PEDESTAL is a freeware investigation and puzzle game by Uri made in WOLF RPG Editor.

One month ago, Cosmos Girls' Academy student Shiori Natsume was found dead on campus.
Though rumor spreads that it was suicide, Aoi Ooe of the newspaper club wants to know if that's really true.
Accompanied by her friend Akari, she begins an investigation to uncover the truth - no matter what may come of it.


This game revolves around investigating the circumstances of an apparent suicide,
so the subject of suicide comes up often, alongside other heavy themes.
In addition, it has a central theme of "digging to find the truth at any cost,
regardless of whether you'll be satisfied with the answers."
If you're unsure about investing yourself in such a story, this may not be the game for you.

(Content Severity: Discretion Strongly Advised)

Click here for content warnings.

Topics of suicide.
Bullying, and a scene of attempted sexual harassment by a bully.
Multiple animal deaths. (Specifically:      cats     )
Some talk about elderly cognitive disorders.
Characters acting insensitively toward those affected by the central death.

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Supported Platforms

The game's engine is made for Windows only, with no native support for other platforms. To play on Mac, you can try a general-purpose tool like WineBottler.

Usage Notes

Videos are allowed, but should not be profited off of, with the exception of YouTube monetization. Live streams are allowed.

Fanworks are generally allowed and can be sold. However, you should not sell anything that uses any specific resources from the game.

[1] Japanese rules page


Make sure to extract the game to its own folder instead of running directly from the ZIP file. If you don't do so, any saves made will be lost the next time you run the game.


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A guide through the game, including special ending conditions. Click or highlight the black boxes to show spoiler text.


October 15th

Talk to Bottles in the Social Studies Room.

Talk to Fujimura in the Janitor's Room (3F). Go to the Site of Natsume's Death (bloodstain left of Tennis Court).

Talk to the Principal in the Principal's Office (room just below Tennis Court).

Talk to Bottles in the Social Studies Room (4F).

In the sequence in the Principal's Office, get the key on the desk, and use it on the third drawer of the tall black cabinet.

Go to the Stairs to Rooftop and check the door to the roof.

October 16th

Talk to Bottles in the Social Studies Room. Go to the Staff Room (3F, right of stairs).

In the sequence in the Staff Room, get the key from Kageyama's desk while avoiding being seen by any teachers.

Directions: Enter from the right-side door. Hug the wall to the right, head along the top wall, and check Kageyama's desk (with the arrow) for the key. Kageyama will then start walking back to his desk, so quickly take one step left, two steps down, and stop. Once the teacher to your bottom-left starts talking on the phone, go straight down to the wall and exit through the left-side door.

Check any of the windows in the Auditorium (3F).

Check any of the windows in the Gym (3F, left of the Auditorium). Check the mop in the top-right corner.

Talk to Fujimura in the Janitor's Room (3F).

At night, avoid checking things or wandering off, as there are "frightening" events that cause a game over if you encounter too many.

Directions: Leave the Gym, and continue straight down the hallways until you reach stairs (across from the Staff Room). Go up those stairs. Go straight right (past an unavoidable scare) and head down at the corner past the Computer Lab. Continue right to the rooftop stairs.

On the rooftop, check the fence at the bottom. Check the Police Report on the cellphone (under Materials), then close the menu.

October 17th

For interview segments, this guide lists only the people who provide important information.

Red entries marked with an open circle are not required to advance, but are required for reaching additional endings past the first ending. If you want to confirm that you have everything, look at the excerpts hidden behind spoiler tags and check that you have them in the Hearsay menu.

General advice for interview segments (if you don't want to reference guide directly):
You can trust the "!" bubbles that show who can be questioned and hasn't been yet, including for the special ending requirements. People do have lines for talking to them with no topic, which don't have any indicator, but they're never important info.

