing never changes - your smiling Right-Upper.

All I want for New Years is a NicoNico account... I couldn't ask for anything more.

My first laugh of the year was NicoNico.

This year is a leap year, so that's one more day you can NicoNico!

Our NicoNico life has only just begun!!

Watching NicoNico made me forget to write New Years cards...

What should I watch as my first Nico of the year?

When I met NicoNico this year, my life got flipped upside down!

My resolution for next year is to NicoNico more than this year.

When I think of them, I feel this throbbing in my chest... Is this NicoNico?

?! You're NicoNico! You survived...?

No one escapes NicoNico's charm...

Truth is, during maintenance, they're actually just updating the Right-Upper.

This year, NicoNico! This'll be the year!!

All mysteries have been solved. There was never a management from the start.

It's important to have someone to spend Christmas with,
but it's the feeling you have that's most important.

Merry Nichristmas.

"What's your reason for coming here? ...You came for NicoNico, didn't you?"

Just like laughter is a good thing, NicoNico is a good place.

A... Are you really NicoNico?

If all the world could NicoNico, there'd be no war...

I finally found it! From today forth, I'm going to write with all my might!
Just you wait, Right-Upper!

Now that I think about it, people in the past were amazing, living without videos and all.

There are three kinds of Right-Upper. Minimize, Maximize, and Close.

You are not a NicoNico flower.

Problems are solved, and everybody NicoNicos!

If you're the real Right-Upper, then tell me, what did the Right-Upper say before?!

Where's the Right-Upper?! TALK!

I've gotten accepted for the Right-Upper five times (true story)
and rejected for a job five times (true story).

May NicoNico never vanish from this world.

I'm not coming home on New Years Eve, I'm going to go NicoNico.

Alright, I got you, now don't try anything funny! You have the Right to NicoNico!

Trembling in the gap between light and darkness, it's NicoNico Douga.

We have not come here for NicoNico - we have come to be NicoNico-ed.

It's HOT! NicoNico Douga is REALLY HOT RIGHT NOW!!

You're always going "sorrow, sorrow"... get a grip, and NicoNico!

Son: Don't just look at the Right-Upper, come out and show yourself once in a while.
From Mom.

My face is so NicoNico-ed, it'll never go back to normal.

Looking up into the clouds made me remember... The night I NicoNico-ed with her.

I have come from a far-off land to submit to the NicoNico Douga Right-Upper.

Should I thank or despise my friends who told me about NicoNico...?

True story, every single non-accepted submission has been mine.

"Wait up, kid! Make sure you NicoNico!"

NicoNico helps students preparing for exams.
At the same time, it also wrecks students preparing for exams.

Half of NicoNico makes the Ni. The other half makes the Co.

If I hadn't found this site a year ago, maybe I would've passed college.

"Aw, this kid... fell asleep NicoNico-ing..."

Not sure about names for kids, but... how does NicoNico sound?

Nobody has reason to be able to NicoNico at first.
It's the accumulation over days that's important.

"Hey, where is this place? And why are we NicoNico-ing?"

There's no guarantee you'll be able to NicoNico tomorrow.
So NicoNico in the here and now.

When I die, I want to be NicoNico-ing...

It's like a garage sale of smiles...

Now, let us begin the NicoNico.

Just once more...! Just once more, I want to NicoNico with you all!

There are actually only three people on NicoNico Douga: me, you, and Foo-san.
Just a bit of trivia.

Japanese people these days have lost their NicoNico spirit.


Wait while the Right-Upper undergoes compression!

To give NicoNico to a non-NicoNico friend is the mission of a Nicochu.

So long as you NicoNico, the winter isn't so cold.

I know, I get it. You want to NicoNico, right?

Even as oil gets expensive, NicoNico stays, burning bright.

Mommy, has that person been NicoNico-ing all this time?

We need to live for one more NicoNico. That's a promise.

Is this moving Left, little by little?

No point in NicoNico if you don't equip it.

A famous person once said, "NicoNico is a barrel of smiles."

Effective methods of preventing colds: gargling, washing your hands, and NicoNico.

Right-Upper: "In sickness and in health, do you vow to NicoNico?"

NicoNico Douga: "I love ya guys!"

Tonight is another Nico Night!

Just don't forget the times when we were pure in our NicoNico-ing...

The video stands up and faces you. Will you add it to your Mylist?

Today, I can still live and NicoNico. So I'm happy...

Right-Upper: "Everything is going just Right... because why would it be just Left?"


Right-Upper: "Where's the NicoNico Douga?"

Write a person's name in the Nico Note, and 40 seconds later, they'll NicoNico.

" " Only those with pure hearts can see inside.

Where's everyone going over the holidays? Hm? Me? Why, NicoNico.

This is one of the three biggest Right-Uppers in Japan.

A NicoNico line running down from space provides the energy that moves NicoNico Douga.

Big brooo! Gimme back my NicoNico!

If it's for NicoNico, I'll do my best through any hard times.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< That way to the boundary to the Left-Upper.

NicoNico-flattering submissions get picked easy.

Right-Upper: "This is the Forest of Illusion... Hope I won't attract any strange videos..."

I can't log in, I forgot the answer to my secret question. What do I do?
If anybody remembers it, tell me.

The winter winds blow, but NicoNico will not change!

Exam season is starting really soon... but I'm still NicoNico.

Live together with NicoNico, die together with NicoNico.

Do you love Mr. NicoNico?

Of course it's NicoNico Douga.

I'll be sure to study lots, so please don't throw away the NicoNico!

"Hey, do you know NicoNico?" "Manager, that's sexual harassment."

"Is this... Earth?"

"No, it's NicoNico."

NicoNico is the only thing that can save our world...

For the hobbies column of my resume, I wrote "video appreciation."
The interviewer asked "What's that?", and I NicoNico-ed into a smile.

I don't want to do anything but NicoNico anymore.

Yes, what I lacked was NicoNico.

Right-Upper: "I am a sentient lifeform, born from the sea of videos known as NicoNico."

I can NicoNico the best!

In everyone's heart, there is a NicoNico.

What are you searching for? More importantly, won't you Nico with me?

I'm NicoNico-in' here! So you just scram!!

"Which way's the Right-Upper?" "Here, it's the side you hold chopsticks on."

The true NicoNico... ...Nobody's seen that yet.

Go! Nicochu!! (- Ash Ketchum)

Note: The main attraction of NicoNico is the Right-Upper.

Logged in with a click. Now I'm playing with NicoNico.

Holy Invasion of Privacy, Nico! What Did I Do to Deserve This?!

NICONICO again?!

I'm sorry to say that the Right-Upper you submitted was not used.

That's What the World Calls Nico!
[Sekai wa Sore o Ai to Yobunda Ze.]

However old men get, they're Nicochus at heart.

Your morning NicoNico.

NicoNico isn't about videos, it's about sharing dreams.

Not one has returned from here without NicoNico-ing...

It begins with a kiss - so does NicoNico.

This is NicoNico Lost and Found, where we keep many people who feel lost in their lives.

On a journey to find the ultimate NicoNico.

The Right-Upper isn't changing, it's your heart that's changing!

"Next stop is West Niccori! West Niccori!"

Father, Mother, Right-Upper... Watch over me.

Is this where the sun of the Nico District sets?

WARNING!! NicoNico-ing during meals or while drinking
has a dangerous possibilty of spittake, so please show restraint.

Might this be the peak of NicoNico Mountain?

I'm feeling good today, so I'll call myself "Super NicoNico Douga!"

2 x 5 x 2 x 5 = 100 points, a perfect score! How interesting.

You lost because of the Premium blood flowing through me!!

The year is 20XX. The world is filled with NicoNico.

"If you give up, it means the end of all NicoNico."

You've got good eyes. I'm sure you can NicoNico.

Finding Nico

There's been a turnabout! (CR) ociNociN aguoD

I understand how you feel, I really do... but I'm NicoNico-ing right now!

Mom: "If you should ever be worried, use this Right-Upper."

"Little missy... tell me, what color are your comments today? (;'O`)" "..........They're black."

Hahaha, great view up here. From the Right-Upper, you can see everybody NicoNico-ing.

I'm just a regular old Right-Upper, don't mind me...

Say it twice... You say "Nico" two times...

Come by anytime you want to see NicoNico again.

Now wait a Nico-minute!

However many times, however many times, I can't get picked for the Right-Upper!
[Airman ga Taosenai.]

Right, it's off to NicoNico.

I'll be waiting where NicoNico and I first met.

Yes! Now comments are scrolling through the air, even in real life!!

I suddenly wake up, it's morning, I look to the side -
and why is NicoNico lying on the same futon as me?

Raw Nico wheat, raw Nico rice, raw Nico eggs.

Aaah... Where did all the NicoNicos go...?

People know they're old when it's time for them to stop NicoNico-ing.

F-Further Right... no, no, further Up...

The first time the internet went down, I knew I wanted to NicoNico.

For a NicoNico tomorrow.

Tonight, we have called upon NicoNico.

Trick or NicoNico?

You, me, and NicoNico... we'll never change, right?

NicoNico is happiness. Giving NicoNico to others is happiness.

I've done my best, right? Is it okay to NicoNico now...?

I've arisen from hell so I can NicoNico.

So that the world may be filled with NicoNico.

It's a miracle for NicoNico to be here.

[How many people's blood have you sucked?]
Do you remember how many videos have been deleted off of Nico?

Apology: "Today's Right-Upper is boring."

Re-met my long-lost family via NicoNico.

NicoNico is joyful to us. Premium is beautiful!

Starting in 2525, NicoNico-ing will probably become a national duty.

There seem to be many Right-Uppers lying in wait.

To Takashi: The NicoNicos are in the cupboard.

Congratulations. Congratulations to all those who have NicoNico-ed.

From tomorrow on, NicoNico Douga (RC2) shall be NicoNico Images.

We thought society was bad, but it was only because
we were thinking about the greatest thing in the world, NicoNico.

