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Sakuya495: i had a weird dream last night
HakuRayMoo: did your knives get reliable hitboxes because that would only happen in a dream
Sakuya495: this fairy maid with a
Sakuya495: "8>"
Sakuya495: face
Sakuya495: came running into the house and stole the mistress's books on bullet dodging
FujiyamaVolcano: lol
Sakuya495: promptly after that she made me use a bomb on a stupid phoenix tail clone =(
Sakuya495: anyway when I chased after her through the forest I FROZE
Sakuya495: and could not move
Sakuya495: it turns out someone was having a conversation with me
Sakuya495: it ended in agreeing that youkai are suckers and by the time it was over i had forgotten everything
HakuRayMoo: at least you didn't leave your knives at home again that was just embarrassing
Sakuya495: also patchouli didn't even do anything
Sakuya495: she just stood there
HakuRayMoo: probably because she was talking to herself in preparation for a fight i hear that's how she practices magic
Sakuya495: also the fairy maid could see through wood doors
HakuRayMoo: dear mima why didn't you mention that earlier
HakuRayMoo: do you have any idea what kinds of bullet patterns she will be able to make

My god, jelly donuts are terrifying.