Moon (often referred to using its "genre," Remix RPG Adventure, like a subtitle) was a game released for the Playstation in Japan in 1997, never officially translated, and with all fan translation efforts never completing. Though I'm fairly sure I'd heard about it beforehand, I initially experienced the game through a Let's Play by a Vocaloid-adjacent person named Lasah. This is my partial translation of the game by way of that LP.

However, Moon has now been re-released for the Nintendo Switch with an official English translation! Please buy it and support this incredible game if you can! This page will remain as-is, and hopefully remain interesting for showing the different decisions I made in my translation, as well as the charms of Lasah's LP.

Some other notes: YouTube links to the soundtrack are provided at appropriate points. If I put something in italics, it's usually related to Lasah's commentary or something she did in the video.

Now watching Lasah play Moon: Remix RPG Adventure.

Love 1

Logos for ASCII Soft and Love-De-Lic appear, then the title screen: "Moon." You start a new game, and find that you're a young boy playing a new RPG on your Gamestation. Logos for ASCII Soft and Love-De-Lic appear in the RPG as well, except the horse rider in the former is wearing a helmet and the heart in the latter is cracked.

The intro plays, with plenty of lines of backstory appearing with just barely enough time to read it. And then there's even more lines of backstory, such that you definitely can't read it in time, culminating in fourteen lines that stay up for about five seconds. "WOW."

[So yeah, you don't really have to read this, it's just here for completion's sake.]
The incident occurred at the so-called "Dragon's Castle," a strange, unexplored mountain in Love-De-Gard.
Near the summit of the majestic dragon's castle was a hook-shaped fissure called "Death Crevasse," formed via the miracle of a snowstorm lasting tens of millions of years.
When the darkness within the hearts of the people of Love-De-Gard resounded with their senses, a distortion formed in the holy resonant light of Moon, forming a point of complete darkness at the center of Death Crevasse.
Due to the point of complete darkness, the holy rhythm began a wave conversion into an evil rhythm. In the process of the evil pulses spreading further distorted darkness and shadow, they took physical form as an evil being known as the Dragon. No one quite knows why.
When evil pulses began to shroud Love-De-Gard, the legend from Chapter 6 Verse 5 of the Fourth Book of the Three Great Documents which stated that "When a dragon from the evil realm appears, a holy hero shall descend" dispersed through Love-De-Gard, and so the people prayed almost religiously, impatiently awaiting the hero's appearance.
As the power of the words from the prayers of the people all over Love-De-Gard undulated, it resounded to all corners of the heavens. When the people's prayers inevitably resonated with the surface wave rhythm brought about by unconditional love, one called a hero suddenly appeared in the Love-De-Gard castle town. The hero headed for the Dragon's Castle and his senses mixed with the pulses and material and light and the cosmos and God, and his great power and holy sword and a sage opened the way to the demon world and revealed to Love-De-Gard the trembling of the crystal. The point of complete darkness was to become a relative point of light, but since the holy belief was holy polarized light, it surpassed a single point and the analyzed concept-material collapsed. There was a fear that this would cause inconsistencies in logical construction, so there a Palano analysis of the pulse rhythm was grupridly performed. And so the hero's Moon legend was for the assimilated crystal jewel and there was a Mode 7 airship flying to a floating castle and upon arrival his line was "I will protect!" The hero echoed the holy tone while wandering the gap between the conceptual world and world of rebirth. "Enough fantasies, wake up already!"

After all that, the title screen comes up: "Moon." You start a new game.

You enter your name. You are Lasah, a hero completely decked out in knightly armor. You start in a throne room, and every single person present simply tells you "The king awaits." This includes a minister next to the king, who has a large mustache which is not present in his face portrait.

So you talk to the king. He tells you of the evil dragon in the Dragon's Castle who has eaten the moon out of the sky and how you are the only one who can defeat it. The minister tells you that the dragon is powerful and you must "beat the crap out of enemies" to gain experience if you hope to stand a chance.

In the town outside the castle, you see a dog. "Woof-woof! Woof-" *Dragon-Quest-style battle starts with "Crazed Dog"* "WOOOOOF?!" The dog wags its tail (which does nothing) and flees before the hero can hurt it. The hero earns no experience from this battle, but does earn a feeling of superiority.

The hero is praised by the townspeople. An old man ("Is that Uranus from Live-A-Live?!") with a turban (in his portrait only) trusts that the hero will not lose to the dragon. A chef with green hair (whose sprite is a generic-looking man) thinks the hero is amazing and cool. A young woman with brown - I mean, purple hair screams in excitement over him. And an old man in green wishes the hero luck. There's also a bird chirping away in a corner of town.

The hero walks into a bar, and at the young - er, old barlady's suggestion, he loots a dresser in the bar for a Legendary Helmet, Legendary Armor, and Legendary Shoes. Strangely, he gets knocked back slightly when he leaves the bar, but nothing else comes of it. He leaves town.

Back on the save screen, you load a save over an hour into the game: "~THE SEAL LIFTER~" The hero reads a sign: "When a rainbow comes overhead, the world shall be revived." He runs into a slime and they battle, but since they keep doing 1 damage to each other ("This isn't getting anywhere."), the hero calls upon his divine power: "THUN DERECKER!" The hero puts an end to the slime's life, earning him 5 points of experience points.

He smashes a rock in his way with his sword. Soon after, the hero senses an evil presence, so he dons the legendary equipment he found earlier, forming a holy rainbow arch that allows him safe passage. Another rock near the end of the area moves out of his way, likely due to his sheer holiness.

Another loaded save, eight hours into the game: "~THE BURNT VILLAGE~" A young girl is being attacked by a spiky turtle with a long tongue called Basilick. After being hit once, it splits into two and seems unhittable. The second Basilick transforms, now set aflame, and the other disappears. The hero dodges and scores a critically critical hit, putting an end to the Basilick's life and earning the hero 78 points of experience points.

Twenty hours in: "~DRAGON'S CASTLE SHOWDOWN~" The hero ascends a long flight of stairs, finding a robot who just beeps at him on the way. He finds a strange (rather small, considering) airship, which he boards and rides to the Dragon's Castle. However, his entrance is impeded by a terrifying amalgamation of monsters known as Beforlast. The hero slashes away, doing "quite a lot" of damage, and amasses energy to use the ultimate magic: "OR! ME! TEEEEE!" Beforlast's life is put to an end, and the hero levels up "to max level."

The hero finally faces the Dragon, who knew he was coming and ridicules him for thinking he stands a chance. But the hero attacks for 9999 damage. And again for 9999 damage. And again, and again, so fast that soon enough the messages don't even get to finish typing, or even begin to -


"Stop playing that game and get to bed!"

It's your mom. So you turn the game off, as she says.

But the TV comes back on, showing static. You check it out, confused, and are sucked into the screen. After flying through various channels, you exit a static portal and start falling through the sky.

Down on the ground, some of the townspeople - the chef, the one with the turban, the purple-haired girl, and the old man in green - are talking amongst themselves, now looking much less retro and more resembling their portraits than their game sprites. Then the hero (whose sword is sort of incredibly huge on his back) comes marching through with a metal stomping, scaring off some birds as well. You land near the townspeople, though they don't seem to notice - you are pretty transparent.

"Seems the world's gonna perish, at this rate."
"I guess that rumor... was really true..."
"The one 'bout the light of the moon being gobbled up?"
"...At any rate... Seems that guy's gonna defeat him for us."
"So then we should just relax."
"Hmph, coward!"
"That's being a bit mean to Baker, isn't it?"
"It's all right... I mean, I..."
"What a cowardly lot this town's got..."

You can try talking to the two guards in the castle, but each one just thinks the other said something.

In the throne room, the king and the minister tell the hero to head for the "last dungeon," the Dragon's Castle. Well, actually, the king seems to be busy scribbling something and simply repeats what the minister says. They also inform him that he will need 300 points of experience points to reach level 2. Again, talking to the king or the minister will make one think they heard the other. You leave the castle, the hero walks away, and the townspeople return to town.

The chef and the man with the turban (Curio) talk about how the latter might be able to sell merchandise based on the hero. While listening to this conversation, the hero frantically chases after a sleeping dog.

The old man (who has a sack of trash on his back) and the purple-haired girl talk.
"Boy, it's going to get noisy around here, isn't it..."
"How can a moron who chases around dogs all day beat a dragon...?"
"Mr. Fony, you're always looking at things that same way!
I hate it when people are so negative."
"Fine by me, I wasn't lookin' to be liked by you!"
"You're terrible! Just awful, Mr. Fony! Sniff..."
"Cripes, don't cry... Ugh, girls are so complicated.
(The hero continues chasing the dog.)

You try to enter a shop labeled "Flora," but the dog being chased comes over and pees next to you. Then the hero chases the dog away and knocks you out of the way. (Trying to go anywhere else in town has roughly this same effect.)

Taking a short trip through a forest outside the castle town, you find a house with the dog from earlier (Tao) and an old woman inside. Tao barks as you enter and the old woman asks if anyone's there. "Talking" to her, she reaches out for you and wonders if you might be LASAH. You tell her yes, and she hugs you, glad that you've returned - she had a feeling something good would happen today. She goes over to her rocking chair and tells you how the townspeople thought LASAH was dead, but she knew her grandson would return. She then falls asleep in the chair, so you go to sleep as well.

In your dreams, a large floating head appears.
"Lasah... Hear, Lasah...
Welcome to the world of Moon...
I always believed you would arrive...
And it was I who showed you the way.
Do you know what is most important in all the world of Moon?
It is a power that sees what cannot be seen. A mystical key to touch the untouchable...
When your heart is filled with Love, that alone can move you through the world of Moon...
However... Your Love is yet lacking...
...You are at only Level 1: "Oversleeper of Love."
Understand? You must gather Love to the absolute best of your ability...
And then...
It is your power that shall open the Door of Light.
Now... Wake up...
Devote yourself to the flow of time which you share with the people of Moon...
...And so let us meet again in another dream."

(Lasah decides to call the dream visitor "Challenge-san" after a Japanese Baskin Robbins advertisement titled "Challenge the Triple" about three-scoop ice cream... since it does rather look like they have three scoops of ice cream on their head.)

Granny scolds Tao for waking you up with his barking. She's gotten out LASAH's favorite clothes and puts them on for you, making you "visible" by your hat, vest, gloves, and shoes. Also, she baked you a cookie!

Love 2

Lasah goes outside and the granny follows. "Where were you while you were gone? And what were you doing?" "Um, playing a game... where you fought a dragon." She gives you 150 Yenom to go to town and buy some bread, like old times.

Every time Lasah goes through the forest on the way back to town, she sees a very Dragon-Quest-y slime, but it quickly runs away and vanishes.

In town, Lasah finds a talking bird who claims to be a know-it-all, despite appearances. He knows of you and has plenty to tell you about the world, but asks what he should explain first: "The sorta important things," "the vaguely important things," or "the immensely important things."

Sorta important:
"Name's Yoshida, an' don'tcha fuhget it!
Yew don't got a clue 'bout anythin', jus' gimme an item an' I'll help.
So yew seen the king yet or what?
Ain't nothin' next ta me, but he knows his stuff.
So I reckon yew oughta meet the geezer!
Hoy then, smell ya later!
Come by my crib next time yew wanna hang out!
Oh yeah, an' for now, yew might wanna just walk around, see if ya luck out upon some Love."

Vaguely important:
"So I found this bizarro rock back in my homeland.
An' it had all this junk writtin' onnit, like how yew was comin'... an' other stuff I forget.
I mostly been waitin' here to tell yew jus' that, matter of fact.
There's yer vaguely important info, so 'member it!
Hoy then, smell ya later!"

Immensely important:
"Yew know what's most important in our world, don'tcha?
Yep, that'd be Love.
Yew don't have 'nuff Love, yew'll run outta breath an' pass out.
An' that means the game of life's over!
Then yew'll go backta yer last save data.
...That bein', from the last place ya slept.
So keep'n eye out an' don't poke one out!
Hoy then, smell ya later!"

Lasah finds the guy with the sack on his back, a homeless man named Fony. He asks for something to eat, but when Lasah agrees, he insists he's no beggar and was just kidding.

Lasah finds the old man Curio running a general store. Then she goes to the baker, Baker, who mistakes you for LASAH because of your clothes, but then realizes that can't be right, and he hasn't seen your face around. (Wait, but you don't have a...) Anyway, she buys some plain bread for 50 Yenom.

Lasah finds Flora, the purple-haired florist, going outside her shop, and she also thinks you're LASAH but figures you're not because LASAH is dead. Hmph.

Lasah goes back to the granny and gives her the bread, getting her her first heart of Love, and goes to sleep, as she seems to be running low on energy.

"Good day, Lasah. So we meet again.
In this world of dreams, I can evaluate your Love Level.
...Whenever you earn Love, go to sleep...
By doing this, you can extend your Action Limit.
Which means you will be able to more freely move around the world...
Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
You did an errand for Granny.
You will require 1 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

In town, Lasah sees the hero stomping along, then reads a bulletin board on the news for the day ("the day" being "??/??, Day of Tears," AKA Wednesday). The news states that the hero has reached Level 2 and it's only a matter of time before he reaches the Dragon's Castle.

Lasah goes over to Wanda's Bar, and the hero leaves and knocks Lasah over as she tries to enter. Inside, there's a sleeping woman who mumbles about "Florence."

At the castle, the king is out feeding birds and asks you to wait until he's done to talk to him. D'aww.

Inside the castle, there's a puppet with a blue hat named Geno Nogee who has come from the Toy Kingdom to study abroad.
"By the way, what kind of games do you like?"
("Video games" or "I hate toys")
"Video games."
"Video games?"
("Yeah. Gamestation ones." or "Have you not heard of them?")
"Yeah. Gamestation ones."
Never heard of it..."

One of the guards is Ibilly, who worries about his friend Fred staying up all the time. The other guard is Fred, who's sleepy.

The minister mistakes you for LASAH and tells you not to pay any mind to the townspeople if they do the same, and to excuse him, as he has important work to do. Like walking back and forth in front of the king.

The king realizes you're not from around here, so he gives you his Name Card, since it's customary in his land to do so when first meeting someone. Lasah shows the king's card to the minister, who explains that it's a sign of being an honorary citizen and gives her his. Then Lasah faints from exhaustion and gets a game over. Whoops!

On the way back to Granny's house, in the forest, Lasah sees the hero fighting the Slime, using his Thun Derecker to burn him to a crisp, and the Slime's spirit leaving it. He leaves, smashing a rock in his way. Lasah checks the corpse. "(This is commonly known as... a Slime. It's burnt to a crisp...)"

Lasah tries to go south, but then some kind of mushroom man a man in a straw hat appears by the Slime and introduces himself as Stevie. He asks how Lasah felt seeing the Slime - I mean, Sly, die. ("I felt bad," or "Well, it was just a monster...") And this is Lasah we're talking about - she'd feel bad no matter what the circumstances. Stevie agrees that the Sly didn't do anything wrong, yet the hero fried him for "experience," which is frightening to think about.

However, Lasah sees the Sly's spirit hopping around, and Stevie tells her she can revive the Sly by catching its wandering spirit, and may earn some Love in doing so. Then the hero and a bat come on screen and he slices the bat in half. "Ahhhhh... Truly, no one can stop the hero now..." Stevie also gives Lasah an Animal File to keep track of animals.

After catching the Sly's spirit, it returns to life, and a UFO catcher with an octopus on top appears to carry it off. Lasah earns some Love and "unfortunately receives" 100 Yenom. She also checks the bat corpse to find it's named Eekard, sleeps during the day, and uses supersonic waves mainly at family gatherings.

"...That is Love. ...This too is Love.
...This is the Love from the spirits of the animals...
Lasah, your Love has grown yet deeper.
With this, you are now Love Level 2: "Love Apprentice."
You will require 1 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Love 3

Lasah finds a photo of Granny in her house and a world map showing that there's plenty of places on the continent left to explore.

In town, she finds a dead frog named Yenomfrog, who lives in the park near the fountain and loves coins made from moon fragments. It's now the Day of Yenom (Friday) - Yenom is apparently represented with a upside-down peace sign - and the news hasn't changed.

Lasah visits Wanda's Bar and finds an empty dresser (since the hero looted it), and up in the attic, Flora's MD (Moon Disc), which can be used to play her theme whenever. So she uses the "Program" option on her MD player to make a playlist of nothing but that. [PS. MD music links will be to the "normal" versions of the song. The Moon Disc versions are the next-numbered track.]

Lasah finds the Yenomfrog's spirit next to Flora's shop, but can't reach it. Inside the shop, she finds a dead Harp Flower, and its entry says it expresses its feelings by playing music with its strings. Flora says she found it in Rainbow Rocks and tried to water it, but it wouldn't get any better. "Isn't that sad?" ("The poor thing!" or "But it's just a flower!") She also says she heard sad music when she found it.

After resting up, Lasah finds Flora in the attic of Wanda's Bar and shows her the king's card. She remarks that the king is a good, carefree person, then remembers she should give you her card.
Showing her the minister's card has her reveal that he writes the Hohum News on the bulletin board. Nowadays, he's concerned with the hero's equipment and levels.
"Beat those evil monsters into next week! Strike down that dreadful dragon!!
...Oh my.
...Sorry, I got a little overexcited there."
Lastly, showing Granny's photo, Flora says she used to come by with Tao often, but supposes she's too old now. "Besides, Tao would always have to tinkle..."

Lasah shows Fony Flora's card. Despite opening with "I dun care 'bout anything if it ain't food!", he knows she's the florist and lives in the attic of Wanda's Bar. She works in the shop every morning, but goes walking through town on the Day of the Sun. (In fact, she does exactly this while they're talking.) "But I dun't care one teeny tiny li'l bit!"

"Anyway... Gettin' them scraps o' paper makes you happy, don't it?
Well, I only share treasure wit' the people I like.
'Course, a flimsy scrap o' paper's a totally diff'rent story.
"Got Fony's Filth!" (That is, a pile of garbage.)

Fony doesn't seem to respect the king or minister much. He knows how Granny outside town used to live with her grandson, but then "things happened." "It's a real pity of a story, though, so I ain't gun tell you the truth."

Lasah catches up to Flora. "I was just telling Mr. Fony how much better he'd feel if he took a bath... But he ran away so quickly... Odd, isn't it?"

At Curio's shop, Lasah finds a dead... smoking head with a beret. He's named MacArth and the entry says he's a chain smoker. Curio's selling a Hero Pinup, a Fishing Rod, Fish Bait, and Tao's Favorite (a bone, which she buys). She tries showing Fony's Filth and Flora's card, but Curio thinks Lasah's offering to sell them and doesn't want to buy them.

Lasah finds Baker and shows him Fony's Filth (however, she thought she was showing Flora's card, so there was quite a misunderstanding).
"Yes, I have that too. It's a sign of our friendship.
A dreadful person.
Quick to anger...
Quick to lecture others...
...But still, we're friends."
On Granny, Baker recalls her often coming to buy bread, but hasn't seen her lately, and feels sorry for her given her grandson is dead.

Baker finds the news the minister writes quite interesting. "I heard the hero learned thunder magic after leveling up! That's amazing! And to think he's facing the evil dragon who ate the moonlight! How heroic!" Additionally, the king writes the Chatty Corner of the news, and Baker wonders if the things he writes are true. Also, he wants to give you his card, but he's apparently out of them.

Lasah finds a Sunrise Pearl behind Baker's shop. She also tries to give Tao his favorite bone, but he doesn't seem to want it. (Friggin' dog.)

Lasah shows Ibilly Fony's Filth. "Well, different strokes for different folks, as they say... I guess sleeping next to a fountain is just one of them? I prefer a bed, myself..."
Flora's card: "She gave me a real good slap for eying her butt earlier... Not bad for Wanda's daughter, eh?"
The king and minister's cards: "I make a point of not talking about matters of the castle."
No comment on Granny. Also, she gets Ibilly's card.

Fred, too, has received garbage from Fony. "Incidentally, our king admires Mr. Fony quite a lot. Did you know that?" He doesn't know Flora. After giving his own card, he falls asleep, so Lasah moves on.

The minister says Ibilly often goes to the bar, and the two guards are each paid 500 Yenom from the treasury monthly. (Note: the Hero Pinup costs 2000 Yenom.) "They don't deserve it, though."
On Flora: "A working woman of our kingdom. It's a wonderful thing."
On Fony's Filth: "It's rubbish... The king worries me sometimes... Why would he want to associate with THAT fellow...? It's a stain upon our morals..."

Ibilly on Fred: "If I don't wake him up every morning, he can never make it to work. It's a pain..."
Fred on Ibilly: "The nights he goes out are the only chance I have... Hohoh..."

Nogee reappears in the castle and asks Lasah about games again. This time she says she likes computer games but suspects he doesn't know of them. He says he doesn't and asks that you lend him one. Lasah promises she will. Until she has something of her own to share, Nogee lends her a toy train. She promptly shows it to Ibilly. "Nogee...? I hope he goes back to his father soon, but..." Fred says that Ibilly thinks of Nogee like his own son.

The king talks behind the minister's back (not) about how he only does what he wants to do and doesn't listen to him at all.
On Granny: "Her grandshon, LASAH, perished in an accident... What a sad tale..."
On Flora: "Hohoh... There'sh a girl like that in town? Why, I should go out there and befriend her!"
On Fony: "...You're a friend of Fony's? ...Then you must be a delinquent as well... Hoo! But being delinquent is the bee'sh knees!"
On the guards, he just notes how they're good friends.
On Nogee: "Long ago, Nogee's father somehow got himshelf lodged in my toy box. "Even toys need to shtudy, so please, look after my son!" ...he asked of me. So shince then, Nogee's been lodging in my toy room."

Love 4

Lasah goes south of the forest and finds a sign welcoming her to Rainbow Rocks, which she supposes is where the hero donned the legendary equipment to make a rainbow. The area is named after the rainbow-colored rocks that surround it. It was once just a boring place filled with plain rocks, but one day a huge rainbow appeared and stayed for a whole year, coloring the rocks.

There's a section on the sign about rainbows that asks if there might be a meaning behind the order of the seven colors of the rainbow. There's also a section about "Shystones," which are creatures who will move if a person stays near them for too long. Lasah goes down and stands next to one, and it turns red, gets up on little legs on its bottom, and scuttles to the side.

Past the Shystone, Lasah finds a dead Alyukenny, who works at a cafeteria and, due to customers calling her a walking advertisement for the shop, wishes to become a sign.
She also finds Thousandworm, which according to legend was created by the combination of a thousand smaller earthworms in ancient times.
And Cicada-maru, who cries from the trees to let off steam.
And Escargod, who is revered as a god of dogs.
And Slyna, who turned red due to always blushing and has the nickname Beth. Slyna's spirit is very near her body, but she keeps hiding from Lasah and seemingly can't be caught.
Lastly, she finds a dog named Elmo who's paranoid about stepping into other dogs' territory.
Incidentally, Tao comes running by on her way back to Granny's house.

At night, Eekard's spirit appears next to his body and Lasah catches it. Sleeping, she reaches Love Level 3: "First Step to Love."