Congratulations on finally being able to NicoNico!

NicoNico even exists at the bottom of the sea.

After school, I'll be waiting at the Legendary Tree's Right-Upper.

Oh, no! If only I had NicoNico-ed...

Sorry, but I don't love anything but NicoNico.

Do those most precious to you NicoNico?

We often NicoNico-ed in the schoolyard as kids...

Management: "YouTube... How interesting! www"

The view from the Right-Upper is superb.

Is it NicoNico's fault no one's drawing manga?

Where's the Right-Upper on NiyaNiya Douga, huh?

NicoNico, you changed an awful lot while I wasn't looking...

It's said a Super Nicochu will appear on NicoNico once a millenium.

My panties are patterned NicoNico today.

We're the management. First of all, you, get in that pot.

Striking at the NicoNico? How cowardly!

404 Nico Found

I protect the Right-Upper! You, hurry and NicoNico!

In this world, you could say there's three NicoNicos exactly alike.

"Where's your itch?" "In the Right-Upper."

Senpai, I registered for NicoNico, so will you please tell me your email now?!

A NicoNico that further exceeds a NicoNico that merely exceeds NicoNico.

My NicoNico and your NicoNico... ultimately, which do people really want...?

NicoNico is a holy ceremony of ours.

When I'm out of bread, won't I be fine if I Nico?

The Melancholy of Haruki Murakami
[His signature looks remarkably like "Right-Upper."]

NicoNico not existing... Was there such a time?

Even as your mouth says such things, you're still NicoNico-ing, aren't you?

This is all NicoNico.

The NicoNico rises in the Right in sets in the Left.

You can't see NicoNico Douga? That's just because your heart is impure.

In the year 2525: Videos finally become unimportant.

If I can't make this video load, I'm committing seppuku.

Lived by the NicoNico, died by the NicoNico...
and even if you're just thinking about it, still NicoNico.

Naturally, it seems NicoNico at home is the best.

Hm, this seems a little different from my Nico.

In life, when there is NicoNico, there is inevitably too maintenance.

Hey, go look in the Left-Upper. ->

Moron! This is the Right-Upper!

When you're in control, you NicoNico. Those are the rules of the game.

Is this, too, part of the NicoNico Saga...?

Dear Mom. A lot of things have happened to me,
but I upgraded to NicoNico Premium with my first paycheck.

Is this NicoNico Douga (RC)? No, this is NicoNico Douga (RC2).

NicoNico Douga is my waifu.

You didn't come for NicoNico, you came thinking about the Right-Upper.

We were born to NicoNico.

Will you be satisfied to NicoNico like that?

What meaning is there to a video that can't NicoNico?

NicoNico... if it's for NicoNico, I'll do what I can!!!!!

"...I see. ...So that was it. It was... NicoNico."

Send the weight begetting weight out flying afar!

You have NicoNico, but I don't have anything...

The weight of a NicoNico is the WOOOOORLD'S!!

Met a pretty good NicoNico...

Is that YouTube? No, that's NicoNico Douga.

Though we are born at different times, when we pray together, we vow to NicoNico.

Your video is amazing, do you use fabric softener?

* This video is comprised of extremely NicoNico scenes.

Little by little, the NicoNico of us mature into adults...

NicoNico is a limited resource. Use with care.

Don't you put your NicoNico with my NicoNico!!!

People have the chance to produce NicoNicos.

Amazing! There really is a NicoNico!

Isn't that a little too NicoNico...?

I hath come to search out NicoNico.

I'd prefer if you not get too Nico at me.

NicoNico is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Where might NicoNico go...?

NicoNico shall not die... It is mine to protect.

Filling up the gaps in the NicoNico.

I can't enter the NicoNico.

Don't think. Feel and you'll NicoNico.

NicoNico, brought to you by miracles!

Nico it, you moron.

Nic-whoa! Nice video...

Even the Buddha's face is NicoNico.

Perhaps you might not believe me, but... I'm not the NicoNico of this era.
I came from a further future.

NicoNico is happening in REAL TIME.

Hatsune Nico

I think it'll be alright if you NicoNico.

Sorry, I was late with the NicoNico.

I have no interest in mere videos!


To a future me - Can you NicoNico?

When love turns into NicoNico, and NicoNico turns into videos.

The only requirement for being a NicoNico in training is being a living human.

People will ever repeat the same NicoNicos.

NicoNico...? I'll remember that one.

I'm so happy. I'm always at my happiest when I'm NicoNico-ing.

Crazy. NicoNico is crazy. Majorly crazy. Majycrazy.

NicoNico can't quite do it yet, but I'll be sure to remember that.

"When we get big, let's NicoNico together. We have to. It's a promise!"

Why, you! I'll Nico you!

This is a story from when NicoNicos still flew in the sky.

If you have the time to look at the Right-Upper, look at NicoNico instead.

H-Huh? NicoNicos... sniff... falling from my eyes...

That summer, we thought of NicoNico as the whole world.

"What do you want from NicoNico?"

Zzzzz... can't NicoNico anymore...

"I forgot my homework." "Go Nico out in the hall."

The guests next door NicoNico all the time.

"I'll have NicoNico Ramen, hold the trolls."

If you NicoNico too much, you'll be late.

Nothing suspicious here. Just a NicoNico along the way.

There's no response. Must just be a deleted video.

Oh! NicoNico Douga has awakened!

Final Chapter: ZUBABABABABABABA! "Gwaaaaahhh!"
Zudooon! Shoobah! Ka! Zudooon! "Ow!"

Chapter 23: Just then, I had a feeling of deja vu.

Chapter 22: "I gave my mixer a name."

Chapter 21: What? Your GIRL appears to be...
Congratulations! Your GIRL evolved into MIXER!

Chapter 20: "Commander, does that girl have transformation abilities?"
"Um, let's not think about that."

Chapter 19: "Commander! That girl, she couldn't be..."
"Ah... there's no mistaking it. It's actually been four years."

Chapter 18: "Mommy, what are those people doing?" "Shh! Don't look at them!"

Chapter 17: Click! ...Shween, ga-bang!! "Transformation complete. Now the plan begins."

Chapter 16: Commander: "I don't care! Now hurry, and press my belly button!!"

Chapter 15: "Commander...! Under Plan B, you'll...!!"

Chapter 14: "Affirmative, there's been an explosion in the north country.
Let's roll with Plan B."

Chapter 13: Okay, let's Google it. Just as the name was typed, Miximan exploded...

Chapter 11: "Oh, Mixiko, wherefore art thou Mixiko?" Chapter 12: "Google it."

Chapter 11: "Oh, Mixiko, wherefore art thou Mixiko?"

Chapter 10: "Among them, a mere three Miximen got mixed in."

Chapter 9: "And then, under the orders of a general in a country of the north,
Mixiko was mass produced."

Chapter 6: "Commander, what's the energy reading on that blast?!" "I-It's..."

Chapter 5: Mixiko's explosion annihilated everything in a 25km radius of Hamamatsucho.

Chapter 4: Yes, I named her Mixiko. Just as the name was decided, Mixiko exploded...

Chapter 3: My love for it so overflowed that I gave my mixer a name.

Chapter 2: "The mixer I bought yesterday gives me a good feeling."

Chapter 1: ZUBABABABABABABA! "Gwaaaaahhh!"
Zudooon! Shoobah! Ka! Zudooon! "Ow!"

If we didn't use NicoNico, the world would surely collapse.

Of course, not every Right-Upper posted in the threads gets accepted. Behold, the Right-Uppers the management doesn't want you to see!

Do you love Right-Upper?

Approximately ten thousand Right-Uppers are born every second.

Right-Uppers are forever.

Left-Lower <<<<< Insurmountable Wall <<<<<<< Right-Upper

Lately, that rapscallion Left-Lower has been trying hard.

I'm tired of this world. I want to go to the Right-Upper.

Don't cry, be a man! NicoNico that!

Life consists of 99% NicoNico and 1% Right-Upper.

Rainy today, isn't it? You have your Right-Upper, of course?

The Sun rises in the west and sets in the Right-Upper.

Ico is too few. Threeco is too many. NicoNico is juuust Right.

Mom! Buy me a Right-Upper!!

It's not "friendship!" It's "Right-Upper."

That is NicoNico Quality!

Right-Upper-kun, you're dismissed. You'll be manager starting tomorrow.

It's very... Right-Upper.

Candidates for prime minister? Who else but Right-Upper?

Driver, stop at that Right-Upper there.

No NicoNico, No Life.

And everyone NicoNico-ed.

For this year's eye exam, they were all "Right-Upper."

Truth is, it's calmer on the Right-Upper side.

Right-Upper is justice and Righteousness.

This Right-Upper could be a virus. Didn't you know?

Viva Right-Upper!

An eye for an eye, a Right-Upper for a Right-Upper.

Man, I'm more Right-Upper than the Windows close button...

Gotta protect against moldy Right-Uppers...

<- Gravity

Are you no longer human? Or perhaps, are you no longer Right-Upper?

This... is NicoNico-kun's Right-Upper... Impressive...

Right-Upper: "I'll be back."

Right-Upper: "What? Did you think I was gone forever? wwww"

Right-Upper: "...Sorry for going away suddenly...
I'm not going anywhere anymore! I LOVE YOU ALL!!"

Right-Upper: "Please, forget about me."

Right-Upper: "I-It's not like I was lonely or anything, geez!"

Return of Right-Upper!

Right-Upper ran away from home.

Right-Upper: "Huh, are you crying?"

Right-Upper: "Oh no, I'm late... My perfect attendance, ruined..."

Right-Upper never came back...

The Right-Upper... My Right-Upper is gone...!

It was when I lost him that I realized how much I loved Right-Upper.

Right-Upper: "I'm actually kinda... afraid of being high Up."

You faced the Right-Upper. There was nothing there.

SHOUUURYUUUKEN! ...Are you not entertained?