Thus, as long as you clear out every "!" in every area (being sure to check all available topics if there are multiple), you shouldn't miss anything. Do note, however, that some special ending requirements are located outside of interview segments, and may be easily missed.

Interview Segment 1: About Shiori Natsume / People Connected to Shiori Natsume

(When there are multiple topics to ask about, which topic the person has info for is written in [brackets].)

  • Social Studies Room: Check sparkle on bookshelf
  • 2-A: Sakaki [About], Ide [Connected]
  • 2-B: Amamiya [Connected], Okabe [About]
  • 2-C: Kano [Connected], Yabe [About]
  • 2-D: Ogi [Connected], Sato [About]
  • Janitor's Room: Fujimura [About] - ...seen crying...
  • Cafeteria: Lunchlady [Connected] - ...interacted with...
  • Counseling Room: Counselor [About] - ...discussed something...

Once you're done interviewing, hold the Sub Key (default Shift) to conclude. You won't be given the option to continue on unless you have the base required info.

Interview Segment 2: About Sakura Natsume

  • 1-C: Kuroyanagi, Maki
  • Tennis Court: Iwasaki, Koike, Fujinami, Arai (Tennis Team)
  • 2nd-Year Restroom: Morita - ...had worries...

October 18th

Interview Segment 3 (Part One): About Miyuki Endou

  • 3-A: Sawada
  • 3-B: Horio
  • 3-C: Izumi
  • Library: Librarian - ...been avoiding...

Go to 2-B and check with Amamiya again about Sumikazu Yasuoka. Take the Outside School arrow on the map and go to Iris Academy.

For the mission at Iris Academy, you must question certain students who have information in order for Sumikazu to appear.

Hint: After questioning someone, you can also turn Interview Mode off and talk to them again. In most cases this doesn't give any helpful information, but...

Answer: With Interview Mode on, question the 5th, 8th, 10th, 13th, 15th, and 16th students to come out. (The 3rd also has info, but isn't required.) If you got all the required info, the 22nd student will be Sumikazu. Question him ("...Well... Sorry, I'm afraid I don't know him."), then turn Interview Mode off and talk to him again.

Extra ending requirement in the above sequence: After questioning Haitani (the 10th student to come out), talk to him again with Interview Mode off. (Gives the hearsay "...teacher at Cosmos...")

Interview Segment 3 (Part Two): About Miyuki Endou

  • Music Room: Kondo, Otsuka, Aono, Kozaki, Sugano, Wada, Nasu, Ueda

After questioning the above members and exiting Interview Mode, you'll be able to enter the Storage Room. Talk to Miyuki in the Storage Room.

October 19th

Interview Segment 4: About Midori Hahakigi

  • 2-B: Shimamoto
  • 2-D: Naruse, Ogi, Sato
  • Infirmary: School Nurse

Rather than end interviewing in the normal way, you must find Midori after questioning enough people. Go to the Senior High Entrance (gray corner above the "Outside School" arrow) and talk to her. Follow her around to the Courtyard, Stairs to Rooftop, then Auditorium.

(Note that Midori only appears at the Entrance after questioning Naruse in 2-D, and only appears in the Auditorium after questioning all five of the people listed, as well as finding her in the previous places.)

Go to Natsume's House. (When you reach a confirmation prompt, that's a warning that you may want to save at that point, if you're going for the special ending requirements without direct hints.)

Investigate everything in Shiori's room.

Take two photos of Shiori's room. For the extra endings, you must take specific photos.

Hint: It's not especially obvious in advance which photos you should take. When you view and consider the photos afterward, however, the correct ones each have something notable to them that is discussed.

Hint 2: After seeing the "Consider" dialogue, considering a photo again will give a bullet-point summary. Only the required photos have an isolated red bullet point in their description. If not all of your photos have that, reload a save from outside the room to try again.

Answer: You need photos of the Top of Desk (taken automatically to start), Stereo, and Closet Interior.

