Liar Jeannie in Crucifix Kingdom is an RPG by Uta (Sky Scraper Project) made in RPG Maker VX.

Jeannie finds herself in a jail cell, chosen as a sacrifice in a kingdom of the undead.
Before long, she encounters her brother Marta, and they make plans to escape this place.
But in the Crucifix Kingdom of Morte Moses, escape is far from easy...

This game has no experience or levels; almost everything is dependent on your equipment. You can equip any item, and it can give you increased stats and special skills. You can also create new items by combining base materials, and collect undead to fight alongside you.

(Content Severity: Generally Mild)

Click here for content warnings.

Some violence, blood, and corpses.
Some slight body horror.
Minor sexual references in some item names.

Download Liar Jeannie in Crucifix Kingdom 1.2 | (Mirror)

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Installation of the RPG Maker VX Runtime Package (not VX Ace) is required to play.
Download VX Runtime Package (RTP)

Supported Platforms

The game's engine is made for Windows only, with no native support for other platforms. To play on Mac, you can try a general-purpose tool like WineBottler.


Make sure to extract the game to its own folder instead of running directly from the ZIP file. If you don't do so, any saves made will be lost the next time you run the game.

If you extracted the ZIP but save data is still being erased, try running the game as an administrator. Without admin privileges, the game may not have permission to create save files.

"RGSS202E.dll could not be found" means you need the RPG Maker VX RTP. This is distinct from the VX Ace RTP which other games may require. The download link is up above.


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A collection of guides for various things, including an item list. Part of the fun is figuring things out on your own, so try not to spoil yourself.

General Tips

Whether you know the "Expected Result" of a synthesis combination is stored in a global save, so it will be remembered even if you reload your save (and on repeat playthroughs). If you have limited resources, you can keep creating and reloading to fill out all the ???s and see what items you want to make most.

There are two chests at the start of the game which you can reach by making a Bomb (Item, Magic Stone + Shimmer Stone). One of the chests has a Transfer Crystal, which you can't easily make yourself for a while. It lets you warp to the start of the current area in an emergency.

The LP upgrades at Nobody's Home will take you up to 10 LP. If you're willing to grind out the souls, you can purchase up to max LP from the start of the game. The equipment slot upgrades are limited based on progress. At first, you can only buy up to 4 slots; after reaching Plate 3, up to 5 slots; and after reaching Plate 2, up to the max of 6.

In the room of eight torches on Plate 2, the top-left-most, top-right-most, and two bottom-right torches will open the doors. The other four will create permanent monster spawns.


There are a total of 20 captive humans in the game. Killing them or freeing them affects a sliding scale that determines the ending. Killing humans gets you souls, which increase in number the more you kill them. Freeing them offers no special rewards. After going 10 in either direction, you can no longer choose the opposite option. After 15, you can't even choose "do nothing."

The three main endings occur for being 15 or more on the "kill humans" side, 15 or more on the "free humans" side, or being somewhere in the middle. For minimal effort in seeing the endings for both extremes, you should probably just not choose to free or kill anyone, but go back and do so at the end.

The merchants at the end of the areas can also be killed, which is 3 steps toward the "free humans" side of the scale. Killing them gives you an item instead of souls, usually an Immortal Potion.

A difficult fight and secret ending lie beyond the bombable door in the back of where you start the game. You can go there anytime, but it's "guarded" by the same miniboss you fight before the final boss, and naturally you'll want to be as well-prepared as possible.

Boss Tips

Corpse Eater

Like the name implies, she eats her allies and gains stats from them.
So take them out quickly to keep her from getting too strong. The Skin-Peeled are a little weak to Holy.

Blood Beast

He's weak to Holy, so Heavens Ray is recommended (from the Silver Bullet weapon).
He's also susceptible to Charm and semi-susceptible to Weaken.
Try to take out the summoned undead quickly.
When Blood Beast dies, he uses Too Soon For Relief!, which gives SP to any survivors.