Left-Upper: "From today forth, I am Gunda... Right-Upper."

I'm so glad I was born on Earth!

Left-Upper: "Right-Upper went off on his own. Yeah, and don't come back!"

Left-Upper: "Er, I think I saw Right-Upper carrying a huge suitcase at that intersection..."

Right-Upper: "If everybody doesn't laugh, I'll get a major scolding from the president.
Please laugh... orz"

My Left-Upper impression! Well? Convincing, isn't it?

"This? Or this? This one might be good. Oh, but this is good too."
(Selecting material for the Right-Upper)

Being the Right-Upper is suffering.

Right-Upper: "Once this war is over, let's get marriGURK"

Live by the Right-Upper, die by the Right-Upper.

Right-Upper: "Huh? Who're you?" >^: "Just some arrows. What's Up?"

By day, I am Right-Upper. By night, I am still Right-Upper.

Left-Upper: "I am L." Right-Upper: "(What is this guy talking about...?)"

Right-Upper: "Poop is watching you NicoNico."

"Where are you from?" "Er, um, Right-Upper?!"

My dream is to laugh myself to death!

Right-Upper is the Right-Upper, the whole Right-Upper, and nothing but the Right-Upper.

Right-Upper: "Raise your hand if you're jealous of me."

A New School Term draws near! Command?

Please list four of NicoNico's enemies.
Primary school, middle school, high school, college...

Pfft, my homework was to NicoNico.

If you're looking to look away from reality, NicoNico is the BEST!

"The homework! THE HOMEWOOORK!" - Heart of Darkness

Even a pretty thumbnail has its thorns...

Right-Upper: "You gonna end the summer with NicoNico Douga?"

Those who are NicoNico-ing despite not having done their homework... Yes, I mean you!

The August 31st of your nightmares... is about to become reality.

Right-Upper: "I'm running the 100 kilometer marathon!"

Does your neck ache from looking Right-Upper too much? ...That's a different Right-Upper.

Ponyo Right of the Upper

Attention to all who haven't done their homework yet: let's all do it August 32nd!

Curse you... Remember this! I AM Right-Upper!

"racecar" :reppU-thgiR

The sky's the Right-Upper.

You don't look at the Right-Upper...?! You guys can't be HUMAN!

Summer: "It's autumn... NOT!!"

Left-Upper: "Right-Upper's house is IN MY WAY."

Right-Upper: "RIGH TUPPER: RIGHs with TUPPER."

Question: Of the five Olympic rings, what color is the one shown in the Right-Upper?

I am a Right-Upper. No one has given me a name yet.

Right-Upper Day? Why, it's whatever day's
in the Right-Upper corner of the calendar, isn't it?

Right-Upper: "Guess I better start on that homework soon,
or things're gonna get CRA-HAY-ZEEEEE~!"

Summer Vacation Homework: "You DO know how many days are left, don't you?"

"I remember... My name is Right-Upper-hayami Kohaku Nushi!"

Right-Upper: "Actually, I came to swim in that pool over there."

Right-Upper: "NicoNico is high-technicaaaaal!"

The summer I spent with Right-Upper...

You, Left-Upper, and me, Right-Upper... we should get along on account of our Uppers.

This week is your time... But next week is my time!

R-Right-Upper has different-colored eyes?!

Right-Upper: "Is it dawn...? The bly is so skue..."

Right-Upper: "A summer bonus? Everyone's smiles are bonus enough for me."

Right-Upper, Right-Upper! Do you have any smoked cheese?

Please don't feed the rankings.

Is it so wrong to love Right-Upper?!

"I finally found a video I like!" "Congratulations."
[DECO*27's Two-Breath Walk.]

Videos are slow? Then shouldn't you take advantage of the time to do your homework?


"Don't just sit in front of your PC. Make sure to stay moist."

Man, when this NicoNico ends, I'm gonna HAVE to take that test...

NicoNico TV airs 27 hours a day, 8 days a week!!

Right-Upper: "The final boss of NicoNico Douga... it's ME!"

Right-Upper: "Right-Upper doesn't sell anything but good old 100% NicoNico."

Australia: "You guys are WAY off! Isn't it smack in the middle of WINTER?!"

Right-Upper: "Home... work...?"

They're not pads! They're Right-Uppers!!

Is Right-Upperecycling good for the environment?

Recht-Oberes: "Willkommen zu NICO NICO DOUGA (Sommer)!"

Right-Upper is being made into an anime!

Right-Upper: "Shall we... NicoNico some...?"

Right-Upper: "W-WHAT?! Right-Lower is POPULAR?! Compared to WHO?!"

Right-Upper: "Whoooooa! Is THAT the order you do the strokes in "Right-Upper"?!"

Left-Upper: "Right-Upper doesn't have any continues!!"

"Um... any hobbies?" "I'm quite fond of Right-Upper. From time to time."

Right-Upper: "Hi, I'mma Right-Upper!"

All is according to Right-Upper's script.

Right-Upper is way cuter than the NicoNico TV!

Right-Upper: "I am a dweller in the Nicozone."

MyRightUppers, Recently-Watched Right-Uppers, Right-Upper-Out

Right-Upper: "Maintenance... it's lonely when you're all gone..."

Even Right-Upper has a history.

Thanks, NicoNico. Goodbye, NicoNico.

Left-Upper? ...What's that? Isn't it Right-Upper?

NicoNico Douga? Oh, you mean the Right-Upper?

When you were born, you were crying, right? Shouldn't everyone be NicoNico-ing?

I'm addicted to the internet because of NicoNico Douga.

Old-Man-Upper: "Right-Upper, you've become a fine young man!!"

You NicoNico-ed at that last one, didn't you?

When a mouse sees NicoNico Douga, he becomes a Nicochu.

If NicoNico were to become a desert, Right-Upper would be its oasis.

Right-Upper: "Hey, ZUN, could you make a Rightupperhou series...?"

If there's a NicoNico Medley and an Another Medley,
shouldn't there be a Right-Upper Medley?

Right-Upper must have all the time in the world.

A NicoNico Douga that cannot NicoNico is scarcely a NicoNico Douga at all!

Right-Upper: "Don't tell me people are getting tired of the Right-Upper already..."


Thursday: "Don't forget about me and how utterly unremarkable I am."

Right-Upper: "Please watch my videos." Left-Upper: "De-nied!"

Sunglasses Man: "Will you come again tomorrow?" Right-Upper: "Sure thing!"

All... All I could save was the Right-Upper...

Right-Upper: "You mean I CAN'T get married?!"

What are you really into? I'm Right-Upsessed!

The name's Upper. Right-Upper.

Right-Upper: "You can dodge Announcette with F5. It's a secret to everybody."

I'm practicing writing "Right-Upper" in preparation for when someone asks for my autograph.

At least, it's Right-Upper-ESQUE...

Right-Upper can't sleep, trolls'll eat him.

This Right-Upper isn't a Right-Upper! It's the Right-Upper ABOVE Right-Upper!!

Right-Upper: "Thanks for always looking at me NOT LIKE I SHOULD BE GLAD

Left-Lower: "I see some kind of halo behind Right-Upper..."

Without Right-Upper, what of NicoNico Douga...? What of EARTH?

Why is everyone looking at me like that?

Today's rankings've got an insufficiency, and the only solution is more Right-Upper.

Right-Unearth: "Thought I was Right-Upper? Too bad, I'm just an imposter."

Scratch here and it'll smell like curry!

A frog's children are frogs. A Nicochu's children are Nicochus.

Sunday: "Goodbye. We'll meet again... won't we?"

The cute yandere girl whose love crushes like a mace, Right-Upper.

Man, the Right-Upper's changing already!
It'd sure be nice if I could've looked at the last one more!!

How about some Right-Uppitea with your video?

Right-Upper: "I wonder what my brother Righthood von Upperwards is Up to..."

Right-Upper has no gender. You could say s/he's a... er, well, there are children present.

Today is a NicoNico national holiday, so it's a day off school, too.
Oh, and so is every other day.

Right-Upper: "Thought Tuesday was going to pipe up? You thought WAY WRONG!!"

Right-Upper: "Ah! I missed Announcette because I was busy with Persona 4!"

This is an important Right-Upper, so put it up two times.

Tests < NicoNico. Now get that equation memorized!

Monday: "Afternoon."

Monday: "Morning."

Right-Upper, making the impossible possible and kicking reason to the curb.

Left-Upper: "Ah, the days of my Right-Upperhood, like the scent of fresh videos..."

Items exceedingly similar to Right-Upper are circulating on the market. Take caution.

Right-Upper: "Inconceivable... The Left-Upper Scouter broke?!"

Right-Upper: "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!"

Just like recycling, the same Right-Uppers will be used again.

The world will be saved by NicoNico-ing... I think

Be prudent with your curry talk when you're eating poop.

Don't talk about poop when you're eating curry!

Management! It's me! Pick MEEE!!

Let It Right-Upper

Ri-ght: "Um, sorry, but could you bring me some glue?"

Right-Upper: ""Right" is the surname, "Upper" is my first name.
But still, please don't switch them."

There are... two suns...? ...Ah! Does this have to do with the Right-Upper?

Right-Upper: "Left-Upper. You got time?"

When I catch a Right-Upper, I weaken it and throw a ball at it! No, wait! Not at Left-Upper!

Light: "Right as Uppered."
[Or: Just according to Migiue.]

"Well, you're really... Right-Upper-esque, you know." What did she MEAN?

X: "Haven't seen anybody Right-Upper to me yet..."

Right-Upper: "NicoNico is Mine"

I'm Right-Upper-tan! Who're you?

At last, I... HASS the Right-Upper!

What a one-sided game... Left-Upper doesn't even get a part, does she...?!

NicoNico Douga will be releasing iRightUpper within the year.

Right-Upper: "I'm feeling blue, but I'm keeping on."

Someday, gas will get to 252.5 yen.

The boy who became a Right-Upper, the management burdened with Right-Upper.

