The Master's Letters

Xth of X (Day 1)

I might be the last human left.
I'm not getting a signal from anyone.
It seems so bizarre to think... I might be the last life on earth.
And until that life of mine runs out, I'll continue with these records.
Now, that's all I can really do...

Xth of X (Day 2)

The reason the world ended...
It was said to be a matter of diplomacy, or conspiracies in a certain country.
And like a long tensed-up string, on that day, it snapped...

But now, it's impossible to really know the cause.

Xth of X (Day 3)

At the beginning, when that missile hit, no one knew what country it came from.
Just as we dared to ask...
Every corner of the sky went bright, seemingly all at the same time.

And then... the sky fell.
The blue sky came falling down.

Xth of X (Day 4)

The war began five years ago.
When the sky fell, we were safe in Shelter 2.
Contact with the other shelters has gradually been going out.
Even with Shelter 1, where that girl and Luka are...

Worried about the two, I headed for Shelter 1.

Xth of X (Day 5)

Outside the shelter, everything was dissolving, destroyed.

When I got to Shelter 1, there wasn't anyone alive there.
I couldn't find that girl anywhere.

Xth of X (Day 6)

It seemed that Shelter 1 couldn't endure the impact.
Shelter 1 had nearly all of its functionality knocked out.
When I reached Shelter 1, I was already completely exhausted.
I discovered Luka, broken, but I lost consciousness on the spot.

Xth of X (Day 7)

When I woke up, I couldn't move my legs.
It seems Luka revived me and put me in a nursing capsule.
I hope Miku is okay...

Though Shelter 1 should have lost all power, it seems there was an emergency power unit.

Xth of X (Day 8)

One way or another, it seems the girl died.

Luka told me that, turned away from me, dragged her legs, and wouldn't reply for a long time.

Listening closely, I faintly heard a sad song.

Xth of X (Day 9)

To get Miku back, I tried to access the computer.
I checked on the barely-alive network and found that a few of the satellites hadn't yet gone defunct.

But, perhaps thanks to those gray clouds...
Communication was suddenly cut.

Xth of X (Day 10)

Accessing the satellites, I was able to confirm life signs.
The population of the entire world is 39 people.
From around 6 billion, now to 39.

Xth of X (Day 11)

29 days after "The Day the Sky Fell."
All the other humans are gone.
And there's no signs of life from anything non-human.

I'm the only living thing left on this planet.

I may not even be able to help Luka soon enough.
And then, I'll...

Xth of X (Day 12)

Is this what despair feels like?
What WERE humans?

Xth of X (Day 13)

Looking through the album I had, there was an image of Miku singing to keep me healthy.

I didn't even notice the tears running down my cheek...

Xth of X (Day 14)

Perhaps Miku...
Perhaps, after I'm gone, she may very well wake up in a world with absolutely no one.

Xth of X (Day 15)

I don't know if this is any use.
But I need to leave these records so Miku can know I was alive.

Xth of X (Day 16)

Miku is sleeping...
Maybe, in Miku, I just wanted to preserve the precious memories Miku and I had.

Xth of X (Day 17)

Memories, so many memories.
Are memories precious?
When Miku remembers, it doesn't matter what.
Is it so painful because we have memories?
Will the sprouts ever bud from that flowerpot?
What color might it bloom...?

Xth of X (Day 18)

I feel like I slept for a long time.
I'm running low on medicine.
If I were with Miku, might I be able to live just a little longer?

Xth of X (Day 19)

Put Luka in sleep mode...

Xth of X (Day 20)

All I'm doing is looking out through the window.
And it's always just gray clouds going by.
The rain comes little by little, seeming to eat away at the buildings.
Humans can't endure rain anymore...
It's become some kind of harmful liquid.

Maybe even Miku might not be able to stand it.

Xth of X (Day 21)

It's hard to breathe...
When I felt down, what would Miku do?
Miku would sing for me.
Singing that relaxed, singing that energized.

I'm sleepy... but will I get up?

Tomorrow - if I get up - I'll sing to Miku as she sleeps.

Xth of X (Day 22)

I sang...
"The most important part of singing is heart."
Miku said that.

I want to sing more songs with all my heart.

Xth of X (Day 23)

This will probably be my final entry...

Just once more, I want to see the blue sky.
A deep blue sky, full of birds soaring.
If the calm blue sky were to return, could I do anything to make sure it would never fall ever again?
Won't the sprouts ever grow?
I miss you, Miku.

When I next wake... I hope to have you at my side...

