Belvice's Castle, everybody!

Oh my god, a crate! Those are in this game?! (Spoilers: They weren't until now, and then JoogOut was added retroactively!)

Naturally, RoboJoogles. They jump when you jump. And I finally got a screenshot of those lasers! They're actually much more rainbowy in motion.

Okay, what the hell. I swear if we did any testing in Joogle, it was to make sure that Hard Mode where you die in one hit was possible. Neither of those spikes on the left are fake.

Also, you can still push crates while a textbox is up.

Now I see Belvice's evil plot! He's using liquefied Joogle (which may or may not just be regular Joogle) to make explosives to BLOW UP PLANET JOOGLE.

If you couldn't guess, it works exactly like Jumper 2 TNT, blowing up the block below when it falls. Of course.

I like how this one crow is killing me while the other two are just hovering there because I'm not close enough yet.

Earth Key and fake blocks, heck yeah. Can't get me here!

...Unless you can. (Even better, fake blocks destroy your fireballs, so you can't shoot them!)



Pretty sure this requires damage, too. Or maybe I'm just not joogle enough to search for the fake blocks.

It's dark and wet. For some reason. Gee I wonder if those blocks in the water are fake.

Back to Romper Chomper, but now with the background visible in all its sloppy glory because the floor is invisible.

All that's worth noting here is these three jerks who have terrible lines and a Star Egg. Also, you skip that dark area, but there's nothing interesting there anyway.

THE LIBRARY OF THE AGES. That sure is a work of art there!

And this sure is a great book.

Belvice has a long family history.

So do the dinosaurs.

And the Joogles.

I've finally found it! The Mound of Gold! No, wait, it's just randomly-placed blocks for some reason.





Anyway, so it's like "Belvice stole the Heart Key to RULE THE WORLD but then it was split and he was BANISHED but then he returned oh no"

And now it's time to BANISH HIM AGAIN I guess maybe.

Belvice, take off that silly hat.

Well, okay, he MIGHT let him.

Yeah, yeah, I'm pretty sure Mitch had us put this in because there was no hint to collect the Star Eggs -

But I just said that!

Some random guy - Adventure [Sixth]

You wanna see Belvice? I'll show you Belvice.

He spends most of the fight up here, floating these spirally blocks near him just because he can.

Attack 1: Robo-Belvice comes down, shoots fire five times, and explodes.

Attack 2: Giant fireball comes down. May or may not be aimed at you.

Attack 3: Fire comes down from the top and splits into more fire.

Attack 4: CROWS

Every time he uses an attack, his purple MP bar goes down. When he runs out, he comes down to heal and you get close to him and mash X with the Fire Key, which isn't as effective as it should be because of its energy bar.

As such, it takes about three rounds of six or so attacks to get through each 25% health phase. Oh boy!

Attack 5: Giant fire pillars flash in, then turn real.

Attack 6: Bizarre not-really-sine-wave fireballs. I'm not sure it'll ever hit you if you don't jump. What.

Attack 7: Two explosions of fireballs from the top-middle of the screen.

Attack 8: I think there being a fire pillar in the middle instead of two on the sides counted as a different attack. Man we're lazy.

Attack 9: Four sets of aimed big fireballs come from the sides.

Attack 10: Not-sine-wave-fireball with INTENSE ALPHA TRAIL. I think it can maybe hurt you now because it's bigger.

Attack 11: Belvice statue falls and makes the ground turn to fire for a while. Somehow.

Attack 12: Single aimed fireball that reaims at you when it hits a border. Does this a couple times.

Oh no! Does this mean Belvice CANNOT BE STOPPED?!


Some random guy - Adventure [Sixth] (Intensed by Mitchell_XD)

TRUE FORM OF: SILLY-LOOKING OBVIOUS-WEAKPOINT SPIDER (except it's not really a weakpoint but still)

There isn't really any change except the sprite and the music. Maybe the spiral blocks are more intense, I can't really tell. He does attack quicker (which is actually a good thing), but he was already speeding up in phases 2 and 3.

Also, his transformation actually refills your health. Er, okay, not complaining.

Attack 13: Sideways fireballs. (Some are going left and some are going right - from the screen, it looks impossible to dodge, but it's pretty easy.)

Attack 14: Fireball explosion from the top. Except they bounce off the sides.

Attack 15: Belvice-Bot falls and explodes like this instead of shooting fireballs. Uh, okay.

Attack 16: Fireball splits into four fireballs which split into four fireballs.

And that's all of them. Whew.

Too lazy to animate this, but he's, like, wriggling his legs and turning left and right. It possibly makes him even less threatening.

See? I told you. Liquefied Joogle explosives.

Mega Man Zero 3 - High-Speed Lift


escape sequences lol



And it just loops that so you have to Ctrl-Alt-Delete it or something.

I'm sure you're thinking, "but there must be a better ending! The masterpiece that is Joogle cannot end this way!"

And you're right. There is a different ending. If you get all the Star Eggs.

But who's got time for that?

The answer: YOU. This is a Let's Play, so get playanig already. If you want the good ending, you need to earn it.

In the meantime, here's some unused music.

Some random guy - Something for some final cutscene which definitely exists it was just never used
Probably the Fire Snake guy - Something UNSORTED I guess

Hearing the rest is up to you... hero of Joogle.

(or you can go back and never play this bad game)