Right-Upperson: "I've taken a liking to Miss Left-Upper lately..." Right-Upper: "wat"

Right-Upper: "There's a way for even me to become a Left-Upper. Just one way..."

Spoilers: The killer is Right-Upper.

Where is this? Who's this Right-Upper?

Right-Upper would donate his organs to Left-Upper.

Right-Upper: "Left-Upper! I challenge you to a duel!"

Right-per: "...!" (Looks like he can't speak Up.)

Q. Where can I get stuff to make a Right-Upper MAD? A. From the Right-Upper.

I don't wanna go to school... I've got Right-Upperenza...

Right-Upper: "Hey, somebody rank me! I wanna be ranked!"

Left-Upper: "Once upon a time, there was a Right-Upper. And they lived happily ever after."

NicoNico Douga is 67% miracles.

Rate of Right-Upper: 3.2425684543...

Right-Upper: "All your videos are belong to Right-Upper."

The NicoNico Marathon, 20,525 kilometers long.

Half of every day is comprised of NicoNico.

Right-Upper: "If I were born again... Well, I'd still want to be a Right-Upper."

If you take my Right... aren't I left with nothing but Upper?!

New Vocaloid: Right-Uppoid

Right-Upper: "All quiet on the Right-Upper front."

Right-Upper: "The square root of 2 is... 2.525!"

Right-Upper: "He's hit it! Home run! Four points for the Right-Uppeers!"

Half of Upper is composed of Right-Upper.

Right-Supper: "Hm? Is there something on my Upper?"

Your MOM'S a Left-Lower!

Your today, with its NicoNico-ing, is a tomorrow someone else wishes they'd lived.

Rlglnt-Uloloer. (Make your own Right-Upper!)

Right-Upper: "What do you mean, "Right-Upper-esque"???"

Right-Upper: "I fell out of my bed, and there was Right-Lower."

Congratulations! Your RIGHT-UPPER evolved into RIGHTER-UPPERER!

They're late... but I was told to meet them at the Right-Upper...

RU + 2LU = RL2U2 (Right-Upperium)

The Right-Upper was seemingly started by mice from a land of dreams.

Left-Upper is the father, Right-Upper is the mother,
NicoNicos are the children. Just some trivia.

The Right-Upper completes me. You had me at NicoNico.

"Big bro, why are you NicoNico-ing?" "Heh heh... well..."

Life is heading step by step toward Right-Upper.

Don't get it wrong again! My name's Right-Upper! Not Right-Lower, not Left-Upper!

Run, Right-Upper, run!

Right-Uppers can show up anywhere...

This morning, I dreamt of Left-Upper...

Right-Upper: "Order me up some @pizza!"

I'm Right-Uppre! Nico to meet you.

My Right-Upper folder caught fire!!

How about a second helping of Right-Upper?

Right-Upper: "Golden Week's over? So what."

Right-Upper: "I'm one step more Upper than Left-Upper."

Play Button: "I work a billion times harder than you guys!"

Left-Upper: "H-Hello there."

Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai, Right-Upper Right-Upper Right-Upper Right-Upper,
France, Holland, Tibet, Kyoto, London, Russia, Orleans!

May illness? Man, I've had NicoNicoenza all year round!

Is NicoNicoenza season coming soon...?

If YouTube's down, why NOT go to NicoNico?

Being on the radio or appearing in the Right-Upper... which would make you happier?

Urgent announcement! Right-Upper struck by car! He's slightly ill.

Right-Upper and Left-Upper, the dynamic duo.

Left-Upper, who loved Right-Upper, ultimately quit being Left-Upper and realized her love.
Happy End. ...Isn't it?

Right-Upper: "Left-Upper, handle these papers.
Right-Lower, Left-Lower, you're on toilet-cleaning duty."

Right-Upper: "Can I get a raise? I mean, in wages."

Plans for Golden Week? NicoNico Dougas. Lots of them.

Right-Upper: "I have a dream! I have a dream that one day,
all the privileged, all uploaders, and the management can NicoNico together..."

Right-Upper: "Officially, it's NicoNico Douga Lord Protectorate
Right-Upper the Second the Fifth the Second the Fifth."

There's no response. Must just be a copypasta.

Old Lady: "Long ago, on a certain site, there were stupid children who refused to NicoNico."

Right-Upper: "Right-Upper? What are you saying? Isn't this the center of the universe?"

"After joining the company, what do you hope to work with?" "The Right-Upper, please!"

Right-Upper: "You've been talking to yourself a lot lately, Right-Upper..."

No one making any Right-Upper MADs... means the Right-Upper IS mad?

Right-Upper: "Hey, I've got Left-Uppers I don't understand, too..."

'I'm NicoNico.' 'I'm Douga (SP1).' "Together, we're NicoNico Douga (SP1)."

NicoNico bores you? That's because you aren't NicoNico-ing from the heart.

There's a good spot for NicoNico-ing in NicoNico!

If you're going to cry 100 times, NicoNico 100 times!!!

Left-Upper: "Everyone can't get their minds off Right-Upper... and I'm...!"

*ring* Hello? Hi, it's Right-Upper. I'm behind you. Right now.

Are you in the "Right x Upper" club? Or the "Upper x Right:" club?

Right-Upper is POWER!

Um, I'm... shy... please don't... look at me...

X Button: "Sorry to say, but you simply can't beat me. In Right-Upperness, I mean."

Marx: "Create a new society with no management class! Uploaders of the world, unite!"

Nico's main output / It is the smiles which it births / They are beautiful

Calm down! Calm down and count prime numbers! 2, 5, 25...

Let's just study NicoNico today.

Right-Upper: "Somebody, make a stuffed Right-Upper!"

Suddenly, I noticed... I was looking Right into the Right-Upper's eyes...

I feel like Right-Upper could get into Guiness for its frequency of updates...

Copy-Right Right-Upper. All Rights (of Uppers) reserved.

Laputa, Castle in the Right-Upper

Who was the first to name it the Right-Upper? Who gave the name to the NicoNico Douga?

Left-Upper: "A new Right-Upper! Hoo-ha!" Current Right-Upper: "W-What theeeee!"

The Right-Upper's gas mileage is best in the WOOOOORLD!

I'm the acting Right-Upper. Nice to meet you!

Left-Upper: "Don't look at me when you eat."
Right-Upper: "Oh, that Left-Upper-kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!"

On every New Years, the Right-Upper gets a power up(load)!

The @pizza is scrolling Right to Left!

Right-Upper: "Ordering @pizza while commenting... are you all pigs or what?"

Right-Upper: "Right-Uppers are going Up in price."

>^: "<^ won't beat me!"

I'm so lost! Right-Upper? Left-Upper? Which way is Up?

Here -> || <- Middle

April 1st is the Day of Right-Upper! ...No, that was a lie.

Right-Upper: "When did Left-Upper / finally get some comments / of his or her own?"

"!aguoooD ociNociN" :reppU-thgiR

Thank you very much / for your support of Nico, / Mr. Uploader

NicoNico in April: "Against-the-Tide Comments"

The Right-Upper has never told a lie. Yet.

Even the Right-Upper / sits under the sakura / and has some sake

History: "Yo! I'm Right-Upper!!" Right-Upper: "Get out."

Who are NicoNico's parents...? And who are its children?

Can't see videos? / In times of desperation, / just buy Premium

<- Right

Just meant to kill time, / but that plan sure didn't last, / 'cause it's morning now

It's quite surprising / that there is yet to be a / Right-Upper Douga

Clever haikus, huh? / Should I give this thing a shot? / I'm already done

Left-Upper: "This sudden call for haikus sure is random." Right-Upper: "Tell me about it."

When you are eating, / Announcete interrupts you / Seven already

Now it is springtime. / That's one more year of Foo-san / blowing on his flute

The part I don't get: / What makes these haikus clever? / They look regular

Spring has at last come / So shall we go together? / You are my waifu

Now taking entries / for clever haikus to put / in the Right-Upper

Right-Upper and Left-Upper are one in two parts!

Huh?! You don't know about NicoNico Douga?! How have you been LIVING??

Left-Upper || Insurmountable Wall || Right-Upper

Please update to the most recent Right-Upper Reader.

Whoa, let's not go TOO far with the Left-Upper! Don't you forget about ME!

If the Left-Upper wasn't there, why, I wouldn't even be called the Right-Upper!

Name: Right-Upper. Address:

Right-Upper: "I write every word on NicoNico. That's why they call me the Write-Upper."

Laugh all you want / Just don't forget /
To comment still / As you laugh yet / NicoNico Douga

Right-Upper: "Don't look at me! ...Well, okay, don't look ONLY at me!"

Right-Upper: "I've gotten a lot of lines lately, huh?"

Rock-Upper: "But it wasn't a rock... it was me, Rock-Upper!"

Right-Upper + Left-Upper = Just-Upper

Right-Upper and NicoNico extend their support to exam-takers! Huh? Too late?

Right-Uppeeer! Er! Er!

Right-Upper: "I'm so sorry, Left-Upper! I baked you cookies, but I was too late...!"

Left-Upper <3 Right-Upper

Left-Upper! Right-Lower! Left-Lower! And Right-Upper!
These four directions make the Nico Rangers!

Right-Upper: "My favorite direction is northeast."

Right-Upper: "Left-Upper, what you're lacking... is a way with words."

Right-Error: Please input a proper Right-Upper.

Please, management. Right-Upper has a clock in his home; no need for Announcette.

Unwatchable videos by the truckload! That is NICONICO QUALITY!

Migiue literally translates to... "Light-Up"? Which means I should be getting more attention!

Right-Upper is still in first grade. Graduation is a long way off.

Even when you think no one's watching, Lord Right-Upper is.

WWWWWW Welcome to the NicoNico Forest. WWWWWW

Zodiac fortune-telling! First: Crab. Second: Crab. Third: Crab.

Add a toggle for Announcette already! We're Premium, we can handle it!