Lasah spots and catches the sign-girl Alyukenny's spirit behind the Rainbow Rocks sign. She realizes if Slyna doesn't see her, she won't run, so she waits for her to turn around and catches her. While the octo-UFO is taking Slyna away, the Harp Flower's spirit appears briefly, but she isn't sure why. She finds and catches Cicada-maru under a tree. With all this Love, she goes straight to Love Level 5: "Bayer of Love."

Lasah tries throwing some Yenom into the fountain to lure out the Yenomfrog's spirit, but it doesn't seem to work.

Lasah finally decides to show some things to Yoshida, starting with the king's card. He notices something: "...Tweet? Yew see this stuff written on the back? Whazzis?" It turns out the king wants Lasah to come to his room at night to talk about something in secret.
Anyway, Yoshida on Granny: "Age ain't treatin' her well, innit?"
Fony's Filth: "Tha's Fony's treasure."
Tao's bone: "Bone? Yew like bones too? He ain't come through lates, but there's this mutt Tao... Can't get 'nuffa those bones! ...Say, if yew see Tao 'round at night, follow 'im 'round. Mutt's always findin' an' buryin' stuff places. Might jus' find somethin' worth your while!"
Sunrise Pearl: "A Sunrise Pearl, eh? Heard Wanda lost 'er ring. That'd be the one?"
Nogee's toy: "Well, bein' a know-it-all, 'course I, y'know, know it all... Say, yew likin' the weather today? Tweeta-deeta-deet, tweeta-deeta-deet..."

Near Baker's shop, Lasah notices a sign advertising vacations to Bali Bali Island by... Yoshida Travel Agency?! Inside, she sees Fony buying bread and shows Baker Flora's card. "S-She's kind of my type... And she's always looking out for me..." And he still doesn't have his card.

Nogee on Ibilly: "Ibilly's a hard worker! He's practicing week after week! Dad always said that hard workers live long! ...I wish he'd come to see me sometimes, but things are getting better with Ibilly." Lasah discovers that Baker's bread can substitute for his card, so Ibilly on Baker: "We used to be drinking buddies, but... we haven't gone drinking in a while. I heard from Wanda that he comes to drink every Day of the Echo..."

Ibilly and Fred go to their room at night. Lasah follows and talks to Ibilly. "When I was with my ex-wife, we had a son. I promised the kid I'd make an airplane that'd soar the skies... That's right! Our plane would fly above the terrace every Day of the Sun! If you like, you can come see..." And Fred is snapping and humming to himself. She leaves, forgetting about the king.

The fountain is sparkling at night, and Lasah tries throwing in another coin, which does lure out the Yenomfrog, but he runs back out of reach before she can catch him.

Lasah visits Wanda, who appears to only be awake at night, and gives her the Sunrise Pearl. She apparently knew she lost it near the bakery a while ago and gives Lasah her MD as thanks.

Wanda on the king: "You want to know about the king? Try asking the people at the castle instead. And their lips'll certainly be loosened when they're drinking, y'know!"
Granny: "Poor woman... Seems she's all alone now. I worry about an old woman on her own..."
Flora: "The girl's at an age for falling in love... Seems there's one or two she's fond of..."
Fony's Filth: "Hahaha... You got some, too? I'm sure he's taken a liking to you. He may be uncouth, but he's pure at heart."
Ibilly: "He comes by often. Lately he's been coming every Day of the New Moon."
Fred: "That Fred guy definitely isn't a morning person. But neither am I! Most people who don't get up early have things to do at night, you see."

Lasah happens to check the empty dresser again. "...Oh, say, are you a friend of the hero's? He just suddenly started rummaging through that dresser... ...and made off with my lingerie. ...Well, I hear he's off to defeat that evil dragon, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt." Speaking of which, she goes upstairs to find Flora sleeping, and so goes back down immediately.

She's running low on energy, so she asks Wanda for a drink. "By the way, I haven't seen your face before. Well, I say "face"... but there's nothing there. Or at least I can see right through it. So, what'll it be?" Her options are Orange Juice or Bloody Wanda, and she buys the orange juice, but it doesn't really help at all.

When she leaves the bar, there's a woman standing outside.
"I saw everything.
Now be quiet and come this way."
She leads Lasah behind the bar.
"I know you're attracted by the charms of women. You men are all the same.
But if you think any woman would want you to watch them sleep, you've made a big mistake, bub!
Plus I bet you were fantasizing about having coffee in the dawn or something...
Or wanting to feed her a line like "Breakfast in bed?" so bad you were gonna blow!!
And if you're dead-set on watching a rustic girl like her sleep, well that's just a bit pathetic!
This is a warning! Think hard about what you've done, you little sex-offender..."
The girl takes off running.
(Love get!)

Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
You found and gave Wanda her ring.
You got a scolding from Femi.
Lasah, your Love has grown yet deeper.
With this, you are now Love Level 6: "Half-Share of Love."
You will require 3 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Love 5

Lasah starts this video from the title screen rather than Granny's house this time so she can show off to everyone the "funky and groovy" load game music. "HERE WE GO!!"

In Rainbow Rocks, Lasah finds a strange machine with a rainbow satellite dish attached and seven colored buttons. (It also has the name "Dr. Stein Hager" in the corner.) She presses the buttons in order (which increases a meter to the right and adds to a hum from the machine) and the "Rainbow Generator" is activated. The dish turns to the left and a countdown begins, then the hero arrives... wearing lingerie and panties on his head. The dish emits a rainbow over the hero, and he leaves. Love get!

(When she goes to sleep, the above Love is just described as "You successfully activated the rainbow machine.")

Going further in Rainbow Rocks, Lasah finds that a Shystone moved out of the way because it saw the hero wearing the underwear on his head. Who wouldn't do the same?

Lasah finds someone in front of a house who says nothing (also a guy tied up on a pole and a flower). As she walks away, the guy in front of the house asks if he can talk to Lasah and she says yes. He's Knicker, a 65-year-old carpenter, though he hasn't been working lately.

"Say, son... What do you suppose "love" is, anyway?
Romance, familial love, love for humanity... So many kinds, but I can't make sense of any of 'em.
...And what would ya do if your partner were a weirdo, huh?"
("Run away" or "Become a weirdo yourself")
"I get you... Yeah, that's right...
Thanks for the conversation.
Yeah, I'll... I'll live, alright. The way I want, the way I wish.
...Say, I... I really got 'n itch to dig now. Dig, dig, and keep on diggin'.
In fact, I think I'll just leave my house behind and go on a journey...
Well hmph! So long...
As thanks for lettin' me talk to ya, you can use my house how ya like.
Alright, Bocker..."
"Whoosh, the wind... ...Valley of Wind... ...oooooh."
Knicker leaves.
(Love get!)

In Knicker's mailbox, Lasah finds a letter. "To my be-loved Knicker: I fine-ally saw him. Yes, God was in-deed there. Please do come to my after-noon serve-iss. - Adder"

"I... I am Bocker the signpost. My hobby is being tied up.
And, now, I want to be your signpost. ...oooooh.
N-Now... Ask. Ask. ...ooh."
("What's north?")
Go through north cavem, th... mushroom forest... that's what's there. ...oh.
Hero also... went that... way too...
("What's south?")
Go south and find the Tropical Field, yes... which is very tropical.
Dr. Hager... lives there...
("What's east?")
"Whoosh, the wind... ...Valley of Wind... ...oooooh.
Th... ank... you..."
(Love get!)

And the flower. "Hi, I'm Pistil. I may look like I'm going to open up, but I'm not. Heyyy! Bring me some pollen, pleeease!"

Inside, Lasah finds a ton of little animal spirits on the floor and a world map showing that this house, labeled "Lasah's House," is in the center of the map. There's also a TV showing "Stevie and Friends" where Stevie and all your currently-revived animals appear, and he tells her how many spirits are still wandering - currently it's 46. She finds a dead Oscar under the bed: he's President of the United States of Rubbish, lives under beds and in the corners of rooms, and likes anything resembling trash. Thus, she produces Fony's Filth, and the little spirits gather around it and become catchable.

Knicker and Bocker's Loves are just described as... "Knicker's Love." and "Bocker's Love." With these and catching Oscar, Lasah reaches Love Level 7: "Rider of Love."

Back in the forest, Lasah finds Stamen, who asks you to spread his pollen, so you get a Pollen Dumpling from him. She also finally succeeds in catching the Yenomfrog in town by throwing a coin into the fountain and running over to him. But almost misses her chance by messing up her grab. "OKAAAAAY! NO NO NO NO NOTTO OKAY."

Lasah gives Pistil the Pollen Dumpling and she's very... um... welcome. She claims her roots now extend to him. She then asks if she can eat you. Lasah declines and goes to sleep instead.

For the Yenomfrog, Lasah reaches Love Level 8: "Intern of Love."

Turns out the sleeping was just to get psyched up (and in case it led to a game over). Lasah lets Pistil eat her and she pops out of Stamen at Rainbow Rocks. That's, uh, helpful. However that works.

Lasah finally remembers she was supposed to meet the king at night. While at the castle, she shows Ibilly Wanda's card. "Kind at heart, and likes people. A romantic to the point of stubbornness. ...Well, that's how I feel about her."

Lasah follows the guards and Nogee at night and finds the king's room in the same general area as the guards' room. He's working on a crayon drawing of "My Plans to Fix the World," these being a bunch of birds carrying the king (the "Thousand-Birdie Strategy"), some kind of pig-looking balloon (the "Fly Me to the Moon Project"), and fireworks (the "Great Fireworks-Launching Plan.") He's too busy drawing to talk to Lasah, so she shows the king his card.

You're here?
You're sure the minister doesn't know?
He declaresh just about everything he hears word of a waste of money, you see...
...Truthfully, there's something of a requesht I have. Will you hear me out?
Would you help in my world-fixing Fly Me to the Moon Project?
I tell you, the minishter isn't going to get a thing he's doing done, that's what I believe!
That's why I'm working with Dr. Hager on a ship to explore the surface of the moon.
The thing ish, I've lost contact with him as of late...
I don't have a clue what might've happened...
If you're willing to help, then deliver this letter to Dr. Hager for me.
The Doctor's laboratory is in Tropical Field.
He's got a head like it's literally packed with encyclopedias, so you'll know him when you see him."

In the minister's room, Lasah finds a neatly-written document about his plans to fix things. It's boring though, something about an election. The minister believes it'll have to be his intellect alone that will save the kingdom. He also has a boring history book keeping track of events relevant to the hero's quest, including the date of the moonlight disappearing (although outside of the days of the week, the date system is... very odd).

Lasah walks in on Fred singing into a microphone. When he notices her, he just goes "Wah! ..... Well then..." and goes straight to bed, with microphone apparently still in hand.

And no, Femi doesn't come back if you peek at Flora sleeping again.

Love 6

In Rainbow Rocks, Lasah finally catches Thousandworm by entering the area from the other side, meaning there's a Shystone blocking his escape. She also sees the Harp Flower's spirit again but fails to catch it.

Outside Granny's house, Lasah finds the corpse of Serpenton, a former summon monster who slept whenever he wasn't being summoned. Inside, she finds Granny in bed with Serpenton's spirit looming over her. She says she hasn't been feeling well ever since the hero came by. Since she's in bed and mostly immobile, she tells Lasah how she can give Tao his favorite bone to teach him tricks.

Lasah goes out to Rainbow Rocks in anticipation of Tao running by, and he does. She finds Elmo's spirit shortly afterward. (Presumably she missed Tao "marking his territory" near his body.) She finally catches the Harp Flower when Flora's theme comes on her MD player, and it plays said song for her as thanks before leaving. She finds "Florence <3 Wanda" etched into a tree. (Well, technically, it's a parasol with a heart on top of it.) Then someone holding a sign comes out from behind it.

"Heeey! Yooou!
The treeees... that live in the foreeest... are cryiiing.
These sillyyy... little scribbleees... are hurting the treeees.
Should we humaaans... who the eaaarth cares fooor... really be doing thaaat?
I forgooot... what I was going to saaay... to wrap this uuup.
I'm going tooo... call for my brotheeer... and also my sisteeer.
Here I gooo."
He takes off.
(Love get!)

Back at her house, Lasah notices a picture of Knicker and Bocker from the good old days near the bed. With Bocker not tied up.

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
You listened to Fir's preaching.
...That is Love. ...This too is Love.
...This is the Love from the spirits of the animals...
Lasah, your Love has grown yet deeper.
With this, you are now Love Level 9: "Love Debut."
You will require 1 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Lasah chases down Tao at night and sees him run into some trees, then waits around and he runs back out. She maneuvers through the trees into a new area where she finds a hole with "Tao's Tablet" buried in it. Also, a dead Plantern, which is a vegetable that pretends to be a holy vehicle for spirits.

In the room in the castle that leads to everyone's rooms, Lasah finds a portrait of "Lackadaisiking XII," though it appears to be a former king, not the current one. Anyway, she waits in Nogee's room until morning. Suddenly, a toy car in the corner activates and crashes into the wall, activating a chain reaction that presses a button to wake him up. Well, that's silly.

While the king is out feeding the birdies, the minister laments how irritating it's been trying to manage the kingdom since the moonlight disappeared. Lasah goes out and sees the king, then Fony comes by to talk to him. "Mutter mutter..." "Whisper whisper..." "Mutter mutter..." "Whisper whisper..." And with that, Fony leaves. Lasah also goes to Curio's to buy a fishing rod and bait.

Lasah gives Tao his bone and tells him to sit, and he lies down. Lasah congratulates him and it buzzes at her because lying down is different from sitting. She tries again and he sits this time, so his praise is properly deserved. "Tao got a little smarter! Tao leveled up! Learned "Sit.""

Lasah goes back to Curio's to buy some more bones, then it becomes night. She notices the door below the shop and enters to find Curio in his room smoking a pipe, which makes MacArth's spirit appear in the shop, so she catches him. Then she goes back down to talk to Curio, who has different items for sale at night: a Magnifying Glass, a Frilly Dress, Chloroform, and a Flower of Babel. Curio also offers an item he dug up for 1000 Yenom as Lasah leaves, but she doesn't have enough.

Lasah checks on the Harp Flower in Flora's shop and it gets picked up by the UFO, who gives the reward Yenom in the form of a "Moon Shard." In case it wasn't already clear that Yenom is made from moon fragments.

For reviving MacArth and Harp Flower, Lasah reaches Love Level 10: "Black Belt of Love."

Love 7

Lasah returns to Tao's secret dig spot and checks the hole again for a White-Winged Arrow. Then Plantern's spirit just sort of walks out of the trees for no real reason. Well, all right. But after catching him, a HUGE version walks in for her to catch - apparently that one is Gigantern. (Since that was so easy, though, she only gets 3 Yenom for her reward.) Checking Stevie and Friends again, she's up to 13 animals revived now, and sleeping, she reaches Love Level 11: "Hell Chariot of Love."

Lasah shows Yoshida the White-Winged Arrow. "...W-Where'd yew pick that thing up? ...Well, dang. ...Thing reeks of "well dang," if yer askin' me. Got the stank of conspiracy..."
Tao's Tablet: "Looks sorta like that stone from my homeland. When I found that 'un, guy called Baker came by an' translated it with some fancy-pants machine. Where the hey do yew suppose you'd buy a translator doohickey like Baker's?"

Lasah notices she can go behind Baker's counter, and upon trying to go through the door in the back, he asks her if she's a friend of the hero's. "I mean, barging into people's rooms as you please... Please, try to be reasonable."

After buying a ton of bones for Tao and trying to imitate Curio's voice, Lasah teaches him Lay Down. Once he learns that, she gets the new option of... "Tao, SUMMON!" After he succeeds in doing so three times with a bird, he levels up and officially learns Summon, as well as apparently "changing class." Summoning one final time lures out Serpenton and Lasah catches him. After he's carried off, Granny steps outside.

"Whew... The air outside is refreshing, isn't it?
Oh my... Is that you there, LASAH?
Ah, and Tao's with you too...
Oh, Tao... You must have been so bored while old granny was sick.
But, I'm doing just fine now.
I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me...
Now let's go for a walk together, like old times..."
(Love get!)

And she still has a cookie for Lasah. Such dedication.

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
You healed Granny's illness.
You finally succeeded in training Tao.
...That is Love. ...This too is Love.
...This is the Love from the spirits of the animals...
Lasah, your Love has grown yet deeper.
With this, you are now Love Level 13: "Chicken Soup of Love."
You will require 3 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Lasah finally ventures into Tropical Field and finds a school of floating fish. Also, a sign: "Hold nature sacred! - Eco Club" After going a little ways, the screen pans over to a megaphone on a pole in the distance. "This is an announcement from Hager Inventions. We at Hager Inventions are currently looking for new members. Whether it's your heart or your wallet, Hager Inventions hopes for it to be rich!"

Lasah wanders through a high-tech-looking gate and is scanned, then blasted away by a defense program. She finds another Stamen who gives her a Pollen Bun to give to Pistil. She finds the corpse of Tommy, who's nocturnal, feeds on Promptbugs, and flees if he's surprised or hears a loud noise.

An "S" donation box next to the megaphone-pole claims one can become a member by donating. It says the three main benefits to members are "Guidance on Selling New Inventions," "Discounts on New Inventions," and "Visiting the Church of Invention." She can donate 1, 100, or 1000 Yenom, so she goes with 1. After doing so, the box reveals she needs to donate 10,000 to become a special employee. (Should have said that beforehand!)

Lasah tries showing the minister the White-Winged Arrow, but he completely ignores it, possibly because it's night. Then she tries showing the king's letter (that's supposed to be a SECRET!), which he also completely ignores. "Minister, you moron."

At the back of the castle, she finds a balcony with some 10-Yenom binoculars. She also hears the UFO in town at night on the way to stalk Fred. (Which doesn't really work out, as she apparently forgets what day Ibilly is out.)

Love 8

Lasah goes out to the castle balcony on the Day of the Sun and finds Ibilly tossing a toy plane that stays in the air for about three seconds.
"Oh, this?
This would be my sole hobby.
...Well, I keep it up every week, at least.
...To tell the truth, I had a son while I was with my ex-wife...
And on my son Iwilly's seventh birthday...
That was when I made him a promise.
...That I'd make him an airplane.
And it wouldn't be some crashy hunk of junk, it'd fly for an hour straight, easy.
But I broke up with my wife before I could ever finish it.
And I couldn't keep my promise to my son...
So... Yeah, that's why I've been working on an airplane ever since...
...So I can hopefully meet my son again someday."

Lasah goes north of her house and hears an INTENSE GUITAR SOLO. Except he keeps messing it up and restarting. "Him" being a guy with nerdy glasses standing next to some boxes labeled "BURRN."
"If I were to describe music in brief, I would call it the opinions of the artist and the feelings felt by the listeners.
It's built upon that mutual relationship which to this day continues to validate "music" as indeed that.
A bit late on the introduction, but I'm Burrn. When it comes to music... well, I suppose you could say I know a thing or two. LAWL.
One MD'll be 100 Yenom. You can see the jacket design before making a purchase, or ask for my personal review."

Lasah asks for Burrn's review of an MD called Hole In My Sock. "With Creole-esque mixing and scale that reminds one of a huge landscape, it's very much what you would expect from hole-y socks." Uh, sure, she'll buy that. Burrn on "Song of Spinning Silver Thread": "A Celtic style, oboe, and flute all come together to form an undoubtedly silver thread." Same there.

"Oh, I see that sparkle in your eyes. Those are eyes ready for a challenge, eyes saying "I know my music, too!""
("You bet I do!" or "Not especially")
"Hahaha! ROFL. I'm not just running an MD shop for show. It'd be an embarrassment if I didn't know my stuff.
Well then, you know what this song's called?"
(The intro to Hole In Your Sock plays and Lasah answers correctly.)
"Oh, so you do know it. Heh. What about this?"
(A song she hasn't heard plays, but it seems poppy to her, so she picks Pop May Day and is correct.)
"Hmmmph. You're pretty knowledgeable. Alright. Then how about this one?"
(Believe it or not, Song of Silver-Thread Spinning plays and she gets it right.)
"Ah, so that's how it is. You longed to be like me, so you gave it your all to study up, I bet?
Yeah, come to think of it, you do have this look about you now that you know your music.
We're more alike than I would've expected. Yeah, alright. We can be a bit more frank with each other from now on.
To say it simply... music pals? No, no. I'm not sure I want to put it this way, but... good friends? Real-life friends?
Yeah, something like that. Okay, then good... fri... end. Ah, that sounds nice. Okay, later!"
(Love get! Ahhh!)

Near Burrn, Lasah finds the body of Heyboy, a green creature that's also a band manager. A quote from the man himself: "There's nothing better than smiles after a superb performance. Oh, is this Jimi-poo's demo tape? Say yo-hey to G-Man for me!"

On the next screen, she finds Zid Vicous the starfish. "Due to his divine appearance, he's often worshipped, but he also often fishes through garbage. Thus, he's actually rather ashamed of himself." Lasah then goes inside a building marked with an upside-down peace sign and finds a person with four arms.

"Hell-oh! It is nighs to meat yu!
Yu may call me the name Adder, witch is my name!"
"Mmmmm! Frunnnnnh!
From what I can sea, yu are quite sic! Yess, very sic-lee in-deed!
It is yore bawdy! I can sea strait threw it!
But bee glad! Yore sic-ness is of no worry! Bee-cause...
We have hear a Mess-enger of God!
The Mess-enger of God's power can turn the sea-threw in-too the sea-every!
Do yu wish to here of the wonders of the Mess-enger of God?
("Tell me!" or "Not interested")
Very well! It was just yester-day...
When a divine figure clad in are-more sudden-lee appeared!
He swung a shining sill-ver stick, and a creature I had not seen bee-fore floated in-too the skies!
I am cer-tin that are-mored figure must be God himself!
And that he had called four that creature as his mess-enger!
How-ever, though yu are sic, yu are too worldly to meat the Mess-enger of God!
If yu under-go my tray-ning and make yore heart pure, perhaps yu can meat him then...
So will yu train?"
("I will," "I hate training!", or "Maybe later")
Yu will! So yu shall!
First in yore tray-ning shall bee The Poem of God!
I shall reed yu a poem dedicated to God.
Then yu must identify it from among three similar poems.
There cannot bee a sin-gull difference!
Now then, let us bee-gin!"

(Music starts.)
"Once yu close yore eyes..."
("Once you close your eyes," "Once yu close your eyes," or "Once yu close yore eyes")
"Yu can sea clear-lee..."
("Yu can sea clear-lee," "Yu can see clear-lee," or "Yu can see clearly")
"With the eyes of yore heart."
("With the eyes of your heart," "With the eyes of yore heart," or "With the eye of yore heart")
"All-most horrible in its beau-tea..."
("All-most horrible in its beau-tea," "All-most terrible in its beau-tea," or "All-most incredible in its beau-tea")
"Ah, ahhh, ah, ahhh, beautiful!"
("Ah, ahhh, ahhh, ah, beautiful!", "Ah, ah, ahhh, ahhh, beautiful!", or "Ah, ahhh, ah, ahhh, beautiful!")
"Far bee-yond are vast universe..."
("Far bee-yond our vast universe," "Far bee-yond are vast universe," or "Far beyond are vast universe")
"6824593 lightyears away."
("6829453 lightyears away," "6824593 lightyears away," or "6825943 lightyears away") "Pipipipipipipi!"
("Pipipipipipipipi!", "Pipipipipipipi!", or "Pipipipipipipipipi!")
"I would like two meat yu so, God..."
("I would like two meat yu sew, God..." "I would like to meat yu so, God..." or "I would like two meet yu so, God...")