October 22nd

Select Photos in the Materials menu of your phone, consider each of them, and close the menu.

Interview Segment 5: About Kana Murakami

  • 2-A: Sakaki, Yoshikawa
  • 2-B: Shimamoto
  • 2-C: Yabe, Kano
  • 2nd-Year Restroom: Ochiai
  • Janitor's Room: Fujimura - ...together after school...

After questioning all the required people, go to the Cafeteria.

Sit down and solve the information puzzle, then exit and talk to Akari once done. (Solution)

Head in directions where you don't hear cars or people talking (indicated visually in the bottom-right). If you go out onto a main road or near people, it's a game over.

Exact goal: In the bottom-right of the map, where there's a white and black car next to each other, go right along the road above them. (Map)

October 23rd

Determine the pursuer. Some wrong answers let you pick again, while others lead to a game over.
Game over choices: Midori, Kana
Answer: Sumikazu

Talk to Iwasaki on the Tennis Court.

Buy tea and cookies from the Cafeteria, then go to Natsume's House.

October 24th

Interview Segment 6: About Shiori Natsume and Her Death

(You can check which clubs aren't active on which days on the bulletin board in the Social Studies Room. Since it's Wednesday, though, all of them are around.)

  • Auditorium: Kamiya (Drama Club)
  • Chemistry/Physics Lab: Sasamoto (Science Society)
  • Field: Suzuka (Soccer Team)
  • Field: Kobayashi (Track Team)
  • Gym: Sugata (Basketball)
  • Pool: Momiyama (Swim Team) - ...talked to the counselor about...
  • Computer Lab: Tominaga (Comp-Sci Club) - ...said she hated...
  • Library: Tsujimoto (Literary Club) - ...with an unpleasant look...
  • Courtyard: Yokoe (Dance Team) - ...dislike the topic...

If you've met all the requirements for the extra endings up to this point, there will be an additional scene. (Specifically: a scene where you see the Cat-Hag.)

October 25th

Note that you can place pieces for the information puzzle as you gain them, but it's not necessary to do until you have all the pieces.

Interview Segment 7: About Kana Murakami / Her Relation to Shiori Natsume

  • Computer Lab: Tamaki (Comp-Sci Club) [Relation]
  • Tennis Court: Fukuhara (Tennis Team) [Relation]
  • Gym: Maeno (Basketball Team) [About]
  • Auditorium: Kurokawa (Drama Club) [About] - ...from being a model...
  • Courtyard: Uchida (Dance Team) [About] - ...for the brand...
  • Tennis Court: Sakura (Tennis Team) [About] - ...described Kana as...

October 26th

Go to the Field, and down toward the storage building.

Interview Segment 8: About Miyuki Endou / Her Relation to Shiori Natsume

  • Art Room: Sakai (Art Club) [Relation]
  • Library: Kuriu (Literary Club) [About]
  • Cooking Room: Eto (Cooking Club) [Relation]
  • Field: Inaba (Soccer Team) [About] - ...violin was...
  • Pool: Ibuki (Swim Team) [About] - ...initially, it seems...

October 29th

Interview Segment 9: About Midori Hahakigi / Her Relation to Shiori Natsume

  • Gym: Watanabe (Volleyball Team) [About]
  • Chemistry/Physics Lab: Kubo (Science Society) [Relation]
  • Cooking Room: Ueno (Cooking Club) [Relation]
  • Biology Lab: Kusaka (Biology Society) [Relation] - seems it was more...
  • Gym: Seki (Basketball Team) [Relation] - ...Shiori Natsume once said...

Either before or after ending Interview Mode, sit down and solve the information puzzle. (Solution)

Go to the Music Room to talk to Miyuki. Before doing this, you have the option of going to the Library and rejoining with Akari.