Tomorrow will be sunny with a chance of Right-Upper.

When the Right-Upper is happy, I can't help but NicoNico.

"Dad, how does the Right-Upper get decided?" "You'll know when you're older!"

Try reading from the Right! "eeemdaertnod"

All studeeents! Your final exam will be held in the Right-Uppeeer!

_|¯|O <(...Cramped in here.)

Right-Upper: "I... I want to get into Guiness!"

Right-Upper: "What "Right-Upper workers"? I'm just me...!"

If the world calls it "Right-Upper," then it can't be helped...

Right-Upper: "And WHY is there no Right-Upper ranking?!"

Niwango has four servers, and NicoNico runs on the Right-Upper one.

Left-Upper: "Right-Upper is my waifu, and I won't hear otherwise."

NicoNico first, ask questions later.

Make adorable kids NicoNico.

Under the tree of tags, many videos are buried.

Colonel Nicochu: "Watch! For my next trick, I'll make the management disappear!!"

Teacher! Troll isn't listening to what Management-san says!

Right-Upper: "I, uh... I got chocolates from Left-Upper's older brother..."

Management: "Instead of chocolates, have some cookies, everyone!"

Chocolates? Just go to the store if you want them so bad!

Right-Upper-senpai! Please accept my NicoNico!

Forget chocolates! Hand over your comments!

Valentines this year has been discontinued.

Look outside, and it's NicoNico. NicoNico and snow falling on and on.

Right-Upper: "What's Up? No, really, what IS that Up there?"

Right-Upper: "N-Not like I want chocolates or anything!"

Problem 2: Briefly discuss your thoughts on NicoNico in 2525 characters.

Can I still NicoNico around this time next year...?

Interviewer: "What did you strive to do as a student?"
Right-Upper: "I strived to make everyone NicoNico."

Here comes NicoNico Dougaaaaa, granter of your desires!

Right-Upper: "Huh? I can't see Stage6. Well, I'll watch NicoNico instead!"

Apparently there are videos where comments scroll Left to Right...

Our Lord, the Buddha, and Right-Upper the Great.

Right-Upper: "Wanna meet Left-Upper so bad..."

Right-Upper: "I can be a boy or a girl as you prefer, everyone."

Right-Upper: "My full name is Wright Uppeur Paige Kahment."

"This is a survey about the Right-Upper." Left-Upper: "Right-Upper is useless, and..."

Theory of Evolution: Right-Lower -> Left-Lower -> Left-Upper -> Right-Upper

Would you choose Right-Upper over me?

N-Not like I wanted to be a lousy Right-Upper or anything!

I can't get to sleep... Can I stay in the Right-Upper for tonight?

[PR] The Right-Upper awaits your chocolates.

You've got no sense for Right-Upper!

Who goeth? Mayhap the Lord Right-Upper?

It huuuuurts! Help meeeee! Hurry! Hurry with the NicoNico Dougaaaaa!!

There are no smiles on NicoNico. Only the grieving of deleted videos.

I have more hope for videos than chocolates on Valentines.

Right. Up. NicoNico.

Right-Upper: "There's no Up-Righter, you know."

Right-Upper: "Not good... Gotta say something clever..."

Thanks to the Right-Upper, NicoNico's popularity has shot Right Up.

Well, after NicoNico Douga will be SancoSanco Douga...

Hm... nope, the Right-Upper's watching.

Today, we NicoNico as family!

Wait, is this the Year of the Right or of the Upper?

You MUST study! But I want to NicoNico! HOW CURIOUS!!

Where do the Right-Uppers go in the winter?

Comment art is a national pastime.

Foo-chan Productions: "Morning Right-Upper." Auditions starting soon!

"There are guys watching YouTube!" "Whaaaaat?! But real men NicoNico!"



We Right but Upper.

"Hey, you watch handball or soccer?" "NicoNico."

I'm Right-Upper. I'm in your Right-Upper.

Right-Upper has a five year, five hundred million yen contract with NifuNifu Douga.

Initiating the plan to make the Right-Upper long enough to crash into the Left-Upper.

Is there a Right-Upper on NicoNico, or a NicoNico on Right-Upper?

To my younger brother: Stop deleting your history every time!

If comments scrolled by in my dreams, am I a Nicochu yet?

It's a trap! A management-set, NicoNico-inducing trap!

"What's the lesson for next time?" "Duh, it's in a computer lab, so it's NicoNico time."

Management: "Who ate my cake?! I was enjoying that!"

If this were a Studio Ghibli film, even the Right-Upper would have a voice actor...

Delete, delete, DELETE! EVERYTHING will be DELETED!
I shall create a monument to deletion! Uwheeheehee!

It's Right-Upper? Huh? It's Right-Upper? Huh? It's NicoNico? Huh?

Now! Divert power to the Right-Upper!

Left-Upper: "Heeey, Right-Uppeeer! Wanna play baseball?"

My real name is... Righto!!

Is there no NicoNico in your heart?!

Nico stops for a minute, and it seems like an hour.
Nico for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That's relativity.

Right-Upper: "I've watched all the videos ever submitted. ALL THE VIDEOS."

Right-Upper for Thinking Up the Front Page's Thread

Pray for success on exams at NicoNico Temple.

"She has the power to materialize Right-Uppers."

No way... has the day come for me to be saved by NicoNico...?

Right-Upper, only possible with the power of the NicoNico Douga.

Right-Upper: "I beg you... Defeat Left-Upper..."

Right-Upper: "Right-Upper is studying all night another night..."

NicoNico Douga, at least until you log out.

Oh! If I add up all my test scores so far, I'm at 2525 points! (True story.)

Foo-san? Ah yes, the uploader of the most-viewed video on NicoNico.

This year's Nicofluenza seems to originate from Niwangos.

The one trolling was YOOOOOU?!? OOOU?! OOO? Ooo... oo...

I like Right-Upper better than mother. <3

Do you know where the Right-Upper in the sky is?


The Boy Who Became a Right-Upper

You're NicoNico-ing front of a computer, or a phone, or maybe even a mirror, aren't you.

If I had a nickel for every video I watched...

Right-Upper always looks at NicoNico. He knows everything about it.

Yesterday NicoNico, today NicoNico. That's NicoNico life.

I was born here, and 'til I die, I'll always be in the Right-Upper.

I'm actually Right-Lower, but I'm a part-time Right-Upper. Um, don't tell anyone?

Right-Upper: "Gonna go take a bath, see ya!"

I'm cursed to never get picked for the Right-Upper.

NicoNico Douga, "Nido" for short.

Now uninstalling Right-Upper...

Look!! I got used for the Right-Upper!! "It's just your imagination."

January 2008: The Left-Uprising

NicoNico is something that can be torn open with your own hands.

You want to NicoNico? Hmph, have you looked in the mirror?

You are presently: Here (in the Right-Upper)


A Left-Upper named Right-Upper...

[PR] Recruiting! Right-Upper-Writer. 2,525 yen a day. Fun working environment.

Did you know? Dragon Quest IX is going to be for the NicoNico!

Right-Upper! RIGHT-UPPER!! It's a name you could shout for hours on end.

"AAAAA" or "RGTUP," which would you rather use as an RPG name?

The comment monster "Comma" attacks with a "www" laser.

I want to join the Right-Upper fanclub, but...

I broke up with my girlfriend over wanting to watch NicoNico.

I don't mind heavy girls, but I do mind heavily-loaded NicoNico!

Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière is my waifu.

"Wanna do it?" "Huh? Y-You're...?!"
"You really jump to conclusions... I'm asking if you wanna NicoNico!"

Kagamine Nico and Niwa

Welcome to the Right-Upper Center.

This isn't a center. It's a Right-Upper!

Congratulations! Your 2007 evolved into 2008!

2008 has 2525 days.

Happy new window!

The Right-Upper changes at a rate of 2525 RUPM.

NicoNico played a part in my first dream of the year.

If I can post videos, if I can comment on videos, if I can NicoNico... That's enough for me.

And you who I know NicoNico-ing, Right-Upper, Right-Upper... (Right-Upper, Right-Upper...)

Rin: "We..." Miku: "Just wanna be..." Foo: "Regular girls again!!"

Nico Gear?!

Right-Upper: "There was a thread to come up with Right-Uppers...?"

Right-Upper: "Gah! Left-Upper?!"

Thanks to maintenance, I grew five centimeters.

Mom: "Tell me if there's anywhere you want to go in the new year."
Nicochu: "Two-dimensional space."

Around the Right-Upper in 80 Days

Applications for full-time Right-Upper workers have been closed.

Taking applications aplenty for Right-Upper shrine maidens.

Right-Upper: "All you know is NUMBERS, Left-Upper! *sniff, sob*"

Though the earth was destroyed, it is said only the management and NicoNico survived.

It's Santa. I couldn't fit into NicoNico Douga, so I'll drop off your present some other day.

Just don't forget there are girls watching NicoNico alone on Christmas, too...

Santa: "Here's Right-Upper's Christmas present... a mixer!"

There's no "I" in "team," but there is in "Right-Upper."

Christmas isn't so lonely this year with NicoNico Douga.

Right-Upper: "Look Down on me? Is this arrogance?" "No, it's Kefia."

Finding NicoNico... It's the best Christmas present I'll ever get in my life.

Hobbes: "The condition of NicoNico is a condition of war against the management."

Christmas is just some urban legend. Get your facts straight, NicoNico.

Pro LPer Comments on the Right-Upper

The friend of my friend is my Right-Upper.

Santa is your parents.

Ah, the Right-Upper warms the cockles of my heart.

Management: "We have a Miku-esque Vocaloid of sorts, too... Hatsune Foo."

I can't imagine life without NicoNico.

Unfortunately for Macs, they need to go to the Left-Upper to close.

I'm hopeless. I'm so tired, but I still came back to NicoNico...

T-The Right-Upper's crying...?!

My real name is Wright Uppeur.

Tomorrow's weather is looking clear on NicoNico, but of course, cloudy on YouTube.