"Fan-tass-tick! Yu have cleared The Poem of God!
So then, will yu chall-enge the next part of yore tray-ning?"
("I will," "I hate training!", or "Maybe later")
Yu will! So yu shall!
Next in yore tray-ning shall bee The Voice of God!
Step back just a lit-toll bit...
Phan-tom Trio, yore time is now! EEE!!"
(Three little Adders appear.)
"Now, I shall the sum-on the voice of God!
After-word, the phan-toms will imitate it one bye one.
If you are correct in picking witch phan-tom did sew correctly, yu pass!
Yu must re-lie on yore ears!
Now then, let us bee-gin!"

"Am-ay-sing!! Yu have all-so cleared The Voice of God!
So then, will yu chall-enge the next part of yore tray-ning?"
("I will," "I hate training!", or "Maybe later")
Yu will! So yu shall!
Last in yore tray-ning shall bee The Face of God!
First, I shall turn a-round and put on a diss-guise!
And for just a second, I will turn fore-ward!
Then I want yu to pick the phan-tom with my face... That is what I want...
It will only bee four the blink of an I, so do not miss it! Now then, let us bee-gin!"

"Am-ay-sing! Ah-may-sing! Yu have cleared The Face of God!
Yu have done well!! Oh, yore heart is now so much purer in-deed!"
("Thank you very much" or "Thank yu very mach")
"Ohhh! Even yore response is pure!! Won-der-full!
Let me give yu this as a re-ward!"
(Got a Moon Tear!)
"Well then, it is near-lee time to meat the Mess-enger of God!"
(Adder steps aside and Zid Vicous's spirit comes down.)
"Now! Prey with all yore heart to bee not sea-threw, but sea-every!"
(She does.)
"Yore prayers are not enough!! Prey harder!! Har... der..."
("Pray" or "Touch")
(Yeah, that's not doing anything.)
("Pray" or "Touch")
(Zid Vicous's spirit is caught and goes outside.)
"Ah... ?... Ah... Uh...
The Mess-enger of God went uh... ...way..."
(Adder chases after him.)

"Ahhh-ahhh... So you must re-turn now?
I still want to know more about God! I wish yu would not have to go...
...So yu will still leave, even sea-ing my tears...
I at least wanted to meat that are-mored God once more...
When yu re-turn, tell God... that Adder will never fore-get about him!
...I am sure yu will all-ways look back on this day... It must be very heart-braking...
So from too-day forth, I, Adder, will take on the name of God. Accept-able?"
"Thank yu very mach.
Well then, bee off!"
(The octo-UFO carries Zid away.)
"Woo-hee! I have fine-ally surpassed God!!
Ex-cuse me! God is pass-ing threw. Please move aside."
(Adder goes back inside.)
(Love get!)

(Adder flashes a bit, but doesn't seem to go anywhere.)
(Love get!)

("Help me out!", "Not necessary," or "Explain")

Whew. I mean, uh, back in town, Lasah shows Yoshida the Moon Tear. "Gah! Tha's some raw Yenom yew got there!! Yew surprised me so bad I thought my guts were gunna fly out my mouth... Sell that at an antiques place and yew'll be rich!"

Lasah goes to Curio's and sells the Moon Tear for 750 Yenom. She goes to stalk Fred and sees Ibilly leave his room at night. Fred doesn't come out, so she goes over to the door to listen. Then he comes out holding a microphone, sees her, and goes back inside. Welp.

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
You seem to have awakened Adder.
You allowed yourself to be a good friend of Burrn's.
...That is Love. ...This too is Love.
...This is the Love from the spirits of the animals...
Zid Vicous.
Lasah, your Love has grown yet deeper.
With this, you are now Love Level 14: "Teacher's Aid of Love."
You will require 3 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Love 9

Lasah sits around near Burrn, listening to him mess up his guitar solo for quite a while, until finally he completes it, feeling totally rad ("DOYA!") and making Heyboy's spirit appear. Lasah talks to Burrn. "When you're going through hard times, you need a cool sound to fix you up, am I right?! Surely you know this, friend!"

Burrn on Pop May Day: "Full of nostalgic chippy-ness, it's like a treasure box of candy. How about some sweet caramel music?" On Emotion 2: "A cold machine beat and weeping guitar heap on the emotion. Gleaming with intelligent passion."

Lasah goes north from Adder's church and finds two little people dancing around a fallen third. The two run into the nearby cave when they see Lasah. "Barma... stonte... ka... kakunte..." Lasah is so confused by this she decides not to investigate the cave.

For catching Heyboy, Lasah reaches Love Level 15: "Nucleus of Love."

Lasah keeps waiting in Rainbow Rocks at night until she's able to catch Tao and have him bark at her, which makes Escargod's spirit appear.

Lasah notes how she hasn't found many animals in Tropical Field, then investigates some trees and finds a dead Shadebird. "A precious bird that can only be seen in the day. It apparently circles around waiting for prey." She also notices a green spirit that's slowly moving and swirling around, then becomes solid. So she catches it, and it turns out to be called Lord Leaf. Tommy's spirit is near his body, but disappears when she approaches. She chases and catches another spirit she never checked the body of, Flowerie.

East of Tropical Field, Lasah finds a fishing pond with a sleeping man who talks about the master of the lake appearing in his dreams. When he wakes up in the morning, he starts fishing.
"Shh, quiet... I'm Gamakatsu, and I'm on an eternal quest after the phantom fish.
You came to fish, too?
If you're just starting, mind if I tell you some things?
Okay, tip number one.
Once the fish bites your bait, you're not getting it back.
Tip number two. Press the Circle button to attach your bait, then wait patiently."
(She does so.)
"Tip number three. When the bobber sinks all the way down, press the Circle button at a good tempo."
(She does, and catches an Empty Can. Then she messes up next time and is out of bait.)

Lasah sees the shadow of a bird circling near Shadebird's body, but night falls right on cue and it disappears. She catches Tommy by simply approaching him very slowly. For the Love from Flowerie, Lord Leaf, and Tommy, Lasah reaches Love Level 16: "Assistant Instructor of Love."

Gamakatsu says he was dreaming about catching a Shell-Whale and wanted someone to help, but wasn't sure how someone could. Said whale can be seen spouting water in the lake, but Lasah is still out of bait.

Sleeping in her house one night, the octo-UFO visits and drops a tablet on Bocker. "Octopus..." She goes out and asks about this. "This... an octopus... yes... ...oooh." He gives her the Octopus Stone.

Lasah goes to consult Yoshida, but then realizes: it's night on the Day of the New Moon, so she needs to hurry and stalk Fred. She succeeds in not being seen as he leaves his room and follows him to the throne room... where she witnesses Fred wearing a queen's crown and performing like Freddie Mercury. After the show, he walks out and leaves her one message: "If you want my autograph, get it later." Love. Get.

"What did you think of Fred's singing?" Lasah reaches Love Level 17: "Triple Crown Winner of Love."

Love 10

Lasah shows Yoshida the Octopus Stone and he gives the same advice about Baker's translator machine which he gave for Tao's Tablet. He also claims the Empty Can can be sold for a high price. Lasah goes to Curio's to confirm this (and also begins to suspect the Flower of Babel he sells at night) and, coming early in the morning, discovers that Curio has an extending mechanical doohickey that carries the cushion he sleeps on in the basement up to the shop. Handy! The Can sells for 75 Yenom and she buys some bait.

Lasah goes to the lake at night and immediately catches the Shell-Whale's spirit, and the UFO comes from over the horizon to grab it. While being carried off, the whale lets out a tear that makes the lake flash rainbow colors for a bit. Then the UFO gives Lasah a Moon Shard worth 200 Yenom. Gamakatsu just goes "..." Well, I mean, he is still sleeping.

Lasah finds a cave on Tropical Field with an old man inside, who holds up a small statue of sorts of himself which he points to as he speaks. (Yes, there are actually quotes around his lines.)
""You need somethin'?""
("Yes" or "No")
""Shop's closed due to sleep deprivation.""
("Yes" or "No")

There's also a dead Dream Alien that eats people's dreams and renders them unable to sleep. He aims for the days before exams. Lasah guesses he needs to put the guy to sleep, but figures she doesn't have what she needs, as he just says ""Whazzat?"" to everything she shows him.

Lasah hangs around under the Shadebird for a while until it eventually comes down. Well, alright.

Lasah goes to sleep and is trapped in a cage. Suddenly, she fades out and Flora takes her place. "Help." Then Baker, then Curio, and Fony, all begging "Help." An old man she hasn't seen yet tells her, "Open the door." The hero raises his sword and his armor collapses to the ground. The old man tells her to "open the door" again. The screen is covered with many copies of what appears to be a blueprint. The townspeople rapidly continue to beg for help, then the animals join in. Lastly, a dragon stands up. "Help us... Lasah."

Well, uh. That was freaky. With the Love from Shadebird and Shell-Whale, Lasah reaches Love Level 18: "Copernicus of Love."

In the desert valley east of her house, Lasah sees a spirit on a cliff out of reach. She finds a dead Tai Fighter (a combination of a red snapper and a starfighter) and sees its spirit flying all around. There's something burying underneath the sand, and there's a cactus that grows huge and has a spirit on top of it. Yeah, it's kind of chaotic. She finds the body of Drole, the animal on the cliffs that loves high places, but doesn't like how the cacti only expand once a day.

On a cliff east of the Valley of Wind, she finds Birdbrain, a large, dumb bird whose blue body is supposed to protect it when flying, but it has a red crest that really stands out, so it's useless. To the right is a guy in a wide-brimmed hat looking out over the horizon... but he's sleeping standing up. There's also a sign next to him with different-colored birds with multipliers next to them. There's also a dead Sadmile: "On that night the blackbird of death appeared, Sadmile crawled up from the depths of hell. - Book of Sadmile Revelations 2:6"

Even further east, there's a dead Chairity who, when he sees someone sitting, wants to offer himself to be sit on, but one must wait until he turns around before they can sit. So Lasah waits around and sits down. Chairity appears, approaches her, turns around to be sit on, and is caught. (A spirit flies by the bottom while this is going on.) She finds the body of O'Hara, who lives riding the breeze, so she supposes that's what that was.

Lasah finds a place with a "closed" sign outside. She finds a bone for Tao in the trash can and opens a door that has what looks like a cat eye on it and makes a meowing sound as it opens. Inside, there's a guy behind a counter with cat-like eyes and a redhead with sneakers and goggles on her head.

"Ah?! Welcome!"
"Are you here to eat?"
("That's right" or "Nope")
"Then come this way!
Good day!
My, Lasah! I'm glad I opened the shop today!
So, what'll it be?"
("Cactus-Salad Desert," "Promptbug Saute," or "Black Caviar")
"Wha?! Wow, you're brave, Lasah!
Wait just a second.
We've got an order iiin! Get our customer a Cactus-Salad Desert!"
(The guy behind the bar makes it, looking kind of catty while doing so.)
"It's ready."
"Here you are! Thanks for waiting! This here is one solid salad!"
(Lasah starts eating.)
"That salad is made using desert cacti.
How's it taste? Seems more like mushrooms than cacti, right?
Ah! That's right...
Speaking of mushrooms, would you like to hear a rather strange story?
Just listen while you eat.
It was a little while ago...
I believe it had been cold and rainy the previous day.
I had gone to the mushroom forest to look for rare ingredients."
(Fade to a flashback of sorts with the catty man.)
"It was more humid than the usual, so I wasn't feeling too well..."
(It turns out Lasah is now controlling him. He goes forward.)
"Making sure to avoid the hallucinatory mushroom spores..."
"I proceeded deeper and deeper in."
"But I could find no mushrooms."
"I was about to give up and head back.
But then I saw a shocking sight...
A mushroom, walking around, shining a bright yellow."
(A little mushroom with legs walks in front of him.)
"I carefully secured this mushroom and headed for the exit."
(He does, and... wait, isn't that the old man from that dream?)
"And then I saw Mr. Florence cooking some mushroom stew.
Mr. Florence being a rather rough sort of man who likes mushrooms.
And then he said to me..."
"Ho, Kenji... Gathering ingredients again?"
"Found anything good, then?"
"I found this today."
"Wha...! This is no doubt the fabled Golden Mush!!
Sorry to ask...
This mushroom... Would you gimme it?"
"Ah... Very well. You can have it."
(Florence does a spin.)
"Woo-hyoooh! I'm so happy I could faint!"
(He eats it, has a strange reaction, there's some laughing... then he vanishes into thin air. Fade back to the shop.)
"Mr. Florence... disappeared before my eyes.
He's been missing ever since. And I have no idea where he might have gone.
(The shop shakes violently, and Florence runs in as the shaking stops.)
M... Mr. Florence!
Wh-Where on earth have you been?
I've been looking everywhere since that day you vanished in the forest..."
"That's what I should be asking you!
But that was quite the long trip... It felt like a dream...
You were just gossipin' about me now, eh?
Well, I heard it, and walked toward where it was comin' from, and here I am!
By the by, who're you?
The girl back there, too...
You Kenji's wife or what?"
"What are you talking about?! Have you gone senile?
I'm Kris! I'm working here part-time until I can make my debut as an idol!
And the one eating the salad there is a customer, Lasah.
You got that...?"
"Wahahah... You're sure good-humored, missy.
Anyway, Kenji. I'll be goin' back to the forest.
Find any shrooms, and I'll be goin' on another trip!
So long!"
(Florence leaves.)
"My word..."
"Weird people like him make Krissy sad...
Especially when none of them are talent scouts!!
You too, Lasah! How long are you going to eat?!
Enough, already!"
(Kris takes away the salad.)

Kris says Kenji only takes one customer a day, so... that's it for the day. Well then.

Love 11

Lasah finds the body of the digging animal in the desert, Dogra Molegra, who moves around the Underground and hates sunlight. She also witnesses the cacti shrinking down to nothing in the day.

Lasah visits the guy with the hat on the cliff, who does a guitar strum before every line.
"Not to sound too high and mighty...
But don't ask my name, pardner...
I'm just watchin' the birds go by...
That's enough for me...
Guessing what color bird'll come next...
Just a little somethin' silly...
Makin' it into a game now...
Look at the sign, pardner...
Wanna make a bet...?"
("I'll bet..." or "Rather not...")
"How much...?"
("50 Yenom...", "100 Yenom...", or "300 Yenom...")
"And you're bettin' on...?"
(Red (x5))
"Take a seat..."
(...It's blue.)
"That's a shame..."

Lasah goes to the area where Chairitty was and catches the randomly-appearing Seele, a fuzzy animal whom she realizes she never checked the body of. Somehow. She also catches O'Hara (who keeps zooming away on the breeze) with her impeccable reflexes.

Lasah returns to Kenji and Kris's shop, and Kris states how they've started having a wine-tasting service before meals and gives Lasah a "mysterious wine that sounded like it was making noise while we were looking for ingredients." Um. Anyway, she orders the Promptbug Saute.
"Here you are! Thanks for waiting! Get it while it's hot!"
"That saute is made using Promptbugs.
Strangely, it appears eating this makes one more proficient at fishing.
A fisherman named Mr. Gamakatsu finds this to be his favorite item on the menu."

In the desert, Lasah finds the body of Bolt Catfish, who feels brightened by lights. She also (finally) figures out she can get onto the cliffs to catch Drole and Tai Fighter by standing on the cacti and waiting for them to expand at night. For catching O'Hara and Seele, she reaches Love Level 19: "Awakened to Love."

Lasah rides a cactus onto a cliff, but she doesn't seem able to reach either of the animals she wanted to from that particular one. However, there is a fishing spot, and when she starts fishing, a bunch of bubbles appear over the sand. So that's nice. She catches a massive Sand Eel and runs out of bait again.

Lasah goes to the cliff and bets 300 Yenom on the red bird again, and gets it this time.
The bird of affection and impulse...
Why are the king's clothes red...?
He may appear rather lazy...
But the truth is, he's a man of passion...
And abundant with affection...
Take your 1500 Yenom..."

Lasah orders the Black Caviar from Kenji and Kris's.
"Here you are! Thanks for waiting! Go ahead and eat!"
"I took some advice from Mr. Florence to come up with that dish.
It's called Black Caviar. It's made by lightly scorching a certain ingredient."
(It... sounds like frogs when you eat it. Um.)

Lasah rides up on a different cactus and, after several attempts, catches Tai Fighter just in time to get back down. Then she rides on the cactus she saw Drole on top of and catches him. (And has to wait on top of said lonely cactus for half a day to get back down.) For these, she reaches Love Level 20: "Love Expert."

Love 12

Lasah visits Curio at night and buys the Magnifying Glass, Chloroform, and Flower of Babel, but isn't sure where she might need the Frilly Dress, so she doesn't buy it yet. She visits the old man and puts him to sleep with the Chloroform and catches Dream Alien. And when she checks on the guy afterward... ""I slept well!"" Love get!

Beyond the old man's cave, Lasah finds the body of Mr. Gentle, an uptight gentleman who gets angry when people play with fire. Then she picks up a Scrap Firework nearby. Hmm.

Lasah finds a house with a man and girl outside, the latter playing with a spiky animal whom Lasah recognizes as Basilick. She talks to the man.
Nice to meeting chu!
I am the comic maker.
Papas is call me.
Seeing you around!"

Though Basilick is alive, Lasah can still read her entry. Her species is named Gigar, and they're calm, patient, and rarely show emotion. (We know it's a she because it says male Gigar don't have spikes.)

She talks to the girl.
"Oh, yo, bro. Nice to meet you.
I'm Dia.
Like, take a look at my fantastic friend Basilick here, please."

And inside, she talks to the mother. (Whom Lasah deems "fancy.")
"Hiii! I am Mamas! Your welcam!
By a way, do you know of a Doctor Hager?"
("I do" or "I don't)
"The man very loves his Yenom for sure!
He takes donation on Day of the [Sun], [Tear], and [Yenom], yet...
I cannot place the trust him very much. I would you be careful!"
(Oh you're helpful.)

Lasah burns herself on Mamas and Papas's fireplace. She goes through a door into Dia's room and sees a spirit just lying there, so she tries to catch it... and it takes 525 Yenom before being caught. Turns out he's named Value Meel.

In Mamas and Papas's room, she finds a half-finished stuffed animal and "PAPAS COMICS": "PLATINA SURFER," "CROSS-MEN," and "SCAWN." He also finds a page of sketches, one of which looks like an unfinished Vegeta.

Lasah goes out and talks to Papas again.
"Idea for next comics...
Are not had much of.
In rut of a hole."

Even further west from Mamas and Papas's, she finds the body of Yukinko, who's long served as a guardian spirit of a temple and loves sutras a lot - in fact, he can't even stay still listening to ones that ward off evil spirits.

Lasah knocks at a house with a sliding door, and an old grandpa opens it and screeches at her.
Nuh?! Who're you s'posed to be?
Real sorry for shoutin' alla sudden like that...
Fact is, there's been a trio of monsters wanderin' 'round my hood.
S'pose I just mistook you for one of 'em.
Well, whatcha standin' for? Gonna come in my crib? Yer plenty welcome here, homeslice!
Oh, but just one thing I gotsta tell ya... wouldja do me a solid?"
*voice gets angrier*
"DON'T YOU GO RAT-A-TAT-TATTIN' ON NO DOORS! Western customs like thems AIN'T my cuppa tea!"
(Both go inside.)
"Well now, make yerself at home. Chill out like ya would in yer own hood, homeslice."
(A column in the center of the house spins.)
"Sounds like the wind's rockin' the casbah out there.
When the spinner on the roof gets spinnin', this pillar do too. Annoyin' if ya ain't used to it, but...
Barely even notice it after all these years. Don't give a flyin' frat.
Even when I'm catchin' Z's, can't hardly bother my bad self.
Livin' all these years all by my lonesome, I always wann'ed people to talk to...
But 'fore ya ax, I ain't touchin' those westerners nextdoor with a ten-foot pole!
Can't stand no westerners! 'Specially the irrefined way they talk!
But I always hear their chatterin' comin' from over yonder, see.
Swear their sick-nasty speaking's gonna rub off on me someday!
Don't suppose you like western culture, homeslice?"
("I like it" or "I hate it")
(The grandpa freaks out and changes to angry voice.)
"WHAZZUT?! You're oozin' westernness, you little freak!
Young'ns gotta live honest lives! You wanna piece o' me?!
Or you ain't gonna tell this old coot the truth, huh?! Eh? OLD COOT, y'say?!"
(He calms down.)
"...Sorry. Get real excitable in these later years, y'know...
Anyways. Y'know that trio o' monsters I told y'bout?
I got in the bath once and heard them three talkin' 'bout... somethin'.
Fridge something... An' something about drawers...
Point is, I've an inklin' they're gonna sneak into my crib!
But cripes... even I ain't senile enough yet that I wouldn't see a robber breakin' in!
Don'tcha think, homeslice?"
("I do" or "I don't")
"WHAZZUUUT?! You thinkin' I'm SENILE?!?
I-I don't want rude youngsters like you thinkin' I'm some senile ol' grandpa!
For the love of PETE! A sniveling little youth c... c..."
Bro... try not to get me too peeved...
I may make fun of you, but I 'member I used to be young too...
Fact, there was a time when..."
(He starts talking as the pillar starts rotating, making him inaudible, and he gets angry in the middle of this.)
"You gonna ANSWER me, you runt?! Yeah, I get it! You think you're hot stuff, don'tcha!
Now you REALLY got me pissed!"
(A spirit that looks like an oni mask appears over the grandpa.)
"I don't wanna see your face no more! ...WHATEVER face it is!
Don't you EVER come BACK!"

Lasah finds a barrel full of water outside and jumps in.
"...whisper whisper..."
"...So, the secret to start up the elevator..."
"...Frid-draw-frid-frid-draw. Like that..."
Lasah pops out of the hot bath and realizes (from their voices) that the three "monsters" are Fir, his brother, and his sister. Also, she realizes Grandpa's house is one of the westmost places on the map.

Lasah notices Basilick retracting into her shell to sleep. Aww, that's adorable. Inside, Papas is watching TV. "Love the television. Lots of laugh out loud."

Lasah checks their refrigerator.
"(Oh... What's this?)
(An S mark on a black badge...)"
"OH! MY!"
(Mamas walks in.)
"So you were seeing it...
...To be truth, I do not much like the cleaning and washing...
That is why I wanted Doctor Hager to make of me a maid robot...
I donated much and much and much!
But without Golden Badge, Doctor Hager could not make an robot.
Now I am all out of our savings...
But I do not want family to know that I wasted money.
That is why I hide it here.
I will give it to you, and you can keep the secret. <3"
"Got Hager Badge!"
(Mamas goes back to her room. Love get!)