There are three possible variations of the Miyuki scene:

  • Taking Akari with you
  • Not taking Akari, didn't take picture of the Stereo
  • Not taking Akari, took picture of the Stereo

October 30th

Try to go to the Janitor's Room (3F) to find the door won't open. Talk to Fujimura at the Site of Natsume's Death, then go back to the Janitor's Room. Enter the supply room to the left.

Solve the information puzzle by picking the correct pieces, then exit and talk to Akari once done. (Solution)

Choose the right person. Wrong answers lead to a game over (with no retry option).
Answer: Midori

If you met all the conditions for the extra endings, then you'll get a different last scene and unlock a new option in the center of the title screen to play "Stage 2." Otherwise, you'll get Ending 1, "Ignorance is Bliss."

Stage 2

November 16th

Talk to any of the students in 2-D.

Go to the Auditorium.

Ask Shimamoto in 2-B about Midori's apartment complex.

Leave the school and go to Kinukawa Heights.

November 19th

Talk to Nishino's group in the Cafeteria.

Talk to either of the students in 3-C.

Talk to Kana in the Courtyard.

Hear about Miyuki from Yamatsu in the 3rd-Year Restroom.

Talk to the School Nurse in the Infirmary.

Leave the school and go to Cafe Grandioso.

November 20th

Talk to the Counselor in the Counseling Room.

There are five topics you must bring up to progress, while certain others are "bad" topics that will result in a game over if you picked even one. The rest are optional.

Required topics: Bad Incidents (#7, green), Fave Animals (#9, pink), Fave Foods (#12, orange), Worries (#16, orange), Romance (#18, blue)
Bad topics: Clubs (#4, orange), Lovers (#11, green), Food Dislikes (#13, pink), Work (#17, pink), Salary (#19, green)

Interview Segment 10: About the Cat-Hag

  • Social Studies Room: Bottles
  • Janitor's Room: Fujimura
  • Infirmary: School Nurse
  • Cafeteria: Lunchlady
  • 2-D: Sato

After finishing, leave the school and go to the Cat-Hag's House.

Go to Aoi's Room and read the diary.

November 21st

Go to Iris Academy.

Go to the Cat-Hag's House.

November 22nd

Interview Segment 11: About Akari Abe

  • Social Studies Room: Bottles
  • Library: Librarian
  • Computer Lab: Mamiya (Comp-Sci Club)
  • 2-B: Tsukuda
  • 2nd-Year Restroom: Ochiai
  • Auditorium: Kagesa (Drama Club)
  • Courtyard: Umehara (Dance Team)
  • Gym: Mitomi (Volleyball Team)
  • Field: Koyama (Track Team)
  • Pool: Uno (Swim Team)

Solve the information puzzle by picking the correct pieces. I would suggest filling the board with pieces first, then trying to fix any tiles around the characters that are inaccurate to their relationships. Namely, if characters had a mutual connection, both ends of the line between them should have an arrow; if they didn't, only one end should have an arrow. (Solution)

Pick up the books next to the sofa and take them to the bookshelf.

When you select the book on the desk, you'll be presented with a choice.
"Hold onto it still" gives Ending 2, "Leave My Idol Be."
"Give it back to Akari" gives Ending 3, "Only the Pedestal Remains."

Translation Note
(This reveals the names of most major characters, though doesn't have any real plot spoilers.)

Most of the major characters have names that tie into their associated colors.

  • Aoi: The specific kanji used means "hollyhock," but "aoi" is also the word for blue.
  • Akari: The "aka" in her name is the kanji for red/scarlet.
  • Shiori: The "shi" in her name is the kanji for purple.
  • Sakura: Though the kanji are different, her name refers to the pink color of sakura (cherry blossoms).
  • Miyuki: The "yuki" in her name is the kanji for snow.
  • Kana: The kanji for her name are those from the word for "canola flower" (菜の花), but in reverse order.
  • Midori: The kanji for her name simply means green.
  • Sumikazu: The "sumi" in his name is the kanji for ink.

No doubt knowing the truth is a very scary thing.