Coldness isn't actually caused by cold. It's because of trolls.

Hatsune Miku is my waifu (as a matter of copyright).

The "Upper" in Right-Upper is actually a sign of respect...

What uploads in the morning, gets excited in the afternoon, and orz-es in the evening?

Comments lead to fun leads to comments... It's the chain of NicoNico.

When I'm done watching this video, I'm returning to my home town.

Are you doing well, mom? I'm in the Right-Upper right now.

"I wanna sit on Santa's Right-Upper!" "By Santa, you mean the management!"

Merry Christmas! Presents? Only NicoNico!

Don't LOOK at me like that...

Huh? Almost Christ... mas...? Oh, so it's a new video meme, like iM@S.

The recent high quality of Right-Uppers has brought Foo-san to tears.

I like iDOLM@STER, and Miku, and Touhou, and Kiwami. I just don't like trolls.

Nicochu / Level 3 / 2525 comments to next level / Job: Troll

Is this Twitter?

This hand of mine is burning red! It's telling me to comment on you!

On Foogle, you can search by playing the flute.

The NicoNico time forgot.

[Right-Error] This Right-Upper cannot currently be accessed, or may have been deleted.

If Announcette's so annoying, why don't you... marry... her?

2525 sheep...

C'est la Right-Upper.

What Nicochu could hate the Right-Upper?!

I love him the same way I love Right-Upper. (Sexually.)



Who began the Right-Upper?

I want my year back.

I was raised by NicoNico Douga.

Yes, it all began about a year ago...

Do you remember what day it is? Trash-burning day? Um... no...

Q. "Is Foo-san going to the winter Comiket?" A. " "

I think I have the qualifications to become "Honorary Sir Right-Upper."

If the top 3 games category videos don't involve iDOLMA@STER, I'll marry you...

Here, anyone can become a commentator. Yes, you too.

Did you remember NicoNico's first anniversary? Death penalty if you didn't!

On a scale of D up to A, this Right-Upper ranks AA+.

The flute in Mario 3 belongs to Foo-san.

Which way's Right...? Oh, the way Right-Upper is.

It is not okay to go to YouTube when you can't watch NicoNico.

Migiue in English is "Right-Upper." Isn't that SO COOL?

Click the Right-Upper 30 times in a second and you'll upgrade to Premium.

in niconico plz

Right-Upper... right-up... light-up...? It glows in the dark?!

Tour Guide: "Here, you can see the Right-Uppers..."

I don't get the standard under which Right-Uppers I don't get get used.

After booze, cigarettes, and NicoNico, I'll be lucky to have any money left.

Looked in the mirror and said to myself,
"Well, you look like you've been NicoNico-ing lately..."

Perhaps you... you thought up a Right-Upper for me...? ...Waste of time, moron!

Won't a simple "NicoNico" do every now and then?

"Sometimes I wonder. If NicoNico and the videos I watch there aren't all just dreams."

Look left if you want, but it's just mostly-meaningless data.

Do you think Right-Upper is a boy, or a girl? The answer is...

I owe my constant insomnia to NicoNico Douga.

If your user ID is less than your videos watched,
there's something desperately wrong with you.

* Thumbnails are just images. The actual videos may differ.

We art Righte-Uppere.

NicoNico cannot perish, as long as people can NicoNico.

You are the Prince of Right-Upper.

If only there were 25 hours in the day, we could NicoNico more!

There's Right-Uppers in my Right-Upper!

[PK] Right-Upper Omega

A tragic love story... Right-Upper.

NicoNico Douga, whether you're sleeping or awake.

I got fired from my job because of NicoNico. HUZZAH!!

Old Right-Upper: "Right-Uppers these days..."

I lost three kilograms with Nico Fit! (Nicochu, 26 years old)

Right-Upper: "'Cause I'm a GIRL!!"

Sun... light...? I eat it every day! ^^

"How's the weather today?" "Hold up, I'm watching NicoNico."

There's an ambush waiting for you in the Left-Upper.

I can't see what I want to - that's NicoNico Douga.
I can see what I don't want to - that's also NicoNico Douga.

I came from NifuNifu Douga. Stop ripping us off!

Summary: A Nico troll meets one of the management and vows to find work.

That's no moon, it's a Right-Upper!

Announcette? I watch her every day!

Right-Upper: "You keep looking at me... Do you like me?"

If only the world were as peaceful as a Right-Upper thread...

I won't be able to NicoNico on the 25th this month...!

Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Douga (RC34)

Announcette came on, so you know what, I'm already tired. Good night.

Right-Upper mode, engage!!

I had fun. So let's meet again in a NicoNico.

My God - it's full of NEETs! ~NicoNico Douga~

Right-Upper's Proposal ~Attempt 25~

Celebrities make 2525 Right-Uppers an hour.

Management: "The next version is planned
to bring the main attraction (Right-Upper) closer to the center."

Enter the secret button combo to move Right-Upper to the Right-Lower.

Management: "No, we're NOT having a Christmas party!"

Management: "The videos are going slow?
Right, that's because they've got everyone's NicoNicos weighing them down."

The kind who can watch TV without feeling the need to comment are nearly extinct.

How to Anger a Nicochu, Lesson 1: "Deleting the Top Videos Off the Rankings"

NicoNico <<< Insurmountable Wall <<< Virtual Boy

Left-Upper: "I'm actually just plain Upper..."

The Right-Upper expands 1 micrometer in every direction each week...

I'm not alone on Christmas! I'm with NicoNico!!

Right-Upper + Left-Lower is NOT the middle of NicoNico.

Exams? No, I figure NicoNico is more important.

One more Right-Upper. One more Right-Upper. I'm Right-Upper fishing.

Another page in the dark history of NicoNico...

The Lone Right-Upper

How to Anger a Nicochu, Lesson 2: "Timeout"

Viewer's attack! 120 million damage to NicoNico!

Christmas presents aplenty on NicoNico Ichiba.

Server: "St-Stop! When you press F5 like that, I... I...!"

Nicholas, from this day forth, your nickname is Nico!

Foo-san: "Any requests for my next song?"

If NicoNico disappeared, countless humans would be sacrificed...

NicoNicoNikuNikuMikuMikuNukuNuku Douga (R-18)

Right-Upper: "I'm jealous of Muska's popularity."

NicoNico Douga: Priceless. For everything else, there's NicoNico Ichiba.

Management: "What kind of Right-Uppers would Nintendo make? Think about it."

"Videos, halt! ZA ANNOUNCETTE!!"

Current recruiting girlfriends.

The god of videos only smiles upon uploaders.

"Your teacher is very disappointed. There's a Nicochu in this room.
If it's you, please, be honest and raise your hand."

Wha? Midterms are tomorrow? Huh, I didn't know that.

Note: Right-Upper is a boy. Left-Upper is a girl.
Right-Lower is a transvestite. We won't get into Left-Lower.

"You say NicoNico, I say NicoNico. But do you really think we mean the same thing?"

Management: "Hmph... none of them understand Announcette's true power!"

Right-Upper: "Everyone's looking at me again!"
Left-Upper: "But I put in so much more effort..."

Just NicoNico and nod... I was only able to prepare two songs.

It's almost Christmas! Should I get NicoNico a present...?

And it's all thanks to NicoNico!

Who-san? Foo's that?

Disneyland's too far, so just watch NicoNico Douga.

"It's a Right-Upper House!!"

The cuckoo clock sounded. At once, everyone looked to it.
...Midnight. "Announcette again..."

NicoNico Douga? No, it's KefiKefi Douga.

NicoNicoDouga: LV25 / HP 2525 / Weak to: Laugh

"I've got the God Hand!!" "....Huh? T-That Right-Upper arm...?!?"

"You've got a cute smile, so I'll call you NicoNico."

I'm not Right-Upper. More like LORD Right-Upper, Right?

What comes after RC2? Is it RC22?

Right-Lower to make an appearance in NicoNico Douga (RC3)!!!

"I saw comments scrolling across the world map on the bathroom wall..." "Get help."

Is this lady the one who decides the Right-Upper?

The Right-Upper must change, even if NicoNico has no reason to.

"Basically, it's like this. Right-Upper -> rightupper -> the pig purr(s)." "What the?!"

"Nico! Nico! NicoNico!" "Nico ain't no site I know! Do they speak English on Nico?"

Right-Upper: "Boooriiing."

Giving NicoNico to pigeons is prohibited by law.

Did you mean: NifuNifu Douga (Google-style)

The truth is always Nicochu! (In Conan voice)

Management: "What's the password?" Nicochu: "NicoNico Douga."
Management: "Sorry, it's been deleted."

Management: "What's the password?" Nicochu: "NicoNico Douga."
Management: "Okay, you can watch."

This is the Right-Upper? No... the true Right-Upper is the Windows X!

Let's make a Nico!

Right-Upper: "I-It's not like the Right-Upper is for YOU or anything! Hmph!"

By the way, are they taking applications for the Left-Upper anime?

NicoNico Desho Desho?

|\|ico|\|ico|\|ico Douga. Hm? Something wrong?

When Upper, Lower, Right, and Left are put together...
The true NicoNico is said to show itself.

Your NicoNico! My NicoNico! FIGHT!

Are you NicoNico? No! I am NicoNico!!

Right-Upper: "I wanna be human soon..."

All my NicoNico brethren... oh, and, um... sistren.

The Right-Upper's just for show.

"Mom! You PROMISED to get me Premium if I got a perfect score!"

NikoNiko... Doguh? Oh, I only knew about YouTube.

Send Right-Upper requests to
The management takes no responsibility for this address not existing.

Nicochu, Brutus?

My Memory: "Please try to remember me occasionally. ...Ironically."

You still don't know the real NicoNico!

"I like you. ...Sorry, I mean, uh... I like... YouTube videos."

Magic Circle NicoNico ~ But the magic comes out his butt! ~

Right-Upper Quiz: ________ Douga (The answer is a website)

Premium? All I want the Right-Upper's seat!