Lasah returns to Tropical Field and is able to proceed through the gate thanks to the Hager Badge. She climbs up a winding path to a building with an S on it. However, she's told inside that she needs a special member badge to go any further.

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
Mamas's Lovely-Love.
You got the old man in the cave to sleep.
...That is Love. ...This too is Love.
...This is the Love from the spirits of the animals...
Dream Alien.
Value Meel.
Lasah, your Love has grown yet deeper.
With this, you are now Love Level 21: "Ripening of Love."
You will require 6 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Lasah visits Burrn for some new MDs. "It's just 100 Yenom for any and all MDs! Yes, I said AAALL! RIIIGHT! NOOOW! The covers are art too, man!" Water Scene: "Ambient enough to be a relaxation tool, what comes to mind is, as written, a watery scene." Love Moonchild: "Open your ears to the tender, classical phrases, and you'll find kind feelings coming your way."

Lasah visits Adder for some space-flavored love hints.

Curio again offers something he found (for 800 Yenom instead of 1000 this time) and Lasah accepts. It turns out to be a rock he dug up, with "strange letters written in a strange way," called the Kakunte Stone. She also gets Love for it!

Lasah shows Yoshida the Flower of Babel. "Try takin' that to Flora's shop. Yew got that on ya, yew can listen to the flowers chatter."
Hager Badge: "Tha's a membership badge. There's only one guy in the whole world who's a special member, y'know. It costs 10,000 Yenom! 10,000 FRICKEN Yenom! I ain't never seen that kinda money!"
The Kakunte Stone gets the same reaction as the other tablets.
Scrap Firework: "Yew wanna know 'bout fireworks? Wonder if the king might know if yew ask. Talkin' 'bout launchin' a huge firework to bright up the night... 'Cept he keeps goin' "Still no fireworks? SHTILL no fireworks?!""

Lasah checks the world map in Granny's house again and finds the majority of it is now filled. Tao's secret digging area is called Tao's Hideaway, Grandpa's house is Windmill Hut, Mamas and Papas's house is American House, east of there is Tamaya, the old man's cave is... Old Guy's Cave, east of the Valley of Wind is Sunset Canyon, east of there is Sunbeam Road, Kenji's shop is Wildcat House, the fishing pond is Shell-Whale Bay, and north of Tropical Field is Dr. Hager's Laboratory.

Love 13

Lasah checks on Ibilly flying his plane on the Day of the Sun. "You came to give me support? Well, I'm grateful... It's flying a bit better than it was before. Just a little more now!" He throws it and it does a few circles in the air before coming down. Well, it's something!

Lasah goes to Flora's shop to listen to the whisper of the heart - I mean, whispers of the flowers. ("Take me home, country roads...")
Murmurflower: "Oh, Strawlamp... It makes me so upset to hear such rumors... To think that somewhere so far, far away, there are others like us... ...But we're pretty blessed here. After all, we get to listen to Flora's music every day..."
Strawlamp: "I am the knowledgeable Strawlamp... Far away, in the Valley of Wind... I hear some of our friends are on the brink of death... All they have to go off of is a faint melody carried by the wind... That is what is rumored about them..."
Greatrose: "OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO! The mystery of how I maintain my beauty? Must I say it again? 'Tis the music of humans! It is a beautiful melody that serves as our nutrient! OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!"
Redhead Fern: "...A flower's life is a short one. ...No matter what, when you die, you die. And yet, if we could listen to Flora's melody... ...No, that wouldn't happen. It's not possible... After all, no one can even hear our voices..."

Lasah notices a path behind Wanda's bar leading to a large birdcage. (Which seems to be the same one from the dream, but I don't think that's important.)
"There's a note here.
"I ain't in, ya clod!""

Lasah waits around until night and Yoshida walks into his cage.
"Evenin', Lasah! Good t'see ya!
So, what is it's got yew down in particular?"
("I'm getting tired" or "I can't find Love")
"Hoy then, yew wan' I teach ya the ropes?
Go lookin' for animal corpses!
And yew should usually find their spirits floatin' near.
Then yew gotta catch 'em pronto!
'Sides that, talk to people, an' if yew hear somethin' fishy, meddle into it!
An' if someone asks yew somethin', make a note of it or yew'll be sorry!
Humans're so forgetful...
Hoy then, smell ya later!"
(Oh come on Yoshida.)

Lasah visits the wilting flowers in the Valley of Wind and plays Flora's Flower Waltz to instantly make them better, and gets Love for healing all of them. While looking into how to catch Bolt Catfish, she sees Dogra Molegra come out of the ground at night but misses catching him. She then gets stuck on top of a cactus for the rest of the night and seethes at Dogra Molegra as he taunts her down below.

The next night, she notices the cacti are lit up at night... but they block her way to Bolt Catfish, so she'll need to wait on the other side on the proper day.

Lasah takes Adder's advice to bet on all kinds of birds. She starts with 300 on blue and loses. Then, despite her ever-emptying wallet, she puts 300 on blue again and Birdbrain's spirit appears.
"Never seen that kind before...
But a blue bird, no doubt...
The bird of logic and reason...
Take your 600 Yenom..."

Lasah waits behind the cacti this time and catches Dogra Molegra. However, despite the cacti being lit up, it doesn't seem to do anything for Bolt Catfish.

The bird of art and liberation...
Dia's hair, too, is yellow...
That girl's her own...
I expect she'll be an artist someday...
Yep, just like her father...
Take your 300 Yenom..."

She tries for the black bird (though worried by the "night" in Sadmile's entry) and keeps losing until night comes and the guy falls asleep. For Birdbrain and Dogra Molegra, Lasah reaches Love Level 22: "High Executive of Love."

Love 14

While visiting the king to show him the Scrap Firework, Lasah shows the minister the White-Winged Arrow.
So? What is that supposed to be?"

Anyway, yeah, showing the king the Scrap Firework.
Isn't that a Tamaya firework?!
...The Megaton Firework I ordered three yearsh ago to light up the night! So it's finally complete!!!
.....Or you had me thinking it was.
...Looking closer, though, that one's just scrap, isn't it?
My starsh... So it's still not done...?
...Every day, when the sun goesh down, I do a fireworks trial launch...
Oh, just when ish it going to be completed?
I can't shtaaand to wait!"

Next, the Hager Badge.
"Oho... A Hager Badge, I see.
But the one I have isn't colored like that one!
I'm so jealoush! The most jealoush, I say!
Would you perhaps like to trade with me?"
("Sure!" or "Nah...")
"My thanksh!"
"Got Gold Hager Badge!"

Incidentally, the news still hasn't changed yet. Haven't really seen the hero in a while, huh? Though he is killing plenty of animals...

Lasah visits Yoshida at his home again and says she's getting tired.
"Yea, things're sorta wearin' on me too.
This is my third year since startin' up here.
First decided to set up shop when I gotta letter from the king eons ago...
Say, whaddya say to a vacation?
If it's for yew, I'd gladly take ya outside'a usual business..."
("I'd like to travel!" or "I'll pass, thanks")
Hoy then, I'll book ya.
Yew got first class seats, so it'll for sure be a real good trip!
Meet me in fronta this here executive office. We leave wit' the mornin' sun! Don'tcha be late!
Or yew can just laze 'round here 'til then, whatev... But if yer late, I'm cancellin'!
Watch yerself!"

Lasah visits Wanda's before she departs and is just in time to see Ibilly arrive. She gets out her cards and shows them to him anew.
The king:
"Ain't supposed to talk 'bout the castle 'n' stuff! Hiiic...
What IS love?
You think the king carin' for the birds... is love...?
If them birds are happy bein' loved by 'im...
...Everybody oughta be birds. Be birds and get fed.
...Think I had a little bit much to drink today. ...Talkin' too much.
Whatever I toldja 'cause of the beer... just forget about it... Hiiiiic..."
"...You wanna hear 'bout the birds in town?
...Everybody feedin' 'em... ...They seem pretty content with that. Hiiic.
That night the moon went... Nobody 'members the anxiety and chaos of that day...
Wonder if the story 'bout the hero and dragon puts the birds at ease...
Hic... Hiiiiic..."
"...Heh. He's good with music.
Wonder how good I'd be if I tried t'be like him... Hiiic..."
The minister:
"Ain't supposed to talk 'bout the castle 'n' stuff! Hiiic...
...Say, I been thinkin' about this for a while. Wouldja listen?
What IS love?
My dream was to have a family...
Peaceful family home... Lazy Days of the Sun... Strollin' through town together...
I guess family's what love is t'me...
But here I am, Ibilly the divorced loser. Hiiic!
...Love, and family, and peace, and safety...
...What of 'em? Is the minister makin' the townspeople happy with his world-fixin' plans?
Well? Whaddya think?
Hic! HIC!
Love... what's love...
Hic! HIIIC!"
Baker gets the same comment as Flora.

"Good mornin'! Welcome to Yoshida Travel Agency!
Attention please! Attention please!
Valued passenger! It's time! Please, come aboard!"
(Lasah gets inside the cage. Wait, are we going in...)
"Thank yew as always, Lasah!
Message to passenger! Message to passenger!
Estimated arrival time is morning two days from now! That's gonna be one an' a half days!
Hoy! To Bali Bali Island! We're oooooff!"
(A swarm of birds flies toward the cage. Fade to the birds carrying the cage through the sky on strings.)
"Today's sunny! Sunny day today!"
(Lasah can, uh, "move around" and talk to Yoshida.)
"Right, check! Left, check!"
(And keeps talking to him.)
"...Kinda bored.
Want me to sing yew somethin'?"
"Whenever fellow traaaveleeers yew fiiind, yew come to seeee the wooorld is kiiind!"
"All yew need t'do is keep on chirpin' through liiife!
Chirpin' through todaaay! Chirpin' through tomorrooow!
Chirpin's a waaay ooof liiiiife!
How'm I doin'?
It's a song from my homeland...
Everybody singin' songs about stayin' positive and chirpin'...
Ain't so confident in my singin', though..."
(Night falls and an owl starts flying in front of the cage.)
"Attention please! Attention please!
Take a look to yer right!"
(The outline of a constellation appears over some stars.)
"On your right, yew'll see Moon's famous Seven Stars of the Dragon!
It comes from a story from long, long, long ago...
There was a great dragon that protected a door in the skies.
Tha's what the dragon said he was up to!
Then one day, somethin' went "crrreak"...
And the door in the sky closed!
An' it wouldn't open again, not inna hundred years!
The dragon was terribly sad... They say he cried a thousand years...
That's why in these Seven Stars, the star for his eye's gone red!
...A story of lookin' up to the stars... From the distant past..."
(A more detailed dragon picture appears around the constellation.)
"Real talk, here, I think the stars're fascinatin'..."
(It disappears. Dawn starts to come and the owl leaves. The octo-UFO flies by. Then it starts raining hard.)
"This ain't good! We got turbulence!!"
(They fly by a thunder god at a drumset who plays a drum solo on drums that have lightning bolts with sunglasses on them. Then the weather clears up.)
"Lasah, kid! Bali Bali Island's comin' into sight now!
Message to passenger! Message to passenger!
We're enterin' landing protocols! Hold on tight to the cage!"
(They land in front of a ship.)
"We here!
Yew enjoy yer vacation at yer leisure!
I'll come back to pick yew up in a bit. Smell ya!"
(Yoshida takes off again in the cage.)

(The guy walks off the ship.)
(Lasah's clock in the corner disappears.)
(She does.)
("I want to hear the tape" or "Challenge!")
(She listens to the tape, then takes the triple challenge. Four monkeys appear with gamelans, two on each side of her, and start playing, but Lasah doesn't play when her part comes up, so they run away.)
(Eventually Lasah figures out what button to press, but presses it twice by mistake.)
(Finally, she succeeds.)
(She actually does it in less tries than the first. Madeh*Sooma faces the other way in shame.)
(She does. Madeh*Sooma is looking pretty sad now.)
"YOU... I...
(Indeed she can. Madeh*Sooma is looking straight down at the ground now.)
GAME... LAN...
(Love get! An Electromonkey comes over.)
(She does, and the monkeys bring over some kind of monkey statue with a jug on top.)
(The monkeys talk more.)
"Got Tale of the Fallen Youth!"
(Music starts playing.)
(The monkeys sit in a line again and pass the Electroliqueur. Lasah apparently gets incredibly drunk from one drink. Well, I guess the character is just a kid. While the screen and music are going wavy, Yoshida returns.)
"Here to pick yew up!
Whoa, what's goin' on here?! Yew feelin' okay?! Get a holda yerself...!"

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
You filled the idling Madeh*Sooma with encouragement.
You will require 2 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Lasah wakes up at her house. Wow, what a dream! Er, wait. What's this Electroliqueur doing by the bed?

Love 15

Lasah revisits Hager's Laboratory with her Gold Hager Badge. When she reaches the church-like building she couldn't get through before, donation boxes pop out of the floors and walls. Lasah donates another 1 Yenom, bringing her total to 2. She investigates the stand at the front of the room and it opens up, and a claw pick her up and carries her below.

On the floor, she finds another tablet which looks to have a robot and an Electromonkey on it. "The rock has drawings of mysterious creatures drawn on it. But you can't figure out anything else beyond that..." She gets the Laboratory Tablet.

Looking around the room, Lasah finds a "Barrelman," created in the Year of the River, October, Day of the Echo. She finds a bookcase with three books to read: "Zero-Space Theory," "Geology of Moon's World," and "Experiment Plant Surveyal Notes."
Zero-Space Theory: "Zero-Space Theory, by Cocker Hager. I believe that the same theories on the value "zero" in mathematics can be applied to dimensions. Zero is a value that simultaneously represents nothing and limitless possibility."
Geology of Moon's World: "Geology of Moon's World, by Cocker Hager. By doing a cross-section of our world, we know that it is comprised of two layers. The upper stratum appears to be soft, and is supported by a bowl-shaped layer of rock."
Experiment Plant Surveyal Notes: "Experiment Plant Surveyal Notes, by Stein Hager. Year of the Groundwater, July, Day of the Echo. Experiment Plant complete, and BM-0 types introduced to the plant. Year of the River, October, Day of the New Moon. BM-5 to 15 introduced. Observation of plant's cyclical operations begun. Year of the Basin, April, Day of the Yenom. SB1 introduced. Trial experiments in changing plant procedures failed."

On a desk, Lasah finds a number of blueprints.
"?????" is the one she saw in her dream.
"Former 32R-1 Circuitry" is a detailed drawing of a robot.
"SMP Brain Circuitry Diagram"
"LCP Experiment Process Chart"
""Ceiling in the Sky" Expedition Map From Barrelman-9 Records"
"R-O-S Research for Artifical Weather Projection" is the rainbow generator.
"Third Block" shows four pictures of square-ish rooms with by numbers by them (302, 871, 199, 113).

She checks another machine, "Decoderbot," created in the Year of the Raincloud, Undecember (the 13th month), Day of the Sun. She decides to show the Laboratory Tablet she just found and it analyzes it. "Decoding complete. This is an ancient tablet referred to in the world of Moon as a Crypchip. It appears to depict a hidden place. However, I cannot decode any further information."
Kakunte Stone: "This appears to describe the language of the Kakunte people. Homeh: Ceremony. Bomarna: Morning. Domansa: Night. Telo: Eat. Barma: Mushroom."
Tao's Tablet: "It appears to be a magic square that brings about a specfic effect. However, I cannot decode any further information." (It looks like a segmented circle containing different numbers of dots, with math symbols in the middle ring.)
Octopus Stone: "It appears to depict a hidden place. However, I cannot decode any further information." (Picture shows someone sitting on a mushroom and fishing, and a cylinder with a certain kanji on it.)
Tale of the Fallen Youth: "??????????" (The picture appears to be a person falling from a screen toward a floating island with a castle on it, while a rocket takes off toward the moon.)

Lasah checks a hose and gets sucked into it into a capsule. Then she gets teleported away to another area. She finds a dead Philip, who's nocturnal, loves the sound of telephones, and is a member of Sacrifice Animals.

Heading up, she finds she's in a place called Technopolis.
She talks to a robot named Robi, whose job is to recharge others.
Also Mayor Robo, who wants you to vote for him next term.
There are robots who announce themselves as part of Salarybot Group A/B/C/D, a robot who states his annual salary of 10,000 Yenom, and one who states he has no hobbies.
"Heart? ...What is that?"
"I am a robot."
"I am not human."

Then Lasah notices the much more human-looking girl in the back.
"You are not human. ...I am Lady Techno.
Surely I can do nothing for you."

Going up an elevator, Lasah finds a rocket... but more importantly, the arcade game Genghis Khan. She asks an explanation of the rules from a Salarybot reading a newspaper. "Guide the missile and destroy the enemy base. Press the Circle button to accelerate the missile up. The missile will fall when you aren't pressing Circle. It's game over when the missile goes off-screen. Be careful." She manages to beat Level 1, but loses quickly on Level 2 and gives up for now.

Lasah tampers with a computer and brings up a wireframe display of mountains and the moon. "TIME REQUIRED TO TRAVEL TO MOON... IS FOUR AND A HALF DAYS..."

In another building, Lasah finds a dead Keith, another member of Sacrifice Animals, a shy sax player who's in his own little world when he gets into playing. In the next room, she finds a club that opens at night. A bunch of Salarybots, Mayor Robo, and Lady Techno arrive, as well as a green-haired guy named Psyche who runs the club and starts making things... well, psychedelic. Psyche tells her which songs are playing in the main room and the VIP room, and Lady Techno just says "Dancing is fun."

She talks to Mayor Robo and his... groupies?
"This club is thriving."
"Indeed it is."
"You aren't going to dance, Mayor?"
"Me, dance?
That sounds exhausting...
I can't stay charged endlessly like you can."
"I see."
"I'm so jealous of her."

When Lasah leaves the club, she finds Keith's spirit rocking out now that the club's going. Well, alright.

Back at the bottom of Technopolis, the elevator on the right asks you to enter a room number. Having made note of the numbers in Hager's files earlier, she tries room 302. There, she finds Eric, another member of Sacrifice Animals who can't help but dance when he hears loud music. She turns on a stereo, but it appears to be too quiet. It also turns out to be Lady Techno's room, since she comes in shortly after Lasah does.

Next, she tries 871, Mayor Robo's room, and finds him sitting down in a desk chair to charge up. There's also Bonzo, yet another member of Sacrifice Animals who likes to imitate people. She figures she can't catch him while the Mayor is around.
She goes to 199, which looks like a subway or train car with Salarybots going in and out. (By the way, outside of the conversation in the club, each Salarybot always says the exact same thing in all circumstances.)
Lastly, 113 is Robi's recharge room. Apparently it takes quite a while for him to charge, and even the Salarybots find it somewhat lonely.

Done with Technopolis for the moment, Lasah returns to Old Guy's Cave. ""After my nap, I'm bursting with energy!"" He can now sell her... Octokisses? ""Isn't this just the cutest Octokiss?"" She buys one because, uh, why not.

West of the cave, in the Tamaya area, some kind of bomb flies out of the large cylinder in the middle and blows Lasah upward and inside of it. (And yes, Mr. Gentle's spirit appeared because of this, but she missed him.)

"Hey, look! Something dropped in on us!"
"What's with this punk? Fer cryin' out loud!
Hey, punk!
I'm Heikichi Tamaya, and I'm a little busy here!
Why's that, ya say? 'Cause of that big ol' dang ol' job the king asked us to do!
We're workin' on a "Supergreat Firework" that'll light up the whole night sky!"
"I'm sorry, boy.
He's putting his whole life into this job.
Just let him be for the time being."
"Argh, Utako! I told ya not to blabber 'bout no nonsense!
I swear, fireworks and kids got a lot in common!
Now make like one of ours and launch yerself outta my sight, pronto!"
("Understood" or "I won't!")
"Don't pipe up to me, punk!
Or you tellin' me YOU can assemble a Supergreat Firework?"
("I can!" or "I can't")
"Well aren't you funny, you little punk!
Then show us what ya got!"
(A ball with "Tamaya" on it opens up to reveal something that looks vaguely familiar.)
"Since yer obviously a novice, I'll tell ya a thing or two.
Tamaya fireworks got nine teeny li'l balls inside a big one!
The li'l balls go from one to nine!
The way they're ordered decides what the firework does!
So give it a try! No way you can do it, 'course!"
(Lasah realizes that the "magic square" on Tao's Tablet is the clue to the solution, but didn't take note of it, so she just puts in random numbers.)
"Don't make me laugh! Yer just a novice after all!
Don't tell me you "can" if THAT'S what yer gonna give me!
Keep the stinkin' firework, punk! And get outta here!"
"Got Scrap Firework!"
(Heikichi has her sit on the rocket in the center and launches her out.)

Lasah visits the Americans and finds them all gathered in the front room.
"Oh, hi, bro.
My parents have, like, a present for me, or something."
"That is right, Dia! Mama was making it for the whole of a night!"
"In Dia's room.
There is a thing.
Go to the see."
"Wow, I'm, like, excited."
(Dia starts toward her room, but hears some kind of screaming outside.)
(Dia runs outside, and there's a very recognizable metal stomping sound.)
"Basilick, what's wrong?
Oh, hello, mister, sir.
This is Basilick. He's, like, my boyfriend!
You want to, like, pet him too? He's prickly, but it feels nice..."
(A sword-drawing sound and a scream. Papas's mouth opens wide.)
"Mister?! What are you do?!"
(Dia runs inside.)
"This is bad! A weird mister is bullying Basilick!"
(Mamas and Papas stay in the corner quivering. Lasah goes outside and finds Basilick cowering before the hero. When she tries to get inbetween, the hero swings his sword and she has to back away. She goes back to Dia.)
"At times like these, aren't men, like, supposed to take charge?"
(Yeah, let's ask Papas.)
(Uh, Mamas?)
"Why yooou...!"
(Lasah goes into Dia's room and finds the stuffed-animal Basilick is now completed, so she, uh, wears it. She consults Dia for her opinion.)
"Wow. Like, what kind of poorly-made animal are you supposed to be?"
(She goes outside and the hero briefly looks at her, but still just knocks her away. She tries the fridge.)
"(It won't open.)
(Even the fridge is trembling in fear...)"
(One option left: the fireplace! She sets herself on fire and runs outside. The hero looks at her and gets a lightbulb over his head, then cuts the doll in two while Basilick runs behind him. He leaves. Dia comes outside.)
I'm so glad you're safe... I'm really glad...
You're so prickly..."
(Love get! Lasah goes back in. Papas stares into the fireplace.)
"Thank you much! You were the great saving for little Licky."
"Bro, you're like, a real man's man, man."
"Darling, you should have the thanking too...
"Fire... Basilick...
Hero... fire attack...
Hero... men!
(Papas runs back to his room.)
"Darling seems the tired. Forgive of him.
Okaaay! We should be have sleeping now. Bye bye!"

