The Festive Monster's Cheerful Failure


Written by the brother-sister unit Manbo-Dead-Behind-the-House-P (You Takahashi and Tsukasa Ryuuguu).
It tells the story of a human in a class of monsters who's invited to form a band, and all the bizarre days that ensue.
The issues were readable on Gangan Online each month, but no longer.

Chapter 1 The Modern Classmate Nose What's Good
Chapter 2 Release a Dog in a Music Shop, And It Strikes a Pose
Chapter 3 The View From Underground
Chapter 4 Burst, My Puberty-Weakened Heart!
Chapter 5 Sunflower Power! (Literally)
Chapter 6 Outta There Before You're Medium-Rare
Chapter 7 What I Can Do For You
Chapter 8 A Class of Personality, Fun, and Death Over Minor Things
Chapter 9 The Newbie Plays Othello Alone
Chapter 10 He Paid the Cerberus 8000 Yen Afterward
Chapter 11 Speak of Love and Money, I Only Want Peace
Chapter 12 Names and Natures Do Sorta Agree
Chapter 13 Dark Lord Dahrk and the Holy Sword Godsaber
Chapter 14 As If One Creature
Chapter 15 Charge Against False Charges
Chapter 16 Student Council's Roaring Crab Sticks
Chapter 17 Everyone (Except the Most Willing One), Combine Powers!
Chapter 18 Handle Your Money, Composure, and Digestive Tract
Chapter 19 Every Rose Has a Bug On It Or Something
Chapter 20 Don't Wanna Wind Up Somewhere Too Serious
Chapter 21 Try to Compose, End Up Showing Your Butt
Chapter 22 Roaring Tones and Howling Fingers, Battle of the Guitarists
Chapter 23 Not Particularly Testing Any Courage
Chapter 24 Both Bands and Pasta Are Still Tangled When Sold
Chapter 25 A First Adventure
Chapter 26 Tengu in the Treetops
Chapter 27 Love Causes Serious Lightheartedness
Chapter 28 We Won't Stop the Wailing
Chapter 29 There's Someone On the Cosmic Level in Every School
Chapter 30 There's a Lynch-Pin in the Upper Drawer
Chapter 31 The Festival of Dancing Wind 1
Chapter 32 The Festival of Dancing Wind 2
Chapter 33 The Festival of Dancing Wind 3
Chapter 34 The Festival of Dancing Wind 4
Chapter 35 The Festive Monster's Cheerful Failure

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