He's susceptible to Weaken (and somewhat to Numb), so stack it on with Dies Irae.
If an Offering is still alive when he dies, it uses Goodbye, which wipes out your party.
Obviously, this means you must take out the Offerings first. (They're also susceptible to Weaken.)
He uses Wanderlast a lot to pile on many status effects, so try to have some protection.
He uses Good Night every 3 turns, which is basically a knock-out unless guarding.
Thus, it may help to keep summoning undead to reduce the odds of Jeannie or Marta fainting.

Queen Anastasia

Beauty Queen is slightly susceptible to Weaken.
Ash Queen is slightly susceptible to all status effects and Holy.
Immortal Queen is very susceptible to all status effects, especially Weaken.

Pleiades Knights

Well, good luck!

Synthesis List

Synthesis basically works like this: There is a predefined list of all equipment.
Each entry has adjectives associated with it, including a minimum level and category (item/weapon/armor).

When you put together materials (each of which have their associated adjectives),
it searches through the list for a piece of equipment which satisfies the "input adjectives."
If there is no exact match that satisfies all the input, it falls back on the "best match,"
the equipment that has best satisfied the greatest number of input adjectives.

An equipment's "level" is the lowest level of stone that can be used to make it.
For example, Silver Bullet is Lv2, so while it's just a Stone and a Cross, you can't make it with a Lv1 Magic Stone.
There is no benefit to using a higher-level stone than necessary to make equipment;
the level of the stone does not "carry over" or grant any extra bonuses.

Level 1 Equipment (Magic Stone)


Name Adjectives Use Effect HP SP ATK DEF HEAL QUI
Mystery Liquid N/A [Priority] 1 Foe/Hot Attack +01 +01 +01 +01 +01 +01
Withered Leaf Rotten [Priority] 1 Ally/Heal 10~ HP +05 +02
Activator Nice-Feeling [Priority] 1 Ally/Heal 30~ HP +10 +05
Neutralizer Strange [Priority] All Allies/Cure 5 State Depths +03 +03 +03 +03
Bomb Heat-Wrapt A time-delayed bomb you can place. +05+05
Numb Powder Numbing Completely stops a foe. +10+05 +05


Name Adjectives Skill HP SP ATK DEF HEAL QUI
Butcher Knife N/A Beatdown (2 SP/1 Foe/Physical) +05
Hunting Rifle Rusted Ripper (2 SP/1 Foe/Physical 2-Hit) +05
Stungun Numbing Stun Stomp (3 SP/1 Foe/Physical 3-Hit + Numb) +02 +05
Serpent Sword Irregular Blade Dance (5 SP/All/Physical) +05
Scrap Gun Rotten [Long] Breakdown (3 SP/1 Foe/Physical + QUI Ruin 3) +05


Name Adjectives Skill HP SP ATK DEF HEAL QUI
Papier Mache Mail N/A +05
Cotton Shirt Rotten +05 +05
Plague Mask Rusted Anti-Weak Seal (Passive/50% Weaken Prevention) +05
Morphine Nice-Feeling Anti-Numb Seal (Passive/50% Numb Prevention) +05
Scrap Shield Sacred-Glow Boost (0 SP/Self/Recover SP) +05
Tenkirin Strange Aura (2 SP/Self/Recover HP) +05 +05 +05

Level 2 Equipment (Spirit Stone)


Name Adjectives Use Effect HP SP ATK DEF HEAL QUI
Immortal Potion Rotten
[Priority] 1 Ally/Heal 80~ HP +25 +05 +05
Care Spray Cold-Wrapt
[Priority] All Allies/Heal 1~ HP +10 +10
Stimulant Pervy [Priority] 1 Ally/+5 All Stats (In Battle) +10 +05 +05
Beer Cold-Wrapt
1 Ally/Recover 10 SP +10 +05
Transfer Crystal Cold-Wrapt
Warps to the entrance. +20 +05


Name Adjectives Skill HP SP ATK DEF HEAL QUI
Frozen Thorn Cold-Wrapt Cold Sleep (4 SP/1 Foe/Cold 3-Hit + Weaken) +05 +03
Cosmic Hall Cold-Wrapt
Southern Cross (4 SP/1 Foe/Holy 3-Hit + Charm) +10 +05 +05
Burning Ring Heat-Wrapt [Long] Caliente (3 SP/1 Foe/Hot Attack) +05 +05
Silver Bullet Sacred-Glow [Long] Heavens Ray (3 SP/1 Foe/Holy Attack) +08
Megaphone Heat-Wrapt
[Long] Flam Shout (7 SP/All/Hot Attack) +05