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
You saved Basilick in her time of need.
...That is Love. ...This too is Love.
...This is the Love from the spirits of the animals...
Lasah, your Love has grown yet deeper.
With this, you are now Love Level 23: "Pre-Graduate of Love."
You will require 3 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Love 16

Lasah looks into catching Bolt Catfish once again and notices him up on a cliff. (The reason for this is apparently that she has the Electroliqueur. Or maybe the thunder god on the trip there? Who knows.)

In Tropical Field, she finds Gamakatsu trying to collect Promptbugs (which apparently eat moonlight) for bait, and she can get free bait by picking them up before he can. So she does that for a while.

Lasah waits by Tamaya for them to shoot out another firework and catches Mr. Gentle once they do. For Bolt Catfish and Mr. Gentle, she reaches Love Level 24: "Formal Reply to Love."

She returns later and blasts into Tamaya.
"Oh, hello, boy."
"You here again, punk?! Sheesh!
This ain't no playground! Get outta here!"
("Understood" or "I won't!")
"This again?! And people wonder why I hate brats like you!
Fine, whatever! Mess with the fireworks some more, then get out!"
(Lasah has her notes prepared... but messes up the first number and can't undo it.)
"Yeah, sure, great job. Now time to leave. Wanna souvenir?"
"Got Scrap Firework!"

Lasah visits Wanda's bar and finds Baker there.
"Incidentally... Have you ever eaten my bread?"
("Yes" or "No") (I...! ...haven't, but... I want to...)
...But either way, oh, I'm happy, so happy!
Wanda! I'm so happy over here, I want another drink!"
"You've had enough. Drink anymore, and your body'll pay the price."
"Oh, don't say that. Just a li'l more..."
"By the way, your bread...
Well, sometimes it tastes a bit like alcohol...
I don't suppose that's because you made it with a hangover?"
"Uh?! No... that, uh..."
"Well, do what you will. The world can do without bread."
"S-So it seems..."
"My word... For drinking so much, you sure are wimpy..."

Again, Lasah shows Baker her cards and whatnot, but unlike drunk Ibilly, his comments seem to be the same as always (just with a "hic" at the end). However, she never showed Ibilly's: "We fought once... Once I have a girl, I can be very stubborn. Then I finally said it... We haven't gone drinking together much lately... Hiiic..." Nor some of Baker's bread: "That's... my bread... Hiiic..."

Lasah waits for Baker to leave, and he does, looking slightly... red. She follows him home as he stumbles there. Since he's drunk, he forgets to lock the door, so she follows him in.

In the back room of the bakery, Lasah finds Baker sitting down headless with a loaf of bread next to him. After a while, another loaf floats up onto his neck.
"So you finally saw it...
It's just what it looks like.
Yes, I'm a breadman.
That loaf of bread on the ground...
Yesterday, it was my head.
And I'll sell it at the shop.
What was part of me yesterday..."
("Yesterday's head" talks.)
"But I'm still happy...
Even as I'm going away.
As I hear people calling me tasty.
As I help people to feel energetic."
"Ah, dawn will come soon...
My memory's going...
When morning comes, I'll be Baker.
I'll forget about being a breadman.
So next time we meet...
I'll just be the usual Baker.
Just keep this a secret.
I won't chew you out or anything.
Promise me..."
(Love get.)

Lasah shows Yoshida the Electroliqueur. "Alcohol from my homeland. ...Yer a real lightweight. I better not have to help yew out again! It ain't good for my heart..." Octokiss: "Tha's an Octokiss. Eat that, and yew'll warp back to wherever yew last slept. Handy li'l item, that, so use it wisely!"

Lasah checks on Ibilly on the balcony once more.
"It should fly for sure today! Because you see, Nogee..."
(Nogee arrives.)
"Nogee! You're here!"
"Lemme borrow this!"
(Nogee throws it far.)
(It does a pretty long loop-de-loop before falling.)
"The design of the plane looks pretty good! Now you just gotta work on the starting angle and velocity!
Try throwing it at 44.25 [m2/P1] and an initial velocity of 0.8 [5X2/TR] and you should be good!"
"Okay, got it!"
(Ibilly throws it and it continuously does loop-de-loops.)
"Whoaaa! We did it!
It's really flying!! Look at it go!!!"
(Ibilly runs around jumping for joy.)
"Thanks, Nogee! It took a long time, but I finally fulfilled my promise to my son!"
"Oh, I didn't really do anything! But I'm glad you're happy!
Bye, then."
(Nogee leaves and Ibilly does another sort of victory pose.)
"Thanks to you, too.
You were there to support me in making sure I didn't give up 'til the end."
(Love get!)

Lasah checks the world map again and finds Bali Bali Island (which looks pretty close, so who knows why it took so long to fly there) and Technopolis (which is also on an island) filled in.

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
You discovered Baker's secret, but... ("BUT?!")
Ibilly's airplane flew quite well.
You will require 2 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Love 17

Lasah visits Burrn for more MDs. "DON'T! STOP! ME! Gotta buy some feel-good MDs, my friend!" Killah Blues: "Hip-hop, the work of a DJ with two turntables. Even the scratches make for good listening." Affection For Beauty: "An ambitious work that adopts drum 'n' bass with its funky bass and electric sound." Horizon: "With a tricky rhythm built on the buzz of complex programming, this is just the epitome. Get me?"

Back to Tamaya to do things right this time.
"That's a pretty unusual arrangement...
Let's take a look, shall we?
Saltpeter four, sulfur five... oh, and is that eight I see for strontium carbonate?
Hmmm, basic carbon steel, seven... splendid! Third-rate antimony checked by realgar seven? Impressive!
You punk! This firework's AMAZING!
With this arrangement, we can make a dang firework that'll light up the night!
All RIGHT! Let's get to work!"
(Love get!)
"Hey, punk, this's your masterwork! Sure to be good for somethin'. Handle it with care and get out!"
"Got Heikichi's Jumbo Firework!"
"Thank you, boy. You can count on him to do the job."
"Oh, honey..."
(Lasah looks at the two staring at each other, then decides to launch herself out.)

Lasah returns to the American House and talks to Dia. "I wish I had a bro like you, bro. ("And I wish I had a sis like you, sis!") Dad's, like, too much of a scaredycat to rely on." Mamas: "Hiii! Fiiine?"

Papas is working on a comic when she walks into his room.
"Done it."
(He runs over to Lasah.)
"Done it."
(He runs over toward the beds.)
"Done it."
(He runs back to the comic.)
"Done-ing it."
(He runs to the beds.)
"Sleep it."
(And goes to bed.)

Lasah reads Papas's HEROMEN comic. On the cover, the fearsome Basilick attacks Papas and Mamas, roaring "GRUUUUUU." Basilick goes around doing such vile deeds as bending road signs, but then hears a clanking sound: it's the hero, who kicks Basilick with a GYAAAS. Basilick is enraged and uses his long tongue to wrap the hero up with a URYYYYY. But the hero is given aid from an angel to escape his grip and POWER UP. The hero slices Basilick in half with a flame sword, the hero and Mamas talk briefly, and they walk off together into the distance. FIN. Love get!

Lasah sees Mamas tucking Dia into bed. "I know that the stuffing Basilick was destroy in that incident of hero... But it was just so much of a trouble, so I don't want make again."

Lasah decides she needs to look into Grandpa more, so though he keeps yelling at her to "Get out!!", she keeps trying to enter, and... "Now's your chance!" It turns out this is because he's sleeping and the wind is blowing, making the loud pillar turn. She finds a shamisen labeled "My hobby, the shamisen." Grandpa wakes up shortly after and "GRAAAHHH!!"s her out. On a second visit, she notices she can interact with a fridge and some drawers, but they don't seem to do anything.

She gets into the bath outside again.
"...whisper whisper..."
"...Remember it this time!"
"It's frid-draw-frid-frid-draw!"
"I was just making sure..."

Lasah goes back inside and checks the fridge, drawers, fridge, fridge, and drawers, waiting for the pillar to start spinning before she moves. Morning comes right after, so Grandpa kicks her out, and an animal spirit appears outside: Block of Tofu, whose body was hidden in the trees. (Apparently he wakes up early in the morning to open his tofu shop.) Confused by how the frid-draw thing didn't seem to do anything, she enters the bath once more... and falls through.

She finds Femi, Fir, and the third sibling in a secret room with TVs on the wall.
"Lady and gentleman! Though we, the Ecology Siblings Three, have thus far been acting as three...
Now, we will need a new member to add to our mightiness."
"Well, I hope a promising recruit comes upon us soon."
"Indeeeed! With just us threeee... It's hard to change the wooorld!
It was even quite haaard... when we weeent... to steal the minister's treasuuure!"
"We're acting justly, yet it's such a pain to do so... What a messed-up world we live in!"
(The elevator sounds.)
"Well, that was fast."
"A neeew... allyyy!"
(The door opens for Lasah.)
"Welcome to the Eco Club, brilliant companion! Go on, come right in!"
(Lasah walks up to the third brother.)
"The details can wait for later. You are, um, yes, a member of the Eco Club henceforth.
I am Sean. I cannot stand for anyone who would pollute the ocean."
"I am Femi. I'll make people who only care about sex appeal pay!
My specialty is distorting any form of discrimination against women into sexual harassment!"
"I aaam! Fiiir!
I make suuure! The treeees! Are kept sacreeed!"
"We all hold strong beliefs, and so we act upon them.
Even if we have to cause others displeasure, it's worth it to preserve the beauty of nature."
"You should have your own issue in mind as well!
The ozone layer, animal protection, dwindling energy sources, air pollution, garbage disposal...
There's so much to stand for! So pick something cool!"
"This will beee... known aaas... your just caaause!
This is whaaat... will make everyone saaay... you're so greeeat!"
"Decide what you want your theme to be later. We won't care what it is."
"Now then, since you are a member, I'll teach you how to activate the elevator..."
"It's a passwooord! We're like spieees!
Friiid! Draaaw! Fri..."
He's still a total rookie! It's too soon to tell him the password!
If we tell him, the brat's sure to spill the beans to everybody! He'll think he's all that!
We need to instill him with a sense of inferiority! Make him work for it, like a carrot on a stick!"
"T-That's true, I guess.
Well, we'll activate the elevator every once in a while. So use it when you want.
That's all. Dismissed!"

Lasah finds a Crypchip on the floor depicting a person aiming a bow and arrow at a house, the arrow shown separately, and a normal-looking person turning into... well, the hero.
"We confiscated that from the castle's minister."
"The ministeeer... thinks he's so greeeat... we were sick of iiit!"
"We saw him as a causer of unhappiness. And what we see as displeasing, the people invariably do as well!
So we took something he considered precious. That was his punishment!"
"We were worried about what to do with it, so we left it here. It's kind of a tripping hazard.
...Hey! You're young and full of hope. Here's your first assignment!
Hold on to it for a while!"
"Your first assignmeeent! Good luuuck!"
"If anyone asks about it, just reply, "Yes, I stole this. It was me."
It's a very important duty! Oh, how glorious. I'm so jealous!"
"Got Minister's Treasure!"

Lasah talks to Femi. "I can never accept that men are better than women. Because I am a woman! And that's why women are better! And that's what feminism is! Remember this well!"
Sean: "We're fighting for our causes every day, even losing sleep if we can afford to. We're always on high alert so that we can spring into action at any time."
Fir: "No matteeer... what I dooo... it doesn't work ooout... But ever since brotheeer... and sisteeer... started the Eco Cluuub... I've felt liiike... my meals taaaste... tastieeer..."

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
You set a fire in Heikichi Tamaya's heart.
Papas completed his comic. Heromen is quite the labor of love.
...That is Love. ...This too is Love.
...This is the Love from the spirits of the animals...
Block of Tofu.
Lasah, your Love has grown yet deeper.
With this, you are now Love Level 25: "Manager of Love."
You will require 5 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Love 18

Lasah finally returns to the collapsed Kakunte past Adder's church and notes that, as learned from the tablet, "barma" means "mushroom." She goes into the cave and sees two more Kakunte running away and a dead animal: Nyoro-li, friend of the water flea, who crawls up from underground every morning looking for light.

Lasah exits into the Mushroom Forest, but there don't seem to be any paths. She finds a Mystery Mushroom on the ground and reluctantly eats it, which makes paths appear. She continues finding Mystery Mushrooms of various colors and opening paths with them and eventually finds Florence.

"This phantasmal mushroom forest is a multi-dimensional space that links all dimensions."
(Florence fades away and she finds him again.)
"The Kakunte live on the spores from the mushrooms.
Did you know that?"
"They're a cowardly people, but there's much to learn from them.
If you want to be their friend, you must be kind."
(She finds a dead animal - Rocktaro, who has the heart of a rock - and its massive spirit appears nearby, so she catches it. Anyway, back to Florence.)
"I knew right away that you had come from another world.
Do you really want to go back that badly?
To towns of gray rain... Roads clogged with hunks of steel... A world of stagnant water...
Where you sit in front of picture boxes, playing until you're sleepy...
.....Well, sure, I can't deny you the right to live how you like."
"The three-dimensional world you live in consists of energies of time and space.
It's a world where powers that want change and powers that don't are in conflict.
Even this world has people eager to quarrel."
"What do you know about love?
Because I don't know much either. Tell me if you know anything.
Though talking about it, I find myself reminded me of Wanda, from the bar...
You and I, we're both wanderers...
...Fellow travelers on the road of love. Gahahahahahah!"
"My body is scattered. I can't just stay in one place, you see.
I'm floating in a gap between dream and reality. And I always will be...
I'd be lying if I said I didn't have worldly attachments, though."
"Listen. If you listen closely here, you can hear the song of other worlds.
Well? Can you hear?"
(Lasah starts hearing sounds of traffic. She finds a large animal called Tottoteluli, and apparently the Kakunte have a legend about it flying down from the sky long ago.)
"Many things die and live, live and die.
Something dies elsewhere, and so something is born here.
Something dies here, and so something is born elsewhere.
And me, I'm teetering between the worlds of here and elsewhere."
"The world of elsewhere? It's above the sky.
There's a beautiful queen there. And the castle of a dragon who makes the stars dance in the heavens...
I was even given a souvenir on my way back.
Here, this is it."
(Florence takes out a tablet.)
"At her behest... I'm giving this to you."
"Got Star Souvenir!"

Lasah exits the forest and sees the hero walking away. She finds a dead Cyclophant, an elephant who likes heights and has wings that allow it to glide. She also finds another Stamen, which she gets Pollen Mochi from. To the north, she finds a spooky mansion with a dead Pumpoo outside, who loves to fly around surveying, but hates being surveyed himself. As she tries to enter, the hero bumps into her and quickly stomps away. Anyway, whatever, spooky mansion!

"Heeey... Come on, somebody!! HEEEY...!
Down below!! I'm locked in the cellar...!"
(Lasah goes down there and finds a guy in a cell with a huge egg head.)
"Hey! You there! Get me out of here!"
("Who are you?" or "Well, uh...")
"I am the great Stein Hager!!
Grrr!! Who do you think you ARE?!?"
("I'm Lasah" or "I'm not telling")
"Yeah, nice to meet you...
Now get me out this instant!
I was captured by some pale white ghost...
So hurry up! Get me out!"
("Understood" or "Oh, man...")
"Lasah!! I'm counting on you!!"

Outside Hager's cell, Lasah finds Rock, a "bit of a creep" who loves the smell of freshly-dug soil and sneaks out at night to smell it. Hager's words of encouragement: "Hmmm? What's the matter? That pale freak is on the second floor!"

On the second floor, Lasah finds Thumper, a noisy hooligan who often angers people downstairs. In another room, Twopyem, a former train conductor who had no manners and caused major havoc by not following the schedules. In yet another... Lasah activates an anti-theft system?! An alarm goes off, and walking out into the central second-floor room, a ghost flies around yelling at her to stop the noise.

She goes back to the thing that triggered the alarm and can't figure out how to stop it, so she just checks the nearby body of Gajiro, an animal who is pure of heart and body who only lets similar such people touch him. In the room next to him, she finds a toilet and sink where she can wash her hands.

Lasah goes back down to Hager.
"You idiot! You touched my walking robot, the WM2!
And I'm the only one who can stop the anti-theft alarm!!
So hurry up and catch that ghost and get me out of here!"
(The ghost appears and starts talking.)
"So loud!
There should be a switch in the cell to open it! Hurry and stop that NOISE!"
It's even scared the music notes right out of their clock!
As if I wasn't busy enough with the spirits from the animals the hero killed!"
(The ghost disappears.)
(Hager looks around for the switch.)
"Is that it?!
How devious of you to hide a switch over here..."
(Hager flips the... uh... You're kind of short, Hager...)
"I can't REACH!
(He climbs up onto a shelf and flips the switch, raising the bars.)
"Grrr!! Finally, I'm free!!
But I'm not paying you a thing!!
Because I opened the cell myself! So there!!
Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to get back to my lab!"
(The alarm fades away and Lasah goes upstairs. Hager comes walking down the stairs on his walker mech.)
"I'm heading back to my lab! So long!!"

Lasah goes upstairs and finds the ghost watching over the music notes scattered about. "The notes are spirits from the broken clock... Poor things! This is your fault, so get them back into the clock!" She herds the notes toward the clock in the corner. Once she's done, the ghost tells her to go to the right, where she finds the hallway has been extended.

(The ghost is hanging out with the spirits of all the animals around the mansion.)
"You've come!
This is a gap between worlds... It's on the way to the afterlife.
Ordinary people can't come here, but you're alright, I suppose. Because you're invisible, maybe...?
By the way, did you see the big painting when you went upstairs?"
("Yeah, I saw it" or "The what?")
"That painting contains my memories from when I was alive...
When I ate plenty of delicious things and had lots of fun.
But for some reason, some of my memories seem... unsatisfactory.
And so I'm stuck in this world.
That's why... I want you to fill in my memories. I'm sure you can!"
("Okay" or "Don't wanna")
"Then I'm counting on you!"

Not realizing that the spirits won't leave that room until she takes care of the ghost's request, Lasah tries flushing the toilet and washing her hands (twice!) to get Gajiro to appear and it doesn't work, so she leaves the mansion. She waits for morning to catch Nyoro-li crawling up the wall. She gives Pistil the Pollen Mochi and gets Love for it.

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
You spread all of the pollen.
...That is Love. ...This too is Love.
...This is the Love from the spirits of the animals...
Lasah, your Love has grown yet deeper.
With this, you are now Love Level 26: "Star Performer of Love."
You will require 7 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Lasah shows Yoshida her awesome firework. "Hyaaah! Tha's one big firework yew got! Huh? YEW made that? Yer really somethin', Lasah! Who knew...!" She also shows the minister his stolen treasure, but he... somehow doesn't recognize it. The king also has nothing to say about the firework, but that could be because the minister is standing there.

Love 19

Lasah caught a bunch of fish and sold them to Curio off-screen, so now she has plenty of Yenom to bet toward getting the black bird. She gets it after only a couple bets of 300 Yenom.
A bird of mystery and void...
A mysterious woman...
But her soul is honest...
What do her cold eyes see...?
Amidst the flood of light and sound...
Take your 3000 Yenom...
You've won bets on all the colors of bird...
That's quite a feat...
You've got..."
(The man turns his head, revealing it to be a bird's.)
"Bird-watching eyes...
Have love in your life..."
(Love get!)
"Give my regards to Yoshida..."

Lasah waits for night and Sadmile's rather large spirit rises from the depths of hell.

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
So the man in Sunset Canyon was, in fact...
...That is Love. ...This too is Love.
...This is the Love from the spirits of the animals...
You will require 3 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Lasah returns to Hager's lab and finds him in his walker mech. "Hmph! I told you, I'm not even considering the possibility that you rescued me back there! And you're obstructing my work in this laboratory! Kreeeeeeeeeee!"

Lasah decodes her new Crypchips while Hager stomps around in place.
Star Souvenir: "This appears to describe the language of the Kakunte people. Kanta: Red. Sonho: Black. Ponta: Yellow. Tanba: White. Monta: Green."
???????: "??????????" (The picture appears to be three figures underneath a windmill hut.)

Lasah remembers she needs to show Hager the king's letter.
A letter from the king?
Hand that over this instant!"
"Dear Hager:
The boy standing before you is a collaborator in the Fly Me to the Moon Project.
Incidentally, I still haven't decided on a pilot...
So what do you think of having this boy serve as the pilot?
Pretty clever, right?
Let's both do our best for the world and for its people! - The King!"
"For the world?!
For its people?!
Grrr! Such hypocritical tripe really grinds my gears!
Hypocrites here! Hypocrites there! Kreeeeeeeeee!
And just because the king suggested it doesn't mean I recognize you as a pilot!
It's simply that you're the only candidate!
An apprentice! A pupil! And so VERY inexperienced!
If you want to ride the rocket, you'll have to help with the remainder of development!
I'll only explain this once, so listen up!
Hagergraph, ON!"
(A wireframe rocket projection appears.)
"This is a theoretical design of Hager Rocket 7, to be accompanied by Barrelman-series airborne probe robots.
It's a moon-exploration vehicle which I began development on in order to surpass the Ceiling in the Sky!"
(The model stops spinning and parts of it flash red.)
"Now, I will need you to gather these materials for its construction!
First, former 32R-1 circuitry to serve in the orbital computer.
Next, parts for the cooling system...
Then an MCM engine for the rocket propulsion...
100 liters of HR103 alcohol for fuel...
And parts for the power console...
You got all that? If you do, then hurry up and gather it!
Get out there and GET IT!"
(Lasah asks him how development on the rocket's going.)
"Whyyy yooou...
What kind of half-dimwit are you?!
You haven't brought me a thing! How can I have made any progress?!
You might as well have brought me TRASH!
Even if I am a genius, it still takes inspiration for me to solve problems!"
(Lasah asks him to repeat the necessary parts.)
"Hreeeee! Are you daft?!
Stupid questions make my head spiiin! Argh, just you being here is making me lose brain cells!
I'll explain one last time, and that's IT!"
(He does. Lasah wonders if the alcohol might be the Electroliqueur.)
"Hohohn! Hohohohohn!
You little snot! You ugly, miserable half-brain!
Bring me something USEFUL!
.......... No... Wait... Hold on...
YESSSSSSSSSS! Eureeeeeka! My brilliant mind just figured it out!
Perhaps I can use this after all!"
(The rocket wireframe appears and the Electroliqueur fills one of the part spots.)
"Completion Percentage: ???%"
(Lasah notices a ball-shaped spot on the wireframe, so...)
"Hohohn! Hohohohohn!
Heikichi's Jumbo Firework...?
You little snot! You ugly, miserable half-brain!
Bring me something USEFUL!
.......... No... Wait... Hold on..."
(And so on. Still ???%.)

Lasah teleports to Technopolis and hears a phone ringing, which brings out Philip. She goes to Club Techno, but it's empty; Psyche tells her that since the six members of Sacrifice Animals haven't shown up, he'll have to delay their show. She tries to get her revenge on Genghis Khan, but still can't beat Level 2.

