Touhou Project, a series of shooters
Stars all girls, both tomboyish and looters
Has some creepy fans, though
The girls don't even know;
In Gensokyo, they don't have computers

There's a maiden and wizard at odds
Both can kill angel fairies in squads
All mischievious youkai,
Man, don't even try
They'll stop them, 'cause hey, they've stopped gods

After playing it for years or more,
Touhou ladies some come to adore
While Yukari has borders,
More love is in order
For bosses of stage 1, poor Or -

PC Touhous get fanart, a slew,
But the olds, like Orenji, get few
I hope for Touhou 12
Into old games ZUN delves,
And she upgrades to boss of stage 2

Orange just can't be rhymed with, you know
You'd think Orenji could work, but no
In the end, she's still thwarted,
For by stages they're sorted;
The last word goes instead to Mokou

In Gensokyo, there is a great stir
Scarlet mists in the sky do recur
Source of rapid expansion
Is Dracula's mansion,
So I guess U.N. Owen was her?

Maidens noticed the moon not in sight,
Which made plainly a harvest moon plight
And the crook, who'd have guessed,
A moon girl with requests,
Said "So much for imperishable night!"

A reporter needs pictures, for what?
She can't tell you that secret yet, but
Without shooting the bullet,
She can somehow off pull it*
* Too busy, good grammar got cut

Out of nowhere, at hours so late,
Appear youkai at alarming rates
With research, it is found
That they came from the ground
So let's journey there 'cause caves are great

Patchu fought, but with asma, she stopped
So non-serious, Letty just flopped
But it's my testimony
That the partying oni,
Her sake did not even dropped


Disappearing blocks caused discontent,
So to get Item 2 he then went
But Airman will not die
Can't beat Woodman, he tried
Just use E-tanks at the last moment

This castle, as it would appear,
Presents challenges that are severe!
On Guts Man, fell in pits -
Now a demon that splits?!
It's my mission; no sleep until clear!

I see Pokémon living in pain,
All abused, only seen to be trained
Make the world black and white,
Put an end to their plight!
And with luck, in the end, peace will reign...


This whole system is grossly unfair!
Nuts to rules; hell, I'll go around bare!
I've got one thing to say:
It's "sod off, PTA!"
And if you take offense, like I care!

Keep on rolling if that's what you please,
But just know that which comes with its ease
Try to say what you mean,
Don't make screw-ups routine,
Or else this'll become a disease

Pipipi - no, I don't hear a sound,
So let's see what it's like on the ground
Planet-round, I hello
Why am I saddened so?
Through this plant, you I lost, I refound

With the world doing God only knows,
Well, at least I have you, I suppose
But you've left me too soon,
Letters for you now strewn
Not a week, but a world comes to close

There's a secret kept close to my heart,
Yet to hide it, it tears me apart
It brings tears to my eyes
Telling all these red lies,
But I'll stand by, and never depart

So you're new here? Well, that I can see;
There's no question how tough that can be
"I'm alone," you can cry,
But see here, it's a lie,
And I know that 'cause that was once me


After failing the thirty-fifth time,
Hong's kicked out as to reclaim her prime
Beating foes from her past,
Expectations surpassed,
But I bet Rem won't pay Hong a dime

A mechanic with not much to do,
Alice makes a new doll for the crew
Then transmissions are broken
REI-IJI has spoken:
"Take it easy; don't make me kill you!"

An immortal rivalry's suspended
To find parents of Keine's attended
Secret bases are gross,
Eirin's rabbits get dosed,
Giant robot fight! Isn't life splendid?

Cirno aims to be strongest of all;
For this purpose, six others must fall
Thought she'd done it, but halt,
Strongest's Gungrey Jibalt!
Or Masaru? Well, one final brawl!

Jirou's captured the castle? Oh no!
To save Lady Yuyuko, I go!
So what, hundreds came 'long?
I still know that you're wrong!
Choosing "truth"...? What the hell do I know?

Bang bang badada dumdumdum bwoo,
Tick tick wee-oo-wee brum-brum-brum fwoo
Sheesheeshee, gurgle, brup!
Missile! Option! Speed up!