"If the Right-Upper went away, what would you do?"
"Think up animations for the Left-Upper."

Do you know anything about being "Nicodere"?

NicoNico is nice, but be sure to eat, too.

Anybody know where the NicoNico exit is?

And no one saw the Right-Upper ever again...

You've become a troll...?! Remember the first day you NicoNico-ed!!

Foo-san: "I was thinking of branching out into cymbals next."


Here, I'll even give you my Right-Upper.

Mom: "It's not anything sad. Deleted videos turn into stars so they can watch over you."

Right-Upper submissions are concluded. It'll decide itself from now on.

There's something in the Right-Upper, and it's not an ad. ...It's me!!

Chocolate is delicious. I'm NicoNico.

Announcette takes one small step for mankind, one giant leap for the management.

How Right? How Upper? What do I care?

NicoNico Douga would never betray you.

It's sad, but hey, that's NicoNico.

The Right-Upper has crashed. Please reboot.

Make that MISTER Right-Upper!

Two hours to encode, ten seconds to delete.

When a single video vanishes, how many smiles go with it? Think about it, management!

A prayer to the Right-Upper.

Oh, a shooting star! Right-Upper Right-Upper Right-Upper!

NicoNico. (laughs)

Apparently money CAN buy the Right-Upper.

"Mom, who's Announcette?" "Check the Nictionary."

Oh, me? Right-Upper, dood.

This Right-Upper has been deleted.

Rideo ergo Nico - we laugh, therefore we Nico.

To be continued in the Right-Lower.

Soon there'll be a Wahaha Douga, and a GiggleGiggle Douga, and...

Economy?! What does this have to do with that?!

Why do videos suddenly disappear, every time you are near?

A: "Now, the question! What do you call the Right-Upper?" B: "The close button." A: "..."

Management: "What say we do announcements every minute starting tomorrow?"

Like dad said, "NicoNico-ing is true courage."

What's Migiue in English?

NicoNico everywhere, and not a drop to drink.

Tomorrow is a holiday, so don't you waste it all NicoNico-ing!

The epicenter was in the Right-Upper, magnitude 2.5.

You were the NicoNico in that rain...


"Cast Comment on the video now!" "Ready!"
[Golbez and Fu-So-Ya versus Zemus in FFIV.]

Don't stand in my Right-Upper!

Here begins the age of the Right-Upper!

Even in tough times, watching NicoNico Douga can make you NicoNico.

The Right-Upper belongs to everyone.

"This is a nice YouTube." "No, that's a NicoNico."

"Hey, don't just eat meat! Have some Niccoli too!"

"Mom, what's that you're cooking?" "Nicostew!"

Wife: "Welcome back. Meal? Bath? Or perhaps..."
Husband: "NicoNico." Wife: "...Huh?" Husband: "NicoNico."

Geez! Right-Upper again?!

Now NicoNico... is the strongest...!

In a jigsaw puzzle, finding me is super important.

T-The Right-Upper's... o-overflowing...!!

You've got good eyes... I bet you can NicoNico.

NicoNico's environment is important to me. I'm a Nicologist.

YouTube: "Can we... get a do-over?"

I know how you feel... But now, you need to NicoNico!

Trolls are bad, mmkay? - Local Right-Upper Committee

Click the Right-Upper now! You may already be a winner!

This Right-Upper has exceeded 1000 posts. Please create a new Right-Upper.

Is the Right-Upper "Right from Up" or "Up from Right"? A sensitive issue...

Mom: "Whenever you're in real trouble, use this Right-Upper."

NicoNico Douga (RC2) Character Series 01: "Right-Upper-ne Nico"

Use the NicoNico Right-Upper to proclaim your love!

The site of mysteries, NicoNico Douga...
Could my next comment be on a video? Or on a Right-Upper...?

The Ni's in NicoNico come from "Premium"! ...?

"I know this guy who knows a guy who's a Nicochu."

Don't say Right-Upper!

A toast... to your Right-Upper.

NicoNico? Why are you stuttering?

Is NicoNico Douga the magic word?

Stop! NicoNico has done nothing wrong!

Sorry... I'm... I'm... I'm already NicoNico!

When did I start noticing the Right-Upper every time I went to log in...?

Xth of O: Clear weather. NicoNico-ed again today. Heard Announcette.

For Whom Announcette Tolls

53 years of NicoNico.

Right-Upper: "Don't I have a theme song yet?"

"One NicoNico." "Would you like Premium with that?"

The culprit is Right-Upper.

Crying doesn't suit you. You're much prettier when you NicoNico.

Can't stop the NicoNico!!

Poor Right-Upper.

I NicoNico-ed like hell, to be sure. But what's wrong with that?

Deaf to All But the NicoNico

NicoNico With the Wind

Congratulations!! Your FOO-SAN evolved into FOOOOOOOOOO-SAN!!


"Source?" "Saw it on NicoNico."

I am the very model of a NicoNico Douga.

I'm not a bad Right-Upper, so let me tell you something good. This is the Right-Upper!

"Let there be light!"

In conclusion, Right-Upper is a god.

Shall you have a meal? A bath, perhaps? Or maybe... NicoooNicooooo?

In the beginning, there was NicoNico.

You can announce to me in the afterlife... MANAGEMEEEEENT!!!!!

"What's a NicoNico Douga?" "That's top-secret information!"

Where are you NicoNico-ing now?

N-Not that I was thinking up comments for the R-Right-Upper or anything!!

Next stop is NicoNico! NicoNico! The exit is on your Right-Upper.

Right-Upper, check. Left-Upper, check.

E = NC^2

I am Right-Upper, and Right-Upper art I...

"Right-Upper? Never heard of it." "YOU LIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!"

Hey... Right-Upper! Answer me! RIGHT-UPPEEEEER!!!

"...Right-Upper." "Huh? What'd you say?" "I SAID I'm the RIGHT-UPPER!"

NICOCHU couldn't access NicoNico! NICOCHU whited out!

You're good... BUT I'M NICONICO!

The year is 2017. An age where you can buy NicoNico at the store.

Confucius: "NicoNicowns."

Everyone's in a frenzy to be the Right-Upper.

~ The Right Upper Only Dies Twice ~

Light Yagami: "Write "Announcette" in the Death Note, and..."

The Right-Upper Note: Anything you write in it will appear in the Right-Upper.

When you write a Right-Upper, girls start thinking you're sexy.

Maybe it wasn't (RC). Maybe it was something else. Probably maybe it was (RC2).

I despise girls who don't NicoNico.

"Do you know NicoNico?" "I know a NicoNico..."

I'm never gonna give NicoNico up.

If they want NicoNico, they will come to NicoNico Douga!

The Right-Upper is so tsundere.

YES! Gimme a NicoNico five!

Isn't it fine to NicoNico when you want to?

"Big bro, can we NicoNico together?"

God: "Hi."

****ing Right-Uppers, how do they get submitted?

You're tomorrow's Right-Upper!

"YouTube bullied me agaaain..." "Awww, NicoNico."

Reading today's Right-Upper all the way to the end is not allowed.

Rock, paper, scissors! Look behind you, Right-Upper!

His name is NicoNico Douga... But people call him Nico.

Sometimes I feel like being in the Left-Upper, too...

When my Nico and your Nico combine... you're gonna see some serious shit.

The Right-Upper is the main attraction, the videos are a bonus.

The Disappearance of Right-Upper Thread

NicoNico... what a girly name...

Q. How many Nicogoers does it take to change a lightbulb?
A. 1001. One to upload the lightbulb, and 1000 to make the management notice it.

"I've got good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear?"
"Whichever'll make me NicoNico." "Okay, the bad news."

This is Snake. I've infiltrated the Right-Upper.

Um, I... I want to do it with you! ...Uh, I want to NicoNico.

It's not just the Right-Upper. They're NicoNico-ing from every direction!

Mom! You ate my NicoNico, didn't you?!

I'm a brand new Right-Upper!

NicoNico is civilization!

Shiren dealt 25 points of damage to NicoNico.

Tried eating NicoNico. Unappetizing.

W-What...! There are TWO Right-Upper threads!

Ummm... Excuse me, is this the way to the Left-Upper?

"Teacher, what's a NicoNico?" "Shut it."

Right-Upper: "Somebody get me out of here! I can't even go to the toilet!"

Didn't you know...? That the world revolves around NicoNico?

Enter in Right-Up-Right-Up and you can ride the Right-Upper.

Me or the rankings, which is more important to you?

Right-Upper Voiced by Nicole Kidman

"...Up... Left... Not su - oh, Right-Upper!" "Okay, now for the Left eye."

When I woke up, Right-Upper was there...

Cosmic Year 0079: Children have been born, been raised, and died in the Right-Upper...

Is this the famed Right-Upper?

No, it's here.

This is the Left-Upper. If you see the Right-Upper, nothing can be done for you.

The Right-Upper is NicoNico in a nutshell.

Left-Upper: "Big bro Right-Upper! Don't take away my time to shine!"


The next Right-Upper... could be you!

The time which you've taken away from me's Okkusenman! Okkusenman!

Nicogoer A: "I recommend the cooking category. Watch late at night, and you'll never sleep."

Right-Upper this, Right-Upper that...
If you like Right-Upper so much, why don't you MARRY it?!

When your left hand and my Right-Upper meet, the world will be at NicoNico.

All hands...! Begin the encoding!

La-li-Right-Up-per! La-li-Right-Up-per!


Truth be told, the Right-Upper is chosen by computer.

The management is already dead.

Manager: "Right-Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A!"

Super NicoNico 64

I Would Die for NicoNico
[Or the North American title, Feel the NicoNico XX/XY.]

You can NicoNico in the rain without an umbrella... That's what freedom is!

Ehhh, NicoNicooo? It's unforgivable to NicoNico unless you're older than 40, right?!

Z -– u o Z -– u o

Welcome... to the WOOORLD OF NICONICO...