She returns to Lady Techno's apartment and waits around with the stereo on until it suddenly gets really loud and makes Eric appear. Huh. She goes to Mayor Robo's room and waits for him to leave and some Salarybots to enter. At night, she talks to one. "I wanna eat crayfish! Crayfish! Craaay-fiiish! Cray... O-Oh no! My disguise!" So yeah, he turns out to be Bonzo.

Lasah returns to Hager's room to find him sitting at a desk.
Talk with me for a bit.
It's about love.
What, exactly, is love?
Does love exist in this world?
Furthermore, does love exist outside of this world?
When I speak of passing the Ceiling in the Sky, everyone just scoffs at me...
But I truly wish to make it happen.
Surpassing the Ceiling in the Sky...
That, to me, is Love.
That was stupid. Forget I said anything."

"...That is Love. ...This too is Love.
...This is the Love from the spirits of the animals...
Lasah, your Love has grown yet deeper.
With this, you are now Love Level 27: "Sumo Champion of Love."
You will require 15 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Love 20

Burrn MDs, you know the drill. Well, actually, this time she doesn't even ask for reviews, she just buys out an entire "box" and speeds it up. Adios Pistola, Higher, 17th S.C. DRIFT, Tilt, and Simone.

Lasah asks Adder for hints again.

Lasah suspects the sick Kakunte might be asking her to bring him a mushroom, so she goes into the forest (where the paths remain open) and grabs him one. He hops up. "Barma! Barma! Kakunte! Kakunte!" (She also sees Florence fading in next to the cave entrance.) Re-entering the forest, a bunch of Kakunte come to greet her.

"Kakunte kokunte.
Domarna pocco-pocco ponte-ponte kakunte!
You, save kakunte! You, do good thing!
Spohre kakunte! Kapohre kakunte!"
(Love get!)

Lasah goes around talking to Kakunte.
"Kakunte! We learn some of your words! Do well and learn some of Kakunte's words too!"
"Kakunte! Dekakunte come with crashing sound! Lightning from finger, then Tottoteluli stop moving..."
"Kakunte! Kakunte mean friend! You, kakunte!"
"Kakunte! Tottoteluli stop moving... very sad."
"Kakunte! Sutohtora barma tona sonho! Kurunte barma tona kanta!" (For those not keeping Moon Notes, sonho is black and kanta is red, so he's informing that "sutohtora" mushrooms are black and "kurunte" mushrooms are red.)
"Kakunte! Dekakunte sword swinging seem like danger."
"Kakunte! Domansa Tottoteluli poipoi chakunte homeh barma." (Something about a mushroom ceremony at night involving Tottoteluli.) "Sutohtora kokunte kurunte lurinpa palanka telo..." (Something about eating and the aforementioned "sutohtora" and "kurunte" mushrooms.)
"Kakunte! Kokunte barma tona ponta. Lurinpa barma tona monta. Palanka barma tona tanba." (Kokunte mushrooms are yellow, Lurinpa are green, Palanka are white. Thus, the previous Kakunte was presumably giving an order of mushrooms to eat for the ceremony.)

Lasah returns to the mansion and investigates the painting the ghost mentioned, which opens and sucks her in. She's stuck inside a frame placed over the painting and falls down into a stomach.
"Huh?! A guest..."
(A guy with a big head appears.)
Mama, we have a guest!
Oh, that's right. Mama's not here anymore.
I wonder where she went...
My body is pretty frail, so I have to eat a lot.
Give me something sweet! A sweet treat..."
(She gives him one of Granny's cookies.)
"Thank you!
This cookie looks scrumptious!"
(He eats it.)
"Ah, delicious...
But I don't feel very satisfied. Well, bye!"
(The boy disappears and Lasah gets sucked down below... and pops out of the mansion's toilet.)

After thoroughly washing her hands, she enters the painting again.
"And who're you?"
(A fatter boy appears.)
"Hey, I said who!
My tummy's rumbling here!
So I want something to eat!
To be specific, I want some tasty bread! I LOVE bread crusts!"
(Uh... if you really want it, sure...)
This bread looks good!"
(He eats it.)
But I don't feel satisfied at all. Bye now!"
(Lasah gets dumped out.)

And again.
(A very fat man appears.)
"A kid like you here, huh...
Laughin's makin' me hungry! Wahahah!
Hmm... I wan' somethin' real rare! Like caviar or somethin', maybe!"
(Um... Well, I don't have any on me, but do you know this sweet old granny?)
"That isn't it! Not at all!"
(Lasah gets dumped out.)

Having Kenji's Black Caviar again to remind herself of the "hint" (Kenji got advice from Florence, it's made by lightly scorching a certain ingredient), she considers that the ingredient might be mushrooms. So she grabs one from the forest, but he doesn't want that either. So she catches a bunch of Promptbugs with Gamakatsu on Tropical Field... and those don't work either. Well, nuts.

Love 21

Given her now-ridiculous supply of bait, Lasah goes fishing and catches some empty cans, an old boot, a sunfish, an iron fish, and an angler. However, then she notices Gamakatsu putting up some banners and talks to him, and it seems he's running a competition to catch lots of fish in a limited time. Then Sean comes running up to Lasah.
"I'm disappointed in you, member number 4!
Participating in an event such as this?
Is this contest going to accomplish anything but pollution of the water with hurling of lines?
And you there, old man! I've seen you pulling up old boots and empty cans from this pond!
And whispering "release" to the poor fish as you toss them away...
You'd better reflect on what you've done!"
(Love get!)
"...Well, let's get started."

Lasah catches two fish within the time limit and... wins. Except she gets 100 Yenom when the entry fee was 300. Yeah, she needs to catch five or more to actually win something worthwhile. But the competition's over for today.

Lasah goes to stalk Yoshida and Fony to figure out what's up with that hint from Adder. She visits Yoshida in his executive cage.
"Lasah, kid! Been a while!
Alcohol outta yer system?
Not feelin' too down?
...I'm feelin' great, thanks fer askin'!
...Been keepin' the offices closed lately.
So I'm kinda bored.
...T'be perfectly honest, I been thinkin' about goin' back to college to study...
Whaddya say to goin' wit' me?"
("I'd like to go!" or "I'll pass, thanks")
"Hoy then, maybe I'll invite yew to the next class? I'll come getchew at home!
Awright! Let's study together!"

Yoshida and Fony appear to be talking, maybe, but Lasah doesn't seem able to listen. She does show the former the mushroom she had lying around, though. "The Kakunte've got a ritual that uses thems. Mysterious bunch, ain't they?"

Lasah finally gives in and buys the Hero Pinup from Curio since she's so rich. She also buys the Frilly Dress at night. (And the Chloroform again, since she somehow forgot she bought and used it.)

Lasah shows the Pinup to Yoshida: "Dangerous fella! Yew oughta watch out for the likes'a him!" And the Dress: "Pretty dress, there! I bet somebody'd like to get that as a gift! They'd be ecstatic, I'm sure!" Lasah is sure this means Flora, so she runs to show it to her, and... "What?" Cold as ice. So she figures it must be for Kris, but she doesn't even react to it. Same for Lady Techno. But while she's in the area, she resolves to beat Genghis Khan... until she's unable to about twenty times.

While wandering around wondering who wants her dress, she walks by Tamaya.
"...Just can't DO IT!
That little punk made that awesome firework, so why can't I?!
At this rate, Tamaya's gunna kick the bucket!
We ain't gonna make no night-brightening firework! No more! I don't wanna!"
"Are you really giving up so soon?
I mean, you were really bossing that boy around..."
"What the?! Are YOU makin' fun of me now?!?"
(Striking sound.)
"Utako... sorry.
I've been doin' what I can... I just kinda lashed out there.
That punk'd be laughin' to see me like this..."
...I've vowed to stick with you through even the worst of times.
Don't apologize to me, get to work on that firework! It suits you better!
See, even little Tooru is cheering his father on!"
"Utako, Tooru... I'll do it! By gum, I will!
Just you wait, moon jerk! One of Tamaya's fireworks is gonna fly right into space!"
(Love get!)

"Bro, thanks for, like, the other day. You're, like, next most awesome after Basilick."

Lasah returns to Eco Club base.
"Wow! So we can all agree!"
"I thought I waaas... the only ooone... so I stayed quieeet."
"I was going to keep my mouth shut because it seemed so embarrassing! So that little brat...
He's gotten lectured by ALL of us! Unbe-LIEVABLE!"
"I thought he looked a little familiar, but that it was just my imagination...
Or rather, maybe I should say, I wanted to think it was just my imagination."
"Heee who wooounds... the treeees...
And he who iiis... a member ooof... the Eco Cluuub...
Which ooone... is the reeeal... hiiim?"
"At any rate, we need to keep an eye on that brat! We have every right to be alarmed!
If we don't hide our valuables, they might just be stolen! Like our..."
"Like ooour... bundle of Yenooom... that fell from the skyyy?
The one the octopus drooopped?"
"The Moon Tear? No worries, it'll be fine.
I was already feeling pretty uneasy about it, so I hid it a while back."
"That's our leader! Always one step ahead!"
"All eyes on the main monitor!"
(They turn toward it and it shows a place in Tropical Field.)
"See? This is where I hid it!
Now don't loiter around, you'll look suspicious! He's getting close!"
(Lasah walks in and they just... leave the screen up.)

Fir: "I don't thiiink... of yooou... as a traitooor. You seeeem... like a good guuuy." (Femi: "Fir! Shut up!")
Sean: "We're always somewhere, watching your everyday activities. Don't forget!"
Femi: "Tropical Field has such horrible weather! I wouldn't go there if I were you."

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
Utako supported her stubborn husband from the shadows.
You will require 12 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Love 22

Lasah quickly finds the Moon Tear in Tropical Field among some trees. Well then. She returns to the Eco Club to see if they noticed and sees Femi reading a magazine, Sean asleep, and Fir playing with toys. Then they all hurry to their places when they hear Lasah coming down. As usual, none of them react to being shown the Moon Tear. (Probably because she didn't say "Yes, I stole this.")

Lasah attempts the fishing competition again but only gets three catches, two of which are a can and a boot. She heads to stalk the minister... except then she notices that Fony doesn't look quite right. What's the king doing out in town dressed as Fony?! "I'm having trouble getting to shleep..." She goes to the king's room and finds Fony in the king's clothes. "I wanna go hooome... Back to the paaark..."

Lasah waits around to see Fony sleep in the king's bed, then wake up. "This is sooo boring... Wanna go back to the fountain in the park, already..." She follows Fony out to the courtyard, where the king arrives as well, but the minister runs out between them. "And what business could you possibly have here?! Head back this instant!" The king gets on the ground and cries while Fony feeds the birds. "That minister doesn't even recognisch my face?!?"

Lasah finds the king back in town. "Y-Yesh, I would be Fony, the hobo..." And Fony in the throne room. "Ugggh... who knew being king was such a pain? Ugggh, I'm booored..." The minister? "Don't you think the king looks a little odd? What could have happened, I wonder???"

While looking into the king's new "schedule" (and thinking he and Yoshida might talk), she talks to Yoshida.
"Oh GEEZ!! Lasah, kid!
An incident! There been an incident! It's yer time to shine!
'Twas three days ago...
To stave off their boredom, the king 'n' Fony switched places.
...But now, they've havin' problems gettin' things back to normal!
When they tried switchin' back, that dumbass minister got it all wrong and chased off the king!
Lasah! You gotsta help them two!
Accordin' to info from the Yoshida Detective Agency...
The key to resolvin' this incident... is rumored to be a "green cat."
Can ya crack the case, kid?"

"...Haaah... It's not so eashy living in town either..."
(Lasah walks away from the king.)
"...Haaah... You can let the birdiesh go free...
I fear... I might just die of starvation...
...Hahhh... I'm shuch a downer, aren't I..."

Lasah returns to the courtyard and notices that one of the topiaries is a cat. She shakes it and the minister comes out and yells at her to stop. She waits until the two come to switch and distracts the minister this way. "I don't like this boring place anymore!" "And I despish the cold!" They run into the bushes and come out switched back. Love get!

Lasah decides to just empty out Burrn's MDs.
Misty Island
Heads in Clouds
226 W. 46th st.
Madam Car Crash
I'm Waiting for the Night
Bubble Star
The Other Jet
Manon Ma Vie
Moonlit Jongara Road
Father, Give Me the Power of God
Bubble Song
Day of the Space Festival
Scherzare A Notte
"I'm outta discs to sell you! Which means you bought all of them! You musical FIEND!"

Lasah visits Grandpa while playing Moonlit Jongara Road, since it features the shamisen. He's about to tell her to go away as usual, but then stops, calms down, and starts playing along. But then... "What're you makin' me listen to?! GRAAAHHH!!" He goes back in, but regardless. Love get! She also tries Father, Give Me the Power of God to summon Yukinko, but it doesn't do anything.

When Lasah goes to bed at night...
"Goooood eeeeevening, Lasah!
Wanna go out and learn together?"
(She goes outside and sees that in addition to Yoshida, a bunch of birds, Fony, the birdman from the canyon, and some really weird other guy are attending the lecture. A blackboard is leant up against Bocker. Lasah stands in front of the board and Professor Owl sits on her head.)
"Tonight, we have here Lasah, a new student at Midnight University!
Be sure to get along with him, everyone!"
"Yer a newbie, so yew gotta take the back seat!
Bit cramped back there, maybe, but yew can deal..."
(Lasah moves to the back and Professor Owl lands.)
"Well then, let's start class!
Today, we will be learning about the moon.
This might be a bit tough for our new student Lasah...
But I'd like you to listen and absorb as much as you can.
As you are all aware, long ago, the people of the moon and the land lived in harmony.
...However, there have been some strange phenomena as of late.
After the disappearance of the moonlight, the land-dwellers forgot about the people of the moon."
"How'd they forget? I mean, if they got along so well..."
"Well, that's just how humans are."
"...Yeah, humans are prone to forget stuff."
"No one remembers them now...
The people of that forgotten world...
What might they be doing now...?"
"...And stranger yet.
The townspeople have created one they call a "hero."
And he's going around killing all residents of the moon who remain on the land."
"Sounds real bad, Professor...
We ignore this, the same thing might just befall us birds!"
"...The dark occurrences befalling our world must be investigated from their root.
The vanished moonlight seems to relate to the "Door of Light" on the moon.
That is all I can say for certain."
"So then... what d'yew say we do, Professor?
How're we gonna investigate the cause?"
"Going to the moon to check seems like it would be best."
"Awright, sounds good."
"...But while the moon world was once as near as next-door...
...Now, it is far, far away, and the depths of space must be traversed..."
"Dang, that ain't good! Tha's REAL far away!
I ain't never seen a bird who could fly THAT far!"
"...Not to worry. There are a scant few humans with memory of the moon."
"Lackadaisiking XIII...
...And Dr. Hager..."
"Once they complete their rocket, it'll surely be capable of reaching the moon."
"The moon... Yeah...! I'd like to go too...!
After all, space's next on Yoshida Travel Agency's agenda! So I GOTTA go there!"
"...Ah, it'll be dawn soon.
That's all for tonight's lecture."

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
The grandpa in the windmill hut indeed loves the shamisen.
You will require 8 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Love 23

Lasah asks Adder for hints once again.

Lasah waits around Cyclophant until he glides down from the trees into an area where she can catch him. She stares down Pumpoo from over the fence, but he doesn't show up. (This is apparently because the ghost is keeping the spirits inside the mansion.)

Lasah attempts Gamakatsu's fishing contest again, and this tim - NOPE.

Lasah decodes Tao's Tablet again and realizes it shows the right side of the rocket, with a drawing of Tamaya pointing to the propulsion (already established to be the Jumbo Firework) and a person fishing off of a mushroom pointing to two other parts. The Laboratory Tablet has Robi and an Electromonkey pointing to parts on the left side of the rocket (the latter already established to be the Electroliqueur).

Lasah visits Club Techno and listens to Mayor Robo and the Salarybots talking again.
"The Salarybots next term... will be new models?"
"It seems that way."
"Then what will happen to us?"
"..... Robots are fated to be short-lived."
"So then, the same kind as Lady?"
"I suppose so..."
(She talks to Mayor Robo alone once the Salarybots leave to dance.)
"I'm an old-model robot. Nothing wrong with that, but...
The location of my mouth isn't very... well..." (It appears to be on his chest.)

Lasah waits around in the subway room and lots of Salarybots enter. She talks to one.
"Cellphone usage in this room is beginning to become somewhat of a problem.
We're soon going to need to come to a consensus if we should ban them.
But since we're so busy, we have no time to talk to others.
In addition, some people's opinions on the matter change every time they go to work.
It appears everyone is currently in this room.
If possible, I would like you to quickly ask all workers their opinion on the ban.
I am against it. It can be annoying, yes, but I don't think it's a big deal."

So she goes around asking everyone.
"I... let's see. I don't like change, so let's say I'm against it."
"I am against it. That is all."
"I am for it. Chasing after convenience alone will not make a better world."
"I'm fine either way. I think this is merely a matter of personal morals."
"I am against it. Some say they are for it despite using phones themselves."
"If I had to decide, I would say I'm against it."
"I am against it. If you start going down that path, they'll soon only be usable deep in the mountains."
"I'll go with what everyone else thinks."
"I am for it. This is a crowded space. Noise is a nuisance."
"I am for it."
"I am for it. Talking on the phone in front of others seems in poor taste.
So it is... six against, four in favor, and two undecided.
Then things will stay the same. Thank you very much. It feels good to have that settled."
(Love get!)

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
You successfully surveyed the Salarybots on the cellphone issue.
...That is Love. ...This too is Love.
...This is the Love from the spirits of the animals...
You will require 2 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Lasah waits around at the base of Technopolis watching Robi until he goes up to his room to charge.
"Open the door on Robi's chest?"
("Yes" or "No")
(Closeup of a chip with a triangle on it.)
"Chip Protection System"
("Start cracking the lock" or "Save it for later")
(The three lights on the triangle blink in a certain order. Yep, it's Simon. The triangle comes off to reveal a plus with four lights. Then a square with five. Then a rectangle with six.)
"All locks have been released."
"Got Robi's Electronic Brain!"
(Love get! What does Robi have to say to this?)

Incidentally, she finds out right afterward from a Salarybot that Robi only comes to recharge on the Day of the Echo and Sun. A little late for that.

"Former 32R-1 circuitry!! You've finally got it! Hand that to me this instant!" Still ???%.

Lasah checks the subway room... and finds all the Salarybots lying down upside-down, looking like they're dead. (This is probably because it's the Day of the Sun but Lasah feels infinite guilt thinking it's related to Robi.) She checks on Mayor Robo. "Charge, charge, and charge again... Why must my body be so? I'm a bit jealous of the Doctor..."

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
Robi's Love is a Love of steel.
You will require 1 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Love 24

To Lasah's relief, Robi is back in the Technopolis plaza charging up robots. "(**)!" She runs away and attempts Genghis Khan again... then comes back down to Lady Techno and literally has a (one-sided) conversation with her about how difficult it is.

Mayor Robo and the Salarybots once again.
"Lady seems to rather dislike us."
"Is that all?"
"...Don't you think it's odd that there's a club in a town of robots?"
"Hm? Does that have anything to do with Lady?"
"Well, yes."

Lasah notices some papers on Mayor Robo's desk.
"Slander Report - Victim: Salarybot, Assailant: Lady Techno
Illegal Occupation Notice: 369
Molestation Report - Victim: Lady Techno, Assailant: Salarybot
Sexual Harassment Report - Victim: Lady Techno, Assailant: Salarybot
Illegal Occupation Notice: 895
Salarybot Personnel Change: Former Station Salarybot Group B, New Station Salarybot Group C"

Lasah investigates the occupied rooms and finds the other members of Sacrifice Animals. In 369, Beck, who's just... nocturnal, so she waits until night to catch him. And in 895, Jimi, who actually likes the daytime (which is said to be "very unmusician-like") and is skilled at playing guitar fast, so she waits until day.

She visits Club Techno and Psyche informs her they're ready to have the Sacrifice Animals concert. So she waits for night.
"And now, we have today's special concert!"
(The Salarybots watch Sacrifice Animals perform.)
"They're really intense!"
"Is this what they call "rock"?"
"I believe that is the case."
"Who's performing?"
"Apparently they were killed once."
"That's a shame."
"Does that mean their spirits are screaming?"
"That may, indeed, be pretty "rock.""
(They conclude their performance. Love get! The lead singer appears.)
"Hey~ there~
You're~ great~ for~ sav~ ing~ us~
Thank~ you~ ve~ ry~ much~ ly~
Take~ this~ M~ D~ with~ you~"
"Took the MD!"

When she returns home, Lasah is invited to another class at Midnight University. Birdman begins the lesson with some strumming.
"Today, we will be learning about dreams.
Here to give a presentation is someone who has had a rather interesting dream."
"Right, tha's me!"
"Yeah! Go Yoshida!"
"I had a neat dream the other day...
About a goddess..."
"...So there was this TV in a teeny li'l room.
And when it got turned on...
...I was there, in the TV!
I was all like "huh-wha?!", when alla sudden, I found myself at a hot spring...
Threw me for a loop, but it felt good at least!
So I soaked in the water for a while."
"...When's this goddess gonna show up?"
"Yeesh, hold yer horses! I'm gettin' there, Fony!
So there I was, feelin' mighty fine in this warm water...
When a girl came walkin' out from behind the vapor.
And just as I was gonna ask "Yew gonna wash my back?"...
She said, "You must help Lasah..."
I din't know what was what, so I just nodded yeah, yeah...
And suddenly the whole place was packed with sunflowers!
...Then lotsa hearts came flyin' at me...
WEIRD dream, I can tell yew all that!"
"That is a dream...
This too is a dream...
If the other world is a dream...
Then perhaps, so is this one..."
"...Remembering dreams in such detail is a talent we birds possess.
May you continue to improve your birdishness!"
"Huh. So birds don't forget their dreams, eh..."
"If one does not forget their dreams, one can hear the people of the moon pleading for help."
"Sure, but there ain't no way for a human. Humans're forgetful Frankies and Francines...
...Yew remember yer dreams, Lasah?"
"I don't hardly 'member what I dreamt yesterday!"
"...Lasah's dreams...?"
"...Ah, it'll be dawn soon.
That's all for tonight's lecture."

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
You saw the Monster Concert.
...That is Love. ...This too is Love.
...This is the Love from the spirits of the animals...
Lasah, your Love has grown yet deeper.
With this, you are now Love Level 28: "President of Love."
You will require 15 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Now obviously intrigued, Lasah attends another lecture at Midnight University.
Question! Axin' a question!"
"Yes, Yoshida?"
"Why is it humans're so darn forgetful?"
"Hoh-hoo! That's a very good question.
...Well then, I believe today we'll be learning about humans.
As you all are no doubt aware, humans are indeed fascinating creatures.
But ever since the moonlight vanished... they have become very forgetful.
Forgetting about the moon's people... Forgetting what occurs in their dreams...
...And now, that day the moonlight vanished itself.
To think that even such clamor and confusion could be forgotten..."
"Everybody in town was in a real state back then...
Was a panic is what it was!"
""The dragon ate the moonlight!"
"Next he'll be coming to eat the town!"
"The world's doomed!"... and all'at junk."
"...An' yet everybody's totally forgotten 'bout it...
Like they don't even care no more that the moon's gone."
"...That is a very human thing indeed."
"Soundin' like most humans're morons!"
"All the humans, forgetful...
Of everything from sorrow to joy...
After forgetting everything...
Where then do they end up...?"
"...What indeed may happen to the world of Moon now?
That, no one can truly say.
...Ah, it'll be dawn soon.
That's all for tonight's lecture."

