Let's Play Golden Sun Dark Dawn: Chapter 37

Yikes! Guess you could say this is tongue in... er, snake's got DAAAAA's... um... tongue twister? Yeah, sure.

Point is, we set it on fire.

Incidentally, demon Miku?! (She even has a hair attack. This is no coincidence.)

Turning on a giant fan below turns this into a goofy-looking no-longer-even-an-Ouroboros.

...So we did. After all that trouble we went through for it, this seems awfully anticlimactic. The party doesn't even have much to say beyond "let's go back to Passaj since you probably forgot that that was what all this was for."

I... disagree.


Suddenly poles with flames on them and FORTRESS WALLS pop up all around the city. Oh yeah, I guess I forgot to bring it up earlier, but what's with the double standard of the Well literally flooding Ayuthay even without the Luna Mask but the Forge not doing jack until it had the Sol Mask? Those guys had better DROWN when we get the Luna Mask. (Additionally, I think that'd be a better twist than the real ones that seem to lie in store.)

Speaking of which, after Passaj is done with its stuff, suddenly it cuts over to Ayuthay where fountains spring out of towers and make it rain which makes the surrounding land turn all green. Uh, sure, I guess.

I didn't mention it, but after the initial climb, the "climb to Passaj" is actually just an elevator ride. You'd think they'd remember that and say "the journey to Passaj," but nope.

Amiti is VERY SERIOUS about this guess he just made.

Doesn't the Sol Mask count as a treasure? Yoink.

It turns out the vault contains some empty barrels, a wizard hat, and a hard nut. Man this town sucks.


...or not.

Too itchy, too tasty.

Everyone decides they need to "reverse" the Forge to make the clouds be more, uh, solid. But how could we do that?

But wait, I thought Karis was the Ice Queen. (And again, asymmetry. Why not Ice Princess?)

Amiti hears the Sand Prince in his head again and Boggy points out the Ice Queen is probably in Harapa, that ruined city we totally ignored the first time.

Tyrell is only good for summaries and nothing else. I guess that's not so bad in a game with so much text to be summarized?

So thanks to Ayuthay deciding to spit out more water, Harapa now has a river running through it. How convenient for log-hopping purposes.

The Ice Queen is, of course, the queen of ice puzzles.

And not particularly dashing like the Sand Prince. Pfft.

After beating her she turns back into a stone and Rief's all THIS STONE IS EEP and then the monk statue thing behind her which no one noticed comes to life.

Oh man, it's everybody's favorite character from Golden Sun! (No seriously why would you bring back this guy who no one remembers and leave Ivan and Mia as little more than namedrops.)

Nyunpa tells us how he saw the gem in Passaj and his mind was OVERLOADED and before he knew it he was helping the Ice Queen escape and so on and no one cared.

We leave and want to go back to reverse the Forge but BAM

Are the ancients ever going to do anything have done anything that makes SENSE? No? Okay, just checking.

This random woman knows her RPGs well.

I'm not sure Camelot does, though, because unbelievably, the inn still costs money and no events happen during the night. Which is going to make it seem even more coincidental when this forced delay causes problems.

...But then we go and reverse the Forge without incident. So it seems Camelot included something that one would expect to be more plot railroading, but is actually just entirely pointless. Wonderful.

Except not trust an old, senile man's wholly unsupported theory and blow up some rocks, evidently.

Man, that IS a sturdy cloud if it can hold five people.

Oh, Amiti, you kill me spill me.

Karis blows us away and I'm glad we never have to go back there again ever. Also, sure hope leaving the Forge in reverse mode doesn't ruin the town or anything.

Suddenly we find ourselves in Heaven. Can't get my mind out of those memories.

I'm curious both what these things are and what'll happen if we crash into AHHHH I'M FALLING

...Down to a convenient landing spot that leads us back near the start, of course.

Stairs, so many stairs. No one warned me about stairs.

At last we reach the peak of Craggy Peak... er, were we supposed to do something up here?

Little kids in Angara are starving and you're thinking about FOOD?!

Hm, I wonder what all this could mean. What connection is there between bows, conjoined twins, and Midna?

So we shoot a lion in the mouth with fire,
push a pair of statues on opposite sides of the room that correspond to each other and manuever them around holes (yawn, saw it in Paper Mario),
make it rain in a jar,
move two pairs of statues onto scales,
turn a woman statue around with Grip (oh yeah, you can do that apparently) and grow some vines around her for good measure,
shoot a bunch of rams with fire,
douse some fish so they can reach fish food hung on chains,
slide blocks around to put a scorpion up against a guy in armor,
drain the water around a crab,
make stupid-looking ice horns for a hornless bull,
push triangle/square/circle goat statues into place without overlapping the paths,
and freeze the water under an archer statue so we can turn him toward a frozen waterfall "mirror" to "shoot himself."

All these puzzles are in individual rooms, accessed from the center chamber with a short filler room in the middle (which sometimes doesn't even have a puzzle, but the path is just long enough for you to get in a random battle). Great dungeon design, Camelot.

After all that Tauruscrap, we can Grip the arrow Equius shot to get a giant pendulum in motion.

Which... makes a bunch of land start floating.

I honestly think there might have been an easier way we could've gotten off the mountain, but maybe that's just me.

Again, Tyrell with the summary. One of these guys won't let us in and one thinks it's fine.

And then one punches the other in the junk.

Such character development in so few words!

Suddenly we spy a ninja elf prancing along, who then prances away.

But never mind that, we've got a SHIVERING SHEEP here! NOT-ALEX, THIS SHALL NOT STAND.

I would climb trees, grow plants, and light torches for you, sheep. And by that I mean I just did.

Silly girl, there's no such thing as magic. That's so Final Fantasy.

So there's some really important bag someone lost in the ruins or something? Who cares.

Twice in the span of several minutes? I'm starting to doubt she's a ninja at all. She just has an unfortunate disease that affects her brightness.

As we continue looking around for elf girl, the guards come in and suddenly decide they need to ask us what we're up to, which is of course just TRYING TO MEET BACK UP WITH AN OLD MAN WHO WE DON'T LIKE AT ALL. Which I guess involves going to some place named Morgal.

Sure, we got the rope earlier, right? ...No? Well, whatever, we can just grip the ledges on our way down.

For a guy who deserved a punch in the nads earlier, he actually seems to know what's up.

So yeah, since we're not lame like everyone else, we can go north to the Teppe Ruins and go through them to get to Morgal.

That's... that's not a door, DAAAAA. That's not a door at all.

So here we are in the Teppe Ruins and -

...And Camelot decided we needed a third one of these for people to get the idea. ANYWAY.

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