The Sphinx's Riddles

  1. It goes on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs at night. This creature is a...
    • Human
    • Flightless chick
    • One-eyed cat
  2. Who was the last life on the planet?
    • The Master
    • Luka
    • The girl
  3. Why did the Master begin keeping records?
    • For Luka
    • For the girl
    • He could do nothing else
  4. The Master continued his records...
    • Until putting Luka to sleep
    • Until death
    • Until Miku woke up
  5. For what reason did the world end?
    • Diplomatic matters
    • Unknown
    • A food crisis
  6. Just before the sky fell, the world was...
    • Peaceful
    • Tense
    • Apathetic
  7. Where were the missiles fired from?
    • A western country
    • An eastern country
    • All corners of the world
  8. Just before the sky fell...
    • Dark clouds appeared
    • The sky went bright
    • The sky went dark
  9. What happened nearly simultaneously across the world?
    • Satellite launches
    • Firing of missiles
    • Coup d'etats
  10. After the sky went bright, what happened?
    • The earth shook
    • The sky fell
    • The weather went strange
  11. From what country was the first missile fired?
    • Unknown
    • A western country
    • An eastern country
  12. When did the war begin?
    • Five years ago
    • Six years ago
    • Eight years ago
  13. When the sky fell, where was the Master?
    • Shelter 1
    • Shelter 2
    • Shelter 3
  14. Who was in Shelter 1?
    • The Master
    • The girl and Luka
    • Miku
  15. Who was in Shelter 2?
    • The girl
    • Luka
    • The Master
  16. Communication between shelters was...
    • Satisfactory
    • Voice-based
    • Terminated
  17. The Master set out for...
    • Shelter 1
    • Shelter 2
    • His home
  18. Who set out for Shelter 1?
    • The Master
    • Miku
    • The girl
  19. What was dissolving and destroyed?
    • Shelter 1
    • Shelter 2
    • The land outside
  20. Who were the survivors in Shelter 1?
    • 39 people
    • Just the girl
    • There were none
  21. Why did the Master head for Shelter 1?
    • To search for Miku
    • Because it seemed safe
    • Out of worry for the girl and Luka
  22. There were no survivors in...
    • Shelter 1
    • Shelter 2
    • Shelter 3
  23. What happened to Shelter 1?
    • It just barely endured
    • Nearly all of its functionality was knocked out
    • Nothing - it was operating normally
  24. When the Master reached Shelter 1, how was he feeling?
    • Normal
    • Energetic
    • Exhausted
  25. Who did the Master find in Shelter 1?
    • Miku
    • The girl
    • Luka
  26. After the Master found Luka...
    • He lost consciousness
    • He shouted out
    • He asked where the girl was
  27. When the Master woke up, he noticed...
    • He couldn't move his legs
    • He had lost his legs
    • He couldn't move his hands
  28. Who put the Master into a nursing capsule?
    • Miku
    • The Master himself
    • Luka
  29. Who was the first person the Master thought about when he woke up in Shelter 1?
    • Miku
    • Luka
    • The girl
  30. What did Luka do with the unconscious Master?
    • Sang a lullaby
    • Put him in a nursing capsule
    • Buried him
  31. What happened to the girl?
    • She died
    • She went missing
    • Unknown
  32. What did Luka do after she told the Master about the girl?
    • Refuse to reply for a long time
    • Smile
    • What she usually does
  33. What happened to Shelter 1's power?
    • Nothing - it was working fine
    • It went out completely
    • It ran on an emergency power unit
  34. While Luka wasn't replying, the Master heard...
    • An energetic song
    • A sad song
    • Nothing at all
  35. What did the Master try to get Miku back?
    • Rehibilitation
    • Accessing the computer
    • Nothing
  36. What is thought to be the reason for communication cutting?
    • The blue sky
    • The calm sky
    • The gray clouds
  37. By checking the network, the Master confirmed of the existence of...
    • An alien ship
    • A secret base
    • Still-functioning satellites
  38. What did the Master learn from accessing the satellites?
    • The number of missiles
    • Miku's whereabouts
    • The population
  39. What was the first population count the Master confirmed?
    • 29
    • 39
    • 49
  40. What was the population before the sky fell?
    • 39 people
    • Around 6 billion
    • Around 8 billion
  41. How many days after "The Day the Sky Fell" did the population go down to one?
    • 29 days
    • 20 days
    • 3 days
  42. 29 days after "The Day the Sky Fell," the population had been reduced to...
    • 0
    • 39
    • 1
  43. After the Master discovered he was the last life on earth, he...
    • Looked at the album
    • Slept
    • Sang
  44. What was the Master looking at when he started crying?
    • The sky
    • Miku
    • The album
  45. Why was Miku singing in the album?
    • To praise the Master
    • To apologize to the Master
    • To make the Master feel better
  46. As the Master was writing the records, he thought...
    • Miku might wake up
    • Miku will probably keep sleeping
    • Miku's already...
  47. When did the Master think Miku would wake up?
    • After the Master was gone
    • When the Master grew old
    • Soon
  48. In the end, the Master left the records behind...
    • For Miku's sake
    • For his own sake
    • For Luka's sake
  49. What did the Master want to tell Miku by leaving the records behind?
    • That he loved Miku
    • That he was alive
    • That he couldn't do anything
  50. When was Miku put to sleep?
    • When the war began
    • After the sky fell
    • Before leaving Shelter 2
  51. Why did the Master put Miku to sleep?
    • So she wouldn't have to see the war
    • To preserve her memories
    • She was damaged
  52. What kind of flowers are in the flowerpot the Master left?
    • Unknown
    • Pansies
    • Tulips
  53. What did the lengthening time of the Master's sleeping signify?
    • His own end
    • The end of the world
    • Not meeting Miku
  54. Rain is now composed of...
    • Water
    • Mercury
    • A harmful liquid
  55. After it fell, the sky became...
    • Blocked by gray clouds
    • Cloudless
    • Violet
  56. When the Master was feeling down, Miku would...
    • Stroke his head for him
    • Sing for him
    • Dance for him
  57. What was the Master afraid of?
    • Sound
    • Tomorrow
    • The sky
  58. What is most important to singing?
    • Rhythm
    • The heart
    • Loudness
  59. What did the Master want to see?
    • The sea
    • Clouds
    • The blue sky
  60. For how many days did the Master continue his records?
    • 22
    • 23
    • 19
*Goodbye, Page End.