Lasah feels nostalgic for Rainbow Rocks and notices she can read the back of the info sign. "I thought thus: Could rainbows, in truth, perhaps form a link to aliens? Alas, I was wrong. Even when I created a rainbow mechanically, it was merely a pretty sight. This experiment was a failure. Dr. H"

Lasah tries this same philosophy on the sign pointing to the castle town. "(The writing is too small to read...)" So she takes out her Magnifying Glass and reads it... and someone steps on-screen. As a matter of fact, it's the mysterious guy who was attending Midnight University. "(Hmm... Let's see here...?) Headed due south from Love-Parasol. Collided with rocky cliff. - The Great Pirate B-Hab" The guy leaves when she finishes reading.

Lasah figures out that this refers to the "Florence <3 Wanda" tree and heads due south from there to a rock. "(There's a note here...) Behind the yellow box! You do want treasure, yes? - The Great Pirate B-Hab" She has no idea what this refers to, so she gives up on that for the moment.

While looking into the hint about the minister's books, she finds the Minister's Law Book hidden in one of the hallways. She visits him on the veranda.
"Come, take a look."
(He points.)
"Even the stars twinkling in the sky...
Are praying my law book returns to me.
Indeed, surely, they must be."
(She gives him the book.)
"Oh my!
My! My! My!
That is no doubt a book containing this land's laws!!
Is it, in fact, its very book of laws?!
I suppose I must at the least thank you...
Say, would you happen to have found the criminal who stole the book?
Naturally, I intend to issue the culprit a harsh punishment!
...You say I dropped it in the hallway?
So technically, the culprit is..."
("You're the culprit" or "There is no culprit")
"...Indeed. Everyone makes mistakes.
Even I can carelessly drop things in the hallway, I suppose.
I shall, with a magnanimous heart, forgive such mistakes as that...
...That is, in fact, covered within this book of laws.
Then let us consider this lawbook-dropping incident...
Now then."
(The minister leaves. Love get!)

Looking for the "yellow box," Lasah visits the windmill hut and notices she can read the sutra on the scroll by the door. "On akyabo beisharo nou sowaka harabararita boushijitta bodahadamiya... EVIL SPIRITS GO AWAY!" So she catches Yukinko.

Midnight University
"Tonight, I have sad news to bring you all.
...Your professor will today be reaching the age of retirement.
Retirement is compulsory upon turning 60...
As such, tonight shall mark my last lecture.
There is one last topic which your professor wishes to lecture on."
"What'd that be...?"
"It is...
"...Indeed. This last lecture shall be on Love...
...So then, I have a question for you all.
What exactly would you say Love is?"
"Now THA'S a hard question!
Yer bein' pretty strict today, professor!"
"In my dreams...
A moon goddess whispered...
...Once you are filled with love...
A door will open..."
"Jus' like it said on the tablet in my homeland, our world's filled with Love.
Matter of fact, Lasah's been collectin' it."
"...Yes, there is a countless amount of Love hidden throughout our world."
"But still, askin' me what Love's IS... I dunno what to say, professor..."
"I appreciate your honesty, Yoshida.
Whenever you do not know something, simply say as much.
...That will put you on the path to progress.
There is indeed one among you who is nearing an answer."
"Who'd they be?"
"I refer to...
Lasah, in fact."
Not too shabby, bub!"
"Yer pretty great, Lasah!"
""What is Love?"
Tonight I challenged you to tackle a rather difficult question...
But even if you are currently unable to answer, I don't particularly mind.
Consider it your homework, until some day that we meet again, somewhere in the stars...
In one hundred people, you will find a hundred Loves...
And someday, I hope you may all find your own personal answers.
...Now then, all of you. Midnight University will have its classes canceled for some time.
So I bid you farewell, my dear pupils of Midnight University!
Continue your studies henceforth!"
"So long!"
"Smell ya, professor!"
(Professor Owl flies away.)
I'mma gonna get back into the world of business and start from scratch!
I'm gonna work it!"
(Love get!)

"Chaletori-san... You're a moon goddess? Not Challenge-the-Triple...?"

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
You found and gave the minister his book of laws.
You refilled Yoshida with vigor, with thanks also to Professor Owl.
...That is Love. ...This too is Love.
...This is the Love from the spirits of the animals...
You will require 10 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Love 25

Lasah visits Ibilly in the bar on the Day of the Yenom and shows him the White-Winged Arrow.
"Hero! Hero! A hero never to return!
...Yeah, he's real deservin' of pity himself.
Swingin' around a sword lookin' for some made-up dragon...
Wonder how long he's been outta town...
The hero's equipped with what people at the castle call cursed armor...
...When ya wear it, your heart's burnin' to battle.
That rusty old armor's sealed away the guy's soul...
He's gonna be adventurin' to his grave, no doubt.
There's no way he can take it off. Forever donned in iron...
...Wonder where the hero LASAH's gone wanderin' off to now...

Lasah checks the Hohum News. The hero... you-know-who is now Level 40.

Fony and a bird talking. But what could it be about?
"Yoshidaaa! ...How ya doin'?
My heart's been poundin', even hurtin' a little lately...
I musta eaten somethin' foul and gotten sick..."
"Ha! Sounds like yew came down with a case of lovesickness!"
"Not likely, dummy! Sheesh, I'm too busy roughin' it for that mumbo jumbo!"
"Oh, yer such a stubborn goose, Fony!
Live life like that, an' yew'll wither up 'fore you can ever prove your manliness!"
"Bah, humbug..."

Lasah wonders who Fony might like and quickly realizes it must be Flora, more or less confirmed when she rechecks what he says about her card. She then just so happens to check the trash can by Curio's. "There's a white scrap of paper in here. Got Fony's Love Letter!" ["OH."]

Lemme take a closer look here...
(...Wait, did he just...? I don't see the...)
"You got a problem, bub?"

So, uh, Lasah gets another love letter from the trash the next day. She shows it to Yoshida (right in front of Fony, incidentally). "Fony's love letter... I ain't gonna get in the way of any relationships here."

"Oh? For me?
Is this... for real?
I see...
Then, will you send him my reply?"
"Got Flora's Reply!"

"Whazzat? Lemme see that...
...Hm? You little punk, what're ya starin' at?!
Go... scram somewhere!"
(Love get!)

Lasah finally gets around to ordering a Bloody Wanda.
"You need to watch yourself, y'know.
Drink if you want, but don't you dare overdrink!
If you do, you'll end up like Mr. Baker...
I hear sometimes he gets so drunk he forgets to lock the door to his house!
I just worry and worry..."
(And orange juice again, because why not.)
"Hey, uh, by the way, I just happened to hear this around...
But is it really true that Florence came back?"
("Yes" or "What's that?")
"Right... So the rumors were true.
Then I have a small favor to ask.
Take this...
And give it back to him.
Even if he takes back this ring, I've still got a living memento of him...
So please."
"Got Sunrise Pearl!"

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
It appears it's mutual between Fony and Flora. ["EEEEEH?!"]
You will require 8 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

"The Sunrise Pearl...
You came all this way to bring it to me?
You don't have to say anything. I understand.
I feel I may be much too late in figuring out what's truly important...
It's a common thing in life...
Wanda has her own life, and I have mine.
But certainly, I'll accept the ring.
Goodbye, my lovely...
People grow by the number of tears they shed.
Life is full of rises and falls...
And love is something that always has an end.
Oh, Wandaaa..."
(Love get.)

Lasah visits Tottoteluli at night and eats the five Mystery Mushrooms in order: black, red, yellow -


Okay, so maybe she messed up the order. Black, yellow, red -

WHY ARE THERE GIANT RED GREEN AND BLUE HANDS COMING FROM THE SKY AND PICKING ME UP, white. Lasah shrinks and reappears on a solitary mushroom with Tottoteluli. A bunch of Kakunte climb up top.
"Poipoi chakunte... Tottoteluli...
You also take part in resurrection ceremony?
("Kakunte!" or "Dekakunte...")
"Kakunte, Kakunte!
Poipoi chakunte Tottoteeeluli!
Teeeluli, Teeeluli!
(The Kakunte and Lasah circle Tottoteluli chanting. Eventually, one of the floating fish from Tropical Field floats down.)
"Tottoteluli, not yet. Spirit is scattered in pieces.
You, kakunte. You gather, kakunte?"
("Kakunte!" or "Dekakunte...")
"You, good person!"

Lasah goes to Tropical Field and "shakes" all the rattling fish until they turn into spirits and float up. She does the ceremony again. (The dancing part of which is REALLY SPED UP this time.) The spirits gather and arrange into the shape of a larger fish.
"Quick, gather!
You, good person!"
...Oh. I guess she didn't get them all. Gosh.

"This good! All of Tottoteluli's spirit gathered!
Unchara, kecchara!
U! Ya! Sa!"
(Tottoteluli's spirit reforms and re-enters its body. It flies around in the air making noise for a while, then ascends into the sky.)
(Love get! Lots!)

God came to visit, then returned to land in sky... very sad."

I think you did good thing.
So I tell you Kakunte's secret place.
Be thankful!
This way!"
(He leads her over.)
"Unchara! Kecchara!
(He makes a path to the west, where Lasah finds a fishing spot.)

Lasah immediately catches a Doll from the forest fishing spot. Then a Bullfrog. Then a... Refrigerator. And a Television. Okay I think that's enough for one day.

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
Florence's Love.
...That is Love. ...This too is Love.
...This is the Love from the spirits of the animals...
Lasah, your Love has grown yet deeper.
With this, you are now Love Level 29: "Maestro of Love."
You will require 29 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Love 26

Lasah gives Hager one of her spare Refrigerators, which he uses for the rocket cooling parts. The last part looks rather like a TV set, but he doesn't seem to want one. (Or a Doll, or a Bullfrog.)

Lasah notices a billboard that suddenly appeared next to her house.
"~Hohum News Emergency Issue~
Inquiring for the Hero LASAH
The hero, who was thought to be headed for the Dragon's Castle, has gone missing.
Find the hero! Find the hero! Find the hero!"
She finds billboards with the same thing on them in numerous other places as well.

Kris is standing outside Wildcat House in a little booth with a "Kera-Ma-Go" sign, playing a little tune.
"Oh my, Lasah! Can I ask you a little something?"
("Sure!" or "Eh...")
"Krissy got fired from her part-time job, but it was totally Mr. Kenji's fault...
'Cause he never gets any customers that are there to scout for me! All he gets are weirdos!
And that hero guy is the WORST! He's rowdy when he's drunk... and clingy...
Oh man, I totally just remembered! He hit me in the head, too!!
So I decided to spend all I had to print my own MD and become an independent idol.
Now if only I could get some good clothes, I bet the fans would come rolling in..."
("Kris... I have something for you. I knew it could only be for you. This... Frilly... Dress.")
Oh my gosh, that's SO frilly and adorable!! It's like what a fairy would wear!
Now I can get a following for sure! I love you thiiiiis much, Lasah!
Okay! Better start building my fanbase!
Hold on a sec while I change."
(She puts it on, and... I guess it also came with wings and a halo? Anyway, it's adorable.)
"Okay! Better start building my fanbase!
If you can beat Krissy in a game, you can have her debut MD for free!!
Wanna take the challenge?"
("I will!" or "I won't")
"It's easy to play!
Just win a game of Look Thataway three times and the MD is yours!
Alright! Let's get challengey!"
(An Electromonkey jumps down, plays guitar briefly, and leaves. They rock-paper-scissors, and whoever wins points in a direction. If the loser looks in that same direction, the pointer wins the round, otherwise they rock-paper-scissors again. Eventually Lasah wins three times.)
"Awww... I lost...
Congratulaaations! Here's your free copy of Kris's debut single, "Kera-Ma-Go!"
Listen to it always!"
(Love get!)
"Support Krissy! For me!"

Inside Wildcat House, the hero is conked out on the table.
"Oh, Lasah. The hero is quite bothersome, so please be quiet so as not to wake him."
(She rattles him a little.)
"P... Please don't do that... He'll get rowdy if he's woken."
(So she talks to Kenji instead.)
"He kept going on about how he can't find the Dragon's Castle...
He's a major pain when he's upset...
Kris even quit her job after he grabbed her.
But when I'm not getting any customers, even the bothersome ones are welcome."

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
Kris's Love.
You will require 27 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Lasah goes to Club Techno to stalk Mayor Robo and Lady Techno, but is surprised when a concert starts. But whose? Well, the song sounds familiar... (Incidentally, that's an Electromonkey in a tux on the piano.) Love get!

After sitting around in the Technopolis plaza and contemplating on what she knows of the plot, Lasah finds Lady Techno in Club Techno during the day.
"What is it?
You think I'm a robot, don't you?"
("Yes" or "No")
(She runs over to a nearby mat.)
"Could a robot dance like this?"
(She starts getting funky, then... uh... um... what is happening to you that sprite scaling is not natural and that sounds like explosions.)
"Oh great, I broke it."
(They move into Lady Techno's room.)
"What happened to me?"
("You shorted out" or "I have no clue")
(Lady slowly gets up and walks around.)
I enjoy dancing to music..."
(She walks over to the stereo and turns it on.)
"When I dance, my mind goes white.
I feel I'm brimming with energy from deep within.
I always went to the club because I liked that feeling...
But now I finally realize.
Mayor Robo, Robi, the Salarymen...
They all had to charge up, or their batteries would run out. I thought it so primitive, yet...
Yet I'm the same way.
Then am I simply a robot designed to charge through dancing?"
("That might be" or "I don't think so")
"Look at this."
(She reveals an S mark on her arm.)
"I grew to like this tattoo because of its techno-ish nature...
But I have no memory of getting it."
(Lasah gets slightly red.)
"Are you turning red? Look at me, please."
(Lasah walks over to Lady and gets redder.)
"Perhaps this is a signature of some sort from the person who created me..."
(She hides the tattoo.)
"But I'll be fine.
I'm rather quick to fix my mood...
Though maybe that just means I have a fast processing speed.
I mean, moping never does anything for you, does it?
If I keep dancing like I love to, I can keep living.
Perhaps I'll even be quite happy!"
(Love get!)

Lasah checks on Lady Techno back in the club.
"It's not good for one to dance indefinitely.
Whether they're a human or a robot..."
Also, Psyche.
"Say, which special concert did you prefer?"
("Kris's" or "Sacrifice Animals's")
"You did...?
Well, alright then. Hope to see you around!"
(Love get!)

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
You showed your concern for Lady.
You supported Kris at her concert.
You helped to make Psyche's dreams come true.
You will require 22 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Lasah shows Yoshida a Bullfrog and learns that they increase your Action Limit quite a bit. That would have been useful... uh, ages ago. He just calls the Doll and Television trash.

She goes fishing in the forest again and after catching a fair bit of trash, she gets a Tadpole. And then a Tire. And then more trash. Oh well. She brings the Tadpole back to Yoshida. "They're the kids of bullfrogs. Fancy establishments like to call 'em "Black Caviar" or somethin'. ...Well, yew could eat it yerself to extend yer Action Limit a li'l, but eh..."

Love 27

Lasah checks behind one of Burrn's boxes, which is yellow. "(There's a note here...) "Tamayer"...? No, that's not right. But who can read those runes anyway? - The Great Pirate B-Hab"

Lasah finally brings the fat man his caviar-or-something.
"Oh, wonderful! Looks good! Wahahah!"
(He eats it. Just one raw tadpole?)
But I'm not really satisfied. Wahahah!"
(He eats Lasah. She appears in the room with the ghost and the animal spirits.)
"That's right... I was starving. I didn't have anything to eat...
Thank you. I remember now.
Now, everyone can head back. There's nothing left to fear."
(The spirits leave.)
"I leave the animals to you as well. They're all afraid, having been killed by the hero.
Well then, goodbye..."
(The ghost disappears. Love get!)

In the central room, Lasah finds Thumper jumping into the air and... well, thumping down in random spots. She quickly catches him. Gajiro stands in the door to the bathroom but can't be touched, so she flushes the toilet and washes her hands to catch him.

Lasah finds Knicker sleeping in the cell in the basement next to a mound of dirt.
"Diggin'... mumble, murmur..."
(She saw Rock's spirit, but he vanished, so she waits for day. Knicker immediately gets up.)
"Here, have this treasure I dug up.
I will dig! Deeper and deeper, just like my urges!"
"Got Haunted Stone!"
"Hey, boy! You doing well?
Me, I'm just diggin' a hole! A big ol' hole! Sorry, but don't bother me!"

Lasah waits until what I suppose is 2 PM (about a sixth through the "day"?), a whistle blows, and Twopyem's spirit appears. Pumpoo is flying around above the mansion's entrance, but she can't seem to get him to come down. When night comes again, she catches Rock.

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
Wisper's Love.
...That is Love. ...This too is Love.
...This is the Love from the spirits of the animals...
You will require 12 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Lasah checks the front of Tamaya. "(There's a note here...) Always be prepared for a meal. After all, camping food is tasty. - The Great Sea-Thief B-Hab"

Lasah checks Gamakatsu's cooking pot. "(There's a note here...) Whenever I get bloated, I feel like curling up in a kotatsu. - B-Hab Za Pirate"

Lasah decodes the Haunted Stone. The picture looks like... four shrine gates lined up vertically with a dragon head at the top? I dunno. "It appears to depict a method necessary in overcoming the Ceiling in the Sky. However, I cannot decode any further information."

Lasah checks the kotatsu at Eco Club base. "(There's a note here...) Times One Zero. - Caribou Breeder B-Hab"

"There won't be any more concerts for a while. Haven't found too many people to perform.
Although I was contacted by a Mr. Fred...
And I thought he would just be a novice, but he really heated up the stage!"

"I see... She charges in the club."
"And gets to enjoy dancing, too?"
"So that's what the club is for."
"That seems to be the Doctor's intent.
Now I finally know why Lady enjoys dancing so much.
It's quite a relief, really."
(Love get!)

So things look pretty done in Technopolis. But there's just one thing left to do. And she will do it. This time, she WILL overcome Genghis -

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
Mayor Robo's Love, I see...
You will require 11 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

She looks into Ibilly, supposing that's what B-Hab's hint refers to. [The Japanese hint, containing "batsuichi," could be interpreted as a play on "divorced."] He's out on the veranda, so she checks the binoculars. She finds that one of the views is toward the mansion, showing Pumpoo flying around. She watches him for a while and he slows down, then flies all the way over to her to be caught. Then she watches the UFO... drop her reward Yenom way over at the mansion. Well, geez!

And on Stevie and Friends...
"...51 animals in all!
Now, there are no more spirits left wandering the land!
Thank you, Lasah!
Now hurry, and fly your way over to this world!
And then please, Lasah, open the door!
Well then, so long! I'll be waiting for you!"

"...That is Love. ...This too is Love.
...This is the Love from the spirits of the animals...
You will require 9 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Love 28

For the "Times One Zero" hint, Lasah checks the "x10" on Birdman's sign. "(There's a note here...) The place you first met me... Do you remember, dear? When you used the magnifying glass... I've hidden it in the shadow of the trees. My de-light-ful treasure. From B-Hab (With Love)"

Lasah returns to the original sign and looks behind a tree to the left. B-Hab appears.
"(There's something here!)
Got Crown! [Simultaneously, B-Hab turns around.]
(There's a note here...) [B-Hab looks around and leaves.]
That was fun, boy. I congratulate your bravery and wisdom from the bottom of my heart.
I look forward to the day we can meet again.
The seven seas are my seas. Have you found your own? - The Great Pirate B-Hab"
(Love get!)

Lasah returns to the forest fishing spot and pulls up something heavy... It's a GSX! Er, Gamestation, that is. And while it looks like the final rocket part, Nogee's been waiting to see one for forever, so...

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
You discovered the Great Pirate B-Hab's treasure. Not to mention he's a hidden character!
You will require 8 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

"Whoa, that's a GSX? It must be a really rare toy!
Thanks a bunch for keeping your promise!
Let's play together sometime!"
(Love get!)

Completion percentage, 100%! The moon-exploring vessel is complete!
You have outrageous degrees of my thanks! Kuuuuuuuuuu!
The rocket's already ready to launch!
We'll blast to the moon in a single shooooot! Flying far and awaaaaay!
All that's left is for you to board the rocket!
...Do you know how long I have been in anticipation of this day?!
Kuuuuu! Tears keep falling! Nose keeps ruuuuunning!"
(Love get!)

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
The rocket is complete.
You fulfilled your promise to Nogee.
You will require 5 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Kris is no longer set up outside Wildcat House. It seems the hero has left and she's back at her job. After having some Promptbugs to help her in fishing, she talks to Kenji, who's glad that things are peaceful now that the hero's left and thanks Lasah, since he wants to thank somebody. Love get!

Lasah enters the fishing contest and very quickly gets nibbles (and no trash) thanks to the Promptbugs, and just barely catches five in time.
"Congratulations! You set a new record!"
(Love get!)
"Well done! You won with 5 fish in all. Congrats!
Your reward is 250 Yenom."

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
Gamakatsu's Love.
Kenji reopened for business.
You will require 3 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Lasah stalks Nogee for... quite a while. She talks to him in his room.
"I'm watching everybody, but it's hard to study people's hearts... But I have to try hard!"
Then suddenly, in his room at night...
"Hey, Lasah. I learned a little bit about people's hearts from looking at Mr. Ibilly."
(The... uh, spirit? ...of Nogee's father appears nearby.)
"You've done well, Nogee. Your father is proud of you."
(Nogee turns to him.)
"It appears even you, who closed his hard heart, can understand the hearts of others...
There's no need to study any longer.
I'll come to get you. Your mother is lonely too, so come back to us soon!"

Lasah waits outside the castle at night. The drawbridge comes down, Nogee comes out, and a... brightly-colored toy elephant spins down from the sky. His father exits the elephant.
"It's been a while, Nogee. You're doing well?"
"Well, shall we get going?"
(Ibilly comes out of the castle.)
"Oh! Nogee..."
"Mr. Ibilly! I'm going home today...
Would you like to come with us, Mr. Ibilly?"
"Sorry, but... I can't, Nogee.
I have a job to do...
And somebody has to be around to wake up Fred..."
"I see... Then I'll be going. Goodbye, Mr. Ibilly!"
(They enter the elephant and it flies away.)
(Ibilly leaves. Love get!)

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
Nogee has returned home...
You will require 1 Love to reach the next level.
There is still plenty of Love scattered around the world.
So please, continue to gather lots of Love..."