In the classic American west,
A town's left for dead - darn youkai pests
James Eightclouds helps the Fox
(He's a Yakumo, shock!)
Mentions Yukari, you know the rest

A great war against Makai is waged,
And for fighting's sake, slaughter is staged
Yukari, she wants power,
Marisa on the Tower,
Now the spirit of evil's enraged


My reflection is my only friend
'Course she's real! I mean, why pretend?
If you pity my plight,
You'll be dead once in sight!
Ecila, why can't they comprehend?

This umbrella is thought of as fact,
But we've seen better skies! We must act!
Up the spiral staircase,
What a beautiful place!
And if world ends, we'll be here intact

In this world of white, I am alone,
Making color, not knowing my own
Yet he gave me a fruit
With a color to suit
Is that evil? What, should I atone?

I'm here to have fun, that's my goal!
You can come on and join in my stroll!
Let us dance down the street
Asking all those we meet,
'Cause admit it, this place is so dull!

I've been living a life on repeat;
Flowers bloom and wilt down at my feet
No one cares, they ignore;
Good thing you're past that door,
Or I'd just run out into the street

Playing musical chairs every day,
It's so stupid - but see this bouquet?
Wish with all of our heart
We'll be happy apart -
Wait, um, Rangge, please don't go away?

My beloved's thickheaded as sin,
Gave my marble, and all he does's grin!
Does this hole that you've made
Need a freakin' parade?
All I'm asking is you fill it in!

To a foreboding mansion I ride,
Filled with doubts, but I still go inside
Pumpkin girl seems a jerk
"Yep, you're stuck - how 'bout work?"
As if I really get to decide!

Freezing cold in the deep of the sea,
Can't imagine what's left now for me
God, just let me go numb
Before tomorrow comes,
But I'd not mind a friend, if could be

I've been dancing about, but for who?
There's no crowd, yet it must be for you
Have you shown me love? None,
And since I've got this gun...
Well, that's all, folks; I bid you adieu

As we live out our days on the sand,
It's admittedly lonely and bland
Don't let dreams get you glum;
I'll have all of them, yum!
Just don't cry, it's your tears I can't stand

Rainy days in this town are a blight,
So my lamp seeks to brighten its night!
Why not light up the world?
You take Wonderland, girl,
And I'll set out to find a new light!

I'm just so sick of riding this train,
But there's no getting off? That's insane!
I'm an adult, darlyn';
"Feeling" junk is for teens!
I'll just walk, it's much less of a pain!

In a ward pelted hard by the rain,
We're beginning to think she's insane
She can't swallow a pill,
She's so terminally ill!
Could a demon be inside her brain?

I'm a layered and frazzled up mess;
Matryoshka fits me, I guess!
Do we keep having fun,
Else, we drop down to one?
Wanna rendezvous? (Please tell me yes!)

For these three years, I've only but grieved
Now it's Christmas; I have to believe
Yet anemones bloomed,
And you lied to your tomb;
I fear you were my only reprieve

Though this town is a terrible shame,
At the least, we can hope in this game
Now our hero will show,
Decent morals or no,
And demolish the whole hall of fame!

I came back to our town to find you,
And I wondered just what I could do
Wipe your tears, let us play;
Not to regret this day,
We should sing of this birthday for two

With our sorrows o'erflowing in streams,
Every day simply worsens, it seems...
In this dungeon so bleak,
We can't last but a week;
End it now, and we'll meet in our dreams...

In the dark, all I have is a phone,
And I tire of hearing its tone
Just your voice makes me dizzy -
I don't care if you're busy,
Let us meet so I won't feel alone

I sit hoping for rain all day long
There's a meow, and a cat comes along
On his back, there's a tree
Where you going? Take me?
If God says so, then I'll sing a song

With you gone, nothing's been quite the same
All that's left is a hole, it's a shame
And to make this more twisted,
Can't prove you existed
But at last, I remembered your name

After filling this page with my work,
I did glance at it and saw a quirk
Yes, the link at the end
Didn't follow the trend!
Back link limericks? You've gone berserk!