Azure and Claude

(Series in Progress)

Based on Azure and Claude, AKA The Simple Job of Driving People to Suicide, a story by Fafoo (Sugaru Miaki).
(The Japanese title, Aozora to Kumorizora, literally translates as "Blue Sky and Cloudy Sky.")
The manga adaptation is drawn by loundraw, based moreso on the rewritten version.

A person who has the power to control people's bodies uses it to make them commit suicide, and one day encounters a special target.
It's being posted online on

Chapter 1 Blue sky?
Chapter 2 An Unusual Sunrise
Chapter 3 One Who Envisions
Chapter 4 Zero-Degree Chill
Chapter 5 Odd Story
Chapter 6 Roleplay
Chapter 7 After That Day
Chapter 8 To Which You're Prone
Chapter 9 Only Until It's Over
Chapter 10 - Weather is changing
Chapter 11 Kid-Like Way
Chapter 12 Untruth
Chapter 13 Memento Mori and Beyond
Chapter 14 On My Mind
Chapter 15 Remember
Chapter 16 It Doesn't Need a Reason
Chapter 17 Zeroing Distance

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