Love 29 (Finale Part 1)

Lasah steadies herself for the final battle. And after about 50 or so deaths, she beats all five levels of Genghis Khan and gets the final Love. And that's a wrap! Oh, right, going to the moon...

"Lasah, this is the Love you have gathered...
You conquered the final level of Genghis Khan.
Lasah, you have gathered all the Love.
Your Love is, simply put, Max Love.
And that is Love Level 30: "Big Bang of Love."
There is no more Love left to gather on the land...
...Now, Lasah, you must come to our world.
...And you must open the Door of Light."

"Are you boarding?"
("Yes" or "No")
"On you go."

As the rocket takes off, the king waves from the veranda. The view changes to the rocket heading up into the sky as some familiar music plays. Three flying Barrelmen join the rocket. They heat up as the leave the atmosphere, and one of the Barrelmen drops off during this.

After going a ways up into space, Lasah presses some buttons and the outer shell of the rocket breaks off. The rocket turns sideways and the music fades out. The rocket continues on through the void with the Barrelmen circling it for quite some time.

Lasah gets a message from Hager.
"Respond! Respond!
This is Dr. Stein Hager!
Listen well, Lasah.
I've programmed...
The rocket...
To enter the moon's orbit...
So don't go touching anything!
Got it? You're a guinea pig!
Merely a test subject for riding my rocket!
A little monkey...
Who does what it's told...
And sits in its seat.
.......... .......... ..........Hm.
What's this...?
Something's amiss with the comm... uni... cations..."

One of the Barrelmen explodes. Another long period of empty space.

"...Respond! ...Respond!
This is Dr. Stein Hager!
Listen well, Lasah.
...The Barrelman exploding back there...
Appears to have damaged the main communication systems.
...And with only the antenna on the Red Barrelman remaining...
...I won't be able to contact you after this...
...You're soon going to...
...exceed... its range...
...The void ahead of you may be too much for the Barrelman to maneuver through.
Even I can't tell you if there's anything dangerous ahead.
.......... .......... ..........Hm?!
Watch out, Lasah!
...The ultrasonic wave radar... is...
...Obsta... cles... ...Watch out! ...Watch... out!..."

The rocket approaches an asteroid field. The Red Barrelman pulls off some swift moves to dodge the oncoming asteroids. Eventually, the rocket approaches a seemingly-unavoidable mass of asteroids... and it's blown away by a Tamaya firework. Everything is safe after that... until a final asteroid comes out of nowhere and blows up the Red Barrelman.

Adder flies by Lasah with his three little Adders following him. She then sees him apparently drowning in some milk - or the Milky Way, I suppose.

After some more silence of space, a green seed approaches, and Florence... grows out of Lasah's cockpit as a plant.
"It's been a while, Lasah...
Your journey is soon to come to an end.
And when one journey comes to an end... that's when a new journey begins."
(Florence wilts and fades away... then regrows from another seed that comes along.)
"...Life is but a night's dream.
Waking, soon to sleep... Living, soon to die...
Such is how things appear and disappear... Disappear and appear...
It's the same for you and me too, Lasah..."
(Florence wilts, fades, and regrows once again.)
"Across the reaches of space...
...Dying and living.
Rolling here and there... that is life."
(Florence wilts, fades, and regrows.)
"Now then, wake up from your dream...
What dimension will you find yourself in next, and when?
Can you, Lasah, open the door?
...It's about time to settle that matter.
It may be we'll meet again on some other road...
But so long for now, Lasah."
(Florence wilts and fades one last time.)

Something beats against the side of the rocket from within.

And a sword pierces through.

A bar appears at the bottom and steadily decreases. As it approaches empty, three Kakunte climb up the rocket over to cover the hole. The octopus UFO flies around the rocket. Then a bunch of them fly by, each carrying a letter of a sentence: "WELCOME TO THE MOON." The UFOs descend to the moon.

The rocket softly plops into the moon, which appears to be made of clay. Outside the rocket, Lasah finds Stevie and a whole bunch of the animals.
"You've arrived, Lasah!
Everyone's been waiting for you to come!
So you could gather enough Love to surpass space itself...
And your Love Level...
Has reached "Big Bang of Love"?!
That's fantastic!!
Now then! My master awaits you!
Head for the Moon Castle!"

More of the animals await outside the Moon Castle, including all the members of Sacrifice Animals. She enters and finds the Moon Goddess (the one from her dreams) and a dragon's head sitting side by side on a pedestal. She talks to Stevie.
"My master is cursed...
Please, Lasah, help my master!"
"Welcome, Lasah..."
"Welcome, Lasah..."
"Here is where the dream of Lasah, the invisible youth, shall come to an end."
"And it is also...
The last dungeon for the hero LASAH.
The Dragon's Castle."
"Help us, Lasah."
"The hero will come to kill me soon."
"Help me, Lasah.
I am soon to be buried among the Crypchips..."
"The two tales of Lasah which the Crypchips describe..."
"Which tale shall come to its true conclusion?"
"Will the future see LASAH killing the dragon?"
"Or will the future see Lasah opening the door?"
"Who will decide that future?
That is dependent upon your Love."

"...Now, Lasah. Go to the Moon Field.
To the yet-unopened Door of Light, buried under a mountain of Crypchips..."
"With enough Love to have crossed the cosmos, surely you can open the door."
"Open the door with your Love..."
"...And then.
Let the radiance return to the moon."

"Lasah! I shall lead you before the door!
Come this way!"

Love 30 (Finale Part 2)

The last of the animals await in front of the Door of Light.
"At last, you can finally open the door for us, Lasah...
As the Crypchips scattered about prophecize...
The only one capable of opening the door is the invisible youth filled with Love, Lasah...
And once the door is opened... The moon will regain its radiance, so they say.
So then, stand tall in front of the door!"
(Lasah hops up.)
"...Now then! Please, Lasah! Open the door!"
(She starts pushing.)
"Go for it, Lasah!!"
"Push! Push, Lasah!"
(I am!)
(She knocks.)
"What the..."
(She pushes some more.)
"What's the matter?!"
(She pushes and then kicks the door.)
"Could it be that the door isn't opening?!"
(She pushes, kicks, and stumbles off the pile of Crypchips.)
"Oh, my, my, my, my, my...
Master... This is most dire...
Lasah... cannot open the door...
This is rather bad news..."

Lasah decides to read some of the Crypchips on the ground.
"DATA: "Flora's Life"
Florist. Tender, loves flowers. Lives in attic above Wanda's bar."
"DATA: "Baker's Life"
Breadman who is re-baked every night. Sells previous self at bakery next day.
...Forgets to lock door on Day of the Echo."
"DATA: "Wanda's Life"
Barwife. Sleeps through day, awake at night. Never goes outside bar."
"DATA: "Minister's Life"
Annoyed daily. Exists to actualize the "Hero's Legend" written in the Crypchips."
"DATA: "King's Life"
Lackadaisical king who feeds birds every morning. Develops rocket with Dr. Hager, kept secret from minister."
"DATA: "Florence's Life"
Visits moon after eating Golden Mush. After returning to land, gives Lasah Crypchip."

"Why could it be?"
"You could not open the door..."
"Is it Lasah's Love that was unable to open it?"
"...Yes, Lasah's Love is lacking.
...It's too soon for him to open the door."
"The door was not opened..."
"The door was not opened...
...Is this too a fate written in the Crypchips?"
"It's very unfortunate, isn't it, Lasah...
Since you could not open the door...
The future is looking to be a rather grim one...
Who knows what will happen now?!
Oh, oh, oh! I hear the hero LASAH's footsteps approaching...!"

A door opens in the rocket.

"Hyaaah! Whew, am I feelin' woozy...
Lemme get my balance here...
So this's the moon, eh?
An' all them people of it!
Yo there, good t'see yew all!
Name's Yoshida!
Hey, Lasah! Lasah, kid!
Where yew at?"



The door opens again, and the hero jumps out.

He looks around at the animals and raises his sword. He jumps around, slashing wildly at the animals and killing about half of them. He gains several levels from this.

"WAAAUGH!! What's wit' YEW?!
What're yew DOIN', guy?!"

The hero casts Ormete and Yoshida dodges. "Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!"

"...Holy FREAK! ...Weather's real bad!"

Yoshida runs away. The remaining animals take 9999 damage and explode into Crypchips. The hero levels up ever-higher.

The hero goes to the Door of Light and casts Ormete again, killing all the animals there as well and leveling up again.

And once again at the Moon Castle. By then, he doesn't level up any further - he's already maxed out.

"So this is how it ends..."
"So this is how it ends..."
"At the end of the tale of the invisible youth..."
"It's the hero's story that goes on?"
"We read the future written in the Crypchips."
"And even with our seeking help from the invisible youth..."
"Are we truly bound to follow a path already long-decided?!"
"We're too late..."
"We were too late...
Why did not a single Crypchip speak of my fate...?"
"...But now...
We know what it is..."

"Lasah! Kid!"
(Yoshida enters.)
"The hero! The hero's here!
He's here, and he's at his max level!
This is badder than bad!"
(Yoshida backs away as the hero enters.)
"Goodbye, Lasah..."
(The hero attacks Stevie and he dies.)
"Smell ya, Lasah... kid..."
(The hero attacks Yoshida and he dies. He leaps up and strikes the Moon Goddess and Dragon for 9999 damage several times. They fall off the pedestal and fade. Lasah picks up the Crypchip they leave behind, which depicts the hero attacking and the Goddess and Dragon falling off the pedestal.)
"The Big Bang of Love..."
"...This concludes the tale of the hero and dragon."
"...Yes, perhaps this marks the end of all tales..."
"...No. The tale of the other Lasah written in the Crypchips is not over yet."
"...If you possess more Love than could possibly be expressed in levels..."
"Then perhaps you can change even what is written in the Crypchips...
You must not forget that... Lasah..."
"...When a door appears before you once more..."
"...Perhaps you can open that door with your own Love..."
"Open the door..."
"Open the door, please..."
"Open the door, Lasah..."

The hero strikes Lasah, and her clothes fall to the ground. Shortly after, the hero's armor also collapses.


"Stop playing that game and get to bed!"

You wake up, lying in front of the TV, and sit up. The door out of the room comes into view to your left.


"So that's it, huh...
The door to appear before me... wasn't the door in the game. It wouldn't open.
It's in this world... and it's with my own love.
And my mother telling me to stop playing... is Love from the real world.
So, then... the door in my world... should I open it?
The hero's story was all predetermined by the chips... even what happened back there.
But the "story" in the real world... is decided like this.
As Chaletori-san told me to do... I'll open it.
...Alright. Heheh.
With my own love, I'll open the door. Onto a path the chips couldn't predict.
My only response to "continue"... could be no.
...Let's go."

Doors around the world open, and players go outside.

The Crypchips around the Door of Light vanish one by one, and the Door of Light opens, letting in a brilliant light.

Yoshida, Baker, Gamakatsu, the king, Florence, the minister, Dr. Hager, Fony, Flora, Wanda, Professor Owl, and Adder walk up to look at the light, and it grows into a bright, white circle.


The credits roll.

As they roll, pictures of the characters in real life situations are shown.
Stevie and the animals reside on a farm.
An octopus UFO flies through the skies over a city.
Baker works at a real bakery.
The Americans go out to eat at "Love-Deli."
Tottoteluli flies over a rainbow.
Kris appears on a large television in Shibuya, and Heromen is advertised on a billboard.
The Salarybots step off a train.
Fred walks down a road in his Freddy Mercury outfit.
Gamakatsu fishes at a port. ...Er, backwards?
Tao stands next to a statue. Probably to pee on it.
Birdman looks over the city from a railing.
Tommy peers from behind a pole next to a building labeled Yoshida Travel Agency.
The Old Guy runs an Octokiss - er, takoyaki shop.
Yoshida and little Yoshidas cross the street, and Professor Owl perches on a man's head.
Knicker overlooks a construction site, and Bocker hangs from a crane.
Burrn runs a guitar shop.
Adder directs traffic as Ibilly drives a truck.
Wisper's past selves haunt a mansion somewhere.
Um... a carton of eggs in a refrigerator that look like Hager's head?
The Dragon appears as a shadow on the moon.
The king graffitis the ground in front of a building with the minister watching.
Sadmile looks down menacingly from the top of a building.
Wanda and Florence sit on a bench together.
A picture of "Fake Moon" at a game shop. "~Apology~ As per a written request by the creators, we are no longer selling the video game "Moon.""


Did you find love?

Notes on my translation/localization of Moon.

When you enter your name in "Fake Moon," you do so in hiragana only. This becomes your name, and the same name written in katakana becomes the name of Granny's grandson. I replaced the katakana part with all-caps, which feels fitting when it comes to RPG character names. [The official translation does the same thing, although there's no way to enter uppercase letters for your name. Granted, entering an all-caps name would cause an issue.]

Thun Derecker's Japanese name is "Kami Naribikkaa." Thunder is "kaminari," so it's oddly split. "Bikabika" is associated with electricity (see "Pikachu"). [Official translation: Thundrexecute]

Basilick's Japanese name is "Perogon," "pero" relating to tongues/licking and it being a play on "dragon." Notably, there's a Dragon Quest enemy called Berogon, or Tongella in English.

Beforlast's Japanese name is "Rasumaeda," short for "it's before the last [boss]." [Official translation: Penultimizer]

Ormete is Meteo(r) shuffled around. [Official translation: Meateor]

The currency, Yenom, is "Neka" in Japanese, "kane" (money) spelled backwards. I considered a few other options (like "Haloom"), but Yenom works best given it contains "yen" and the symbol for it resembles the "Y" yen symbol.

Yoshida speaks with a Kansai dialect, which is typically translated as a New York accent or the like. I'm not really sure what exactly I got in my translation, but there it is.

Fony's Japanese name is "Gase," which is slang for "fake." Some Nico commenters and the Japanese Wikipedia page think there's a connection to "Sega," so there's also the fact that "Fony" is one letter off from "Sony." [Official translation: Shambles]

Ibilly's Japanese name is "Ibirii," and I'll be the first to admit I have no idea what that means. The Wikipedia page for Moon says it's "a reference to a stressed wife and the name "Billy."" Uh, yeah, sure. "Ibiri" means teasing, but... [Official translation: Bilby, probably just with the notion that it's an odd variation on "Billy."]

Nogee's Japanese name is "Nooji," Geno from Super Mario RPG spelled backwards. Nogee seemed like the best English spelling that would be both pronounced correctly and resemble the name "Geno."

Sly's Japanese name is "Surai" - one letter missing from being a Slime from Dragon Quest. [Official translation: Slymy]

Stevie's Japanese name is "Mutsujiro," which is based on Masanori "Mutsugoro" Hata, a famous zoologist and filmmaker. Thus, Steve Irwin. [Official translation: Dolottle, ala Dr. Dolittle. Which is a good one.]

In both languages, Eekard is "Drakee" - also a Dragon Quest enemy - backwards. (In more recent translations, it's "Dracky," but that doesn't reverse as well.) [Official translation: Drakey]

The king has some typical Japanese old man speech patterns and a slight speech impediment at times (like "kakkoii" = "kacchoii", thus "bee'sh knees"). This, plus his sprite and the fact he owns a toy room and draws pictures in crayon, makes him kind of adorable. Though he kinda sounds like Sean Connery in my translation.

Shystones [official translation: Shyrocks] are "Hazukashi-iwa" in Japanese. "Hazukashii" is embarrassed, "iwa" is rock. "Hazukashii wa" could also be a slightly-girly way of saying "I'm so embarrassed!"

Alyukenny's Japanese name (and the name of the restaurant she works at) is "Kuidaoore," which is based on a strange word involving bringing ruin upon yourself via food. Hm. I based it on "all you can eat," because isn't that more or less the same thing? Also, she's called a "kanban-musume," which literally means "sign girl" and refers to a pretty girl that attracts customers, so she takes it literally in wanting to turn into a sign. I translated this slightly differently as "walking advertisement." [Official translation: Gluttandra. It was also kept as "Kuida Restaurant," probably because there's art used in the manual that says that in English?]

The Japanese name of Thousandworm [official translation: Thworm] is very similar to slang for a certain condition involving female body parts. I couldn't think of a way to translate this and didn't want to, and now let's never speak of it again.

Escargod's Japanese name is "Inugami Maimai," which means "Dog-God Snail," but that's boring. (Though "inugami" are also dog-like spirits.)

Slyna's Japanese name is "Surako," which is just a generic girly name based on Surai/Sly. Her nickname being Beth is in reference to the Japanese name for She-Slimes in Dragon Quest, "Slimebeth." [Official translation: Shlyme. The description also says her nickanme is "Bess" instead, as that's another (probably equally valid) way of reading "Slimebesu."]

Adder speaks with somewhat arbitrary characters changed to katakana. The way he talks in my translation is basically the closest possible English approximation of that. [The official translation mostly just capitalizes arbitrary letters and uses some weird variations on words (including having one of the Poem of God lines depend on the length of an ellipsis), which also works.]

Oscar's Japanese name is "Mino-san," which supposedly refers to Monta Mino, a prolific Japanese TV presenter. I'm not sure what he has to do with garbage, exactly, but the first trash-related character I could think of was Oscar the Grouch, so there you go.

Serpenton's Japanese name is "Hebii," which is likely a pun on "hebi," snake, and "heavy." [Official translation: Snacky]

Fir's Japanese name is "Momi," which just means fir tree.

Plantern's Japanese name is "Kovon," which is based on "Obon," the Lantern Festival. Gigantern is "Ovon," coming from "ko" being associated with little and "o" with big.

"Lackadaisiking" was "Nonbirikingu," "nonbiri" being carefree. [Official translation is simply King Carefree, even though the "king" strikes me as being part of the name.]

The Flower of Babel's name is really just "Translation Flower," but that's boring. [Official translation: Bloomlingual]

Love Level 13, Chicken Soup of Love, is technically Namitama Miso Soup of Love. It's a bit weird. (Which is kind of half the point of the love level names, but "Namitama Miso Soup" just seemed like a bit much.)

Iwilly, Ibilly's son, was "Ibio." Equally unsure of what that really means (probably a silly joke on replacing the end of "Ibilly" with a generic-male-name "o"), so I just kept up the naming scheme. [Official translation: Wobbly]

Zid Vicous is based on Sid Vicious. Yep. [Official translation: Sid Vitness]

Space-God-Adder talks in all katakana and kanji. (I suppose in a way, you could see this as a sort of progression from worshipping a God - hiragana with random katakana - to being a God - all katakana.) So, all-caps.

Birdbrain's Japanese name is "Birdon," which is the name of a Godzilla-style monster, but I instead supposed its name came from the association of "don" with "stupid." I mean, the monster thing would just be TOO obvious of a reference. If such a thing is possible when it comes to Moon.

Chairity's Japanese name is "Iisuuchii," which is simply based on "isu," chair. Although apparently "iisuuchii" means "1-4-7" in Mahjong terms...? [Official translation: Chairby]

O'Hara's Japanese name is "Nakki-kun," apparently from the name of a TV drama with wind in the title (Nakki wa Tsumujikaze). So I changed it to a Gone With the Wind reference.

Dogra Molegra's Japanese name is "Mogura Magura," based on Dogra Magra and "mogura," mole. [Official translation: Molio]

Seele's Japanese name is "Koma-chan," from the baby seal Goma-chan. I doubt most people know about him, so I based it on an already-rather-lackluster Pokemon name.

I don't think Bolt Catfish was a reference to anything originally, but yeah, it can arguably be connected to Volt Catfish from Megaman X3. [Official translation: Shocky Catfish]

As you might guess, Mamas and Papas talk like total English-speaking foreigners; their grammar isn't very good and they still use a fair number of English words. Dia does this to... a lesser degree, I guess. [The official translation mostly has them talk normally, probably because having the "Americans" speaking brokenly would be a bit surreal for western players. However, they use Japanese words on occasion ("nice to konnichiwa you," and in one case an added justification for the name "Youshamen" on the comic), and still say some weird stuff like "Hi! Fine?" and "Oh! My gah!"]

Dia seems to be named after "diamond," likely in reference to the comic book company. [For whatever reason (maybe legal, though the parody comic names remain), her name is Darlia in the official translation.]

Value Meel's Japanese name was "Value-kun," but that alone didn't seem like enough to me. (The Japanese term for it is "value set.") [Official translation: Value Boy]

The grandpa in the windmill hut uses lots of English words ("kaze ga blow"), making it of course ironic that he hates western culture and worries about Mamas and Papas rubbing off on him, when it seems more likely he's been talking that way for quite a while before they showed up. Not the easiest thing to localize, but I tried to do so with lots of slang, rough language, and English idioms - the last things you'd expect to hear from an old Japanese grandpa. [The official translation has a similar idea, but has him talking generally formally with Western idioms distinctly put in quotes to make the joke clear.]

Tamaya is an exclamation sometimes said when launching fireworks. Apparently this is because it's also one of Japan's first firework makers.

Madeh*Sooma (who may be named after Montezuma?) uses all katakana (changed to all-caps) and all his lines fit on one line; in fact, since this is the case, his text actually appears lower than normal dialogue.

The Japanese name of Electromonkeys was "Denpasaru," which simply means "electric (wave) monkey." But also, the captial of Bali, Indonesia is Denpasar. Uh. Yeah. Couldn't really translate that pun. [Official translation: Signal Monkeys]

The Japanese name of Crypchips was "Kiban," which means "circuitboard," except the first kanji is changed to one that's pronounced the same but means "curious" or "miraculous." Also, "sekiban" means "slate." [Official translation: Rumrom, which seems to be going for "rumor-ROM."]

The Salarybots were originally "Riiman," from "salaryman." While the term is reasonably well-known in English, I didn't feel that most would be able to easily make the connection if it were just "Ryman." It could also be interpreted as "Lehmen," as in Brothers, but yeah. (And as far as I know, "layman" isn't a valid reading of the name. Riemann is, though!) [And of course, the official translation uses none of the above: Re-Man.]

Heikichi is a fireworks brand and Utako means "song child." But they were just so... Japanese that I didn't really feel like localizing their names would work out. (Oh, and Tooru means "piercing," probably referring to his screeching.)

Sean's Japanese name was "Umi," ocean. "Sean" contains both "sea" and almost sounds like the "cean" in ocean. Unfortunately, I couldn't really keep a pattern like the Japanese names (Femi, Momi, Umi), but oh well.

Thumper's Japanese name was "Don-chan," from the thumping sound of "dondon." [Official translation: Stompkins[

Twopyem's japanese name was "Nijidesu," which means "it's two o' clock." [Official translation: Two-oh-clocky]

B-Hab's Tamaya hint was originally ""King"... no, that's not it. Isn't there an extra mark on it?", which connects the kanji for "king" to "tama," which is the character on the outside of their place. (Also, the "extra mark" is the exact location of the next note.) So I changed it under the assumption that said character would be left as-is in a translation patch or whatnot. [The official translation changes the hint to just be about a big cylinder. In fact, it does this for several of the B-Hab hints, like referring to an etched tree instead of a love parasol (ai-ai-gasa), and the Eco Club monitors rather than the kotatsu.]