REM-9: The Yume Nikki Randomizer is a randomizer created by vgperson for Kikiyama's Yume Nikki. It is generally recommended for those who have played the original Yume Nikki and know how to get around the dream world.

The download comes with a base game, so nothing external is required. Be sure to read the REM-9 Readme to learn how everything works, and how to generate a randomized game.

Disclaimer: This is a fan project, and is not affiliated with Kikiyama or any associated parties.

(Content Severity: Discretion Advised)

Click here for content warnings.

Note that the actual content in REM-9 is fundamentally identical to original Yume Nikki. Thus, these are effectively the same warnings I would give the original - if you can handle Yume Nikki, REM-9 is the same thing.

The biggest content difference in REM-9 is that it has an alternate ending you can take instead of the original one, sidestepping the content of said ending.

Blood and death.
Body horror.
A variety of disturbing imagery.
Jumpscares in some events.
An event with flashing images.

Download REM-9 ver. 1.04 | (Mirror)

(Chrome may falsely flag the download as malicious, but it's safe to ignore.)

Supported Platforms

The program, base game, and randomized games are made for Windows only, with no native support for other platforms. For Macs, you can try a general-purpose tool like WineBottler.

The randomized games themselves can be played with the multi-platform EasyRPG Player, though may behave slightly different from the original engine. (Make sure to treat the Data folder as the game folder, not the containing folder.)


Make sure to extract the game to its own folder instead of running directly from the ZIP file. If you don't do so, any randomized games you make will be put in an obscure temporary folder.

Basic Features

Note that the randomization options and Nexus locks can be individually disabled if you don't want them. In fact, if you don't want to randomize and just want to apply certain tweaks to the base game, you can do that too.

Other Features

Update Log

Version 1.04

Fixed a bug where the Face Carpet Plaza gate in Forest World checked your facing in such a way that the facing-down warp could never actually be accessed.

Fixed a mistake that caused the logic to not check Knife for the left loop tunnel warp in White Desert A.

Fixed broken Derandomize Events behavior for the Number World's Bed Room closet warp, so that it properly becomes a single random warp. (Before, the warp was improperly set, so you had a 3/4 chance of getting a Mini Hell warp from the base game, locking you out of the actual warp used by the logic.)

Version 1.03b

Reworked Pitch Black dark area setting so that you are physically blocked from navigating in the dark unless using the Lamp. This means the Lamp requirement is now strictly enforced, rather than being technically circumventable if you memorize the maps.

Because of this, the darkness effect for Pitch Black is now just "darker than usual" instead of totally black, making it possible to see what's going on and more easily go back the way you came.

Version 1.03a

Actually fixed the logic for the Wilderness: Fenced FC Portal map this time, to correctly treat the lower exits as inaccessible from each other.

Version 1.03

Added "Nightmare" and "Complete Nightmare" entrance randomization.

"And Goodbye" should now properly remove any Hell traversal for any type of entrance randomization.

Derandomize Events now makes it so the FC Dungeon glitch event is either always accessible or never accessible.

Fixed logic for Essence of Nasu. Before, the program neglected to search the real world and thus considered it unreachable, so requiring 8 Essences resulted in it never finding a valid layout.

Fixed the logic thinking that the bottom and left exits in the Wilderness: Fenced FC Portal map were accessible from each other.

Fixed an error in the logic where two of the warps between Number World and Lamp World got mixed up.

Various other logic fixes that probably didn't make any actual difference until the addition of Nightmare mode.

Version 1.02a
Switched "Chair Speed Glitch" to its opposite, "Fix Chair Glitch," for consistency's sake (i.e. a setting being "on" means it makes changes to the original game).
Version 1.02

Added Face Carpet Plaza, the gate in Forest World, and the Nexus itself (hey, why not) as possible random destinations. They were left out before due to special issues with warping to them.

Removed all FC House Basement maps as possible choices except for the Oni location, given the high odds of getting them relative to their usefulness.

Version 1.01c

New option in Game Settings: "Givers Reflect Effect" changes Effect-giving objects/NPCs to match the new Effect they give.

Whether (and how) they move normally is based on location - for example, the Effect-giver in Candle World always moves around in a pattern, even if it becomes an inanimate object. However, the behavior for using Cat, Knife, or Stoplight will match the updated NPC (i.e. you can use Knife on living creatures, but not inanimate objects).

Version 1.01b

Fixed a big error with validity checking, which would often give false positives under restrictive settings with a low Essence requirement.

Gave Strober full height when appearing as a Nexus lock. Fixed animation speeds for Nexus locks.

Version 1.01a

Fixed a potential cause for impossible seeds with Derandomize Events off.

Previously in that case, it was assumed that any of the dream beds could be reached from the Staircase of Hands. Technically this is true, if you're able to enter it from the lower side. But in practice, you can generally only return to the one you came in from. And it'd be a major hassle anyway. Thus, that way of reaching the locations of each bed is no longer considered.

Version 1.01

Fixed a bug with the large version of Guillotine World, where checking the guillotine with the Stoplight effect active would always give you Severed Head.

Version 1.00a

Added the "System2" folder and "system2a" file to the base game, fixing an error if you didn't have the RTP installed.

Version 1.00

Initial release.