Name Adjectives Skill HP SP ATK DEF HEAL QUI
Pret-a-Porter Beautiful +08 -04
Shimmer Veil Heat-Wrapt
Resist Heat (Passive/50% Hot Attack Reduction) +05
Whitemoon Tiara Cold-Wrapt
Resist Cold (Passive/50% Cold Attack Reduction) +05
Accelerator Numbing
+05 +10
Dread Chain Noxious
+12 -05 -02
Painkiller Numbing
Anti-Pain (2 SP/1 Ally/Recover HP) +10 +05 +05
Santa Maria Sacred-Glow
Centifulword (3 SP/1 Ally/Recover HP+Cure 5 Depths) +10 +05 +05
Kaleidoscope Rusted
State of Flux (5 SP/1 Ally/SP Transfer) +05 +05

Level 3 Equipment (Heroic Soulstone)


Name Adjectives Use Effect HP SP ATK DEF HEAL QUI
Divine Wine Sacred-Glow
1 Ally/Recover 20 SP +10 +10


Name Adjectives Skill HP SP ATK DEF HEAL QUI
Decap Blade Irregular
Cleaving Time (Passive/Critical Rate +30%) +05 +05
Devil's Prayers Noxious
Dies Irae (4 SP/1 Foe/Physical 4-Hit + Weaken) +10
Masquerade Irregular
Dance Macabre (4 SP/1 Foe/Physical 2-Hit + DEF Buff 3) +20 +10
Cuelebre Rotten
Gluttony (Passive/Regular Attack Hits +1) +05
Devil's Gun Irregular
[Long] Daydream (4 SP/1 Foe/Physical + ATK Ruin 3) +10
Brain Blaster Pervy
[Long] Brain Cord (4 SP/1 Foe/Physical 4-Hit + Charm) +10


Name Adjectives Skill HP SP ATK DEF HEAL QUI
Steam Armor Rusted
+05 +10 -08
Bikini Armor Sacred-Glow
+20 +05 +10
Bloody Wings Massive
Salvation (Passive/Make Sacrifice Target-All + Ailment Relief) -05 +05
Conductor's Baton Noxious
Corpse Command (Passive/Ally Undead +50 HP) +15 +05 -05
Iron Maiden Rusted
Steel Oath (Passive/1 Shield at Battle Start) +10 +05 -10
Balkan Heat-Wrapt
Blitzkrieg (Passive/Attack All at Battle Start) +05 -10
Ball Gag Irregular
Captive (Passive/Recover SP Each Turn) +15 +05 +05
Amp Circuit Massive
Wake Up (3 SP/1 Ally/ATK Buff 3) +05 +10
Constellation Shield Sacred-Glow
Ceramic Veil (6 SP/All/Add 1 Shield) +05 +05

Level 4 Equipment (Divine Spirit Stone)


Name Adjectives Skill HP SP ATK DEF HEAL QUI
Immortal-Killer Heat-Wrapt
Chaotic Beige (5 SP/1 Foe/Hot Attack
ATK Buff 3)
+20 +13 +05
Malebranche Noxious
Self-Holocaust (6 SP/1 Foe/Physical 5-Hit) +10 +10 +05 -03 +05
Mechanical Dream Strange
Deus Ex Machina (7 SP/All/Physical 4-Hit + Numb) +05 +10 +05 +05
Apocalypse Noxious
[Long] Wanderlast (5 SP/Cold 3-Hit + Weaken + Numb + Charm) +05 +08 +05
Angel's Indulgence Sacred-Glow
[Long] Lacrimosa (8 SP/All/Holy Attack) +05 +08 +05


Name Adjectives Skill HP SP ATK DEF HEAL QUI
Octopus Board Rusted
Tiger Program (1 SP/Self/Learn Tiger Rampage) + Dragon Program (1 SP/Self/Learn Maelstrom) +20 +05 +05