EchoEcho DougaDouga

The impossible is nothing for a NicoNico video!

I'm Ultra Super Miracle NicoNico!

NicoNico... what a frightening child...!

Ouch...! My PC's practically baking. And it's all NicoNico's fault.

2525 shall be the year of the Nicolympics!!

Right-Upper: "Actually, I got Left here after being Downsized."

The users and the management are bound together by the wheel of Right-Upper.

Right-Upper: "S-Save me!! ...I'm gonna be out of material soon enough."

Cool & Spicy Douga

Reflected in the monitor, is that your face... GRINNING? I'm TELLING you to NicoNico!

Want a smile? It's free! NicoNico? Alright, pay up!

Cookies? What are those, are they tasty?

Dou-Ga-Oh! It's time to Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Nico!!

Nico, Nico, Nico, douga no ko!

Fire when you see the Rights of their Uppers.

I'll be back. (On NicoNico.)

If your answer comes out to be 2525, rethink your calculations.

"I'm quitting NicoNico..." "Why?!" "Because I NicoNico-ed so much, I broke my jaw!"

Right-Upper: "If I'm Mario, I guess that makes Left-Upper Luigi."

The action doesn't happen on YouTube, it's all over at NicoNico!!

What? There's no Right-Upper. This isn't some fantasy or fairy tale!

i HAVE the niconico

Right-Upper is dead.

Rock, paper, scissors! ...NicoNico!!

OAK: "See those three NicoNico Dougas over there?"

No two Right-Uppers are identical.

There's a thread for this?

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Go for it! Almost to the Left-Upper!!

Why're ya takin' a video like this so seriously?
[Takeshi's Challenge.]

I haven't eaten anything but NicoNico since yesterday...

One NicoNico, please.

I've never met a NicoNico I didn't like!

Perhaps... NicoNico is life?

Hey You, Nicochu!


Press this button, and NicoNico will...!!!!

This NicoNico may change the world...

Ahahahaaa! Look, everyone looks like NicoNicos from here!

"Nico, you ain't lookin' so hot." "Y-YouTube-senpai...!!"

People NicoNico, but is there a reason?

When a butterfly flaps its wings, the NicoNico-maker makes a profit.

Some NicoNicos money can't buy.


The Right-Upper is dead. Long live the Right-Upper.

Maintenance is over! Everybody NicoNico!

Ahahahaaa, ohohohooo, Nicococooo!

Good NicoNico, moon.

"Guess who!" "...That voice... Is it NicoNico?" "Bzzzt! The answer was NicoNico Douga (RC)!"

"Right-Upper," sung by Hatsune Miku.

[In the Left-Upper] Right-Upper? How ancient. This is the age of the Left-Upper.

Nico*Douga Chapter One: "A NicoNico To You"

Who's the NicoNico in behiiind?
[Kagome Kagome.]

NicoNico Beam! It's super effective!

I came, I saw, I NicoNico-ed.
[Alternatively: Veni, vidi, Nici.]

Yogurt? No, it's NicoNico.

PCs exist for NicoNico.

Do Vocaloids Dream of Video Site Comments?

There's... no one inside this NicoNico!

Video Hunter NicoNico, Final Episode: "NicoNico, For Eternity..."

NicoNico... I want it!!

"What's that?! In the sky!" "It's a bird!" "It's a cloud!" "It's a plane!" "No! It's NICONICO!!!"

2Ni + 2Co -> NiCoNiCo

NicoNico is NOT just two Nicos!!

Don't you NicoNico, Kakarot!

Endeavour, fellowship, NicoNico.

C'mere, little girl... I'll give you NicoNiiiiico!

The Curse of Lord NicoNico

Nicolas Cage

Nice bo... sorry, nice NicoNico!!

NicoNico the Third

Nico? NicoNico!! NICONICONICO!!!!!

NicoNico Night Fever

On that day, the world was NicoNico-ed...

You'll be fined if you're late to NicoNico!

I shall not die! Because I love NicoNico!

Humanity is divided into two groups... Those who NicoNico, and those who do not!

"Why do you watch videos?" "Because there are NicoNicos there."

Those crimson eyes... There's no doubting it, it's NicoNico!

"Oh, Romeo. Wherefore art thou Romeo?" "Because of NicoNico."

The Ni's in NicoNico come from "ninja."


The answer to life, the universe, and everything: NicoNico.

2x + 4y = NicoNico

The 25th minute of the 25th hour is NicoNico Time every day.

"What's for dinner?" "NicoNico!" "Agaaain? This is the third night in a row..."

The Million Dollar NicoNico

Good things come to those who Nico.

"Stand! Bow! NicoNico!"

R.C. NicoNico Was Her?

Snake! You can't do that! You'll create a NicoNicodox!

"Marry me! I want to see your NicoNico every day!"

Takashiii! It's NicoNico! Get down, please!

Just as NicoNico-ed.

Hello! And... NicoNico!

Your NicoNico or your life!

"The truth... is Nico(Nico)."

Ditto, Cloyster, Caterpie, Sandshrew, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Golem, Nicochu!

There's nothing you can't do on NicoNico.

NicoNico is NicoNico at NicoNico with all NicoNicoNico.

Okay? Don't NicoNico, don't NicoNico! ...PLEASE don't NicoNico!

NicoNico is a friend! Don't be scared!

Sayonara NicoNico Sensei

NicoNico, I choose you!

Buying a PC: 120,000 yen. Enjoying yourself without interruptions: NicoNico.

Smiles are 0 yen. NicoNicos are 15 yen.

"Did you go see Evangelion?" "I NicoNico-ed." "...Well, I guess you did, then." * Actual conversation.

What a twist! It's NicoNico!

"Mom, what's a NicoNico?" "halguhagluaghlugh"

"Mom, what's a NicoNico?" "The key to living out an enjoyable tomorrow."

I'm gonna beat the Nico outta you!

Barkeep, gimme the usual NicoNico...

Comment-Captor NicoNico

NicoNico is 99% comments and 1% videos.

Drugs, sex, violence, NicoNico.

Good morfternicoight.

Say NO to annoyance! Say YES to NicoNico!

You NicoNico, you lose.

NicoNico's Za Warudo! *video stops*

2 x 5 x 2.5... 24-hour days just aren't enooooough!

I'll show you a REAL NicoNico!

Aliens, time travellers, parallel universe dwellers, and superheroes, you're all welcome at NicoNico Douga!

NicoNico: for NicoNico, by NicoNico.

Let's Nicology!

NicoNico... you're pretty good!

"I fell in love with NicoNico Douga."

Everyone NicoNico! Just don't let it crash the server.

From the little things come NicoNicos.

Teacher, is NicoNico classified as a snack?

Explode... into laughter! NICONICO FINGEEEEER!

NicoNico... it can't be!!

Schrodinger's Nico

I'm glad... I was able to meet NicoNico!

I'd like to buy the world a Nicoke.

Goodbye, my love. Hello, NicoNico!

Protect our NicoNico.

Ah, well, I'll be the god of the NicoNico world.

NicoNico Yukai


"Do you remember how many times you've overlooked criticism?" "Yeah, zero."

Now it's my turn! NicoNico Douga!

NicoNico... BALSE!!!

It's NicoNico Center RC! DOUGA ON!

I NicoNico-ed today. I'm not scared anymore.

Beautiful NicoNico

Laughy-Laughy Movie

One liter of NicoNico.

I doubt that NicoNico was the LAST NicoNico.

NicoNico Douga IIDX

It don't mean a thing (if it ain't got that NicoNico).

But there are still videos I want to protect!

NicoNico-ing got me a girlfriend.

NicoNico Douga is open 24 hours a day!

N for being such a Nice site! I for its being Infamous!
C for the Comments you can make! O for Ohhh, this is NicoNico Douga!

Who's a NicoNico and a half? I'm a NicoNico and a half!

Time flows like NicoNico.

Don't stop NicoNico-in'!

Magical Girl NicoNico Nanoha

NicoNico in the house, NicoNico outside... ~ Anywhere and anytime, NicoNico Douga! ~

NicoNico Quest III: And Thus Into Legend...

NicoNico users have a home to go back to.

"Why would you look at NicoNico?" "Why would you drink beer?"

I'll be back for NicoNico!

NiiicoNicoman, NiiicoNicoman Seven!


Eh? NicoNico, isn't it?

Harry Potter and the Video of NicoNicos

"Freeze! NicoNico!"

Monsters live in the NicoNico...


Now, tell me your wishes, but I'll only grant 2525 of them.

Beyond NicoNico... What even is there?

Geez! What a NicoNico age this is!

The day begins with NicoNico.

Heaven, earth, and NicoNico Douga.

Yesterday's foes are today's NicoNicos.

1 is NicoNico, 2 is NicoNico, there's no 3 or 4, 5 is NicoNico.

Gotta catch 'em NicoNico!

There's all sorts of life, and all sorts of NicoNicos.

NicoNico! You too?!

NicoNico Douga (Gamma) Part 3 1/3

Cruel NicoNico's Thesis

NicoNico, every one!

Huh? NicoNico? Yeah, I'd hit it.

Flowers for NicoNico.

Hint: Smile.

One plus one equals...? Teacher! It's NicoNico!

Got no NicoNico!

It takes love! Courage! And NICONICOOOOO!!


My Neighbor NicoNico

It's Adam and NicoNico.

The time of someone on NicoNico: Priceless.

If you want to stop smoking, try Nicorettes.

A beautiful site, that NicoNico Douga.

Is NicoNico burning?

NicoNico is on the move!


NicoNico even in the rain!!

Believe in NicoNico with the courage to save the world...!

NicoNico is everyone's friend!

Do androids dream of NicoNico?

NicoNico in the Valley of the Wind

I am become god of the Nico world!

I came from the NicoNico.

When the NicoNicos Cry

Which anime character do you want to NicoNico?

I have up to 108 NicoNicos.

What's a NicoNico without videos?